Intrusive Neighbour Ch. 01

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It was two years after she died, she had been five years older than him, but still barely past forty. Cancer had made Hank a widower and a single parent. Mary had left him with two young girls, a set of beautiful six-year-old twins, Nina and Tina. Each day they reminded him of Mary, and he loved them for it. Never since their mothers death had Hank thought of dating again, despite the offerings he had gotten.

Hank was by thirty-seven already a multi-millionaire, heading the company that sold sold his inventions. Not great inventions, just the crap you can only order over the telephone. More than that, he was handsome, standing tall with an athletes defined muscles. He had whole drawers filled with phone numbers, hastily written on a napkin, business cards and a few nude photos. Actually, it was Mary who had started this collection. It made her feel good about herself to know what a catch she had made. After her death, the numbers simply exploded in numbers.

Hank never read the numbers, but he took them home to Mary’s collection anyway. He had enough in his love for his girls, being with them constantly, despite having a nanny for them. Hank had long since given up on long hours in the office, and now after the girls had started in school, he restricted himself to school hours and business dinners after the twins bedtime.

It was a Saturday morning in the beginning of summer when the house next door changed residents. Out had moved an elderly couple and in moved a family, with children and teenagers. Six people in all. It wasn’t a big house for six people. Most of the houses in this neighbourhood were affordable. Making Hanks mansion seem quite out of place.


“Who lives in the palace there, dad?” Anna asked as she stood at her new home for the first time.

Bill turned his head to their new neighbour. “I don’t really know. I think the estate agent mentioned him having to do with TV.”

“No Honey,” his wife, Sara, corrected, “he owns a company, selling kitchen-supplies.”

“It must pay very good, that house is ten times bigger than ours.”

“Just be glad we can finally afford a house at all, your mum and me have worked hard to get us out of that apartment.”

“I know. I would have liked my own room though, I am eighteen now, you know.”

“At least you only have to share with Beth now.” Sara said, dragging a box into the house.

It was true, it really was a lot better than that concrete box, Anna thought. And Beth was fourteen, old enough to talk to. Unlike ten-year-old Carla and Debbie who was only seven.

Hank saw the newcomers as he pulled into his driveway. He parked his car and went to meet them.

“Welcome to the neighbourhood,” he said reaching out for Bill’s Hand, “I’m Hank.”

“Thanks, I’m Bill.” Anna’s dad was a bit surprised over the openness of the guy with the mansion. “And this is my wife, Sara.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both. And your children?” Hank enquired as he warmly shook Sara’s hand.

Anna stood in the background, gazing upon the man from next door. *Oh my God! What a man.* She just stood there, falling in love, as Hank befriended her parents.

“We’ve got four here: Anna, Beth, Carla and Debbie.” Sara said, pointing to the girls.

“I’ve got two myself, Nina and Tina, around Debbie’s age”

Anna felt a little disappointed, believing him to be married. *Divorced!* The hopeful thought struck her mind. “So you’ve got twins, you and your wife must be proud!” Anna said forcing herself into the adult conversation.

Hank’s voice saddened. “Yes, they are twins. And we were proud of them, but my wife passed away two years ago.”

“I’m so sorry!” It came instinctively from Anna’s mother.

The revelation put a bit of damper on the conversation, but Hank did invite the family to dinner that night.


The dinner invitation was very welcome, since Anna’s family had no functioning kitchen that first day. It really was a nice dinner, Hank’s abilities in the kitchen were good and friendships started between both the oldest and the youngest. Anna had taken a seat next to Hank and tried to fit in with the adults. With her parents there, she had to be a little more careful with her questions than she would have liked, but it became clear that Hank was very available. Anna couldn’t stop herself from imagining herself with Hank, she had never been with a man before, but she sat there thinking of how to get into his bed.

Hank saw Anna more like a girl than a young woman. Sure, he felt her ignoring her parents over him. He admired her beauty casino şirketleri and took in her lovely smell, but never allowed himself to think of her in a sexual way. “So, Anna, have you got anything planned for the summer?”

