I Hate My Master Ch. 10

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Saturday morning, I was bouncing up and down on Chris’s cock in my usual ritual for the weekends. Unlike usual, I was in slut mode, so I was crying out like a slut and giving it my energetic all. When Chris came, he left me in slut mode and ordered me to suck his cock. I did this using the skills I had been picking up in my lessons. “Good boy.” Chris said as I had gotten him hard again. I felt the wave of pleasure sweep over me. That spurred me on to even more passionate working of his dick.

After Chris shot into my mouth, he ordered me to get started on his breakfast. I was under the table licking his feet, wondering what “game” he would decide to play on me today. It filled me with fear, since his games were never pleasant for me.

Oddly, he didn’t order me into some game. He just told me to be sure the house was spotless. He lay around for a while, then went out for a run. I was still working when he came back. Chris showered and did things in other parts of the house than I was working in. When I finished, I was stuck in display position. Chris came by at some point and just laughed at me. Not long after that he handed me a piece of paper. “We’re having guests tonight to watch a game. You need to get to the grocery store and get the stuff on this list.”

“Yes, Master.” I took the list and looked up at him. “You’re not going to let them see me, are you?”

“Oh, they want to see you especially. I’m going to enjoy it, now no more back talk, get going slave.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled to the door, dressed and headed out. The whole time, I was going over the fact that there would be more people seeing me under Chris’s control. Shit. I was miserable. I had trouble moving I was so filled with dread.

I got everything on the list and headed back. As I was crawling to put the goods up, Chris ordered me to put some of the items in bowls, and to make sure the beer was cold. When I was done, I was stuck in display again, just where I finished. Stupid orders. Chris came by and laughed at me again. “Slave, you will be in full compliance mode with my guests. That means you will cheerfully obey every order and appear to be the happiest slave in the whole world. In fact, start now.”

“Yes, Master!” I said with enthusiasm. This was going to be so embarassing. But I stayed where I was, since I still didn’t have any orders to do anything else. Some time later Chris ordered me to wait by the door for guests. “Yes, Master!” I had a stupid grin on my face.

I crawled and waited by the door. Inside, I was dreading the arrivals, outside, I looked happy. The doorbell rang. I opened the door, staying on my knees. The man coming in was tall, well-built, with dark, almost black hair.

Chris said “Rob!” and the two men gave each other a hug. I was looking up at Chris with adoration.

Rob looked down at me. “Well, he’s in the right place.” Rob reached down and put his thumb in my mouth. “Suck, boy.” I sucked on Rob’s thumb. Rob pulled his thumb out.

“Slave, get us some beers.”

“Yes, Master!” I sounded like I was having the time of my life as I crawled to the kitchen. I served the men where they had gone to sit in the living room. Chris snapped his fingers and pointed to the door, and I crawled to it.

I heard them chatting while I waited. The doorbell rang again. I opened it, there was another man, who walked in, patted me on the head, and joined the others in the living room. It seemed like he was completely at ease with a naked kneeling man opening the door. “Josh!” came the cry as he entered.

Once more the doorbell rang, and I opened it. Another man. “Hey, Travis is here.” Chris shouted. “Come on in, we’re all here. Slave, beers.”

“Yes, Master!” I crawled to get beers.

Once I had served them, Chris snapped his fingers. “Slave, go get into entertainment outfit 3. You can walk upright to rejoin us.”

“Yes, Master!” I said joyfully.

“Eager little boy, I like that.” Said the Travis.

I had no idea what “entertainment outfit 3” was, but I found myself crawling to my old room. As I got into it, I must have blacked out, because the next thing I remember I was standing up looking at myself in the mirror. I was horrified.

“Entertainment outfit 3” was a pair of red cloth stockings that came up halfway up my thighs, I had somehow painted my balls blue and my cock purple. And I had a clown nose on. I was alone, so I wasn’t compelled to be happy, so bahis firmaları my face blanched at the look. It was ridiculous. Chris must have arranged for me to black out so I would be faced with this all at once. The bastard.

