Houseboat Weekend Ch. 01

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My husband, Walt and I love to drive down to the lake every chance we get. Both of us are crazy about being out on the water. Walt’s into fishing alot more than I am. I go just to lie out in the sun and work on my tan more than anything. We usually drive down to Lakeland and rent a pontoon boat for the day. We’d always thought about purchasing our own boat but we don’t need another monthly payment in our budget.

There’s always alot of activities on the lake throughout the entire summer. I’d always wanted to try riding one of those waverunners but my husband‘s not into it. I checked on renting one but was astounded at the hourly rates. Well, I could always dream about riding one someday.

One dream we both share is spending a weekend on a luxury houseboat. We see them cruising up and down the lake all the time. We could just imagine how much fun we’d have spending a whole weekend on the water. Like everything else, houseboat rentals rates weren’t cheap by any means. On our first trip each spring to Lakeland, we’d pick up brochures on the houseboats just so we could visualize our shared dream. The only drawback I could see was my husband and I being out on a houseboat alone. Walt had a hard enough time maneuvering a small pontoon boat. I could just picture the two of us crashing a big houseboat into the rocky shoreline and sinking it. What a disaster that would be! Oh well, we can always dream about houseboating too.

One Saturday morning, I was scanning over the posting board outside the marina office. There were always alot of boats for sale along with lake properties for rent and sale. An ad for houseboat vacations caught my eye. I read over it quickly till I noticed the rates. They were incredibly reasonable. I read back over the posting more carefully. We could share a houseboat with two other couples for a three-day weekend. Everything was furnished even the food and beverages. The more I read the ad, the more excited I got. When Walt came out of the rental office, I pointed it out to him. He pulled one of the business cards from the ad and handed it to me. The houseboat’s dock location was listed in the ad so we thought we’d see what it looked like. It was not far down the pier. As we approached the numbered dock location for the houseboat, all we saw was water. Evidently the people were already out on lake for the weekend. It was disappointing but we kept the business card for later reference. We took our rental pontoon boat out, spending the day fishing and sunbathing. Every time we’d see a houseboat go by, we’d stare at it, wishing we were on it.

Later the following week, Walt brought up the subject of houseboats and fishing. I retrieved the business card from my purse and handed it to him. We both looked at it, trying to decide whether to call or not. It wouldn’t hurt to inquire about it. I dialed the phone number, listening to it ring several times. A man’s voice answered the phone. I told him that my husband and I had picked up one of his business cards. I wanted to ask him a few questions, especially if we’d read the rates correctly and what weekends he had available. He answered all my questions, even detailing all about the houseboat and the lake. He was most informative.

Kyle and his wife JoAnn along with another couple co-owned the houseboat. They took other couples houseboating on the weekends to help pay expenses. The weekends started early Friday morning and ended late Sunday afternoon. We’d both have to take Friday off but we could afford it. I jotted down the weekends that were still available and told him we’d definitely be getting back with them. He said he mail us some photos of the houseboat if we’d like to see it. I didn’t hesitate to give him our address. Walter was standing beside me while I talked with Kyle. He could see how excited I was getting.

I thanked Kyle for being so informative and we said our good-byes. I couldn’t wait to relay the information to Walt. His excitement matched mine. We looked over the calendar trying to decide what weekend would work best for us. Naturally, we wanted to go as soon as possible.

A few days later we got a letter from Kyle and JoAnn along with several pictures of the houseboat. It was absolutely awesome. Walt and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. It was sixty foot long and twenty foot wide with three levels. The name of the houseboat was “Double Trouble”. There were pictures of the interior and one of Kyle and JoAnn standing beside the other co-owners, Russell and Shauna. They appeared to all be in their mid-twenties. Walter and I are both thirty-six. I wondered if they might object to us being quite a bit older than them. Maybe it didn’t matter, it was just a thought.

JoAnn detailed all about the houseboat. They limited their reservations to two other couples since the houseboat had four bedrooms and three bathrooms. I looked at Walter to get his reaction to the pictures and the letter. He handed me the list of dates and pointed to one. He was sold on the idea even before me. I called to see if the date we wanted was still available. I didn’t get an answer when I called, just a recording. I left a message telling them who casino oyna we were and our phone number.

Later that same evening, JoAnn phoned us back. I told her we’d received her letter along with the pictures. I casually mentioned our ages to see if I’d get a reaction. JoAnn didn’t react to my mentioning our ages. She asked if we had a date in mind. I asked her if the weekend after next was still open. It was, only one other couple had reserved the same weekend. We made the reservation and I told her I’d have a check in the morning mail. She seemed very pleasant, even carrying our conversation on a little longer.

