Infatuated with the Track Star

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As the day wound down, the already small crowd had thinned to a faithful few consisting mostly of parents of the college girls competing in the final few events. One of the spectators didn’t have a daughter involved in the track meet, she was only a fan, not so much of track and field but a fan of one of the competitors.

When Laurie Alger first started attending the SUNY Albany track meets she felt a little strange, but after 2 years and dozens of meets it had become a regular part of her life. Not only did Laurie go to all the competitions on campus, she had started traveling to the meets that were within driving distance, the most distant being the trip to Buffalo. Waking up in the middle of the night to drive almost 300 miles each way to watch a girl throw the discus a few times – a girl Laurie didn’t really know – was something that even Laurie herself knew was strange behavior, but she did it without thinking.

Now the conference championships, which was the last meet of the season, was going on and the object of Laurie’s attention was about to make her last throw of the event. Margo Thayer’s name was announced, and as the sophomore walked to the throwing ring with disc in hand, none of the few hand claps were louder than Laurie Alger’s, although she had recently toned down some of her enthusiastic cheers when others stared to notice.

“You can do it Margo!” Laurie insisted as she watched the burly girl with the short black hair get ready to throw, almost feeling the power of the Amazon a few yards away and wondering what it would be like to be wrapped up in those massive arms.

Margo looked amazing in her purple and gold uniform, her shorts hiding little of her thick and powerful thighs, and the muscles in her calves rippled as she walked. The college website said that Margo was 5’10 and 180 pounds, and while Laurie suspected they might have hedged a bit on those numbers, the husky girl was solidly built.

Margo was looking out over the crowd, getting psyched up for her throw. The ALBANY across her chest stretched a bit as she did a little contorting, and then she spun one last time, the 2.2 pound discus like a paper plate in her strong hand. Her muscular arm propelled the discus into the sky while Margo hopped to make sure she didn’t foul, and when the discus landed with a cloud of dust a bunch of people with measuring tapes did their thing.

“Thayer’s throw, 141 feet 2 inches,” the drone at the mike said .

“Yea Margo!” Laurie yelled as Margo spun her shoulder around a bit, her face not showing she was all that pleased even though it was her best of the day.

As it turned out when they announced the standings of the event, Margo had finished fourth, which was a little better than she had done last year, and as the competitors patted each other on the back and congratulated the winner, Laurie made her way over to where Margo was putting her things in a gym bag.

Laurie thought that if life was like she thought it should be Margo would have security around her and be signing autographs, but the 38 year old single woman suspected that the only autograph Margo had even signed was for her at the end of last year. Laurie couldn’t pass up the chance to chat to Margo and had done just that on several occasions over the season, enough so that while Margo might not remember her name she knew her by sight.

“Margo!” Laurie chirped enthusiastically after she got up to the girl who towered over her diminutive frame, and as Laurie lifted her hand in hopes of getting a high five she added, “that last throw was great. You only missed third place by three inches.”

“Might as well been a mile,” Margo replied as she gave the little hand the woman offered a slap, making Laurie’s day.

“Are you going to any invitational meets after this?” Laurie said hopefully but Margo shook her head.

“No, I’m done for the year,” her deep voice announced. “Shoulder’s been bothering me all season.”

“Is that why you didn’t throw the shot put this year?” Laurie asked, her eyes on the towel Margo had in her hand, and when she brought it up to wipe the sweat off the back of her neck a shiver went down Laurie’s spine as she stared at the spacious hollow under her arm.

It was a sight she had seen from a distance many times, but being this close got the older woman’s heart racing as she took in the vision of the burly girl’s armpit, most of the hollow coated with a dense black five o’clock shadow that grew in a long diamond pattern. While Laurie would have much preferred the girl’s armpits were unshaven to make her the complete vision of an Amazon as she saw it, this was erotic to Laurie and allowed her to imagine what those muscled armpits would look like if they were left unshorn as nature intended.

Margo had told her that her shoulder was the reason she had cut back, and then she suddenly said, “I’m sorry. I know you introduced yourself once, but I’ve forgotten.”

“Laurie. Laurie Alger,” she said as breathlessly as a teenage Justin Bieber fan would. “I’m a casino şirketleri fan of yours.”

“Yes, I’ve seen you a whole lot. Do you have a daughter or a relative on the team?” she wondered aloud.

“No,” Laurie sheepishly admitted. “It’s just that – well I saw you on the news a while back when you were coming in 2nd in the high school state championships, and when they said you were going to school here I decided to start following your career. You look sort of like someone I knew a long time ago.”

