I’m a Very Lucky Lady

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Not only did Charlene find success at work, but she had also grown fortunate in love. The forty-two-year-old woman had strived to be at the top since the beginning, and now her endeavors proved to be worthwhile. Her illustrious career gave her a chance to strengthen her bliss. Her achievements led her to find not just one boyfriend, but two. She had snagged two young handsome men and brought them into her home since the end of July.

And now, in the first week of September, she still kept her love life unbroken by certain interferences. Brandon and Ralph were both at the age of nineteen. Their healthy physiques didn’t change. Even as Charlene was nearly two inches taller than both of them, their vibrant good looks still stayed the same. Brandon had shaggy brown hair that ended at his shoulders, while Ralph had smooth black hair with the same particular length. Both of them never gave the impression that they were dismayed by her company. In fact, they loved paying her a visit whenever she called them up and asked if they would come over. They rarely refused an invitation to her domain.

Charlene didn’t care about the uncommon bond that brought them together. She loved both Brandon and Ralph equally. She didn’t want them to leave her. She made sure that they would stay with her. They made her feel like a queen. A queen who would take control of them and never let them go.

On this warm and wonderful Friday afternoon, Charlene brought the young men over to her house once again. Brandon and Ralph stepped inside her two-story house in Arcadia. Charlene became silent as she examined their slim exteriors. Brandon wore a black tank top while Ralph had put on a white t-shirt. Charlene couldn’t help but smile. The two men were so young and handsome. She always enjoyed their intimate activities in her bedroom. Sometimes, either Brandon or Ralph would be there alone with her. But other times, she would be situated between both of them. She felt hesitant to make any changes to their relationship. Except today.

Brandon and Ralph sat on the sofa in the living room. Charlene kept interchanging her glances between them. The busty blonde woman started to smile without saying a word. The two young men were perfect for her. So much so that her curiosity started to reach a new peak.

Brandon stood up from the sofa and gave her a kiss as she stepped forward. She held him in her arms and smelled his brown hair. His natural aroma had become a prologue to her new objective.

She whispered, “Oh, Brandon. You’re so good.”

Brandon replied, “Yes, I am.”

She kissed him on the lips. “I want something from you.”

“What is it?”

“Take a look at Ralph.”

She and Brandon turned their heads to gaze at Ralph, who already stood up from the sofa as well.

Charlene asked Brandon, “You like him, don’t you?”

Brandon smiled. “Oh, yeah. I really like him.”

Charlene asked Ralph, “And do you like Brandon?”

Ralph’s only response was, “I sure do.”

Charlene chuckled. “I’m so glad that the two of you are good friends. It makes me want to bring you closer together.”

“That sounds fun.”

Charlene’s smile grew bigger. “Brandon, I want something out of you.”

Brandon rubbed his nose against hers. “What do you want?”

Charlene just wanted to bring her favorite fantasy to life. “I want you to take his cock. I want it deep inside you. I want him to fuck you hard while I watch.”

Brandon didn’t flinch. “Now that I think of it…he really does have a nice-looking cock.”

Ralph already had a little smile on his face. “Hey, he’s not lying.”

Charlene casino şirketleri let go of Brandon and said, “I want to see it happen. I want the two of you to fuck each other, and I want to watch.”

Brandon eyed the other young man from top to bottom. “I’m feeling the same way. I want to see how it feels to have a dick inside me.”

Ralph grabbed him lightly by the arms. “And I’d like to see how well you can take my cock up your ass.”

Charlene giggled with excitement. She licked her lip before whispered, “I want to see you kiss each other. Do it for me.”

Brandon and Ralph smiled at each other. Their endearing gazes became a clean indication of their current moods. They held each other in their arms and kissed. They didn’t show any hesitation in their movements. They followed Charlene’s command and gave her what she wanted. Their kiss was long and affectionate. Ralph sank his fingers into Brandon’s brown hair. Brandon never unlocked their embrace.

Charlene stepped away and observed them from a short distance. Seeing her two young lovers engaging in a passionate kiss started to give her the thrills. She never looked away from them. She didn’t even want to blink. Brandon and Ralph shared an intimate moment initiated by their older girlfriend. They still didn’t pull themselves away from their kiss. They held each other as they slowly immersed themselves in Charlene’s fantasy.