Walt and I had everything packed that we’d need for our three-day weekend on the houseboat the night before we were to leave. I even bought a new bikini. Friday morning we got up early to make the 10:00 departure time from the Lakeland Marina. Walter was driving way too fast. I finally convinced him to slow down before we got delayed with a speeding ticket. We made it to the marina at Lakeland at 9:30, without getting picked up for speeding! We parked the car and grabbed a handcart to carry all our clothing and fishing gear. My heart was racing just thinking about spending three entire days on a luxury houseboat. We headed down the pier towards the dock where the houseboat was moored. I spotted Kyle and JoAnn from their picture. I waved at them as we approached.

“You two have got to be Walt and Carla!” Kyle greeted with a big smile on his tanned face.

We shook hands and exchanged introductions. Kyle and JoAnn were very friendly and personable. Kyle was close to 6’ tall with a muscular build. His sandy blonde hair looked sun bleached more than his natural color. JoAnn was close to my height, about 5’8”, slender with shoulder length, coal black hair.

Kyle helped Walter get his fishing gear on board. Kyle said he knew of some great fishing spots all along the lake so he’d get to fish a different spot every day. Walter was really grinning at the good news Kyle had given him. JoAnn showed me throughout the entire houseboat. It was even more gorgeous than the pictures they’d sent. JoAnn pointed out our bedroom. It was on the second level next to one of the bathrooms. Kyle and Walter were standing on the back of the houseboat drinking coffee. JoAnn and I got coffee in the galley area and joined them. I noticed a waverunner poised on a lift on the right side of the boat.

“Walt tells me your bonkers to try out a waverunner!” Kyle said.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to ride one.” I replied. “Just haven’t really had the chance.”

“I make sure you get plenty of chances this weekend!” Kyle exclaimed, smiling

About thirty minutes later, Russell and Shauna arrived and got onboard with their gear. Russell was about the same height as Kyle, average build with short brown hair. Shauna was petite, about 5’3” with short blonde hair. She was wearing a bikini top, which barely covered her large breasts. I noticed my husband, Walter staring at her breasts. He was always fascinated with other women’s breasts.

Kyle introduced us to Russell and Shauna and we all shook hands. Russell told Kyle and JoAnn that the other couple wouldn’t be joining us till the following morning. We would cruise west on the lake and meet them in the morning.

“That’s not a problem.” Kyle stated. “We can tie up for the night on the lake then make the landing early Saturday morning.”

“We may as well cast off and head out.” JoAnn added. “Time to get this party barge on the move!”

Kyle fired up the twin engines on the houseboat. The sound of hearing both engines rumbling made my heart beat faster. JoAnn and Shauna untied the houseboat from its mooring and jumped on. Russell stood at the rear of the boat where Kyle could see him. He gave him hand signals so Kyle could back the boat out without hitting anything. Walter and I contributed by staying out of the way. I was glad Kyle was driving and not Walter. The houseboat slowly pulled away from the dock under Kyle’s control. He spun the large wheel around and the rear of the boat made a long sweeping turn. Kyle shifted the boat into forward and we slowly proceeded out of the marina. I looked over at Walter. He was grinning from ear to ear. Russell came back up front with the rest of us. The houseboat skimmed through the marina and out onto the lake.

We were heading west on the lake at a steady cruising speed in a matter of minutes. JoAnn, Russell, Walter and I sat on the covered front deck of the houseboat. Kyle was still at the wheel and Shauna was inside putting their gear away. I walked inside to use the bathroom passing Shauna coming down from the second level. She had slipped her jeans off, wearing just the bikini. It was one of those thong bikinis. She looked great in it. I’m sure Walter’s eyes would pop out of their sockets the instant he saw her.

“Thought I get something to drink, then go up on the top deck and get some sun.” Shauna stated, smiling. “Come on up and join me if you’d like.”

I finished using the bathroom, then walked down the narrow hallway back to the front of the houseboat. JoAnn was steering the boat. Kyle was sitting on one of the couches pulling his jeans off. canlı casino I started to look away but saw he had his swimsuit on underneath. I thought maybe I’d caught him changing. I didn’t want to embarrass him. Kyle tossed the jeans down next to the boat controls and took the wheel back from JoAnn. Kyle was wearing swim briefs, similar to Speedos. I took a quick glance at his nice butt, thinking how nice it‘d be to get my hands on it. I think JoAnn might have seen me checking him out. I wasn‘t sure.

