Incestuous Mind Control Explodes Chapter 2: Daddy’s Slutty Daughter

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Incestuous Mind Control Explodes

A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research

Chapter Three: Daddy’s Slutty Daughter

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

“Alex, please, your sister is fine,” Deidre Icke said into the PA system, staring at the security feed. Her eighteen-year-old son rammed his shoulder into the metal door of the locked storage room, the makeshift jail they put him in.

Everything was going wrong. Deidre Icke was entrusted with fulfilling Dr. Blavatsky’s desire to awaken mankind to a new level of enlightenment via the creation of artificial gods with the Halo. Individuals who would be chosen by sending the devices to the right persons, selected by channeling the spirit of their departed Guru. Only one of their members broke the rules. He sent a second Halo to the god Henry Archer for his girlfriend.

And once one person broke a rule, it wasn’t long before another did.

Her son succumbed to temptation. He used the Gemini Halo, designed for a set of twins to use. He triggered it with his twin sister Alexis. Deidre wasn’t sure why her children passed out, but they had to lock them up until they could complete destroying the technology to build the Halo.

“You’ll hurt yourself, Alex,” she said, shifting. She was furious with her son for his betrayal of the Institute’s purpose, but she didn’t want to see him hurt himself.

He ignored her. He slammed into the door again. Again.

“You can’t get out,” she said. “We’ll free you as soon as the facility is evacuated.” She knew she would fall under her children’s powers. They were Gods now. Not the right ones, and they might keep mankind from ever evolving, but they were still her children. She still would love them.

Alex ignored her. He crashed into the door again. She winced each time. On the other monitor, Alexis huddled in the corner, looking so frightened. Her poor daughter tried to stop her brother, rebelling against him, only to inadvertently trigger the Halo in the process.

Deidre looked at her husband. “Can you talk to our son? Get him to stop, Master?”

Robert shook his head. “He’s not going to stop. His woman is in danger.”

“He’ll injure himself.”

“No, the Halo will sustain him.”

Deidre’s eyes widened. The Halo healed. It gave the God more strength and stamina. She glanced at the monitor, noticed the door shaking more. He was damaging it. It wasn’t designed to trap people. The Institute didn’t have jails. They were first and foremost a Technology company, manufacturing their own products and shipping them around the world, the day-to-day activities that supported their true purpose.

She grabbed the mouse, adjusting the PA system to broadcast through the entire building. “This is Deidre Icke,” she said, her body trembling in nervous, “anyone who doesn’t want to fall under the rogue Gods influences, evacuate the Institute right now.”

As she spoke these words, something died inside of her. It was over. They wouldn’t get to see what new lessons the four true Gods were giving right now. They would just have to go out into the world, attracted to the God who they felt closest to.

The Institute had failed.


Willis Chevrolet – Capricorn

I stood in my kitchen, slipping my phone back into my pocket. Take control of my life. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I wouldn’t have a wife who cheated on me then threatened to destroy my life if I tried to leave her. She never said what she would do, but she impaled making claims about me…

My son was disappointed in me, ashamed that I was so weak. He knew his mother wasn’t going to her pilates class to exercise. She was showing off those fake tits I paid for last year, dressed like a whore. My nineteen-year-old daughter wasn’t much better. She was following her mother’s example, treating me like a living ATM.

Just a cash machine, nothing less.

If I was stronger, if I had a spine, this wouldn’t happen. If I was just a man, my wife wouldn’t cuckold me, and my children would respect me. But I wasn’t. I leaned against the kitchen, contemplating the bleak future before me. Working at my office job so my wife could waste my money with…

I stood there, my thoughts sinking lower and lower, a bleak shadow pressing down on me and—

My daughter burst back into the house. Garnet, nineteen, dressed like a whore, following her mother’s example. A pair of tight jeans that looked like she was poured into them and a low-cut top that showed off her barely legal tits. Her blonde hair, a natural hue unlike her mother, spilled about her face. She clutched a package in her arms.

“Some dumb robot just dropped this off on the porch,” she said, marching to me. She shook it. I could hear the shifting of packing peanuts. “Feels expensive. Is it for me?”

I shook my head. Was this what the text message referred to? What would let me take control of my life? It sounded like utter nonsense, but… Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take control of things. To wrangle in my whore-wife and my slut-daughter. The way Garnet dressed, it was clear she was sexually active. Fucking guys, probably finding some dumb guy to trap and be her living ATM.

Poor bastard.

“Open it!” my daughter said, thrusting it at me. “I want my gift.”

She was worse than her mother. Dianne wasn’t this selfish. I’d always given Garnet what she wanted, spoiling her. Clearly, that was a mistake. She was an utter monster, a bitch who saw how her mother walked over me and joined in the fun.

The ceiling creaked, my son shifting around. Jason was eighteen, a good kid. He hated how my wife and daughter treated me. I could feel it. He wanted me to be strong. He wanted me to be a real man and was disappointed in me. That hurt almost as much as my wife’s adultery.