“Poor girl’,” Margo snickered. “Hey, I’m happy I have such a devoted fan. I just wish for your sake that you picked a better thrower.”

“No,” Laurie insisted. “You’re really good and I know you’ll do better next season. I bet with luck you’ll be trying out for the Olympics in a few years.”

This got Margo to laugh, a husky laugh that matched the girl herself, but then she told Laurie that while she appreciated her faith, that wasn’t going to happen.

“In fact, I’m not so sure I’ll come back to the team next year,” Margo admitted, causing Laurie to panic. “I’m not really advancing much.”

“No. You can’t quit now. Rest your shoulder for a while and then hit the ground running come fall,” Laurie almost pleaded, and when she saw the look Margo gave her she backtracked a bit and said, “Sorry. I guess I’ve sort of adopted you. Don’t have much in the way of entertainment. That’s why I drive to all of your meets too.”

“You show a lot more interest in me than my mother does. I thought I’ve seen you in meets, like down on Long Island and out in Buffalo. Don’t you have a job?”

“Oh yes, a good job. I’m a clerk for the Tax Department,” Laurie explained. “It’s just that I have a lot of vacation time and… you know?”

“I guess,” Margo said, and as she looked around at the emptying field she said. “Time to go.”

“Margo,” Laurie said, her hand going up to Margo’s bare bicep. “I couldn’t help but notice. That young woman who you used to talk with last season? The redhead with all the freckles? After the meets were over you used to walk back through those woods, probably to your dorm room, but I notice this year you walk back there alone. I haven’t seen her this year. Is she your sister or uh…”

“No, we aren’t together anymore,” Margo replied and then noted, “You really do keep an eye on me don’t you?”

“Yes,” Laurie admitted. “Just curious. Do you have plans? I mean I know it’s Saturday night and all but if you aren’t busy.”

“Are you hitting on me?” Margo said with an amused look.

“I don’t know. I want to be your friend. Maybe be your manager or personal assistant when you work out? Do you have anybody to go fetch the discuses after you throw them? I could do that for you,” Laurie said excitedly. “Your shoulder? I could give you a massage to help take the pain away. I’m not a stalker, I swear. I’m just…”

“Hitting on me,” Margo said in completing the sentence. “Just say it.”

I’m not – I mean I know I’m old enough to be your mother, and I’m not much to look at. Not even a real blonde,” Laurie confessed. “Never really hit on anybody though. What am I doing? I don’t know. Offering myself to you?”

“You intrigue me – what was your name again – Laurie?” Margo asked. “Although there’s always the possibly that hidden inside that little body is a serial killer or something.”

“No. I’m harmless. I swear. Look, do you want to go have some ice cream or something?”

“Ice cream?”

“I don’t know. Whatever you want. We could go to dinner,” Laurie suggested.

“I’m all sweaty,” Margo said as she wiggled her arms, exposing the dark rings of perspiration under the armholes of her uniform top. “I must smell.”

“No you don’t. Not to me,” Laurie assured the girl. “The scent. It’s that of a woman. Pheromones are like aphrodisiacs.”

“For a woman who looks like a soccer Mom, you sure seem kinky,” Margo noted with amusement.

“You have no idea how much,” Laurie admitted. “I’m not even sure myself, but I’d love to try and show you. Let me take you to my place. It’s not far.”

“You have anything to drink?”

“I have Vodka, Tequila and Tullamore Dew. It’s a…”

“I know what it is. Let’s go.”


“Can I get you anything else Margo?” Laurie asked after getting the girl her glass of Tullamore D.E.W., neat per her choice, and the track star shook her head as she took a swallow, leaning back into the corner of the couch and throwing her arm onto the back.

“I usually put a little ginger ale in mine,” Laurie said as he got onto the couch, kneeling on the middle cushion at Margo’s hip.

“Am I drinking alone?”

“Might have one in a little while. Too nervous right now.”

“It’s designed to relax you,” Margo opined as she took another swallow, without wincing, “So what’s your story?”

“Don’t have one,” Laurie replied, inching closer to her guest. “I have a boring life these days.”

“The way you keep getting closer, you’ll be sitting on my lap soon,” Margo casino firmaları noted.

“I was thinking about it,” Laurie responded. “Is this okay where I am?”


