I Want RachalCaron to Fuck Me

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These Friday night parties were becoming tiresome. Every week, the usual suspects. Sure, I was once again dressed for attention, and getting all I could want. But while the bait was working, the prey wasn’t worth catching.

I was at the drinks table when I saw her. Across the room. I’d never seen her before. She was older than the others. A real woman among the boys and girls. Her eyes were focused on mine so intently. She wanted me, was beckoning me to her, and I couldn’t resist.

My legs carried me to her, as though they were under her command. As I approached her she stood up. She was beautiful, and had a body to die for. She leaned in and whispered into my ear, “No names, no bullshit.”

She took my hand and led me down a hall to a back bedroom. She didn’t stop at the bed, but led me to the small, ensuite, locking the door behind us. Taking both of my hands now, she pinned them behind my back, pressing her body against mine with my back against the door. She leaned in, her mouth close to mine. She moved her body so that her breasts were massaging my own. My nipples were rock hard, my pussy weeping, my clit throbbing, agonizingly untouched.

She kissed me, softly at first, almost sweetly. I responded, kissing her back. Our tongues played lightly. casino şirketleri She kissed harder, sucking my tongue. I responded with a deep moan. I wanted her to know my urgency, how badly I wanted her.

She broke the kiss, giving me a wicked smile. She slowly knelt in front me, releasing my hands and raising my skirt, directing me to hold it. She slid my panties off and put them in her purse. I spread my legs for her without thinking. She looked up into my eyes and blew lightly on my landing strip. I shivered, my pussy convulsing. I was sweating, so desperate for her mouth to fuck me.

Her tongue snuck out, slowing licking my lips. I spread my legs further, trying to offer my clit to that beautiful mouth. She teased more. I was nearly crying now. That wicked smile again, then she plunged in, licking me once more and flicking my clit with her tongue. Over and over she did this, and when she knew I was on the brink, she plunged her fingers into my pussy and sucked my clit, hard. I screamed out as my orgasm broke. I’ve never cum so hard, shaking and convulsing uncontrollably. Wave after wave as her tongue and fingers kept working me.

My legs started to give. She stood up and guided me so that I sat on the edge of the bathtub. She reached into her casino firmaları purse, pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me. On it was an address. “Leave in ten minutes,” she said, then turning, opening the door, she left.

I was still shaking. I looked down to see my inner thighs glistening with my juices. When I was finally strong enough to stand, I cleaned myself up and walked out to my car. I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew I wanted, no, needed, more. And my GPS would get me there.

Arriving at the address I found a cute bungalow. There were no lights on. When I approached the front door I could see it was left unlatched. I pushed it open and went inside. It was dark. As a felt along the wall for a light switch two hands grasped my shoulders. I jumped and screamed, then heard her voice. “It’s o.k.”

She pushed me ahead of her into the dark. I felt my knees bump into what felt like the edge of a bed and she turned me around. I was standing still with my back to the bed when a bright light flashed on. It was pointed at me and I could see nothing else. “Strip, slowly.”

I took off my clothes, then stood. I could feel her eyes on me, though I could not see her. I was so turned on. “Lay down and masturbate.” And I did. I came güvenilir casino quickly. When I had caught my breath I heard, “On your knees.”

I rolled over on to my stomach, then on all fours. With the light, I knew she had an obscene view of my open pussy. I heard her walking towards me. Her hand rubbed my lower back. I felt a dildo begin rubbing my pussy, then poised at my entrance. As she pushed it in I felt her thighs press into the backs of my legs. She was fucking me with a strap-on.

She moved slowly at first, reaching under me to massage my large, swaying breasts. As she quickened her pace, her right hand slid down my stomach to rub my clit. As I neared my climax she slowed down, torturing me. Again I whimpered, nearly crying, letting her know how badly I wanted her. She quickened her pace, fucking me mercilessly until I came, screaming out once more.

As I collapsed, her strong hands grasped my hips and turned me over. For the first time I saw her, kneeling over me. The strap-on gone, she was completely nude, a goddess. She moved up my body. Having denied herself so long, the need and lust were now bursting from her eyes. She placed her pussy over my mouth and ground herself against me. I lapped at her, her juices coating my face. Now it was her turn to scream out.

With her need satisfied, she lay down with me, our legs entwining, our mouths finding each other. She tasted herself on my lips and seemed to approve. “I’m Rach.”

“Can I have my panties back?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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