I set the package on the counter, my daughter bouncing beside me, eager for it. My name was on the package. There was no return address. I didn’t care. I picked at a corner of the packing tape, finally getting a hold of it, and ripped.

I opened the package. A set of instructions were on top. My daughter tossed those aside as I snagged what was beneath it, a gold ring, some sort of circlet. It hummed in my hand. I could feel something… like power in it.

The power to change my life.

“Ooh, that’s so pretty!” my daughter said, grabbing it and trying to pull it out of my hand. “I want to wear it!”

“No,” I found myself saying.

My daughter blinked at me. “What?” She stared at me and tugged. “Let go of it, Dad! This is mine.”

I growled, a surge of frustrated anger rippling through me. I wrenched it out of her hand with ease. She gasped, her manicured fingernails flashing, catching the kitchen light. The circlet buzzed in my grip, eager for me. I placed it on my head.

“No, that’s should be mine, Dad!” she hissed, her hands shooting at my head.

A tingle raced through my mind the moment I settled the circlet on it. I shuddered as this prickling heat rippled through my mind. My daughter’s fingers seized my hair, sliding through it. Her breasts jiggled in her low-cut top as she hissed in frustration.

“Stop being a bitch right now!” I growled.

Needle-like pain stabbed into my eyes. My daughter gasped, her brown eyes—the same hue as her mother’s—widened. Her hands lowered, her cheeks paling. She swallowed, fidgeting before me, her entire demeaning shifting from demanding to…


“I’m sorry, Dad,” she muttered, looking away from me. “I just… It was pretty. It’s a circlet. That’s something girls wear. I shouldn’t have tried to pull it off from you.”

My jaw dropped. An apology? She was really… not acting like a bitch. My entire body tingled.

Then she looked up and licked her lips. “Where did it go, Dad?”

“What?” I asked.

“It’s… it’s gone. It’s not on your head.”

My fingers ran up my sideburns, sweeping past my ears to slide through my short, blond hair, searching for it. I felt nothing. I frowned, my thoughts tumbling. My daughter’s eyes grew wider. She clutched her hands together, her mouth opened.

Normally, that mouth just spewed abuse at me. Her lips were plump. “I am so tired of your mouth.”

“Dad?” she asked, her voice so strangled.

“I’m so tired of how you speak to me. How you act. Like a bitch. Like a whore.” This fury rose in me, the rage I had forced me down again and again. I had to swallow it day after day, fearing what my wife would do to me, too weak to stop my daughter and wife from trampling over my dignity.

No longer.

“That’s all you are,” I said, staring down at Garnet’s perky, round tits on display in her low-cut top. “Just a whore.”

My thoughts prickled. Burned.

“And there’s only one thing a whore’s mouth is good for,” I growled. “Sucking cock.”

The pain burned. Darkness fuzzed the edges of my thoughts. Little lights burst across my vision. I didn’t care. I was finally letting out my feelings. I didn’t have to swallow them any longer. I didn’t have to devour them. I could finally be myself.

“My cock!” I growled, my eyes boring into her. Lusts I had kept chained up had burst free, too. My daughter had teased me for a year with her body, flaunting her beauty. I had felt so guilty for those feelings, beating them down with my manhood. “Now!”

She squeaked and fell to her knees before me, her blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders. As my vision cleared, her hands fumbled at my slacks. She unzipped my khakis, staring up at me, her brown eyes wide in shock.

“Why am I doing this, Dad?” she asked as she unzipped my hands. “I don’t want to suck your cock. You’re my dad! This is wrong.” Her hands wrenched down my pants. My cock grew hard in my boxers.

This was really happening.

“Why can’t I stop?” she moaned. “I… I…” Her face contorted. It was like she wanted to say something, and couldn’t.

“Your sucking my cock because you’re a whore. My whore.” I shuddered. “Now suck my cock and swallow my cum!”

She hooked her fingers into my boxers and wrenched them down. I shuddered as my cock sprang out, bouncing hard. My dick bobbed before her, thrusting hard. She licked her lips, her eyes wild. She let out a keening moan as she leaned forward. Her mouth opened.

She sucked my dick into it. I groaned as her lips slid over the tip of my cock. My daughter’s warm, wet mouth engulfed me. Her tongue caressed my cock’s crown. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. Her fingers gripped my hips, clutching to me as she bobbed her head.

“That’s it,” I groaned, my hand stroking through her blonde hair. “That’s how you treat your father. You don’t insult him, you respect him and suck his cock. That’s what whores do. If you were a good girl, you wouldn’t have to do this.”

She whimpered, sucking hard, her eyes growing moist.

Pleasure rippled down my shaft. It had been so long since I had a blowjob. Dianne hadn’t done it since we were dating. The moment I had that wedding ring on her, izmir escort bayan they dried up. Sex grew less and less infrequent, almost stopping after Jason was conceived.