“Is this okay?” Laurie asked tentatively as she put her hand on Margo’s elbow which rested on the back of the sofa, the veins that wound through her forearms just below her hand, and after Margo shrugged her shoulders the older woman started to slide her hand up to her guest’s bicep.

“How old are you Laurie? Early 40’s?” Margo wondered aloud.

“38,” Laurie replied as she lightly squeezed the muscle. “Colleen used to tell me that she rode me hard and put me away wet too often.”

“Who’s Colleen? A girlfriend?” Margo asked, and after Laurie nodded she asked, “So where is she? She dump you?”

“Yes,” Laurie said softly as her eyes filled. “Actually, I think she did that so I didn’t have to watch her die. She had cancer, inoperable. Guess she thought I couldn’t take it.”

“Oh. Too bad.”

“Can I get you some more?” Laurie asked after clearing her throat, nodding to the nearly empty glass in Margo’s hand, but the girl shook her head.

“You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve admired your arms. I have a picture that was in the paper of you getting ready to throw the shot put last year,” Laurie related. “Your biceps were so muscular in that picture, and you have incredible armpits too.”

“I do?” Laurie asked as she peeked over at what her hostess was staring at. “Look at them now. Believe it or not, I shaved my pits when I showered this morning.”

“I know. I was at the track when you were qualifying,” Laurie said before leaning down and bringing her lips to the sweaty hollow, kissing the Amazon’s armpit and savoring the pungent sandpaper-like surface, and when Laurie looked up and saw that while her guest was shocked she didn’t say no, so she brought the flat surface of her tongue down and licked.

“Damn, woman,” Margo gasped as the one shy lick turned into an almost feral licking of her entire armpit, the woman seeming to not only not mind the scent but reveling in it.

“Never had anybody do that to me before,” Margo said after Laurie straightened up and looked to the girl for approval.

“Did you like it?” the blonde asked.

“Actually believe it or not I did,” Margo said as she drained her drink and set the empty glass down before raising her other arm and putting that hand behind her head. “I have another armpit you know.”

Laurie scrambled onto Margo’s lap, showing remarkable agility as she straddled the track star’s thick thighs, asking whether she was too heavy, a suggestion Margo laughed at.

“I was wondering whether you were ever going to take that windbreaker off,” Margo said of the purple jacket Laurie had on and was preparing to unzip. “Don’t seem there’s much under it.”

“I’m naked underneath it. I noticed that your girlfriend from last year – the redhead with the freckles? Sorry I don’t know her name.”


“That’s her name?” Laurie asked.

“That’s what it is to me. She got a little lippy with me,” Margo explained. “They all start out fine but when they start showing a independent streak I kick them to the curb.”

“History should have been thrilled just to be with you,” Laurie opined as she brought the windbreaker zipper down. “I noticed that she had really small breasts. Is that something you like? Mine are small too. Smaller than hers I bet.”

Laurie peeled off the jacket and tossed it behind herself. Even though she was sitting on the girl’s lap Laurie’s eyes were almost level with Margo’s as she sat there naked to the waist, her tiny breasts drooping slightly on her scrawny frame.

“Small isn’t the word for your tits,” Margo chuckled as she reached up for them. “Not much more than nipples, but the nipples are pretty big.”

The discus thrower took the fat pegs between her thumbs and index fingers, first pinching them and then using them to lift the cones upwards, drawing a gasp as her breasts were pulled on.

“You like that, don’t you?” Margo asked and got a brisk nod in return. “You are full of surprises.”

“History,” Laurie choked as Margo lowered her teats. “I saw she had hairy armpits so I figured you like that too so I stopped shaving.”

“You aren’t a blonde, just like you said,” Margo grinned as she looked at the sprays of dark brown hair that sprang out of the deep hollows of her armpits when the older woman raised her reed-thin arms.

“I’ll be anything you want,” Laurie told her as Margo tugged on her armpit hair. “I’ll do anything you want. You’ll never hear the word no out of my mouth.”

“Are you wet?” Margo asked.

“Been wet since we walked in the door.”

“For one thing you can get off my lap.” Margo told her, and after the topless woman scrambled off, the kid told her to pull down her shorts.

“You sure are a skinny little thing,” Margo commented as Laurie stepped out of her shorts and set them with her windbreaker. “Five feet nothing güvenilir casino and what? 100 pounds?”

“Almost,” Laurie said as she stood there with her hands on the elastic of her panties waiting, and when Margo nodded the older woman slid the beige satin undies down her legs.

