How I Met My Boyfriend

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When I graduated from college my new focus was on myself. I decided that I would put behind me the days of binge drinking, random sexual hook ups and focus purely on improving myself.

I did this by focusing on two things, my mental health and my physical health. The mental health part consisted of keeping myself in the company of true friends, friends who know what I am about, understand my sexuality, understand me for that matter, and don’t really care about anything but enjoying each others company. And most importantly it meant staying away from Lari, forever.

I took a job as a restaurant manager of a hotel and I worked mostly nights. This worked out great for me because one, most of my friend’s were working at that same place as managers in different departments, and two it allowed me a whole lot of free time in the mornings and afternoons to focus on my physical health.

I had been losing weight and getting in shape since the junior year of college, but now I really wanted to get focused and develop the body I’ve always wanted. I joined the local gym, which was unfortunately a pretty weak place for someone looking to get hardcore, and quite frankly it was over priced. But since I worked out in the early afternoon, it also meant the place was virtually empty accept for the occasional house wife looking for something to do.

But no one bothered me, and when I needed assistance there were some very nice personal trainers there that would help no problem. In some places, unless you’re paying the trainer, he won’t do shit for you.

So one afternoon I am getting ready to lift some serious weight on the bench press and I most certainly needed a spot. I got up to look for a trainer and none were around. I sighed. The only person I saw was a woman who could barely lift her own body weight let alone help me with 250 pounds. Feeling some slight disappointment, I turned back to the bench rack with the assumption that I’d have to go lower and not hit my goal. That’s when I first laid eyes on Ryan.

Fuck me the man was gorgeous. He was tall, lean but muscular, a swimmer’s build if you will, completely clean shaven, short messed up blonde hair and down right mesmerizing green eyes. I froze in my steps when he stood in front of me.

“Need a spot?” He asked.

I was speechless. All I could get out was a nod. He walked over to the bench, I lied down did my reps and it was all over. “Thanks.” I said.

“Sure thing.” He replied. “I’ll be over there if you need another.” He said. And he turned and walked away. I watched him intensely, wow what a behind on him. It was small, tight, hard, and I wanted to bite it right then and there. I had to stop myself and remember where I was before I let my cock get erect. I shook it off and that was that. If anything I’d use his image tonight when I was taking in some alone time with some lube, internet porn, and a cigarette.

I enjoy showering at the gym for two reasons. One, the shampoo they offer is amazing. I don’t know what it is or who makes it but it makes my hair soft, and sit just the way I want it. The second reason is that I on occasion get to look at some fine naked men, depending on what time I go, there is a group of guys that lift together. They are big and muscled with beautiful cocks. On the rare occasion I do enjoy scoping the man ass in the locker room, though when I work out this early there’s hardly ever anyone around. However on this day, Ryan was showering. And he just so happened to be in the stall across from mine.

I select this shower on purpose because it can see out into the locker room at a perfect angle to where I can see nearly every man that’s there. I left the curtain to my shower open just enough to see out nicely, but not so much that it would seem obvious as to what I’m doing. So I leaned forward, pretending to stand under the water, all the while peaking over at Ryan, who’s curtain was just open enough that I could see inside when he too was under the running stream. He turns towards me perfectly, cleaning himself, running his large hands across his body, the suds running over his well defined abs, right down into…holy fucking shit.

The base of his limp cock started at the bottom of his triangle shaped lower abs and it kept on going. And going, and going…all the way down to, and I’m not kidding, his knee. Keep in mind that he is 6 foot 7 inches, and long and lean, so it’s not like he’s got short legs. I didn’t believe what I was seeing, it was plain and casino şirketleri simple a horse cock.

I heard Ryan clear his throat and it snapped me from my stair daze and I looked up, took an immediate notice that he saw me watching him and ducked behind the curtain. “Fuck.” I whispered to myself.

I didn’t know this guy, and I had no idea how he’d take another man staring at his penis. I was half expecting him to come rushing over and lay my ass out right then and there. But nothing happened, not another spoken word between us, not a grunt, groan, or sneeze. All that was heard was the sound of running water.

I thought to myself, fuck the shampoo, I’ve got to get the hell outta here. I turned off the water, grabbed my shit and ran back to the changing area hoping that I could get dressed fast enough, without seeming like I was in rush, but fast enough to be gone before Ryan came out. But that didn’t happen.

I jammed my sweaty clothes into my duffle gag, and began tying my shoes just as Ryan came around the corner, towel draped over his shoulder, his monster cock bouncing from one leg to another and stopped, two lockers down from mine. From the corner of my eye I saw him standing there, toweling his lean, hard upper body off, his glorious horse cock dangling mere feet away from me. I wanted to reach over, shake it to life and suck it down my throat, but this was not place for that, nor the person possibly.

“Hey.” He said. I looked over at him. “I’m Ryan by the way.” He said, extending his long lean arm and hand to me.

“I’m Andy.” I said, reaching over and shaking his hand firmly. I let his hand go and turned my attention back to my shoes, but not before getting one last glance of his beautiful cock. It was just hanging there, ready to be used.