I shuddered, the pleasure spilling through me. It was amazing. My daughter sucked so hard. Her mouth slid up and down it. her eyes squeezed shut. Her tongue fluttered along my cock. Pleasure shivered through me. Her tongue caressed my dick.

I groaned, my hands gripping her hair. She was such a whore. She was so good at sucking my dick. My daughter’s mouth was hot around my cock. It was incredible. I let out a might growl, my hips thrusting forward, slamming my shaft into the depths of her mouth, brushing the back of her throat.

“This is what a whore’s mouth is for,” I groaned. “And you’re a whore like that cunt-mother of yours.”

She whimpered about my cock, but she sucked with such hunger. Like a slut would. My balls tensed as I loved the feel of my daughter’s mouth working on me. The suction reached down into my nuts. My toes curled. She hummed, adding another delight to it.

She did this a lot. My daughter had skills at blowing a man. My balls tightened. They boiled with cum. It had been a year since I had more than my hand touching me. My hands tightened in her hair, gripping her as the pleasure built and built.

“You’re going to swallow all of my cum, slut!” I growled. “You love my cum. You want it. Crave it.”

She moaned louder. She sucked harder. My daughter made such slurping sounds. It was such a wicked sound. My balls tensed. Pleasure rippled through my body. Her cheeks hollowed, her head twisting and bobbing, caressing me with her tongue.

Stairs creaked. My son descended. I straightened. I wanted him to see this. I wanted him to witness me finally being a man. That I was finally taking charge of his sister. No longer would anyone walk over me. I would be a man he could be proud of.

The pleasure increased as my son came down the stairs. I groaned, my hips thrusting forward. I plowed my cock into her mouth, reveling in my incestuous pleasure. I shuddered. My balls tightened. It was incredible.

My whore-daughter was pleasing me.

“Fuck,” I groaned, my pleasure building and building. My hands gripped her hair.

My son appeared. He froze at the sight of me getting blown. His blue eyes widened, his face, a younger mirror of my own, burst with shock. I groaned, my pleasure surging through me. My dick throbbed as she sucked with such passion.

My cock erupted.

My jizz spurted into her mouth. My jizz fired into her. It splashed into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged then she swallowed. Her brown eyes fluttered as she swallowed it. Pleasure rammed into my mind. It was incredible. The rapture burned across my thoughts. Spots of light burst across my vision, stars celebrating my pleasure.

I growled through my ecstasy. My mind boiled in bliss. I groaned, my hand gripping her hair. She gulped down my cum. It was such a wondrous pleasure. I was dominating my whore-daughter. I was treating her the way she deserved.

“Dad!” Jason gasped as his sister swallowed the last blast of my cum. “What… I… Garnet’s… That’s…”

“Just finally treating your sister the way she acts,” I said. I stared at my son, seeing the confusion. “It’s okay, Jason. Relax.” My thoughts prickled as my son’s shock melted away. I shook my head, these mind-control powers so amazing. Garnet kept nursing on my cock. “I haven’t been a good man. A strong man, but that’s changing. I’m going to show your sister and your mother their true place.”

“True… place?”

“They’re whores, son,” I said and barely felt a prickle. “And whores need to be on their knees, don’t they?”

“I… I guess they do,” he said, his expression brightening. “What is this? I mean… How’d you get her to suck your cock? I mean, she’s still doing it.”

My dick throbbed in her mouth. It felt incredible n her mouth. I wanted to keep letting her do it. I was still hard. It was amazing. I was forty-five. I didn’t stay hard after cumming, but this was so hot. It was a delicious treat to experience. My dick twitched. I could cum in her, but…

“Come on,” I said, ripping my cock out of my daughter’s mouth.

She coughed, drool and cum running down her chin. “Where are we going, Dad?”

“Call me daddy,” I said. “You’re a whore. Make it sexy.”

She shivered, my thoughts buzzing. “Yes, Daddy,” she said, her voice throaty, a sultry purr. She shivered. “Where are we going?”

“We’re going to make your mother into the whore she is,” I growled, shoving my cock into my boxers then yanking up my pants. “It’s time for your daddy to be a man.”

“You’re going to go where mom is? I mean, she’s with…” My son swallowed.

“With the cocksucker she’s fucking?” I growled. I was free. No more muzzling myself. No more swallowing my pride. My words. My emotions. “Yeah, that’s where we’re heading. Let’s go.”

I marched forward, my children following. I could feel my son’s eagerness while my daughter… she brimmed with lust. She was such whore. I would use her. I couldn’t wait to enjoy a tight pussy again.

We piled into my car. It was old. My wife wouldn’t let me buy a new one. She deserved her new trendy Prius while I was stuck with a mid-nineties Honda. I climbed into the faded seat, the yellow-foam padding peeking through in place. My son took the passenger seat, an eager look in his eyes. He hated his mother, too. Despised her for what she was.

My daughter went into the backseat. In the rearview mirror, I watched her fingers scoop my cum off her chin and popping it into her mouth. She whimpered, such a whore. She made it look sexy, her eyes flicking up to meet mine through her reflection.

