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Anal Sex

At my house….. we have two major rules dont tell……..and dont yell.

it all begun one sumers saturday. I was done with my daily guitar practice and headed home

I noticed some one following me. I quickend my pace and so did the person.I turned around and breached(expected)for the

worst. there stood before me a 14 year old girl.

with alot of make-up on a 9 inch skirt,some high heels and only a bra on .

Thats rite folks it was my sister and shed gotten her self violated the night before. And what does she have to say for her

self lets find out.

kvn ; y u foloing me ya freak?

maddie; i need you nat to tell

kvn: u no the rules dont tell dont yell

maddie: rite glad u remmebrd i hate guys

kvn; then quit the sausage and become a viginatarian

maddie:when that happens ill cut ur little prick off

kvn;WOW there prick I have a 7.3 incher y thank u

maddie:piss off dickwadd

I walked down the steet till I meet one of maddies friends.

kvn;hey annett wana go see the inside of my house

annett;sure is maddie home

kvn; not yet

I walked her through the front door. this was her first time in side our house.

I told her to have a seat on the couch. she did so quickly she was 5.7 black hair

a lindsay lohan type girl .she wore a blue shirt and navy blue jeans.Her lips turned me on and I knew I had to have hert hat

instant .I walked over to the couch where she sat and whisperd in her ear.“In this house we izmir escort bayan have only two rules………dont


she knew what I was driving at and agreed with a very nervouse nod.I took her shirt of

and quickly worked on her jeans. I told her to get on her knees then proceded to sit in the couch. Without my saying so she

put my half errect dick in her mouthin 5 seconds I was hard as Iron.She wraped her lips around my dick and started sucking

me off. She sucked and sucked then sucked harded and harded she made a slupping sound when she brought her head

up.Which made me want to cumm. I felt my load crawling up my dick then proceeded to jesture her to turn around.

she was on her palms and knees as she bent over. un suprisingly she was wet.

I stuck my dick in her cunt hole and fucked realy slow one……two…..three…..four….

I pounded away furriously she started to moan

annet; ahhh….yea…yea.. fuck…me….har…der…ahhhh..

so I quickend my pace twice every second one..two..three..four.. fast and swiftly

she had no control over her speach

anett ;ahhhh…..uhhhh.mhhh…yeah….yeah…fuck……..fuck……..maaaa…….eeee

fuck … my…. .hole… yaa…yeah…….I…luv….kok……kok…

she was lossing it

Her juices flowed over my prick I loved it .

her insides were warm and soothing

I felt a climax aprothing for her and my self. i didnt care i just kept pounding buca escort away at her and couldnt stop.

I felt a good and a tingly sensationg surging through my body. I shot a load in for a good 10 seconds in the insides of her

cunt hole .

I pulled out of her cunt covering her face with my sperm she rubbed her clit and CUMM all over her fingers and licked it.
Scene 1

Scene 2

My second experience was much more exciting and deffenatly longer. I allways was attracted to the nieghbors daughter

Eliot she was 15 and a jamilyn spears type girl and loved sex so much that its all one could think about while gazzing in to

those big brown eyes of hers. Unfortunatly my parents never liked them, and maddie hated her so we were made enemies

Watching her argue with her father got me thinking .While the two families were bickering we would be fucking.I belive they

were arguing about her new boyfriend martin. Lately he has been fucking her like nobodys buisness.

I never met a girl so sex driven like her I wanted her right there and right then.

when suddenly marting pulled up 3 blocks away from Eliot. I quickly reahced for my binocolas and wet into sniper mode.

I sawhim french kissing some chick down the street and ran down stairs and got my camera. luckly when I arrived they

were still at it.I video taped the whole thing getting shots of his face and the izmir escort girls face. For a good 3 seconds he seemed to

have noticed my presence so ”or I thaught”. I ducked for cover and rewinded the tape. I stopped it to see he wasn’t really

looking at me he was checking something from a far.I resumed video taping him as he patted her on her ass on the way into

her house. I decided to go video tape there actiongs of what I would catch. I grabbed mycamera my bi noculas and a field

knife and headed out the house. I was almost certain that maddie and her dad could see me but I could careless.I walked

three blocks and lucky the house was opposite a friend of mines. I knocked at his door and he opend it, looked at me and

started to pose. then I said.

kvn;enough fag

nathn;well well if it isnt john doe

kvn Ha Ha not funny idiot

nathn; I dont think u wana offend me see looks to me u need umm…. my

kvn;ok wat evr look i need to go to your room and video tape the stars

nathn; the stars huh… well thats wat ur using .

kvn eexxaaccttllyy

.(and we both nodded equally 2 tymes)

nathn;so um social studies projct

kvn;no just science

nathn;so y u realy here

kvn; udidnt bye dat did ya


kvn; look times running out I need the room

nathn;clue me in on the way up

He said while letting me in.

I ran up stairs and mounted my camera and went into sniper mode again.

for scene 2
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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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