I was still reeling from the sight of my reflection in the mirror when I turned towards the door. Shit, I was going out there in this get-up with a raging boner. I tried to will my feet not to move, but that did no good. Chris had absolute and complete control over everything I did, so once I left my room, a smile grew on my face. When I made it to the living room, all the men broke out in peals of laughter.

My face turned red, well redder. I started waving my hard prick back and forth to amuse them more. My smile got wider as they laughed at me more. I kept up my performance as they still laughed at me. My humiliations were growing, and I was sure there would be more tonight.

The men got their laughter under control and Chris tossed me a dildo. “Here slave, kiss your boyfriend.”

“Oh, yes, Master!” I started french kissing the dildo like I was passionately in love with it, making cooing noises. Their laughter rose again as my mortification grew. My tongue was roving over it. I petted the back like I was petting a girl’s hair. Chris has me so completely under control I couldn’t do anything but amuse the men the best I could.

Again the laughter began to die down, and Chris came up to me and took the dildo back. “Enough, you’re here for us to have fun, not to enjoy yourself. If you want to see your boyfriend again, you’ll need to make us all very happy.”

“Master, I will do anything to make you and these wonderful men so happy! What can I do first? Please tell me?” I fell to my knees, looking up to him begging in my eyes.

“What do you think guys? What do you want first?” Chris asked.

“I could use a blow job.” Travis said.

“He’s shit at it, but go to it slave.” Chris slapped me towards Travis.

“Master Travis, I’m shit at sucking, but I’ll do my best, please let me suck you off.” I was crawling towards him.

“You’ll have to work really hard.” Travis said, opening his pants.

“Face fuck him, if you want.” Chris offered. I already had my mouth around his cock, so I couldn’t say anything. I was using the skills I had been learning from my lessons.

They were all watching me. To outward appearances, I was enthusiastically sucking Travis’s dick. I hated Chris for all the stuff he made me do.

“He’s not that bad. I’ve had better, but I’ve had worse.” Travis looked down at me.

“He is taking lessons.” Chris said.

“You’re teaching him?” I think that was Josh.

“No, a guy from his work. It’s great, he has to go over after work each day, strip down and learn to suck cock. The guy’s even got his roommate in on it now.” Chris treated it all like a joke. I was cringing inside.

“Damn, I just want to get off.” Travis said, grabbing my head and starting to fuck my face. I was still making noises like I was enjoying it, reaching up to hold his ass. It didn’t take him long to cum after that.

I swallowed it, looked up like a child just given a lollipop and said in a fawning tone “Oh, thank you Master Travis, I love getting to slurp down cum from a real man!” With that, I started to clean his cock off for him. There was a short round of laughter.

When I finished, Travis pulled up his pants and went to sit down. “Fuck, I’d be tapping that all the time if I could. Chris, you have it made.”

“Slaves exist to make life easier. Actually, I was going to tell you all. I’ve decided to start a Dial-A-Fag service. I’ll get you Marky’s number. You can text him any time you’d like. If I’m not using him, he’ll respond and do whatever you’d like. His primary purpose is to serve men, so he’ll be serving men.”

Fuck, Chris has just offered me up to all three of them like it was nothing. I’d only been around these men a few minutes, but I knew I’d be used hard and often.

Josh then said “Rob doesn’t need any Dial-A-Fag, he’s got a stable of slaves already.”

“True.” Rob replied “But I like to mess around a bit. I have an idea for him and my alpha.”

“Pervert.” Travis said.

“You bet your ass.” Rob calmly retorted.

“We can bet the slave’s ass actually.” Chris was giving me away again. “Closest point spread gets him for the night.” Now I was the prize for their bet. They all liked the kaçak iddaa idea so came up with what they thought would win them my ass.