I grinned and drove. Fast.

It didn’t take us long to get to the Pilates studio. My wife’s car was parked out front by a bronze Camaro from the late seventies. The closed sign was on, the studio lights off, proving that she wasn’t here exercising. Or, well, she was doing a different form of exercise.

My dick ached. I was eager for this. So ready to punish my wife and the asshole cuckolding me. I would take back my manhood. I was seizing my life by the hand. No more getting walked over. No more being a living wallet for my whore-wife.

I smiled. She would be a whore for real.

I stepped out of my car. Traffic was light, crossing the road between us and the studio. I marched across it, my son and daughter following me. Then my son darted ahead. He grabbed the door of the studio, jerking on it.

A bell jingled as it rattled. My son groaned. “It’s locked, Dad. Is there a back way in?”

I locked around, assessing the situation. Garnet posed nearby, her hips wiggling in her tight jeans. She was acting sexy, fluttering her eyes at me, being my whore. She cocked her hips, letting me get a look at that red thong peeking out the back of her jeans. That stretchy denim molded to her barely legal ass.

I marched back to my car. I didn’t have to be stopped by a locked door. I had powers. I didn’t know what this crazy text and strange device was all about, but I was going to use it. I didn’t have to hold back my desires.

My fury brimmed in me.

I ripped my keys out of my pocket. I jammed into my trunk. I twisted the lock, ripped it open. I shifted around the things inside and uncovered the spare tire. And the tire iron beside it. I gripped the cold metal, smiling.

“Damn, Dad,” Jason said as I marched back. “You can’t do that.”

“Sure I can,” I said. “Your dad can do anything now.”

There was something in his blue eyes, something shining, that made me smile. My son was proud of me. He respected me for once. My back straightened even more. I felt invisible. I could march into the sun and survive.

I slammed the tire iron into the door.

Glass shattered.

It fell in a sheet of sparkling shards that spilled around my feet. Garnet gasped, stepping back in her open-toed shoes. Her toenails were painted a whorish shade of red. Her breasts jiggled in her blouse, her eyes so wide.

I reached through the door, unlocked it.

“Yes, yes, yes!” my wife moaned, her voice drifting through the studio. “That’s it! Oh, fuck, Mitch! Pound me!”

“Mmm, work that pussy, Dianne!” a man growled. The voice of the asshole fucking my wife.

I gripped the tire iron. The impulse to go in there and beat him to death seized me. This moment of wild rage. I could utterly destroy him but… Then he couldn’t suffer. Then he couldn’t live in a world of despair with no hope.

I threw my tire iron down.

“Oh, my fucking god, I’m getting there!” Dianne moaned. My slut-wife’s voice tight. “Just a little more! I’m going to cum so hard on your dick!”

“That fucking whore,” growled my son.

“She’s just getting what dad can’t give her,” Garnet said.

“She’s being a whore,” I snarled. “She’s worse than you, Garnet. She’s the reason you’re a slut and not a good girl. Luckily, you’ll just be my slut, and won’t fuck every asshole you meet.”

My thoughts prickled.

Flesh slapped flesh. Hard and fast. It came from an open door that spilled light into the dark studio. Figures moved in there, shifting shadows. My wife gasped and panted. Her moans echoed through the studio, coming closer and closer to her orgasm.

I marched across the room, stamping on the padded mat covering the floor, my children following.

I reached the door. My wife was bent over a desk, her fake tits out, bouncing as the younger man fucked her. He was in his mid-twenties, fit and tan, blond like me, his body muscular. His arms flexed as he gripped her flesh. He grunted, thrusting hard and fast into her, his chiseled face twisted in pleasure as he plowed into my wife.

My rage boiled through me.

Then my wife noticed me. “Willis!” she screeched, her back straightening, her hands darting to cover those large, firm breasts I bought her. “What the fuck are you doing here!”

“Holy shit!” gasped Mitch, jumping back, his cock ripping out of my wife’s pussy, drenched in her cream. “Listen, dude, this isn’t… I mean…”

“Oh, don’t freak out,” my wife said, straightening, her brown eyes flaring as she covered her tits. “He’s a spineless—”

“Shut up, Dianne!” I growled. “Kneel, uncover your tits, and wait until I’m ready for you, whore!”

My thoughts blazed with pain. My wife shuddered as though my words struck her while darkness washed across my thoughts. She ripped her hands away from her tits and fell to the ground. They bounced and jiggled, round from her silicone implants.

Her eyes widened. Her flushed cheeks went pale. Her lips twitched like she wanted to speak. Which only made her squirm. She struggled, her body twitching. She rocked from side to side, a whimpering moan rising in her throat, a fearful growl. Panic crossed her eyes as she realized her body betrayed her.

“Now listen, man,” the guy said. He held up his hands before him. A band of gold encircled his left hand.

Rage flashed through me.