“No, not really. I might look for a job though.”

“Well, if you are interested, my nanny has asked for a vacation and…”

“Yes! I’ll do it.” It shot out of Anna.

“Wow, easy now. It is only for a week at the end of July. It might interfere with any other jobs you take.”

“No matter. I wasn’t planning on working that much anyway. And I adore those little girls.”

“Great then, I don’t suppose you were going on holiday, having just moved?” Hank said, talking mostly to Anna’s parents.

“No no, both Sara and me have work all summer, so if Anna and Beth can manage to look after two more children, they are yours.” Bill said, dragging Beth into the deal. Anna felt like strangling her father.

“Cool, we can do that, can’t we?” Beth responded, asking Anna.

“Sure, I can teach you.” Anna offered, stating her superiority.

“Fine, two sitters and playmates, I’ll take that.”

Anna was a little disappointed to share with Beth, but it was the start of June and she hadn’t thought of waiting over a month anyway.


After dinner, the three parents sat down to drink coffee whilst the children played. Anna slipped away and took to exploring the neighbour’s mansion. There were eight bedrooms and bathrooms, a library and a wine-cellar, an office and two kitchens. Anna didn’t count, she only sought one bedroom and her way to it. The master-bedroom was plenty big, she saw as she opened the door, walk-in closet, balcony and a bed, bigger than king-size. Anna closed the door behind her and went over to the bed. It looks so comfy. She lay down in it, her head on his pillow. *Uh, yes!* Anna felt so excited as she lay on his bed. She didn’t give her hand a thought as it crept into her pants. Anna wriggled around, totally gone in her own touch and his smell. She felt an orgasm nearing. *Hank! Hank! Haaank!* She kept herself quiet throughout the intense feeling of ecstasy.

It took all her willpower to rise from his bed and get out on the balcony. She let the light draft cool her down, trying to get the burning feeling in her cheeks to subside. Standing outside his bedroom, she noticed a matted window to the side. She looked around and found metal steps down the side of the house. With the fire escape, she could easily get to the balcony from the outside. Going inside again, she went into the adjoining bathroom. The matted window was just over the spa. Nothing to hinder her entrance, once she loosened the hinges. *Tonight he’ll take me!* Anna went down to the others again. Her absence got no mentioning.

No more than ten minutes after Anna got back down, her parents prepared to leave, bidding farewell and collecting the children. Anna helped them eagerly. *Let’s get out, so I can get back!*


“You like him, don’t you?” Anna had only just turned out the light, before facing Beth’s wit.

“Who?” Anna could hear the stupidity in her denial.

“Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps that mover with the sexy beer-belly,” Beth knew her sarcasm, “or was it that rich widower next door?”

“Am I that obvious?” Anna’s cheeks were blushing in the dark.

“Your old teacher, your dentist, our family doctor and many more, I am sure. Tell me, ever thought about someone under thirty?”

*My teacher wasn’t that old, I don’t think he was much over twenty-five.* But Anna knew she had a thing for older men, and today wasn’t the first time she had fallen head-over-heels in love. Great parts of her teens had been spent sulking over the inevitable rejection she had gotten. Sure, she could easily wake something in grown men’s pants, but part of why she had fallen for them was that they were so trustworthy. “I am eighteen now, it is totally different this time!”

“Sure! So you weren’t planning your route into his bed tonight? Just wandering around his house without purpose?”

Anna was positively scarlet, her embarrassment was near total. Why did she have to have such a cunning sister? She had no choice but to admit defeat. “I was planning to go over there tonight, while you were sleeping.”

“He is going to think that you are such a slut! First night here, and you are going at him in his sleep. Have you ever heard of fingers?”

“It’s not the same! I need a man in me!”

“I’ll bet you have never even had your fingers in you! Afraid to damage your cherry, wanting to bleed all casino firmaları over your first!”

“I am just a romantic!”

“Why are you still here then? Go! Don’t worry, I won’t tell. I’d rather have my own room!”