Charlene whispered, “Oh, you look so good.”

Brandon and Ralph began to take off their own shirts. The tank top and the t-shirt had been tossed to the side. They were now half-naked, an image that further propelled Charlene to keep this personal project going.

“Oh, that’s what I really want to see.”

She stepped closer. She grabbed Brandon’s cargo shorts and pulled them down. The two men continued their kiss during their unbridled splendor. Even as Charlene pulled Ralph’s blue jeans down, he and Brandon were still unaffected by her actions. The eager woman hurled the jeans, cargo shorts, and underwear away. Brandon and Ralph were now in the nude in her living room.

She whispered, “Oh, yes. Keep going. This is what I want.”

She decided to give them more inspiration. She grabbed both of their cocks and pressed them against each other. She could hear Brandon gasp as his entire body trembled.

She didn’t stop there. “Oh, this is how I like it.”

She pointed both cocks in an upward direction as she pressed them together. In addition, she started stroking both cocks with her eager fingers. She looked up to see a smile on Ralph’s face.

“You like it, don’t you?”

Ralph chuckled. “Yes, I do. I love the feeling of his cock against mine.”

Charlene licked her lips. She didn’t let go of their cocks. She made sure that the two men were brought closer together with her movements. She watched as both bulbous tips touched each other. She could hear Brandon and Ralph taking deeper breaths. Her encouragement seemed to be working.

She leaned over and kissed both cocks with her warm lips. Her fingers gained acceleration. She stroked their cocks without any tedious routines affecting her performance.

“Oh, yes. It feels so good, doesn’t it?”

Brandon moaned. “Oh, yeah. It’s really good.”

He rubbed his forehead against Ralph’s own. They had their eyes closed for a short time as Charlene initiated their primal instincts, but taking it in a completely different direction.

Ralph suddenly reached down to grab his own cock. Charlene let go of his cock as he began to caress his erection with his own fingers. Brandon reached down to do the same. casino firmaları Charlene stood up and stepped away. Brandon and Ralph managed to delve deep into Charlene’s influence. They did the exact same thing as she did. They moved their hips back and forth at the same time. They pressed their cocks against each other as they stroked them in a quick fashion. Charlene gasped with excitement as they kissed each other once again.

She whispered, “Oh, yes. Listen to your queen. Let me watch you do each other.”

Brandon and Ralph even used their tongues to further strengthen their passionate embrace. Their tongues touched, resulting in a more delightful image from Charlene’s perspective. She reached down and dug her fingers into her pants. She massaged the narrow entryway from within, giving her even more pleasure for this moment.

Brandon and Ralph stopped their kiss. They smiled at each other while still stimulating their own stiff dicks.

Ralph remarked, “I could do this all day.”

Brandon kissed him. “I wouldn’t say no to that.”

Charlene giggled. “Oh, Brandon. I want to see it. I want you take Ralph’s dick.”

Ralph stepped away and took a seat on the sofa. Brandon brushed a few strands of his hair away from his face. “That really is a good cock right there.”

The erection on Ralph’s lap stayed in an upward position. This gave Brandon a chance to move forward. He brought himself down on Ralph’s lap. He got down on his knees before he slowly lowered himself above Ralph’s cock. They looked into each other’s eyes. Their soft kiss was a clear signal of their positive feelings.

Charlene cheered them on. “Do it, Brandon. Feel that dick inside you.”

Brandon had the tip of Ralph’s cock touching his hole. He bent down even further, causing the cock to slid right inside him.

Brandon gasped. “Oh, God! It’s inside me.”

He trembled as the entire cock was now deep inside him, which brought more joy to Charlene’s current attitude.

She almost growled as she said, “That’s my boy. Ride it like how I would do it.”

Brandon moved his hips up and down. He placed his hands on Ralph’s shoulders. He moaned as his hip maintained a steady movement despite his astonished reaction. Ralph, on the other hand, just sat still as the other young men followed Charlene’s simple command.

Brandon’s mouth was agape with shock. “Oh…that cock feels so good.”

Ralph held on to Brandon’s thighs. Brandon didn’t stop with the lowering of his hips. The cock slid in and out of him. Charlene bit her lip. The sight of one of her own lovers experiencing the same stirring sensation as she did before was something that she could finally observe without hesitation. She didn’t look away at Brandon and Ralph engaging in a playful activity that didn’t have her as an active participant.