“Games about to start.” Chris said turn on the TV. “Let’s play a game of ‘Pass the Ass’. Marky will start on Josh’s dick. Every time the ball turns over, the first person to say ‘Pass the Ass’ gets the slave’s ass until the next turnover. Cool?”

They agreed to that too. Josh pulled out his cock. It was big. “Get your ass on it slaveboy.” He said.

“Yes, Master Josh. This is going to be such a fun game. I’m so lucky to get your cock.” My mouth betrayed me.

“You sure are. Seems like you’ll be getting it a lot too. I’ll be dialing you when I need it. Aggh.” I slid on his dick, making him moan. More laughter. I bounced up and down while the game began. I couldn’t watch the screen much. This mode Chris had me in didn’t care about the game there, just the fucking I was giving myself. I was tossing my head around and moaning like a slut.

When the first turnover came I barely heard Rob say “Pass the Ass.” I hated Chris. This mode had me concentrating on the sex, acting like I enjoyed it. I eased off of Josh and scrambled to get on the really massive prick Rob had between his legs.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I yelled.

“Shut up, bitch.” Chris ordered. I had to be quiet then. Maybe that was a relief. I couldn’t really tell as I went from one of the four cocks to the other whenever I heard the phrase.

I was backing up to get on their cocks, and it wasn’t long before my legs were aching in the crouched position I took to get my ass in the right place. That was on top of the pain and humiliation of getting fucked, which was made worse by seeming to enjoy all of it. Inside my head I hated Chris more and more. He had ruined my life. I knew I’d never get away from him. I still hadn’t thought of any way to escape. He was sharing me with his friends, hell he was sharing me with people he had never met in Mike and his roommate. I was just some sex object for them.

None of them seemed at all surprised I was acting this way. In fact, except for the guy I was riding, they ignored me. And whichever guy I was riding only seemed to notice me with his cock. I would hear the ‘Pass the Ass’ phrase and just go to the guy who had said it. During the breaks between quarters, I was let free to fetch beer and chips. Still in full compliance slave mode, still dressed like a complete fool, still with a stupid clown nose on. Was it possible I hated Chris more now than just yesterday?

I really lost track of time. The mode had me only able to think, not really control my actions or anything. It was like I was an observer in my own head. When the game was over, I almost couldn’t remember anything but getting one fuck after another thrown in my ass. Well, I guess I was doing the throwing as I was the one doing all the work. Rob had won. I was going to be fucked for real by his massive cock. I was not looking forward to that.

I was actually riding Travis when it ended. I only knew because he pushed me to the floor. “Hate to rush off, but I told you I wouldn’t be able to stay.” He said.

“No problem. We’ll catch you later.” Chris said.

I just lay on the floor looking at the men with a sappy smile on my face. Tavis headed out.

Josh said. “Mind if I get off before I head home too?”

“Nah, just fuck it.” Chris said waving to indicate me.

“Yeah. Get those legs up slut.”

I rolled on my back and lifted my legs. Josh got between them. “You can talk again.” Chris said to me.

Rob laughed. Josh said “Damn, he’s an obedient little fucker, isn’t he?” His cock slid in my gaping hole.

“You have no idea.” Chris replied.

Rob and Chris chatted while Josh pounded me. Given permission to speak, my mouth was making all sorts of complementary comments. “Oh fuck me, Master Josh! It’s so big. Fill my pussy. Breed me. You’re such a stud Master Josh.” That sort of shit.

Josh came in me with a growl. When he pulled out, I had to clean his prick off. As he got dressed (Chris and Rob had dressed while I was getting fucked), he said his good-bye’s as well, then headed out the door.

I stayed on my knees, looking at the men in adoration. When it was just the three of us, Chris said. “You can drop the compliant mode. Rob knows you’re not a willing slave.”

“Damn, Master that was brutal.” I said angrily.

They both laughed. Rob said kaçak bahis “That’s what happens to straight boys. Get used to it.”

“How can you do this to me? I’m a mess, I hurt all over.” I was still mad.

