Hump Day

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Hump Day
Damn it! I hate playing these little games Daddy invents. Well, if I am going to be totally honest with myself, I must admit I actually do like Daddy’s kinky games. They usually are very inventive, and oh boy my pussy gets so wet just thinking of each erotic and sexually charged scenario that comes out of Daddy’s devilish mind. He is a master of painting pictures with his words. Edgy and risque aptly describe Daddy’s deviant games, but kinky and brilliant work just as well. Each game usually centers around his Baby Girl morphing into a sexy slut, or a dirty whore. Daddy is very cautious not to push his little girl too far.

Stop, stop, stop. Damn it, I am mad. And I am going to stay mad while I pout.

Baby Girl is a sub for a very good reason. And I am not just any submissive, I am Daddy’s submissive. I get excited when my Daddy gives me a task to accomplish. My pussy flutters and I get very moist when I think about how it would feel to have another man’s cock inside of me. I want to be able to let go of my fear long enough to fulfill every sexual act my Daddy demands of me. I want to be his dirty whore. I need to let my inner slut run wild.

I am Daddy’s little submissive. Yep, yep, yep… There is no other word to describe me. I am Daddy’s Baby Girl. I crave Daddy’s attention, and I know that I always will. But to my point, I need Daddy to make decisions for me.

My body is completely under his control, it is his to use as he so desires. I trust my Daddy, and I want to please him. I need for him to decided what I wear, what I eat, where we go, and certainly who I fuck. It is not fair for Daddy to say, “Your Inner Slut must make this choice.” Not fair at all!

Feeling a little more than put out by Daddy’s decision, I stomp my feet a few times. “Damn it!” I scream, rather glad there was nobody was around to witness my bratty little tantrum.

“Fuck!” I think to myself. Why did Daddy have to choose today to force me to start making my own decisions?

I was horny as hell and I missed Daddy holding me. I needed to be reassured and sheltered. I did not need my Daddy letting me off the proverbial chain for a romp around town. Today of all days, I craved Daddy’s strict rules more than ever. It has been days since I have seen him. I need some discipline. I want a good spanking.

I wanted nothing more in that moment than to be curled up in Daddy’s strong arms. I needed to feel his warmth, and know I was safe. I needed to look into his eyes and feel his love. But instead, Daddy teases me with his beautiful words, gets me excited beyond belief and oh so very wet. And finally, when I am so horny I will agree to anything, Daddy side steps his usual domineering role and tells me my “Inner Slut” has to make the decisions today. My “Inner Slut” has to decide who gets to use my body.


And to top it all off, not getting my way was only fueling my inner brat. “Brat Daddy, Brat. Not Slut.” I yell out loud. Right now I feel that I am more of a brat than a slut. How dare Daddy tell me no. Well, technically he did not say no. In fact he all but gave me a blank check for the day, but it is the principal of the matter.

Talking to myself, I emphatically plead, “Daddy, please tell me which hole you want to see get fucked.” Waiting on a response, I look around for a sign. Right, as if some magic fairy is going to materialize my Daddy out of thin air from half way around the world. On the verge of being very angry, I spout in a huff, “Ok, have it your way Mister.”

“I’ll teach Daddy a lesson, I won’t make any decisions either. We can simply leave the events of the day in the capable hands of the three fates.” I thought as I stormed off.

Yes, that is what I will do. Daddy’s bratty little baby girl is giving her inner slut the day off. Correction, baby girl is simply by-passing her “Inner Sluts'” need to make decisions. If Daddy will not tell his Baby Girl whether or not she should get fucked, then we will just have to roll the dice and see what happens.

This could get very interesting. “Ok Daddy. If you want my inner slut to be in charge, then this dirty girl says let the party begin. Inner Slut proclaims herself open to all possibilities.” I said aloud as I did my best bratty dance. Throwing my hands in the air, I call out, “Universe, do with me as you wish. My mouth, ass and pussy are yours to play with.”

Almost as soon as the words had come out of my mouth, I felt a sense of relief. Knowing I did not have to be in charge was very relaxing. A calm, soothing feeling began to wash over me.

Maybe my one decision to not make any decisions and just go with the flow, would work to my advantage. Who knows? Not I.

Moments later I get a strange text message. The Artmore Hotel güvenilir bahis in Atlanta is hosting a mid-week brunch. I must have got on a mailing list when Daddy and I checked into staying there recently. Oh well, the Universe seems to know what’s best for me. I guess this sexy sub will be having lunch a little early today.