“You are buca escort a fucking piece of shit!” I snarled at him. “A fucking pathetic, loser of a man! You’re fucking my wife when you have one at home?” I caught a glimpse of a picture, his arm around a pretty, black-haired woman, young like him, her face round, her body looking fit in a bikini, breasts round and firm, stomach flat.

“It’s just…” he spluttered. “I mean… Your wife came on to me!” He backed up, cowering before me.

“Kneel!” I snarled. “You will stay like that and watch how a whore-wife gets treated. I want you to drink it in. I want you hard, aching to fuck her, and knowing her slut-cunt is off-limits to you. You’ll be hard every day of your life—every fucking second of it—remembering how you came so close to cumming in her pussy tonight. How you were almost there, and just never quite reached your orgasm.”

I paused, taking a breath. Anger surged through me as he whimpered in need.

“In fact, you’ll never cum again except in my wife’s pussy, which you’ll never get to enjoy again. Your cock will wilt if you ever try to stick it in her and then will grow hard the moment you are away! You can’t ever reach that moment of release. No matter how many whores you fuck. How many times you jerk your dick.” I smiled. “Even if you let a woman peg you up the ass with a strap-on or a guy fuck you like his prison bitch, you’ll never explode. A pathetic asshole like you doesn’t deserve to ever know that joy again.”

The pain was worth it. It added such power to my voice. My dick throbbed in my slacks as I placed his punishment on him. He whimpered, kneeling there, his dick looking so painfully hard now. He grasped it, rubbing it.

“And stop making noise!” I snarled. “Be quiet until we leave. Then you can move.”

My wife whimpered louder.

“How are you doing this, Daddy?” my daughter asked, her voice that breathy, sultry purr. “How did you become so strong?”

“It makes you wet that I’m strong,” I growled. “It makes your slut-cunt so juicy. You get off on being my whore, don’t you?” My thoughts burned a little. It wasn’t taking much to make this adjustment to her.

“I do, Daddy!” she moaned. She pressed against me. “Command me! Make me do something! I’m so wet.”

“Jesus, Dad,” my son said in awe. “This is fucking awesome.”

I grinned then glanced at my wife. “Strip naked, Garnet, and show your mother how much of a whore you are. Kiss her.” I glanced at my wife. “Because, Dianne, she’s a whore like you. And whores are always up for kissing other sluts, aren’t they?”

My wife whimpered as needles stabbed into my brain. It sent a euphoric rush through me, verging on pleasure.

“Whores get off on kissing other girls, even their daughters. They just want to be used. Makes them wet. And you’re dripping wet, aren’t you?”

“I am,” my wife said, my question forcing her to speak. Her eyes grew wider. “I’m so wet and…” She trailed off, seeing our daughter popping off her top. Her nineteen-year-old tits popped out. They were round and perky, that plumpness only youth could have. Smooth and beautiful, her nipples pink and enticing. Then she wiggled out of those tight jeans.

I groaned as my daughter’s thong rolled down with it. My son licked his lips beside me, staring at his sister with obvious lust, watching her expose her crotch, a landing strip of gold leading to her shaved vulva, her slit tight, almost virginal.

And gleaming with her cream.

She kicked off her open toes shoes, bending over and thrusting her rump at me. It was deliberate. She wiggled it, my dick growing harder and harder as I appreciated the firm plumpness of her barely legal body. Sweat broke out across my forehead.

“Damn,” Jason groaned.

“Yeah,” I nodded in agreement.

My daughter had a wicked smile on her lips as she straightened. Then she knelt by her mother. The pair didn’t hesitate. The two whores melted together, youthful titties pressing into fake breasts. Their lips met, tongues flashing. Arms wrapped about each other. My wife’s peroxide-blonde locks brushed our daughter’s natural hues. Their tongues danced and fenced.

My son stood by me, watching in awe at the lesbian incest before us. Both sluts moaned as they kissed with such passion. I grinned and began unbuttoning my dress shirt, eager for the fun. I would show that asshole Mitch how whores should be treated.

Jason licked his lips, his jeans bulging with his excitement. His blue eyes burned with passion as he watched his mother and sister kissing. I smiled, kicking off my shoes. This was amazing. My powers were incredible.

I could do anything. I was almost like a god.

I shoved my khaki slacks down along with my boxers, my dick springing out hard and erect. I needed to cum again. I had to fuck a slut’s pussy. I had to cum hard. It had been so long since I enjoyed myself.

“Which one do you want, son?” I asked him. “Your whore-mom, or your slut—”

“Mom!” he groaned. “Those big titties! I just want to bury my face in them!”

I smiled and gripped his shoulder, giving him a fatherly squeeze. “Then she’s yours. Dianne, you’re our son’s personal whore from now on. It makes you wet to do whatever he says. You want to worship him. You want to guzzle his cum and have his jizz spurting into your body for as long as he wants you.”

My wife just moaned against my daughter’s mouth.

“Come on, Garnet, it’s time to get fucked by daddy. Stop kissing your slut-mother.”