She pulled at her own hair. “Oh, don’t stop. I want to see everything.”

Brandon’s moans increased in volume. “Oh, fuck! It feels so good.”

Ralph let out a big sigh. “Oh, you’re riding my dick like a pro.”

Brandon gave him another kiss. “I love it.”

Without warning, Ralph wrapped his arms around him and brought him closer on the sofa. Ralph started to move his hips upward, giving Brandon a better understanding of how their girlfriend enjoyed the feeling. The two naked young men held each other in their arms. They bounced up and down on Charlene’s sofa. Their hair danced in the air during their rapid actions. Brandon couldn’t stop moaning when Ralph’s dick entered his hole.

Charlene stood still. She had a clear view of her two boyfriends granting her wish. güvenilir casino She already unzipped her jeans to continue massaging her clit. Watching Brandon and Ralph acting as a loving couple on her sofa gave her the thrills that she had yearned for.

Ralph didn’t stop thrusting his cock up Brandon’s hole. “Take my dick! Yeah! It feels good when I fuck you hard!”

Brandon swung his head back. “Oh, keep fucking me! I want to feel it inside me!”

Charlene couldn’t help but say, “Yes. Keep going. I love watching you get fucked.”

Brandon and Ralph slowed their hips to share a long kiss. They had to breathe through their nostrils. The kiss was sensational, something that Charlene had already approved of. They ended their kiss and continued on with their quickened pace.

Brandon squeezed his eyes shut. “Oh, your cock is amazing!”

Ralph spoke through his gritted teeth. “Oh, yeah. Your hole feels good.”

His powerful upward thrusts gave Brandon the ultimate satisfaction.

Charlene’s smile grew bigger. “I love it! This is what I want to see.”

The older woman seemed to be the perfect motivator at this time. Ralph held Brandon tightly as he stopped his upward motions. Brandon gasped. His entire body shivered from the climax. Both bodies relaxed on the sofa. Charlene spotted the trail of semen spilling out of Brandon’s plugged hole.

She whispered, “That’s how I like it.”

Brandon moaned. “It feels so good inside me.”

Ralph kissed him. “I really should fuck you more often.”

Charlene laughed. “Yes. That’s what I want to see. The two of you will fuck each other while I watch.”

Brandon smiled. “Sounds like a good idea.”

* * *

Charlene wanted to see more. She told the two of them to keep going. Even with semen dripping out of Brandon’s hole, she was eager to see him receiving even more of Ralph’s warm contents.

This time, she calmly took a seat on the sofa while Brandon and Ralph brought themselves on the carpeted floor. They got down on their knees. Ralph pulled at Brandon’s hair as his cock made it back into the narrow passageway. His thrust his hips back and forth. Brandon had got down on all fours. His hips followed Ralph’s own musical pattern. A loud smacking noise had erupted when Ralph’s hips collided with Brandon’s smooth butt cheeks.

The two young men managed to entertain their forty-two-year-old girlfriend in the most effective way imaginable. She continued to rub her own clit. The image of her two boyfriends following her commands had given her the tingles. Her fantasy had been brought to life without any doubts from anyone in the living room. She felt like the luckiest woman in Arcadia. She was fortunate to have two young boyfriends. And now, she felt even more fortunate to have them obey her without remorse. She did indeed feel like a queen with two handsome servants beside her.

Brandon squeezed his eyes shut. “Oh, fuck! That cock feels so good!”

Ralph managed to last even longer than before. He thrust his wet and massive cock deep into Brandon’s hole. Charlene observed them until at the very end, when Ralph injected more of his thick cum into Brandon’s body. Brandon almost collapsed on the floor, but Ralph held on to his waist and didn’t give him a chance to fall.

Brandon let out a big sigh of relief. “I’m feeling so crazy right now. I wish he could fuck me all day.”

Ralph laughed. “Neat little idea.”

Charlene stood up and caressed Ralph’s hair. “Oh, both of you were amazing today. I can’t wait to see you do it again next time.”

She gave Ralph a kiss on the lips before she moved on to Brandon. She bent down and kissed him, even as he was still down on his hands and knees.

She proclaimed, “I’m so glad I found the two of you. I’m a very lucky lady right now.”

Brandon replied, “I couldn’t agree more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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