Throwing on just a touch of makeup, I grab a lite wrap and head out the door.

Walking into the lobby, I check my keys with the doorman and proceed to the dining area. The array of food is stunning, everything from fresh fruit to seafood. Of course the standard breakfast fare is also well represented. The maître d’ informs me the brunch buffet will not be ready at 10:30 as planned, but the bar manager would be happy to pour me a complimentary cocktail.

Sitting down at the bar I see a placard for a premium Margarita. “Universe to the rescue,” I think to myself.

Minutes later a delicious looking margarita is placed in front of me. “With our apologises Ma’am,” the handsome bartender says as he flashes me a quick smile. Sipping on my yummy margarita, I relax a bit more as I take in the 1920’s retro decor. Although the theme of the hotel is roaring 20’s, the actual style and arrangement of the furniture is very eclectic.

Enjoying the scenery, and of course my refreshing drink, I notice an older distinguished looking gentleman enter the room and look around before turning to leave. Out of the corner of my eye I see him stop and look at me, smiling I turn and nod in his direction. Pointing at himself in a questioning gesture, I nod yes. “Come on over.” I say, fairly certain he can’t hear me.

Walking toward me, I shift my chair slighty so that I am facing the bar at an angle that would make conversation easier. Sliding into the chair next to me, he nudges his chair a few inches closer. Extending his hand in a warm greeting, he says, “Hi, my name is Trevor.”

“Nice to meet you Trevor,” I reply as I take a sip of my cocktail. “And your name is?” He inquires. “Oh my god, I am so sorry.” I sputtered as I nearly spit my drink out. Catching my breath, I respond, “Stephanie. My name is Stephanie.”

Quickly adding, “God help me, I am a dork.” Squeezing my left hand ever so slightly, Trevor interjects, “Well, I think you are cute.” Wow, did he just say that. Blushing slightly, I squeeze his hand in response. Emboldened by my response, he slowly tickles the back of my hand with his fingers.

Looking into his eyes, I can feel my heart racing. Taking another sip of my drink, I break our silence. “What are you drinking?” Smiling, Trevor replies, “Nothing at the moment.” “Don’t be coy with me. You know what I mean.” I gently scold him. “Let me guess, a gentleman like yourself enjoys a good bourbon or scotch?”

“No ma’am. Give me an ice cold martini and I am content.” He says, cradling my upper arm in his strong grip. Motioning to the bartender, I call out, “My friend here needs a martini.” “You did not have to do that,” Trevor said, as he gently squeezed my arm. Smiling, I put my hand on his leg and slide a bit closer.

Giving me a somewhat puzzled look, Trevor asks, “Cozy?” Instinctively pulling my hand away, I blush. “I am so sorry.” I say, as I look away. “Not at all,” he adds. “By all means, please continue.” Trevor says, as he places my hand back on his inner thigh.

Raking my nails over his thigh, I slide my hand closer to his crotch. Stopping just shy of my target, I begin brushing my thumb ever so lightly against the seam of his zipper. Working my thumb up and down his zipper for a few seconds, I look him square in the eye. Blushing bright red, I ask, “Better?”

“Yes ma’am, you are getting warmer.” He said with a smirk. Oh Boy! He most assuredly hit that nail on the head. My heart was racing, and I was rapidly getting very wet. Trying not to dwell on my well lubricated pussy, I grab his crotch ever so slightly as I lean forward to whisper in his ear.

Teasing his cock through his trousers, I proudly proclaim, “I can assure you sir, warm is not the temperature I aspire to reach.” Flipping my hair over my shoulder, I turn and finish my drink in one final gulp. Pushing my chair back, I stand up hoping Trevor would understand my non-verbal cues.

“Care to join me in my room for a private conversation,” he said, as he winked at me. Ding, ding, ding… We have a winner. Not that I was surprised in the least, but it was nice to know we were on the same page.

“Lead the way handsome.” I say, offering him my hand. Patting me on the ass, Trevor insists, “No ma’am, ladies first.” Heading straight for the elevators, we don’t waste anymore time talking. Without a word between us, we step into the empty elevator. Grabbing me by the hair, Trevor shoves his türkçe bahis tongue into my waiting mouth before the door closes.