My daughter wrenched her mouth away from my wife. Garnet’s brown eyes were glassy as she stared up at me, her nipples so erect. “Yes, Daddy! I need your cock in me so badly.”

She crawled to me, licking her lips, her young titties swaying beneath her. The hunger in her eyes made my cock throb. It ached as my daughter licked her lips. She wanted this so badly now. She was my personal slut.

Dianne had ruined her. Garnet wasn’t good for anything else now. My baby girl was perverted into this whore. But I would give her what she craved.

My son darted past his sister. He was on his knees and burying his face into his mother’s breasts. He squeezed those big, fake tits into his cheeks, motorboating them as he groaned his pleasure. My wife’s face burst with awe.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. “Ooh, Jason, you are such a big boy. Mmm, Mommy’s your whore now.”

“Yes!” he groaned. “You’re going to be so popular with my friends. I heard about this club… We could start our own little group.”

I smiled at him as my daughter nuzzled her lips into my cock, flicking her tongue along it. I was glad my son enjoyed his gift. I looked down at my hand, at the gold band on there, the promise I made to love and cherish and be faithful to my wife.

She broke it long before I did.

I ripped it off and tossed it into the nearby trashcan. Dianne was my son’s whore now. He could do whatever he wanted to her. The bitch made her choice. She wanted to humiliate me, emasculate me, and treat me like her little wage-slave.

She didn’t deserve the benefits my new powers gave.

“That’s it,” I moaned, my daughter licking at my dick. “Mmm, yes, just follow your treat.”

I backed out of the office, my son groaning his delight while his whore-mother moaned about how big and strong he was. My daughter followed me. She crawled, her lips pressing on my cock, nibbling on the tip with her soft lips.

Such a good, little slut-daughter.

I smiled at her. Garnet had such lust shining in her brown eyes. I grinned, such deviant thoughts flashing through my mind. My sex life had become jerking off to porn. And there were so many nasty things I’d seen. Things Dianne would never let me do.

Though she’d let our son do them to her now. I hoped he thoroughly used her.

“Mmm, I bet your pussy is just begging for my cock,” I said to my daughter.

“It is, Daddy,” she moaned against my dick’s tip. “I’m so hot and wet. I’ve never been so excited.”

“Because only your daddy makes you this wet,” I said.

“Yes!” she moaned.

“Then turn around and wiggle that cute ass at me,” I said. “Daddy will make your pussy explode.”

“Thank you, Daddy!” she moaned. What wonderful words to hear from my daughter’s lips again. How she used to be before her mother ruined her.

She turned around and there was that tight, young cunt. That delicious, hot twat just begging for my dick to slam into her. I fell to my knees. My dick bouncing before me, the exercise mat soft.

I smacked my cock against her rump, her flesh firm. She whimpered and cooed, wiggling it. she looked at me over her shoulder, her eyes sparkling. She licked her lips, her supple back arching as she pressed back at me. Just begging for it.

I slid my cock down to her hot pussy. I groaned at the incestuous contact of her boiling flesh around mine. My little girl was mine again. It was such an amazing thing to realize. I shuddered in delight, eager to ram into her. To fill her to the brim with my cock. My hands squeezed her hips. I pressed my dick into her folds.

She welcomed me. Her flesh sucked at my cock. I shuddered at how incredible it felt. I went deeper and deeper into her. She let out a whimpering moan as I sank into her depths. Her flesh wrapped about me. It was incredible to feel my daughter’s silky cunt caressing me.

“Daddy,” she moaned, her back arching. She was so much tighter than her mother. “Oh, Daddy, you’re in me. Your cock’s so good!”

“The best cock in the world, right?” I growled, drawing back my hips.

“Oh, it is, Daddy!” she moaned, her hips wiggling, stirring her cunt around my hard shaft. Pleasure spilled through me. “Just the best. Please, please, fuck me! I’m so wet. I’m going to cum so fast!”

“Yes!” I growled and buried into her.

It was heaven fucking my daughter’s snatch. I plowed into her again and again. The pleasure melted my mind as I buried into her. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. Her silky twat caressed me. Milked me. My balls drank in the rapture as they thwacked into her again and again.

She moaned, squirming, wiggling her hips. Her butt-cheeks rippled every time I rammed into her. Her pussy gripped my cock, squeezing down as she groaned. The friction stimulated the sensitive tip, spilling delight down my shaft with every thrust. With every time I pulled back.

“Jesus!” I groaned. “Your cunt’s so tight!”

“Your cock’s so big, Daddy!” she moaned, clenching down again. “I’m going to cum on it! I’m just so wet. First, I sucked you off, then I obeyed you and kissed mom, and now I’m your slut! Your naughty whore, Daddy!”

“You can cum all you want!” I groaned, pounding her, my flesh slapping her flesh.

“Thank you, Daddy!” she squealed. They were the three sweetest words in the entire world.

I buried into her. As I drew back, her pussy convulsed around my dick. I groaned, her juicy flesh caressing me, sucking at me. She gasped and moaned, her body shaking and shuddering. The writhe of her cunt about my dick made my balls tense.