When I finished I stood up and said, “Thanks for the spot.” Which Ryan nodded and said “No problem.” And then I bolted out the door, nearly sprinting to my car.

As I drove home, I thought, well he didn’t kick my ass, or seem offended, so maybe he’s into men. Or maybe he knows he has a perfect cock and likes showing it off to anyone who will look at it.

I got my answer the very next day. It just so happened that we were both lifting the same body part that day, arms, so Ryan asked if he could work with me. I thought, not something you do if you’re turned off by dudes staring at your cock, so I was feeling positive. We finished our workout and off to the locker room to shower we went.

Again Ryan took the shower across from me, again leaving it open just enough so that I got another great look at his oh so amazing cock. The water was running down his chest, over his abs, through the finely trimmed muff of pubic hair he had remaining, then taking the long, spiraling trip down his never ending cock shaft. It made me shiver in my own shower and I quickly changed the temp to ice cold. Again, no words, or sounds were made, we just showered and finished.

I took my time changing this time, if anything to get a longer look at his naked body. We chatted again, briefly at the lockers, him standing naked, me now feeling confident enough to stand naked too, though trying harder than I can describe not to bust out a hard on. “So…” Ryan started. “Do you like what you see?”

“What?” I said, my heart suddenly pounding.

Ryan cocked his head to the side in an obvious manner. “Do you like what you see? Meaning my dick.” He said, sharply.

“Well, it’s hard to ignore.” Was my reply, and what I thought to be a response that would give him not indication of my desires.

“Are you into this kinda thing?” He asked. Staring at me and burning a hole into me.

My heart was racing. I wanted to scream, yes, yes I’m into that sort thing, bend me over and break me the fuck off. But instead I said, “You mean am I into dick? No.” I regretted saying that but at the same time I wasn’t sure if he was messing with me, or being sincere.

“Oh, alright.” He said with a shrug. He proceeded to get dressed and we walked out to the parking lot together.

He was talking, but all I heard was a buzzing because my head was racing, asking myself over and over why I don’t jut come out. Then, right as Ryan said good bye, and was reaching for the door handle to his car, I reached out and took him by the wrist. He looked at me, there was no denying his intensions, he wanted me.

“Um…” I started. “I think I’ve had a change of mind.”

“Really?” Ryan said, chuckling. casino firmaları “I thought you might.”

“But I am not gay, I do like and enjoy being with men, but I enjoy women also. So technically, if you need to define it, I am bisexual. Some guys aren’t into that.” I said, making sure to clarify my sexual preference. I like the new open and honest thing.

“It’s cool dude. I mean, I’m gay, but I can dig it. Sometimes you like options.” He said. “We should hook up tonight, catch a game at the bar near me.”


“I can’t tonight I’ve got to work. But I am free Wednesday?” I said, hoping this didn’t change his mind about me.

I had to work, and Ryan was a 9 to 5’er, who worked out during his lunch break, so the schedules don’t mix. “Wednesday works for me.” He said.

We exchanged numbers, and I fought very hard to not call him one night when I got home from work, after feeling especially horny all day thinking about his monster cock, but I managed to hold off until we met at the gym again on Wednesday and solidified our plans. I was to meet him at his place at 7 and we’d go from there.

My heart was racing all day long. All I could think about was sex with Ryan and his giant penis. Was he a good fuck? Ah, it didn’t matter because I am a good fuck and I can turn him into one. But his confidence, sexual or otherwise was sky high so I felt good about the night as I drove to his place. When I got there, my horniness was off the charts. I honestly didn’t want to wait until the end of the night to get his cock somewhere in my body. As I walked to his door I made up my mind…”Ryan,” I said when he answered. “I want to suck your cock right now.”

He took one look at me. “Okay.” He said with no reluctance.

He brought me inside and we kissed. Very hard, very passionately, and with a lot of tongue. He smelled so good. He felt so good, very strong, and I could tell aggressive, which for me is a huge turn on. I unbuckled his pants and dropped down to my knees and looked up at Ryan as I unwrapped his cock, releasing it from the confines of his boxer briefs. He smiled at me, knowing all too well the reaction I’d have once I saw his cock, erect for the first time.

I hooked my fingers into the front of his boxers and pulled them down, quickly as I didn’t want to tease him, and he didn’t want to be tease. Suddenly I was smacked, with what felt like a fleshy baseball bat to the chin. Ryan’s cock sprang up, in full hard mast and, whack, right to the jaw.

I snapped my head back and felt a pain that I never thought I’d feel from a cock. Sure I’d been slapped with dick before in the chin and face and felt a sting. But I’ve never felt a shocking blow like that just from pulling someone’s pants down.

Ryan was unapologetic, which fit great with his aggressive sexual attitude. He stood before me, pants around his knees, and his glorious, thick meaty white cock pointing damn near straight up.

I’d never seen a cock that stiff, that erect, pointing in that direction ever. This wasn’t a cock that stared back at you as you approached it. No, it had an attitude, like it was sticking its nose up at you almost saying ‘you can’t handle this 10.5 inch beast.’