“Mmmm… I like the way you taste.” I mumble, before breaking our kiss. Rubbing his growing bulge, I ask, “Does your cock tastes as good?” Smiling, Trevor looks at me and says, “Better.” My heart skips a few beats and then begins to beat even faster as my clit spasms out of control. Fuck me! I am so wet.

Almost falling out of the elevator, Trevor barely gets the door to his hotel suite open before I start pulling his jacket off his shoulders. “Settle down missy,” he demands. Closing the door behind us, he calmly walks over to the sofa lounge and says, “Sit.” Lowering my head, I silently comply. Sitting on the edge of the sofa, I look up as Trevor takes off his tie.

Putting his finger to his lips, he unbuttons his shirt one button at a time. Very calmly unbuckling his belt, he looks at me sternly and wags his finger to tell me no. “No!” I think to myself. Fucking hell, I am dripping wet and Mr. Trevor wants to take it slow.

Pulling his belt free of his pants, he holds it up and lets it drop to the floor. Shaking in anticipation, I almost scream as Trevor turns his back to me. Really? Don’t get shy on me now buddy.

Sliding his trousers down mid calf, he steps out his pants and lays them over the back of the chair. With his back still to me, Trevor slips off his briefs and turns to face me.

“Holy shit!” I shudder, as the most magnificent cock I have ever seen bounces into view. Standing in front of me, wearing only a shirt and a smile, was a man that was obviously built for sex. “Thank you universe.” I think to myself.

Michelangelo himself could not have carved a more perfect specimen. From his well toned physique, to his flawless cock, Trevor appeared to be nearly perfect. He was almost too good to be true. “Oh my God,” was all I could think.

What made Trevor so amazing to behold, was not the size of his cock, which was certainly well above average – rather it was his perfect symmetry. Smooth as a babies butt, and perfectly proportioned. I could not detect one single aspect about his body that was not aesthetically pleasing.

His dick was straight as an arrow, and smooth as glass. His cock swayed back and forth with every breath he took, as if Trevor was a human metronome. His beautiful cock was seductively hypnotic.

Dropping to my knees, I crawled toward him as I reached up to take a hold of my prize. Kneeling in front of Trevor, I open my salivating mouth to lick the head of his magnificent cock. With a slight twitch, Trevor smiled as I sucked the head of his dick into my warm mouth.

I was far too horny and wanted to taste his cum so badly to bother with the whole seduction routine. There was no fucking way, I was going to take my time to savour his cock. Maybe round two would be different, but right now I needed Trevor to cum in my mouth.

“There, your dirty girl made a decision.” I thought to myself. I was quite proud of myself. I hope Daddy would appreciate how quickly I could decide what to do. My inner slut craved the taste of warm cum in her mouth. My inner slut wanted to taste Trevor. My inner slut was in charge.

For the first time in a very long time, I was in charge and I kind of liked it. I made a mental note to be sure and tell Daddy everything. I was certain he would want to hear every minute detail no matter how trivial. Yep, yep, yep…

My inner slut would spare no detail when telling Daddy just how wet his Baby Girl got sucking on Trevor’s gorgeous cock. In fact, I do believe Daddy’s little slut would become quite aroused sharing the sordid details of her mid-morning tryst.

Returning my attention to the cock in my mouth, I continued my fevered assault of Trevor’s dick. Bobbing up and down on his rock hard dick, I had a sixth sense Trevor was getting dangerously close to cumming.

Without any warning, Trevor grabbed my hair and pulled me off his cock. “Fuck me. I can’t catch a break.” I thought to myself.

Looking extremely puzzled, I ask, “What’s wrong babe?”

“Well, umm…” He started to stutter. “I ummm, I mean, what I…” Trevor trailed off as he looked at the floor. The poor bastard was tongue tied. If I was not so sexually frustrated, I would have thought his nervousness was cute. But right now I needed Trevor to get to the point.

“Come on babe, tell me what’s on your mind.” I reassured him. I could hardly believe what I was saying. All I wanted was his cum to coat the back of my throat, and here I was trying to talk a nervous nellie off of the cliff.

Trevor took a deep breath and finally said, “May I fuck you in your ass?”

Jesus, my pussy spasmed and fluttered so wildly I thought I was going to cum. güvenilir bahis siteleri Fuck! Now it was my turn to catch my breath. Looking up at Trevor with a seductive glance that did not need a translation, I said, “Anything you want babe.” Pausing for just a second, I continued, “Yes babe. Please fuck my ass.”