It was incredible to izmir escort fuck her young, cumming snatch. To enjoy this amazing delight. My balls tightened. The pleasure burned through me as I pumped over and over into her. I fucked her with hard, powerful strokes. I slammed into her cunt.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” she howled. “Cum in me, please!”

I wanted to. God, I did, but I had those other delights to enjoy. I stared at her ass, grinned. My hands grabbed her butt-cheeks. As I ripped my dick out of her convulsing cunt, I parted her asscheeks, exposing her brown, puckered sphincter just begging to be fucked. I shifted my hips, bringing my pussy-soaked dick to her asshole.

“Oh, my god, Daddy!” she moaned. “That’s so naughty! Ooh, yes, yes, fuck my tight asshole! I’m your slut, Daddy!”

“My slut!” I growled, the tip of my dick loving the feel of her anal ring against me.

I thrust.

She moaned as her sphincter surrendered to me. The incestuous thrill of burying into my daughter’s bowels filled me. Her velvety flesh engulfed my cock. Her ass was tighter, hotter, than her pussy. It was such a different feel, my balls tensing as I sank deeper and deeper into her velvety flesh. Dizzy pleasure rippled through me.

My daughter groaned, deep and throaty. Her back arched. Her bowels clenched around my dick, increasing the friction. My cock drank it in as I plunged deeper and deeper into my slut-daughter’s anal sheath.

I groaned when I bottomed out in her.

I was fucking a woman’s asshole. I was experiencing anal for the first time. My daughter’s bowels felt incredible about my shaft. She groaned, shifting her hips, stirring her asshole around my dick. I drew back, savoring the tight grip, the pleasure pulsing in the tip of my cock.

“Daddy!” she squealed as I buried into her. “Oh, yes, Daddy, fuck my tight asshole! Ooh, you can use me however you want!”

“I will!” I panted, thrusting so hard.

I couldn’t last much longer. Not after going from her silky pussy to her velvety asshole. I groaned, wanting to savor this for as long as possible. My grunts mixed with my son’s moans as he fucked his mother in the other room, enjoying the whore while I enjoyed his slut-sister.

I pounded my daughter’s asshole hard. She grunted as my crotch smacked her rump. Her bowels gripped my dick. The heat burning around them. My balls drank it in, coming closer and closer to erupting while she whimpered and moaned. Her hips danced from side to side, driving me wild. I ached to erupt in her.

To flood her with my cum.

I was fucking my nineteen-year-old daughter’s asshole. I was using her in every way possible. I shuddered, the pleasure slamming through my body. My orgasm swelled faster and faster, propelling me to plow into her as hard as I could.

It was too much. I couldn’t take much more.

I ripped my dick out of my daughter’s tight asshole. I shuddered, the pleasure about to explode out of me. She gasped, looking at me over my shoulder. I seized her blonde hair and ripped her around, her tits heaving.

“Jerk me off!” I howled. “I want to cum on your face, slut!”

“Yes, Daddy!” she gasped, her right hand gripping my dick. “Cum on me, Daddy! Hose me in your jizz!”

I groaned as she fisted me so fast. The pleasure shot through me as I stared at her youthful face. She was begging for it, her mouth open, tongue outstretched. The caress of her palm rubbing my dick sent pleasure shooting through me.

“Fuck!” I snarled and erupted.

My cum fired out at her. It splattered across her face. Great fountains of white coated her features. I shuddered, my balls squeezing tight. My head grew dizzy as the bliss spilled through me. Every eruption hammered rapture into my mind.

It was incredible. She groaned as my cum landed on her tongue. More coated her features, transforming her utterly into a whore. My daughter-slut. Stars burst across my vision as I admired my work, her hand jerking the last of the cum out of my dick.

The final drop fell on her outstretched tongue.

“Now suck my dirty cock clean!” I ordered.

She didn’t hesitate to engulf my cock fresh from her asshole. She sucked hard on my still-hard shaft, buffing it clean with her mouth and tongue. I could make her do anything. I groaned, the pleasure rippling through me as I stared at the office.

I could just see the picture of Mitch and his wife. The poor woman.

I glanced at my left hand, a faint band of white marking where my wedding ring once lay. For twenty-one years… It was good in the beginning. Before Dianne turned cold and distant. Before she stopped being my loving wife. I missed that.

A decision galvanized in my mind.

I pulled my cock out of my daughter’s mouth. I paused, admiring how slutty she looked painted in my jizz. Jason groaned in the other room. It sounded like he was cumming in his mother’s pussy. I smiled, and marched back to the office.

Mitch the asshole still shuddered in the corner, his dick swollen, his face twisted with frustrated need. My son was lying atop his mother, panting, his hands squeezing his tits as he kissed her, her arms and thighs wrapped around him.

“Jason, your mother’s yours forever,” I said. “Do with her as you like.”

“Sure, Dad,” he groaned.