JoAnn went back out on the front deck of the houseboat with Russell and Walter. She’d gotten the guys coffee and asked if I wanted a cup. I told her I would get it. I went into the galley and poured myself a cup of coffee. From where I was standing, I could get a good, long look at Kyle’s tight little butt. I almost overfilled my cup staring at him. I offered Kyle a cup and he took me up on my offer. I could feel the heat in my body rising when I stood close to him. I wanted to reach down and rub my hand across his butt so bad.

Russell and Walter were talking fishing. JoAnn came inside suggesting we change and get some sun with Shauna on the top deck. I went back to our bedroom and changed into my new white bikini. It was fairly conservative, far from being a thong. I checked myself in the mirror to see how I looked; making sure everything was tucked in! I slipped on my canvas deck shoes, thinking I’d better mention to Walter where I’d be. I walked past Kyle still guiding the houseboat down the lake. I told Walter I’d be up on the top deck with Shauna and JoAnn.

I stepped back inside. Kyle struck up a conversation about the houseboat and how great it was to have own one. I told Kyle how glad I was he was guiding the boat instead of Walter. I told him Walter had a time just handling a 24’ pontoon boat. Kyle laughed and said it wasn’t all that difficult, just take your time and don’t get in a rush. Kyle stepped back from the wheel holding it with one hand. He motioned for me to stand in front of him. I nervously stepped behind the wheel, setting my coffee down.

“Put your hands on the wheel and hold it gently.” Kyle instructed. “She’ll respond to the lightest touch.”

I put my hands on the steering wheel, feeling the force of the water as it passed underneath the houseboat. Kyle took his hand off the wheel and stood behind me. He said to just keep it going straight like I was driving down the road and away from the banks along the lake. I nodded my head, acknowledging his instructions. It was an awesome feeling being in control of a 60’ long houseboat. I was smiling from ear to ear.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Kyle informed me. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

“You aren’t going to leave me here all by myself, are you?” I asked.

Kyle didn’t answer, he was already down the hallway entering the first level bathroom. I kept a firm grip on the wheel and my eyes well out ahead of the houseboat. I quickly looked down the hallway but didn’t see Kyle returning. I focused on steering the houseboat, relaxing my grip till my hands were gently holding it. I was smiling again, realizing I could handle the houseboat pretty well for a “rookie”. Kyle finally came out of the bathroom. I felt relieved even though I was doing pretty well at the controls. Kyle picked up his coffee and walked on out onto the front deck of the houseboat. He chatted with Russell and Kyle for a few minutes and then came back in, standing behind me.

“Russell and Walter want to do a little fishing right along here.” Kyle stated. “We’ll pull over close to the bank and tie off. OK?”

I nodded my head and started to step out of Kyle’s way so he could maneuver the houseboat close to shore. Kyle put his hand on my waist keeping me behind the wheel.

“I’ll work the throttles, you steer the boat.” He commanded.

I didn’t think I could handle it but I didn’t argue with him. Kyle pulled the throttle levers back a little and told me to turn the wheel hard right and head straight into the bank. I did as he instructed feeling the rear of the houseboat swing around. We glided across the water slowly. Russell and Walter were standing at the front edge of the boat. The houseboat kept getting closer and closer to the bank. Kyle still had his hand on my waist. I could just picture us crashing into the bank. Kyle pulled the throttle levers all the way back and instructed me to turn the wheel hard left. I spun the wheel as fast as I could, feeling the rear of the boat swing back around. The boat drifted, finally stopping within a few feet of the shoreline. It was the most awesome feeling I’d ever had. I couldn’t believe I’d actually parked the boat without so much as touching anything. Kyle squeezed my waist as the giant houseboat sat perfectly still. Russell and Walter tied the boat off to some trees along the shoreline.

“See. I knew you could do it!” Kyle exclaimed, smiling. He still had his hand on my waist

“I can’t believe I did that!” I exclaimed. “That was so cool!”

Russell and Walter got out their fishing gear. I figured I’d go up on the upper level and lay out with JoAnn and Shauna.

“I’m not much into fishing.” Kyle stated. “You want to go out kaçak casino on the waverunner?”

“Sure.” I replied, anxiously. “Sounds great!”