Anna stood up. “You wish you were a little older, don’t you?”

“I do…” Beth answered as Anna snuck out the room. “…He is so sexy!” Those last words said in a quiet whisper.


Anna felt her way down the dark, and still unfamiliar, staircase. Seeing moonlight streaming into the house, she followed it in a toe-hurting slalom, before easing out of the kitchen door. With a galloping heart, Anna walked into the neighbours garden, her bare feet feeling the well-kept grass.

“Uh!” Anna jumped as she felt a spray of cold water hit her bare bottom under her nightdress. The sprinklers were all on instantly. *Shit! That’s freezing, what am I to do?* Anna couldn’t decide whether to run forward or turn back home, jumping from foot to foot as she was soaked in cold water. *I can’t go home now, it will be such a mess to dry… Oh, I bet my dress is see-through! That’s not a bad thing!* So she went forward, finding the steps in the dim light.

Standing on the balcony, she could see that the light was on in the bathroom. Sneaking closer to the frosted glass she could hear Hanks voice over the sound of a bubbling spa. “Are you ready for bed yet?”

A doubled voice answered. “No!”

“Well girls, it is very late. Five more minutes, then you’re going straight to bed!”

“OK, daddy!”

*Five more minutes!* Anna was already beginning to shake from the cold. The air wasn’t that chilly, but she was feeling the wet nightdress steal her warmth.


Hank was sitting in the spa with his little girls. They were still very excited from meeting the new neighbours, and Hank knew that the quickest way to steal their energy was to place them in the hot spa. Of course, he was also getting tired, but that didn’t bother him much. The little work he had could wait until the morning. In a few minutes, the twins were getting sleepy and he helped them out of the tub. Forgetting to turn off the spa, Hank helped his girls trough their night-time-routine, his eyes barely open. With the girls tucked in, Hank returned to his own room and crawled under the sheets, falling asleep instantly.


Anna had been standing on the balcony for almost half an hour. She was frozen, her nose dripping, her feet mostly blue. Seeing Hank slip into bed, she sighed with relief. Forcing her hurting feet to the bathroom window, she eased it open with her nails. *The spa!* Right now that body of hot water looked more appealing than even Hank. Anna let herself in trough the window and stood on the edge of the tub. Trying to step into the water, she felt a burning sensation at the first touch and jerked her foot back up. Giving herself a little time, she took off her wet and clammy nightdress and tossed it onto the floor. With all her will she slowly sat down in the spa, the pain trying to make her scream. *I’ll just sit her for a moment.*


“Anna! Wake up!”

That wasn’t Hanks voice, Anna realised, still very sleepy. Opening her eyes, she saw Beth looking at her trough the window. “What are you doing here?”

“You were gone so long, I just wanted to see if you had gotten lucky.”

“This is so embarrassing! The sprinklers went on, and I just had to get warm.” Anna could feel the effect of the water on her skin. “Hank was bathing with the twins, and I had to stand out there freezing for half an hour!”

Beth climbed into the bathroom. “Are you going to jump him tonight?” Beth asked as she took of her pyjamas and sat down in the tub. “Oh, its really nice.”

“A little too nice, I have to get out, I look like a raisin!” Anna stepped out onto the floor and took a towel. “I don’t think you should be here.”

“Don’t mind me, I’ll just stay in here for a moment.”

“That’s what I said! I don’t want Hank to find you here in the morning.” Anna found the control panel and shut the spa off. “You’re only fourteen. Thanks for waking me, but you have to go home!”

“I know, I know. At least I don’t have to do the dishes any more!”

Anna could only smile as she handed her little sister the towel. “Blackmail! That better include a good excuse for me in the morning!”

Beth stepped out of the water and took the the towel. “Sure, you are out running. I’ll drop some shoes and clothes under the balcony, if you aren’t home.”

Anna could not resist giving her sister a big kiss. “I love you! Now, fuck off.”

