I was Hard on Nude Beach

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I live in a naturist complex in Leucate in the South of France and whenever possible when I go on holiday I look to stay in places that have nude beaches. I get so aroused being naked and showing off my shaven body to anyone who likes to look. I am in my 40s, 6ft tall and slim as I exercise a lot. I am also gay and a crossdresser but more of that in later stories. For now I want to share with you my recent adventures in Lanzarote. My stories might not be as graphic as others on this site but they are true.


When I am on holiday in the sun I just get so horny and seem to be permanently aroused with a semi if not full hard on. I no longer care who sees me erect.

My first adventure was at papagayo beach in the South of the Island. It is a well known nudist resort with the main beach full of ordinary people. However the next bay along is a place where predominantly gays meet for sex.

I should not have gone to this bay as I was so hot and horny and was willing to do anything to relieve my tension and shoot a load of cum.

I parked my hire car and decided to walk to the beach naked with just my towel. I had shaved all over before casino şirketleri I left my Hotel and was already tanned from my time in France. As I walked to the beach I was already semi hard and I know several guys looked at me as I went past them. In the corner of the bay was a nice semi coved area that provided shelter from the wind and was also a sun trap.

I was about 20 yards from the nearest guys to me, or so I thought, so I put my towel down and lay on my back. I started to think about being fucked on the beach, a fantasy I have had for a while, and next thing I could feel my penis getting hard. I mean hard, I am between 6&7 inches when erect but today I was the full 7 inches.

I sat up and could see quite a few guys staring at my boner. I liked this and did not try to hide my hard on as I enjoy showing off in public. I kept looking at the guys hoping one of them would come over to me.

I started to play with my cock slowly rubbing it up and down. I already had pre-cum on my tip which I put in my mouth in front of everyone. Every now and then I stopped rubbing my cock and played with my balls, squeezing them hard, I knew they were so full casino firmaları of cum.

What I did not realise was that just 5 yards from me on my left was another guy. He must have arrived when I was on my back. He literally had a great view of me pleasing myself. I knew he liked what he saw as he was playing with his hard cock, rubbing it up and down. He was about the same size as me and we were both so hard. I kept stroking my hard cock and smiled at him. I wanted him so badly.

I held my breath and hoped that he would come over to me. I did not have to wait long as he looked me straight in the eye, smiled, and brought his towel over by me. There was no small talk, he just kissed me full on, tongue deep in my mouth, I swear it made me harder.

He reached down and put his firm hand around my throbbing cock. It felt so good, I thought I was going to explode straight away but I managed to hold on for now. I pressed myself close to him, he smelt fantastic. I reached down and put my hand around his rock hard penis. It felt so good and I knew I had to have him in my mouth.

I looked over to the beach and there were at least 6 guys watching güvenilir casino us and playing with their cocks. As I said earlier I love being watched and I thought let’s put on a show for them.

I went down on my new partner and took him deep in my mouth gradually taking more and more of his meat until it was all in my mouth right up to his balls. He told me he was really close and about to cum. As my mouth was full of his meat, I just nodded and waited for him to explode. He started to jerk and then it happened, so much cum in my mouth. I thought I was going to choke but I kept his cock in my mouth and I swallowed all of his hot sperm.

It was just so erotic and I was so excited. I was licking him clean taking every last drop of his cum when I uncontrollably exploded, my first ever hands free orgasm. My legs were wide, pointing straight towards the beach and I knew everyone watching had a better view than me. I shot 3 large loads up in the air. It was one of the best cum shots I can remember and I was still rock hard after shooting my load.

My new friend left pretty quickly and I stayed for another half hour, most of the time still hard. I was hoping one of the other guys would come over to me but no one did, which was a shame as I would have done anything for them. I eventually got up to go, still semi hard, and walked past the guys on the beach. I got some nice smiles as I left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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