Kyle and I walked to the back of the houseboat to the hoisted waverunner. Kyle filled the fuel tank and pointed to the control lever on the electrical box. I pushed the lever down, hearing the whirring of the motor as the waverunner lowered to the water. We slipped on our lifejackets and Kyle unhooked the lift’s cables. Kyle got on the waverunner and I sat down behind him. I put my hands on his waist to hold on. Kyle maneuvered the waverunner away from the houseboat and out to the mainstream of the lake. He gradually picked up speed. I was looking over his shoulder as we sped across the smooth water of the lake. The feeling was so exhilarating. I was having the time of my life. I looked back, watching the water parting behind us as the waverunner sped across water.

We rode for about a half an hour before Kyle pulled into a marina along the lakeside. We pulled up to the dock and Kyle attached one the dock ropes to the watercraft. He stood up, helping me up on the dock. We took our lifejackets off and walked towards the marina store. I was walking around with just my little white bikini on. I got a few stares from some of the guys in the store. Kyle was putting some business cards on the posting board. He’d had them in a plastic bag tucked in his swimsuit. I stood next to him. I noticed alot of girls checking out Kyle in his skimpy swimsuit and then looking at me. I got quite a few smiles from them. It didn’t embarrass me that they thought we were a couple.

Kyle and I got a Coke from the coolers and sat down in the shade of the marina store. We finally headed back to the waverunner. We put our lifejackets back on. Kyle made sure mine was on tight.

“Think you can find our way back?” Kyle asked, grinning.

“I think I can.” I replied, smiling. “Why?”

“I’m going to let you do the driving.” He responded.

I sat down behind the handlebars of the waverunner and Kyle got on behind me. He gave me instructions on how to operate the hand throttle and the location of the fuel and speed gauges. I twisted the key and the waverunner’s motor came to life. Kyle reached over me and untied the dock rope. We pushed the waverunner from the dock and I eased the throttle back slightly. The waverunner slowly made its way out of the marina.

“Ok. You can speed it up if you want.” Kyle stated.

I eased the throttle back steadily watching the speedometer climb. I looked up to make sure we were clear of any other boats. We cruised back down the lake at a steady speed. Kyle had me accelerate the waverunner up to 50mph a couple of times to see how it felt. It was an incredible feeling. I kept the waverunner down to about 30mph for most of the trip back though.

Kyle had both of his hands on my waist. He was barely gripping me. I felt one of his hands slip down over the front of my bikini just above the mound of my pussy. I glanced down watching his hand rubbing me gently. My hands were shaking just a little on the handlebars so I gripped them tighter. Kyle rubbed me a little lower, his hand down almost to the seat of the waverunner. I felt his other hand slip up underneath my lifejacket towards my breasts. The lifejackets design and fit kept him from reaching them. I would have to settle for his hand gently massaging over my bikini. Kyle undid the buckles my lifejacket till it swung open. His right hand reached around and cupped my left breast. I couldn’t control the throttle so I let it slip in my hand till it came back to idle speed. The waverunner slowed down immediately and just floated on top of the water.

Kyle took his hand from my breast, put it over mine and throttled the waverunner a little. He turned it towards a shaded area along the shoreline. We pulled into the shaded area well off the mainstream of the lake. The waverunner sat floating a few yards off shore. Kyle reached around me shutting the motor off. I took my hands off the handlebars and put them on my legs. Kyle slipped my lifejacket off placing it on the handlebars. I kept my eyes looking straight ahead. Kyle’s hand reached up to my neck and pulled the knot on my top, then slid down and pulled the knot across my back. The top of my bikini fell to the seat, between my legs. Kyle’s hands untied the sides of my bikini bottom. He took off his lifejacket and put it over mine on the handlebars.

Kyle slid back on the seat pulling me back till I was reclining on him. My head was resting on his chest. Kyle’s put his hand on my right breast and began massaging it gently. I closed my eyes as his fingers teased my nipple. Kyle right hand slid down between my legs, his middle finger parted the swollen lips of my already wet pussy. He slid his finger up and down my slit slowly, very slowly. I spread my legs a little wider as he worked me up. I was moaning so softly, almost like a constant hum. I rested my hands on Kyle’s legs. I looked down at Kyle’s hand lightly kneading my breasts. My nipples were hard. I bit my lip as his fingers tweaked and gently pulled on each one. I looked over his arm down at his hand fingering my pussy. He had his fingers on each side of my clit, rubbing slowly up and down over the area surrounding it. I was breathing hard and rapidly. My hands started gripping Kyle’s legs tight as I felt myself losing control.

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