Beth güvenilir casino dressed in her pyjamas again and went out the window. Anna was fully awake again, trying to build up her courage. *How am I going to do it? I’ve never touched a man before!* Anna paced around the bathroom naked, imagining a fool-proof way not to get rejected. Finally she decided to start him up with a blow job. *All I have to do now is to go in there and take his cock in my mouth!* It took a few minutes before she could take her thoughts serious.


Hank lay peacefully in his bed, dreaming of nothing in particular. Soon though, these stray visions converged into a wet dream. Women. Mary. Naked women. He couldn’t keep focused in his sleep, and so as the feeling of sexual pleasure rose, he felt himself awakening. *Oh God! Someone is sucking on the boy!* Hank was really confused. *Oh yes! Oh my… she can take a lot! Oh good God, then it can’t be one of the twins. Thank God!* “I’m awake now! Who is it?” The sucking stopped.

“Please make love to me!” Her hands left his penis as she slid her naked body up over his.

*That voice! I know that voice!* “An… Anna?” This couldn’t be. Not the nice girl next door.

“Yes darling?” That voice was so seductive, so young but horny beyond clarity. She followed her words with kisses up his chest.

The girl in the dark now had her her head over his. Hank could feel her warm and soft bosom pressing down on his hard and muscular chest and her naked mound torturing his even harder prick. “What are you doing here?” He sort of already had an answer to this question, but he had to say something.

“I’m on the pill.” She pressed her lips against his. He couldn’t answer the kiss. He felt her nervousness popping up, like Jack from his box.

Suddenly she was shaking violently, quickly retreating from his bed, running to the balcony-door. Hank thought he could hear her weep, as she struggled to open the door in near dark.

*Oh no! Not crying, please don’t cry!* He couldn’t say those words. But what could he do? Hank was scared of the possibilities. How could he face Anna again if he didn’t stop her from leaving? How could he face her parents if he did stop her?

“I’m so sorry.” she repeated those words silently and with tears in her voice, trying to close the door behind her. Hank was feeling sick. He stood up with a falling prick and a swelling heart.

*That girl loves me! She can’t leave!* He followed his heart.

Running naked onto the balcony, he spotted her still naked body running across the lawn. Without thinking, Hank jumped off the balcony. In a single motion he went from falling to sprinting, his body so full of adrenalin that he could have broken his ankle and not notice it.

He was so much faster than her, reaching her before he took a single breath. He grabbed her, his legs stopping their forwards motion. He twisted her around as they fell, letting her slender frame land on his. Rolling over, she was beneath him before she could utter more than a surprised cry. Hank held her firmly as he pressed his mouth over her. He was getting hard again, fast. Anna continued to cry as she began to respond to his lips, but the weeping changed character.

One of his strong arms let go of her torso and helped him guide his dick to her slit. Replacing his arm, he pushed forward, ramming his cock into her pussy. His primal lust let her sharp cry into his mouth go unnoticed and he began moving in and out of her virgin cunt. She hadn’t had time to dry out yet, so he could move easily, even though she was tighter than anything he could remember. Hank kept a steady pace. Not going terribly fast, nor trying to spare her virgin sex. Well, he didn’t know it was her first time and the maidenhead wasn’t that thick.


Laying in the wet grass, legs spread wide, she felt better than she ever had in her life. Her cold back was getting greener with every thrust he made, but those thrusts cleansed her from the feeling of rejection. They were joined both at their moaning mouths and their dancing hips. The warmth that radiated from his strong embrace made the coupling so comforting despite his forcefulness. She just lay back and enjoyed to meet his every motion.

All good things must come to an end. And so he did. Anna felt him speed up in reaction to his urge to come. She felt so good beneath him. As his spurting signalled the ending of her deflowering, a tiny shudder ran trough her body. Not much of an orgasm, but she was satisfied. Ten minutes earlier she had been running in shame, now she was soaking inside with his sperm. *And I told him I was on the pill.* It had only been a minor lie to ease the seduction, but at this time in her cycle it could lead to something very major.

Not that she feared it. Not now. Not in his arms.

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