Oh, but I can. As you know, I can deep throat anything. And when I crawled back to Ryan’s cock, I grabbed it, tilted it down, opened my mouth and slid it in. I let the burn of pre-cum, the salt of his flesh tingle my mouth to allow more, slimy, cock sucking spit collect. I slid my tongue up and down the first half of his shaft to get the juices, both mine and his going. I think he was impressed that I was able to take it that far down. Oh, but when I kept going, when I finished the journey, he almost fell over.

In fact, he fell backwards. The twist of his cock down my throat was clearly a sensation he’d never experienced. “No fucking way, man.” He said, gasping in disbelief. “You deep throated me. No ones ever been able to do that before.”

“Yeah, I hear that a lot.” I said. If he can be proud of his cock, I can be proud of my cock sucking skills. “You want me to finish?” I asked, staying on my knees.

He came back to me, and now that the spit was well developed in my mouth, I could take his cock in and do whatever I pleased. I deep throated him again, twisting my head to accommodate for his length and comfort. I reach up and around to grab his firm white ass and squeeze, also bring him in closer. All the while he moaned and groaned and I could feel his knees güvenilir casino shaking with each deep throat pass down his cock.

Before long I was bobbing my head in perfect motion with a deep throating downward motion and adding a twist both up and down. I had one hand massaging his balls, while the other had a finger up his ass hole, trying to get some sensation to his prostate. “Okay,” he whispered lightly, finding it hard to speak. I backed off his cock, wanting nothing more than a facial cum bath from this fire hose of a dick. I sat back, quickly pulling my t-shirt off as to not get it all cummy like. Ryan jerked his cock inches from my face then with one final tug, he unloaded.

Three big long slinger splashes of cum landed on my face going from forehead to chin, then more came out in little spurts as I moved my mouth forward to let the remainder of his cum go into my mouth and I swallowed.

Ryan held himself up on the kitchen counter, collecting himself. I got to my feet, searching for a paper towel.

“I’ve had a lot of blow jobs in my day,” he began. “But no one, I mean no one has ever done it like that, ever. Fuck, dude.”

I shrugged, knowing full well that I get that reaction a lot as well. However I didn’t want to be an asshole. So I just thanked him. He showed me to the bathroom and I cleaned my face off, making it look clean and uncovered with cum. Then we went out.

Saving you from the boring details at the bar, it was pretty damn empty and we looked like a couple of straight guys who hadn’t just blown each other an hour earlier. We talked sports, life, generally stupid things that guys, no matter their sexual preference talk about and had a great time. We developed a bond. Then we paid our tab. Next thing I knew we were on Ryan’s couch, SportsCenter on in the back ground and my legs up in the air, spread to full distance and Ryan pile driving me with no remorse.

Seriously, it was a thumping like I’d never taken before. If I weren’t an experienced bottom, I’d be in major pain. You feel every single centimeter of a 10.5 cock, especially when it’s pounding you.

As Ryan slammed his cock into me he grunted and I moaned with each balls deep push. I felt my stomach getting crushed inside and my asshole getting rearranged. My legs were swaying back and forth and couldn’t be controlled. I felt my prostate being stroked with each upward thrust and soon I could feel the beginnings of an anal orgasm, something I’d only experienced once.

Ryan leaned back, wrapping his arms around my thighs, pushing in deeper and harder if that were in any way possible. His face was red, his body glistened with sweat. “I’m going to cum soon.” He said through his grunts.

“Okay, cum inside me.” I requested. He was wearing a condom, but that didn’t prevent me from feeling the full force of his orgasm as he pushed up into me one more time and began breathing heavily, adding more harder thrusts as he finished off his cum.

The throbbing of his monster meat sent me over the edge. I could feel a hand free, or mouth free cumshot coming my way. He was about to slip out, perhaps to finish me off himself, but he didn’t need to. I quickly grabbed him, not wanting his big dick to leave me. “Not yet.” I said, groaning as the orgasm took over.

I began cumming. My cock was twitching, flinging strings off my own cum up my body, some landing on my face. I started shaking, nothing is more powerful than an anal orgasm, nothing. The cum was flying from my dick and Ryan watched in amazement.

As both our bodies settled, Ryan pulled his cock from me. His limp cock still held onto an overfilled condom and he sat next to me. “We need to do this again.” He said.

He looked over at me, all I could do was nod in complete agreement. I was covered in cum, my own for a change. Both our bodies were hot, covered in sweat and cum and tingling all over. We sat there for maybe a half an hour before either of us could move. It was funny to be making sports highlight comments while naked and soaked in sex.

Ryan let me shower and clean myself before going home. As I stood at the door we kissed. We knew something special was going on here. “I know I don’t need to say this, but I will anyway. I really want to see you again.” He said.

“Good.” I said, smiling.

“When are you free next?”

“Uh, actually I have off tomorrow.” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“We’ll see you tomorrow then.” Ryan said with a smirk. I twisted my head with confusion, not realizing that by ‘we’ he meant him and his big beautiful 10.5 inch cock.

“Oh, you will.” I said. I kissed him one more time and left. The smile never left my face the entire ride home, and for the rest of the evening.

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