“Give them to me,” Margo said after they came off, and Laurie complied with the request that sounded more like a command.

“They looked wet,” Margo said as she examined the cotton crotch. “They are wet. Soaking wet. Did you piss yourself?”

“Of course not!” Laurie protested as she watched the girl bring them to her face and inhale.

“Heh-heh. No, that’s not piss,” Margo chuckled. “I’m starting to warm up to you lady. What got your pussy so wet? Licking my armpits? Me pulling on your nipples?”

“Yes. Everything,” Laurie admitted. “I’ve been dreaming of this for a couple of years but I can’t believe it’s happening.”

“Do you trim your bush?


“Good. Run your fingers through it. Fluff up that pussy hair. That’s it, you got a pretty nice pelt there,. You can hardly see those big pussy lips of yours,” the girl appraised, and Laurie smiled at the praise. “What’s with the blonde dye job up top?”

“I dunno. Trying to look younger,” Laurie shrugged.

“Looks like shit. I hate fake blondes, so you should either dye your pits and pussy or get your hair back to natural. Cut it short too,” Margo decided. “Turn around so I can see your ass.”

“Little plump. Bend over for me. Lower. Lower, damn it, and spread those cheeks. Okay,” Margo said, and after Laurie turned around her guest stood up.

“Something about you. I don’t know, maybe it’s because you got a MILF look going on,” Margo suggested as she pulled her uniform top out from under her shorts and came closer to her hostess. “A friend’s mother helped make me what I am today. Had me come to her house – said she had a present to give me for graduating junior high. Didn’t look like you though because she had tits as big as footballs. Take my top off.”

Laurie leaped forward and fumbled with the damp jersey, struggling to pull it over the taller woman’s head. Margo was wearing a sports bra that she shrugged off easily, and as her grapefruit sized breasts appeared Laurie started breathing heavily.

“They’re beautiful,” Laurie sighed as she stared at the round globes that looked lost on Margo’s wide frame, the nipples pink and aureolas the size of quarters.

“No more spectating,” the track star snapped as she reached over and grabbed a handful of Laurie’s bleached blonde locks, jerking her face upwards before bringing it down to her right breast. “Suck on it. Suck it hard.”

Obediently the older woman took the hard peg on her mouth and did what she was told, tentatively at first but then harder after the grip on her scalp tightened, and after nursing loudly on the right breast her face was yanked over to the left.

“Now get my shorts off,” Margo snapped as she put her hands on her host’s shoulders and pushed her down to the carpet .

After steadying herself Laurie reached up and grabbed the elastic of her uniform shorts which was digging into her belly, and as she pulled them down the pungent scent of the Amazon’s pussy hit her like a slap in the face. Laurie then worked the shorts down the girl’s muscular thighs. The older woman’s eyes were fixated on the leg openings of the full cut white panties where a plethora of black curly hairs looked like they were trying to escape, and above the elastic top a trail of hairs grew up to just under the girl’s belly button.

“Oh!” Laurie sighed as she wrapped her arms around the girl’s hips and pulled herself tight to her, her face pressed into the front panel of the panties while her fingers squeezed Margo’s full buttocks. “You’re so amazing.”

“I want that mouth to do more than talk woman,” Margo barked from above, so Laurie quickly got the soggy panties down, exposing a forest of pubic hair that was even larger and denser than she had expected, but while she was admiring it the track star got annoyed and grabbed her head and pushed it into the delta.

“Suck my cunt groupie,” Margo cackled, the idea that the woman was devoted enough to her to follow her mediocre track exploits amusing, but she wasn’t above using and enjoying Laurie for as long as she could, so Margo put one foot on the coffee table beside her to spread her legs wider and used both hands to rub the woman’s face into her dripping wet pussy before yanking it away. “Too hairy for you?”

“No Margo. It’s wonderful.”

“You like me being rough with you like this?”

“Whatever makes you happy Margo. You’e so muscular you probably can’t help being rough.”

“You got a bedroom woman?” the track star asked, and when Laurie nodded she was pulled to her feet and told to lead the way.


“Maid’s day off?” the college girl asked when they entered Laurie’s bedroom, and after chuckling at seeing a newspaper clipping with her photo taped onto the dresser mirror, mentioned, “Forget to make the bed?’

“No. Didn’t bother,” Laurie mumbled.

“I’m not going to be laying down in some other broad’s juices, am I?’

“No. Nobody but me. Not for quite a while.”

“That’s good. You have a strap on here?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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