“I’m taking off,” I said. I spotted a set of keys on the desk. “That Camaro out front is yours, right, Mitch? Don’t speak, just shake or nod your head.”

He nodded.

“Good,” I said, smiling. “It’s mine now. There’s a shitty Honda you can have.” I pulled out my keys and dropped them on the desk. “You have a pretty wife, Mitch.”

He nodded his head.

“She deserves better than having a cheating asshole of a husband,” I said. “Right?”

He nodded again, trembling.

“Good. I’m glad we agree.” I picked up his keys. “Well, I’m off to meet my new bride. I’ll treat her far, far better than you ever did. We both deserve something better. Right?”

He nodded one last time.

Smiling, I strolled back into the room, my daughter waiting, her face painted in cum, her round tits looking so perky. “Come on, you can blow me while I drove my new car to meet your new step-mother.”

“Okay, Daddy,” she said, darting to me and taking my arm. “Will I be her whore, too?”

“What do you think?” I asked.

She gave me a wicked grin.

I would enjoy my life with these powers. Mitch’s wife would be better than Dianne. Not a cheating whore, but a faithful and loving woman. Younger, too. I’d make sure she understood her place, and I’d make her happy. Dianne could have gotten it. I would have given her everything, had given her everything, and all she had to do was love me, support me, and not cheat on me with her pilates instructor.

I left the studio and didn’t look back.


Serafina Pesce – Pisces

I pulled out the second pair of panties from the hamper in the bathroom, a wonderful pair of blue-stripped panties that belonged to my younger sister, Lucilla. In my other hand, I clutched the racy, red thong belonging to my older sister Bernie (short for Bernadette, but never call her that). My heart beat for joy, my own pussy getting wet in my own pair of panties.

I darted out of the bathroom and—

“Daddy!” I gasped, bumping into my father. I thrust my hands behind my back as I bounced off his towering form. He was only tall because I was so short.

“What are you in such a hurry, Serafina?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Nothing, Daddy,” I said, flushing, my hands gripping my sisters’ dirty panties. What if he noticed? “Just… need to get back to my homework.”

He nodded his head. “Okay. You be good.”

Then I noticed he was in his uniform. “Are you working tonight?”

“George called out. They need someone to work his shift.” I could tell he was lying. This George was always calling in sick. Money was tight. With three daughters, Daddy had to work as much as he could to provide for us. If Mom was still alive…

“Okay,” I said, seeing how tired he was. “You be safe, Dad.”

“You, too.” He kissed my forehead then he turned and walked away.

I sighed and then shivered, feeling my sisters’ panties. I knew it was wrong. They were my sisters. I should have the hots for other girls, but I just wanted to rub my face into their panties while stroking my nineteen-year-old pussy.

The moment I was in my room, the door safely locked, I pressed both pairs of panties into my face, inhaling the musks of my two sisters. I groaned at the heady mix of sweet pussy, scents so similar yet with minute differences between them. My cunt grew so hot, begging to be touched and—

My phone beeped. I groaned, feeling like such a Pavlov’s dog for having to pull it out of my pants pocket. I needed to put it on silence so I could masturbate in peace. I saw I had a text message. I opened it up and…



You have been chosen by our top team of researchers for our exciting new product! The Halo is the answer to all your life’s needs. Tired of hiding your true desires? Tired of being around all those girls you can’t touch?

Well you’re in luck. Our patented Halo mind control technology will allow you to take control of the people in your life and mold them to your wishes.

I know you are as excited as we by this amazing possibility. Out of all the billions of people in this world, we think you are one of the TWELVE lucky candidates to utilize this ground-breaking technology.

So congratulations and get ready to seize your new life!

Your package should arrive in moments by drone. Enjoy!


Deidre Icke, Esq.

President of The Institute of Apotheosis Research


Alex Icke – Gemini

I slammed my shoulder into the door. I groaned, drew back, and rammed in again, my arm bruised, but the nanites gave me the strength to—

The door burst open, metal crashing across the vinyl floor. I stumbled a few steps into the hallway. Alexis cried to me in my mind. We were linked by the shared Halo. I had to reach my twin sister. She was my woman, my sex slave, the love of my life. She was pregnant with my child. We just found out that I had bred her just the way a brother should.

Man, all the gods are perverted… Why was that?

I raced down the hallway, wondering where she was. What other store room could they have contained her in. One nearby? The Institute was a maze of hallways and rooms. She could be anywhere in it. I rounded the corner and came across two girls, their arms full of manila folders and loose pages.

“Alex!” squealed either Cindy or Mindy.

“Oh, no!” the other twin gasped. They were the scryers, eighteen like me and my sister.

They dropped the stacks of papers they held and screamed, eyes wide with panic. They backed away from me, fear crossing their pretty faces. The twin on the right—they were identical and impossible to tell apart—snagged the other’s hand.

“Quiet,” I commanded, my thoughts prickling as they snapped their mouths shut.

I smiled as I stared into their fear-filled eyes. I was a god now.

To be continued…

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