how my neighbor “helped” me

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Here I go 1st story!

Im a regular 15 year old boy that lives with my mom. My dad left me when I was 3 and life went on from their. Im no what u call good looking but im not that bad. Im 6ft 3 in and 150lbs,some ppl say im kinda big for my age but I really dont care. I had a few girfriends but never went further then a kiss. So I usually masturebate while I’m on the computer.

My neighbors are great. There’s a guy name Luis and his wife Sue. Sue was 39, 5ft6in,about 120lbs. She was a brunette and proud. She had a what you would call a “body to enjoy”. Nothing like Pam anderson but something you would still want to fuck.

I never really noticed her untill this one day. I was sittin home at my house and she was outside mowing the lawn. She had tight booty shorts on and a belly shirt. Damn she look good I thought. So I took my camera out and started taking pictures. Later I downloaded them onto the computer and started masturebating to them.

I couldn’t get thos images off my head. Even in school I thought about it. So I made up a excuse to go to the bathroom. I washed my face and went out in the hallway. I saw Mark a 17 bully known around the school going to the girls bathroom. So I decided to see what he was doing. There izmir escort bayan was Sarah a new girl in our school. She just moved to this skool and she was only 14,she got moved up to the high because she was pretty smart.

So anyways, Mark went in there and they were in there alone. Sarah screamed “what the hell are you doing in here!” but mark put his hand over her mouth and took her to a corner. And he started puttin his hand under her shirt. She started to cry and tried gettin away. But he was to big. And then mark saw me. He pulled out a gun and told me to come in. He told me to hold her hands. I did as I was told. Then He pulled his pants and boxers off. His dick was at least 7 in. Then he pulled her pants off. Now she really struggled. But now Mark was on top of her and forced the head of his dick in her pussy. She tried fighting but I held her still.

I dont know what got into me but this really turned me on. Then he went in a little deeper. And soon he felt her hymen. Mark said “damn this bitch a virgin ima have some fun.” Then with a strong push he broke into her hymen. Her whole body shook. She cried a lot but Mark kept pumpin harder and harder. Then finaley he with one big pump he came all in her. When he pulled his dick buca escort out their was a little blood on it.

He told both of us if ethier one of us told we’d both be dead. After that I just avoided both of them.

Later that night I masturebated to what happend in school. Then I opened my window for some freash air and right across my house was my negihbors window. It was wide open. Sue was getting changed. I started gettin hard again. So I masturebated while watchin her. Then suddenly she turned and I jumped and closed my window. I thought she saw me but I wasn’t sure.

That weekend my mom told me that I was going to mow our neighbors lawn. Luis was out on a business trip and Sue broke her back.

So I went to mow the lawn. After I was done I went inside and saw sue walking around. She told me to come and sit down. I did as I was told. She was wearing a robe and she looked beutiful.

Sue said “I know you were watching me change.”

I gulped. I had nothing to say.But she did.

Sue said” well I been watchin you for a while too. Me and Luis just dont have the connection we did 10 years ago. You know what I’m saying hun?”

I said yes. She then told me to sit back and relax. She sat down and told me relax. She izmir escort asked me qustions. Sue found out I was a virgin.

Then Sue got up and took her robe off. She had nothin else on. She asked me to do the same. I didnt need to be asked twice so I just took all my cloth’s off.

Then I became hard. She went down and started to give me a blowjob. O My God did it feel good. She was really good too. She bobed her head up and down on my cock.

The she told me I was going to become a man right now. She slowly got on top of me and put her pussy lips around my dick. Then she slowly lowered herself on me. Then she started fucking herself with my dick. I just sat back and enjoyed. She started going faster and grabbed onto my back. I held her buttcheeks with my hands as she came.

She asked me if I wanted to try something else today to. I said yes. She went to the bathroom and came right back.

She had some shampoo. She rubbed it on my cock. Then she fingered her asshole as I watched. And then she bent over and told me to fuck the shit out of her asshole.

I went behind her and started to fuck slowly. Then I started fucking harder. I went faster and faster. It felt so good. I started groaning real loud. Then suddnely I came all in her asshole. It felt so good.

Then I got up and turned around where I saw my standing their with her mouth wide open…………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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