In-Law Brother Lover

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First chapter to sort of set up the story line , before I get into the real shameless smut. Chapters will get raunchier as Brandon gets consumed by revenge to destroy his sisters dream life, he will get more depraved and immoral as the story line continues and so do others characters and I look forward to writing about it.


This could have all been avoided if she had just kept her huge, insufferable mouth shut. No matter how much I pleaded, begged and practically groveled on my knees to cry, she had absolutely no mercy. It’s her fault I’m now the black-sheep outcast freak of my family. She hated me ever since we were kids, when I was meek five year old boy when she was bratty ten year old demon, and though I never even knew why before, the betrayal on that day had awoken a deep seeded hatred for her entire pathetic being and from that day I vowed my revenge.

Although, nowadays, I’m beginning to realize why she’s hated me, especially now as I’m taking of this suffocating suit jacket and unfastening a few buttons off my white dress shirt to reveal my slender torso and my cream colored collarbone, you see ,I was and still am considered to be a very beautiful boy, complements of my mother’s gorgeous looks, unlike my sister, I got the good side of the family gene poll, I got my mother’s blonde hair and bright blue eyes whilst she got my father’s black hair and brown eyes, not that those are bad features on someone but her condescending ,uptight attitude just gave her an air of a boring and bitter librarian ,at least I thought it did.

Recently, as I’ve been looking back I’ve realized that she has always been jealous of me. That explains the putting sticky stuff in my hair , messing with marker on my face in my sleep and always breaking my toys. Constantly making my life miserable.

She always found a way to get me in trouble with our parents whilst maintaining an innocent upfront, but then one look at my blue puppy eyes would instantly cause them to be a very lenient in punishments for ‘my’ bad behavior. And it helped that I was a huge momma’s boy. And that pissed her off.

So it casino şirketleri was no surprise when at age seventeen, when she caught me putting on my mom’s makeup with a pair of silk panties on, that she snitched on me like the jealous rat that she was. Probably mad that I looked better with or without makeup that she ever could in her life. After that incident, my father closed minded that he is, forced to cut my blonde locks into a buzz cut [ I cried on my mom for days] an cut ties with my friends .I was no longer his well-mannered son , now I was a freak cross-dresser that had to be kept in check 24/7.Relations between my father and I are more strained than ever now .My mother tried her best to keep us together as a family, but I could tell deep down she blamed and disliked Carly for destroying her family.

So it’s a wonder how two years later, me, Brandon Skyler at age nineteen is being guilt tripped by my mother into coming to this freaking wedding ceremony of someone that I’d much rather shove of a precipice. Yep, my older sister Carly freaking Skyler is getting married to some rich CEO heir she met six months ago. Devlin, or Dave or something. Oh yeah, it’s Dean. I think.

I’ve meet him a couple of times, when she brought him over to obviously show off to me, that she was actually capable to snagging a hot hunk of a guy. I wanted to hate him, really, but he was just so freaking…..nice, like creepily nice. Like some kind of trained robot. It was disturbing to say the least. He suggesting that instead of an immediate honeymoon, he would leave family’s mansion, to come home and spend some time with his bride’s family to get to know us better, before, I guess whisking her off to the life of the rich and famous. Oh joy.

Back to the present, after checking myself out in the bathroom, face flushed pink from the alcohol I drank to stop myself from setting fire to the entire reception table, I ruffled my neck length blonde hair and applied a thin layer of red lipstick I snuck in my pants pocket, it wasn’t noticeable but it drew just a bit more attention to my lips, I mean, if I’m here might as well try to get casino firmaları laid by brother in law’s rich colleagues right?

After making sure I looked properly debauched I turned to walk out of the restroom, but not after bumping into the man of the hour himself. As I stumbled backwards he reached his arms out on my shoulders to steady me. He was looking quite pleased with himself as he straightened me up, brother-in-law bonding? Then he gave me a look over.

‘I see you are well enjoying yourself on this celebration” He chuckled in a deep voice, eyes sizing up my artificially created disheveled appearance. Gosh, do rich people actually talk like this, and I have to spend about a month with this guy. Suddenly his forest green squinted his eyes and leaned forward, getting into my personal space, he eyes lowered to my lips and found its way back to mine.

‘Incredible…let me ask you, is that really your natural lip color?’ My breath hitched, I mean how you tell another guy you are wearing lipstick. I opted to stiffly nod my head instead, looking at him to gauge his reaction.

His gaze held mine for a while and dropped down a bit, for a second, if the wedding ring on his finger didn’t prove he was straight, I would’ve almost thought he was checking me out. Then as if out of a trance, he blinked his eyes rapidly a bit, and pulled back, ran his fingers though his dark brown hair and without a word unzipped himself to use the urinal. Still dazed by the strange interaction, I just stood there and watched him take out..omg is that nine inches!!and that girth!!hmmm, wouldn’t I like to gag that down my throat and bounce on that co- I guess I was ogling and possibly drooling as a throat cleared itself and a lifted my eyes up to meet Deans slightly superior smirk and a raised eyebrow.

I realized he was waiting for my reaction, maybe for me to flush embarrassingly and scurry off back to the party. Instead I looked him deep in his eyes, bit my lip to make sure that’s were his attention was, and slowly but sensuously slid my tongue over it. I let out a breathy over exaggerated moan. Catching a glimpse at his baffled güvenilir casino expression, I slowly turned around, and leisurely cat-walked out, swaying my hips in a way I know made both the gay and straight guys in my high school crazy, and with one last wink over my shoulder I was out of the door.

As I made my way back to the table next to my mother, I started a light conversation with her, ignoring the hungry glances that I got from some guests. Of course with any amount of attention I got in her presence, I could feel Carly’s evil glare and smirk burn holes into me as she sat down two seats next to me, my mother stiffened besides me, sensing something bad might happen, then, Carly suddenly got up and ‘accidentally’ tripped which resulted in red wine being splashed all over my neck and clothes, staining it bright red. My mother just gaped at the scene and then turned to glared at her evil daughter. Then with a too cherry, fake apology, Carly just pranced off away to entertain her guests.

Resisting the urge to strangle the living daylights out of that bitch, I furiously got up and made my way to the restroom once again. Whilst entering the bathroom, I am meet with a flushed Dean splashing water on his face, as we made eye contact through the mirror, I observed as his eyes trailed the red liquid along my neck and chest and there was an audible gulp echoed throughout the bathroom, then quickly averting his eyes, he turned the tap off and rushed out.

As I stared at the large growing stain on my shirt in the mirror, something inside me just snapped. All my sister’s cruel wicked torment on my life came flashing back to me like a horrible nightmare, it released a sick park of me that I never knew existed, and right now it only desired vengeance in its unadulterated form at any cost. As I thought of Dean’s reactions to me earlier, a nasty thought came to my mind, and just like that my brain started formulating new creative ways at witch I could destroy Carly’s life in the next month, each idea more depraved than the last, I smirked to myself, this new shameless sense of immorality sent delightful chills up my spine. I loved it .Wanted more. She took my happiness , my mother’s joy, my father’s love for his family and my friends away. She was going to pay for making my life a living hell. She will wish for hell when I’m done with her.

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