“Mmmmm…” I purred. “That would feel so freaking good.” I said, as I stood up and started to remove my skirt. “Damn, I love a good ass fucking. But there is one condition.”

Listening intently, Trevor made sure to lean forward so he would not miss a single word. Looking him dead in his eyes, I said, “You have to cum in my ass.”

Trevor’s knees seemed to buckle slightly as he stood there with the biggest grin I have ever seen. “Yes ma’am. I can do that.” Continuing, he said, “I have some hand lotion. I hope that is ok.” Looking slightly bewildered, he inquired, “Will that will be ok?”

Sensing he had little to no experience with anal, I informed Trevor I had lube in my purse. The look on his face was absolutely priceless.

Shaking my cute little ass, I pulled out my lube and began to tease Trevor. “Who wants to fuck my ass?” Squeezing a healthy bead of lube onto my finger, I put one foot on the coffee table as I slid a finger into my tight asshole.

Working my finger in and out of my ass for a minute or two, I turned my attention to Trevor. Winking at him, I asked, “Was that hot enough for you babe?”

Stroking his hard cock, he simply nods.

Squeezing a good amount of lube across the top of Trevor’s dick, I massage the lube all over his cock. Rubbing the excess into my ass, I apply a generous glob of lube to the head of his dick.

“Come on big boy. I want you in my ass.” I proclaim, as I climb on the bed. Laying my head on the bed, I push my ass into the air. Spreading my legs wide, I offer Trevor complete and unrestricted access to my puckered asshole.

Placing his hands on my hips, Trevor attempts to guide his cock toward my waiting ass. Grabbing his dick, I push the head of his cock against my anal opening. Taking the hint, Trevor pushes forward with a little more pressure. Squeezing my hips ever so tightly, he thrusts his pelvis forward as the head of his cock slides past my anal ring.

“Oh my God.” I gasp.

Daddy used my ass quite a bit before he went out of town, but Trevor’s dick is the biggest cock that has been in my ass and he only has a couple of inches in my tight ass. Fuck, this is going to be a great day after all. Pushing back against the cock invading my asshole, I take a few more inches before Trevor starts to pump in and out of my ass.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” I whimper.

Without saying a word, Trevor picks up his pace. Within minutes his dick is balls deep in my back-door. His thick cock pushes against my anal walls as he continues to slide in and out of my ass. My inner slut is in hog heaven. I love feeling stretched and full of cock.

My ass has never been stretched so wide, or felt so good. His perfect dick is doing such an amazing job hitting all of the right spots. Fuck, I am so close to cumming.

Each and every delightful stroke of his magnificent cock pushes me that much closer to my impending orgasm. Concentrating on every exquisite thrust, my mind drifts off as my ass surrenders to the pounding it so desperately needed.

Trevor’s increased tempo is quickly pushing me beyond the point of no return. Each powerful thrust seems to spread my ass just a little bit further. Fuck, I can’t wait any longer. Slipping a finger into my pussy, I trigger my own massive orgasm.

Pushing back as hard as I can, my legs go rigid as the first wave of my orgasm hits. Shaking and trembling, my ass clenches Trevor’s cock tightly. Which in turn triggers his earth-shattering orgasm.

Cumming together, we both convulse with unimaginable pleasure as wave after wave of pent up sexual energy washes over us.

“Oh my God!!! That was fucking incredible.” I call out, as I slump over onto the bed. Looking absolutely dazed, all Trevor can muster in response is a simple nod.

Trevor slowly gains his senses and crawls up the bed to rest next to me. Cradling my head against his chest, he kisses my forehead before sharing a very touching story about his life.

Long story short, his wife of 28 years past away four months ago from breast cancer. I am the only other woman he has been with in the past 30 years, and he never had anal sex before.

Trevor was in town to settle her estate and felt like he needed a drink when he walked into the bar. Lucky for me he decided to turn around for a second look.


Daddy’s little slut has a real weakness for heartfelt stories. Fuck, my ass is going to get one hell of a workout today. I am also fairly certain this is going to turn into a very long night. Who knows? I might even convince Trevor to feed me a few loads of his tasty cum. The one thing I am absolutely certain about is, my stretched asshole will remember Trevor’s perfect cock for many years to come.

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