Chris said. “It’s fun. We enjoy it. Doesn’t matter if you do.” He then turned to Rob. “It’s late, want to fuck him in the guestroom. You can sleep there.”

“Sure. Heel, bitch.” Rob stood up and headed to what had been my room when I was the roommate. I crawled after him. He didn’t even look back to see if I was following.

Once there, Rob stripped again. “Suck.” I started to suck his cock. I was doing my best, but he didn’t seem impressed. I had only gone a minute or two before he ordered “On the bed. Doggie style.”

“Yes, Master Rob.” I crawled up on the bed, and put my ass in the air. He go on his knees behind me and just shoved in.

My ass was sore, I know my hole was gaping from all the dick it had in it tonight, and he was just going like I was some fleshlight. I was moaning from the discomfort, not the pleasure he may have been thinking. Plus, he was big. I mean, he was a good sized man, with some serious shoulders, but his cock was thick. I don’t know what’s worse, getting fucked by a long cock or a thick cock. Long and thick would really have to be the worst, but which do you choose if it’s one or the other? He had nothing to worry about with length, but his girth was amazing. I bent my head into the mattress and bit the blanket. This was the icing on the cake of being an object all night. Just a hole for him to fuck.

He came fairly silently, then fell onto the bed. I had to clean his cock off. As I finished, Rob said “Turn the light off. Sleep at the foot of the bed.” He got under the covers, and I obeyed.

“Boy, Boy!” I woke up with Rob yelling for me. I could see light in the windows. It was morning.

“Yes, Master Rob.” I replied. I noticed that the stupid clown nose I had been wearing had fallen off in the night. I had taken off the stupid red stockings, and I glanced at my junk and saw it was still painted. No surprise there.

“Get up here and eat my ass.”

“Yes, Master Rob.” I moved up to the bed. Rob was laying face down. I crawled between his legs and put my mouth on his hole, starting to lick. I hated doing this, but I was compelled by the control Chris had over me.

I rimmed for a while, sometimes hearing Rob moan with pleasure. He got to enjoy himself. I hadn’t enjoyed anything in quite some time. I was miserable, my body used for the sexual gratification of others. I was humiliated for their entertainment.

When Rob decided he had enough, he simply moved. “Get on your back, hang your head over the edge of the bed.”

“Yes, Master Rob. What are you going to do to me?” At least I could talk back, but I was obeying his command.

“You still need to work on cocksucking, so you’ll get a face fuck. I find it is much easier for me if your throat is in the right place.” Rob said. His cock was hard, and he lined it up with my mouth. I realized what he was going to do.

I opened my mouth to protest, but that was the wrong thing to do. His cock slid right in and I was getting face fucked. Rob was pretty brutal, and I was gagging right off. Rob leaned forward over me so he could get his cock in deeper. His balls slapped up against my nose and forehead, hard enough to wonder if it was hurting him. I hoped so. I did discover it was easier to deep-throat someone if you’re on your back. That really didn’t make me feel better.

Rob put his hand on my throat. Not hard, like he wanted to choke me, but just laying there like he enjoyed feeling his dick forcing my neck to expand. Just further proof that I was some sex object to him.

It was easier to take a dick this way, but still not something I wanted to do. Plus Rob had some stamina. Just like all the big cocks, why was everyone who got to use me able to go so long? I was struggling to breathe as he kept shoving into me. My programming didn’t let me push against him to try to get more air, so I was helpless. He kept pounding into me. I could see the tops of his legs moving back and forth as he humped, and his balls swinging. I was blinking a lot to protect my eyes. He had some pretty hairy balls.

I was almost happy to see his nuts pull up, signaling that he was about to shoot. That and his groans got more intense. He shot into me, cum going right into my stomach. Rob stayed with this dick spurting into my throat for a bit. I was starting to panic when he pulled out.

“Go get started on breakfast boy.” Rob said with a slap to my face.

I coughed out a “Yes, Master Rob,” as I crawled to obey.

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