I Lived Husband’s Dream Ch. 01

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Gary and I had been married for thirty two years, we married young when I was eighteen and he was nineteen, everyone said it wouldn’t last but here we are all those years later. Gary was my first true love and my only lover… until recently.

Steve and Louise moved next door late June, Steve was a good looking six foot guy and Louise… well Louise was a beautiful thirty one year old fantasy that would enhance any red blooded man, or woman’s, bedtime. Her long brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes and perfect boobs all packaged in that gorgeous body of hers was enough to drive anyone wild, she stood about five feet seven inches and weighed in at 120Ilbs, beautiful…beautiful…beautiful! She could look stunning in a potato sack if she had ever wanted to!

Gary mentioned, on more than a few occasions, how lucky Steve was, I mentioned this too…. though only to Gary, I had never thought that way about a woman but Louise wasn’t like any woman I’d met before. On a couple of occasions I found myself fantasizing about her and enjoying a wonderful climax whilst alone during the day, it was all new to me. Despite the age gap, we became good friends and shared a real sharp sense of humour between us, the age thing hardly ever came up.

One hot sunny afternoon Louise and I decided to sit on the lawn, both wearing short denim shorts along with bikini tops and enjoy a bottle of wine which slipped down very nicely and led onto a second bottle, we chatted about everything until, as the alcohol began to take hold, I suggested we played ‘truth or dare’ and she agreed so long as I would let her go first, I nodded whilst wondering what she would come up with after all that wine.

“I’ll start with……..Truth,” I said as I sipped more wine.

“Have you ever…. she hesitated…… used a wine bottle to pleasure yourself?”

I was shocked that such a thought would even be in her mind, maybe there was more to Louise than I thought, I had always imagined her and Steve as sort of….. ‘normal’ …. what ever normal is, within the bedroom.

She saw the look on my face as I answered… “No,” and we both fell about laughing.

By the time we finally stopped the laughing, I had realised that this was an ‘anything goes’ session so I asked and she chose truth too.

“OK, I started, have bahis firmaları you ever had sexual thoughts about a woman?”

“Of course.” She answered almost as if it would have been strange not to have had them.

“My turn, she continued… what…. or who do you think about when you are making love?”

At this point I got an attack of nerves and answered, “Well all sorts of things but usually I’m looking into Gary’s eyes and…. well you know.”

“Yes of course you are” she said with more than a slight hint of sarcasm.

“Alright then, I asked, what do you think of?”

“Oh many things”… she started,

“Well name a few then…do you ever think of another woman for instance when….. you are in bed with Steve?”


“Is it a particular woman?”

“Sometimes” she answered through a laugh.

“And do I know this particular woman?” I asked.

“Well….there is a couple actually, she started but usually….. your one of them.”

“Oh really and…. Me?… I spluttered as her words hit home….Me?

“Oh Lord!, she exclaimed, I didn’t mean to…..”

“No no,….. I assured her as the tears appeared in her eyes…. its alright…..really, its what I wanted to say when you asked the question but I daren’t because I thought you would take it the wrong way, sort of…. as an attempt to seduce you or something.”

“No, I asked because I wanted to hear it,” she said.

I was stuck for words now, I could feel a damp patch beginning to build around my vagina, it seemed like a lifetime but was probably just a few seconds until I finally asked…

“What do we do now…now that we both know?….I mean do you want to go any further with it?”

Louise shuffled her bottom across the grass to get a bit closer, as she did this she lowered her head and kissed me very sensuously on the lips making my whole body begin to tingle.

“Wow, I thought, so that’s what it feels like.”

My whole body began to feel something it had never felt before, feelings of real adventure and naughtiness, this was enhanced by the fact that I was a fifty year old woman and she was little more than half my age, is it just the drink? Is it what we both really felt we needed to do at this time? Will we still be friends after or will we need to hide kaçak iddaa from each other for the rest of our lives? all these questions ringing in my head at the same time. Truth is…I didn’t care my pussy was oozing juices by now and I wanted to touch her, to kiss her, to feel part of her and her of me.

As I lay flat on my back in the glorious sunshine I could feel her hand softly pushing up my bikini top on one side, her warm palm begin to softly kneed my breast, I let out a little groan when she playfully flicked her finger across my erect nipple then her tongue began to lick it before her mouth lowered and I could feel the warmth as she licked and sucked very sensuously all around my breast, her other hand gently unleashed my second breast whilst pushing the bikini top higher out of the way.

Her mouth pressed against mine once more as I felt her hand run slowly down my tummy and begin to open the denim shorts, first the button and then the zipper vibrating against the front of my panties that were now very… very wet, her touch was that of an expert and I could feel the hand brushing my pubic hair through the thin material as the zip went lower before, with one quick movement, Louise removed the garment and dropped it to one side.

I needed to caress her beautiful body and reached towards both of her breasts, as I looked I could see moisture glistening in the afternoon sun across the top of her chest , giving out a golden glow through her tan, at that precise moment I really couldn’t have remembered such a beautiful sight in all of my life.

I softly squeezed both breasts as I looked towards her gorgeous smile and I could feel more fluids begin to escape from my pulsating vagina, my how I had wanted this to happen. At that moment Louise reached down undoing her own shorts and took them off over her long slender legs in nothing more than an instant, immediately I reached down to touch her exquisite pussy, exposed now just for me.

I ran my finger along the crease slowly from bottom to top and I could feel her wetness escaping too through the perfectly trimmed, dark pubic hair. I moved around until I was positioned between her legs and lowered my face towards the perfect mound before me. I began to lap softly, like a cat, in the opening, getting more and more response all the time. kaçak bahis Louise began to shudder and writhe beneath me pushing her pussy towards my face with every gentle movement and I could see the juices slowly dripping from within her.

The beautiful velvety folds of her inner pussy lips were now slightly open and I placed a finger inside her feeling the muscles contracting around it. As she moaned I ran my finger upwards again to encircle her clit and she bucked whilst moaning aloud just as a sudden gush of her erupted from inside. I immediately licked and sucked against her pussy determined to taste every last drop of her love juice, this made her shake even more, the sight of this woman, in a state that anyone else, apart from Steve, could only dream of, was too much for me and I felt my own orgasm explode inside my panties spurting strongly as it erupted.

Louise’ body began to relax as she let her self back to the soft grass and I took a long sip of my wine before reaching down to put my shorts back on. After Louise dressed herself again we sat very close on the lush grass and she kissed me on the cheek and I softly took her hand.

“We are still friends aren’t we?” I asked.

“We most certainly are!” she replied.

At that moment the church clock over the road struck five oclock and I jumped to my feet.

“Shit….Gary is due home any minute and he’ll want to eat” I said grabbing the glasses and bottles.

“See you tonight?” I asked as I hurried towards the back door.

“Can’t wait” came the reply.

As I walked into the kitchen I stopped in surprise as I came face to face with Gary.

“Oh…..your early……what time did you get home?” I asked very nervously.

He had a smile on his face and a bulge in his pants

“Who am I kidding?…..you saw what happened uh?”

“Did I! he replied like some excited school kid.

“I’m sorry Gary but it just happened…we had a drink and with nothing to eat…and we started to play that stupid game and…”

The smile broadened on Gary’s face as he leaned forward planting a kiss full on my lips.

“OK…stop its alright baby you go get a shower, I’ll wait in the bedroom so you can come tell me all about it, I’m sure you will feel better when you get it off your chest you lucky…lucky girl…..I know I will. I can’t describe how many times I’ve fantasized about that…and ‘the ultimate’ of course.”

He kissed me passionately again and I went upstairs to shower………………….

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