Hunk of a Roommate

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As Damien stepped into his apartment, Brad was watching the end of the evening NBA game. He was visibly excited sitting on the edge of their living room sofa. A number of empty beer bottles on the coffee table, a few cigarette stubs in the ashtray, and one smoldering Malboro butt on his thin lips. Brad has been Damien’s roommate for almost a year now. They were introduced by Heather, one of Damien’s one-nighter stands, when Damien was looking for a room-mate as he started to intern in a sales outfit in uptown Downtown Chicago.

Even though their 6th floor apartment had sufficient breezy windows it was a muggy July evening and both guys liked to hang out in minimal clothing. Brad’s energetic support for the Sacramento Kings had him constantly shuffling on the sofa and had his knit boxers bunched up exposing his muscular thighs and accentuating his package. His lightly hairy body was glistening with sweat caused by Kings vs Lakers game excitement. Damien wasn’t into men but did admire Brad’s well built body as he entered the room as any straight man would have. Damien had been coaching Brad in a gym for last 4 months. Brad had been working out hard get a body like Damien’s. Damien is 6′ 1 – a natural blond and his friends often joke that he and Kellan Lutz (of the Eclipse fame) must have been separated at birth! Damien led a any young man dreamlife. A superbly desirable body that got endless good sex and continually lusted by women. For bahis firmaları the same reason he was seldom in a long term relationship. Damien is straight but very liberal and has had dudes approach him in the past.

Brad is a tad shorter, at 5′ 10, a bit heavier but has been converting his chub into muscle quite rapidly. Brad has chestnut hair and unlike Damien, Brad was a bit hairier. Damien’s perfect 6’cut cock with handsomely hanging sack were ogled by many in the locker room and had been devoured by scores of women! Brad’s uncut cock was 5′ and a bit thicker. Brad was always in awe of Damien’s life and body. Although he was dating women (Heather at the moment) he didn’t mind lusting at Brad once in a while. Brad knew he was a curious jock and not as straight as Damien. They had not tagged team so far although that was going to change this evening, something he had wanted to do ever since he first caught Damien banging a hot chick on their couch months ago middle of the night. They were good buddies who had seen each other naked not only in the gym showers but also every summer when Damien liked walking around the apartment with nothing on. Brad always had his boxers on even on the muggiest days.

When Damien entered the apartment Brad noticed a white patch on Damien’s black tee he pointed it out asked “Hey bud! what’s that on your shirt?”

Damien looked a bit delirious. He stopped, looked down and saw white crusty spot kaçak iddaa on his stomach, “Damn!,” he smirked.

“It’s not what I think it is?!” Brad laughed out loud.

Damien nodded visibly embarrassed thinking that people might have seen it while he walked a few blocks to the apartment. Brad was curious and he moved over on the sofa to a side and invited Damien to sit down and narrate what happened.

Before Damien started Brad reminded him as he winked “did you forget it’s Monday and Heather will be here any moment, I hope you have more jizz left in you.”

Damien told Brad that in the subway an hour earlier he had the was received the fastest blow job of his life – in 5 mins flat!

As he always did on returning Damien took of his tee threw it in a corner, shoes flew next, he stopped at his jean’s zipper remembering that Heather was expected trying to be modest! He then sat next to Brad and narrated his sexcapade.

Damien was a few stops short of King street when he realized this chick in the diagonally opposite seat was staring at his crotch. She seemed in her early 30s and was carrying Kids-R-us bag. A tank top floral dress revealed her still young worked out tight body and pert tits. Seemingly sex starved mom – milf! He smiled. He guessed what might happens next. The problem was he had only five minutes to his stop, the next stop. As the girl stepped towards the restroom Damien followed. Luckily the large kaçak bahis handicap restroom was vacant. Within moments, was leaning against the door while she expertly raised his tee to expose the hottest six-pack – licked his belly button , unzipped his jeans, lowered her dress to expose deliciously pink nipples that got his attention in seconds – before he knew, she was deftly licking his pissslit and then deep-throating him….he moaned and quickened his pace of facefucking this hot bitch. She pulled out his balls and gave a quick suck and went back to his now rock hard pole licking the sides and back to the helmet head and taking all of it deep into her tight throat until her lipstick brushed off his soft pubic curls. Damien forgot the five minute limit and was about to cum when the train halted abruptly and pushed them apart – his 8′ throbbing pole got pulled out of her mouth as she got pushed to the opposite wall. As his cock recoiled he spurted some cum on her face but mostly on his six pack. Alarmed that he might miss his stop he quickly struggled to shove his still hard cock back in and pulled down his tee and stepped out leaving a dazed cum starved hottie trying to lick every drop that sprayed on her. The train had stopped and as Damien stepped out of the handicap restroom, a wallstreet type dude about to exit the train winked at him as he looked over in the restroom behind Damien 😉

Damien rushed out at the station heading to his apartment – he had a date with his ex and his roomie. His cum deposited on his six pack started to leak through his black tee and was almost crusty by the time he crossed 5 blocks to his apartment.

To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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