Is it Really That BIG? Fucked

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Is it Really That BIG? Fucked
Scott had to travel and work out of State for a few weeks and told me to “have a good time” while he was away. At 40 years of age and raising two teenagers, I was bored with my usual fuck-buddies and wondered if I still ‘had the looks’ to attract a younger hunk. I had been day-dreaming at work about a recent hire, Tim, who was single and handsome. Girl-talk around the employee lounge revealed that he had hit on several of the young women, and a few that had dated him said he had the “biggest cock” yeah right guy’s always lie about there cock size and most girls lie about there partners sizes as well. I decided I was going to get him in bed and see for myself. I started flirting with him and revealing my cleavage and short skirts to him around the office. I spotted Tim in the employee lounge one day. Again luck, or fate, must have been on my side. We were the only ones there. I knew I had to speak up quickly, so I just blurted out, “Tim, why have you never asked me to go out with you?”

“Well because you are married Donna!” was his response. “If you weren’t, I’d have asked you out a long time ago. You’re the prettiest and sexiest women working here.”

I had already made up my mind about everything, so there was really no way I was turning back. I looked him straight in the eye and asked, “Well in that case, I have this weekend off, my c***dren will be at my parents and my husband’s out of town. What are you doing Friday night?”

Not sure how to respond at first he just stood there. Looking at me he finally said, “This Friday night I can’t.”

As he said that, I started to feel embarrassed. Here I was asking him out and he was turning me down. But, he hadn’t finished his sentence. “This Saturday would be fine for me if you’re serious,” he said.

“I am serious!” I answered. My husband and I have an ‘open marriage’ and he allows me to entertain other men. So this Saturday night it is then!”

“Okay, then where should I pick you up then?” he asked.

I had given things some thought beforehand, so I told him that he should pick me up at a small convenience store near my parent’s house. I told him he couldn’t pick me up at home or at the office where we worked. This date needed to be kept a secret from everyone except my husband. The week was filled with mixed emotions for me. Here I was a housewife and mother and was going on a date with another man. Not just a date, but planning to have sex with him with my hubby’s permission. I was both nervous and excited. I took long hot shower and took extra time doing my nails, hair and make up. I put on a pair of small white lace panties and matching white lace bra. I had a difficult time deciding what else to wear. Since I’d always felt very comfortable in dresses, I decided on a mid thigh length dress and matching four-inch strapped heels. Telling my parents I was going to a movie with some girls from the office and would be spending the night at one of their houses, I was out the door to meet Tim where we’d decided.

We were to meet at six thirty and I had gotten there about a quarter after six. I was literally shaking as I sat there waiting for him to arrive. Strangely, the moment I saw him pull up next to me I calmed right down. I got out of my car and walked over to his. Opening the passenger side door I got in. As he started to drive away he asked, “So would you rather get a bite to eat before we take in a movie or afterward?”

Still slightly ashamed of what I was about to do, I swallowed hard then answered, “I’m a little nervous about being seen together. If it’s okay with you, I’d rather just go to your house.”

He smiled, as if he knew what I had in mind and said. “That’s fine with me, if you’re sure that’s what you want.”

I tried to smile a re-assuring smile back at him and answered, “Tim I am ‘sure’ that just going to your place is exactly what I want!”

He said, “Okay then, my place it is.” as he reached to turn on the radio.

Having done so, his right hand didn’t move back to the steering wheel. Instead he placed it on my left knee. The length of my dress allowed his hand to touch nothing but bare skin when he did so, and my leg quivered. Feeling that, he pulled his hand away and placed it back on the wheel. Feeling braver and more relaxed, I reached over and put my hand on top his. He didn’t resist as I gently pulled his hand off the wheel and placed it back where it was as I said, “It’s okay I’m just a little nervous. I haven’t done this for awhile.”

Knowing about how long it would take to reach his place, we drove for a few minutes, with his hand just resting where I’d placed it. Without his hand moving any higher, his fingers gently started to caress my leg. Then his hand started to slowly slide up my leg. It felt so natural that I didn’t want him to stop. But, he did. After his hand stopped moving upward, his fingers started to gently caress me again. Disappointed that he’d stopped, I slid forward in my seat, ever so slightly. But in doing so, his hand was now almost at the fabric of my lace panties. As I did so, he turned his head to look in my direction only to see me smiling back at him. Then looking back forward, he moved his hand completely away, placing it back on the wheel as we started to turn into his drive. I was disappointed at first, until I saw we were there. Once we came to a stop, he shut off the engine and opened his door. I opened mine as well and followed him into the house. As I followed him, I made up my mind. I was going to take matters into my own hand.

Once inside the house I asked him, “Where’s the bathroom Tim?”

He walked me down the hall and showed me where it was, then said, “Would you like something to drink Donna?”

I told him, “Sure, a beer would be fine if you have any?”

Having something else in mind he chuckled, “Okay, a beer it is.”

Once inside the bathroom, I took a deep breath and took off my dress. Looking at myself in the mirror, I reached behind my back and undid my bra clasp, then slid the straps off my shoulders. I looked once again at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe how hard my nipples looked and how huge my breasts were. They appeared larger than normal. Taking a deep breath and opening the door, I headed back down the hall in only my panties and high heels. There was no turning back now, even if I’d wanted to. I entered the living room at the same time he was entering from the kitchen with my beer in one hand and his beer in the other. Seeing me in only my panties he said, “Well this is quite a surprise!”

Confidently I replied, “Why are you surprised Tim? We both know why I’m here, so let’s not pretend otherwise.”

He didn’t reply. He just walked past me and back down the hall. I didn’t have to be asked. I knew just to follow. Entering his bedroom, he took a drink of his beer then sat it as well as my mine down on the night stand next to his bed. He then proceeded to start removing his own clothes. I stood silently and watched as he removed everything except his boxers. Having done so, he walked toward me reaching his hand out for mine as he did. I allowed him to take my hand in his and he led me the few steps over to the edge of his bed. Then turning me so my back was to the bed, he said, “Sit down.” I did as he asked and sat on the edge of the bed. Standing there directly in front of me he spoke again, “I thought you might want to be the one to finish undressing me.”

Timidly I reached up and grabbed his boxer shorts with both hands. Slowly I pushed them downward. I’d obviously gasped when I’d gotten her first look at his cock as he proudly and braggingly announced, “ten and a half inches long and seven inches around. It’s been measured quite a few times.”

At the time, my mind didn’t comprehend the figures that he’d told me. All I knew at that particular moment was the actual size that I was looking at. It wasn’t completely hard. But semi erect, it was bigger than my husband was when he was fully erect. What fascinated me the most was it was circumcised. I liked the way Tim’s cock looked, even though it looked sort of mean and menacing. My mouth was so dry I had a difficult time, but I finally managed to say, “It’s so big!”

“Don’t worry,” Tim said, almost as a promise to me. “If you’re half the woman I think you are, it will all go in and you’ll love every inch.” Then somewhat of a cocky tone added, “I’ll make sure of that!”

He stepped out of the boxers then stepped closer toward me. He didn’t have to tell me what to do next. I reached up with both hands and grabbed it. Moving my head slightly forward while at the same time opening my mouth, I put the head of his huge cock in my mouth. As I sucked and ran my tongue around it, I could feel it grow, bigger and bigger. I held onto the shaft with one hand while I toyed with his balls with my other. When it seemed to stop growing, I stopped playing with his balls and moved my other hand farther back on the shaft. Then I started to move my head back and forth. Tim sensed what I was trying to do and he started moving his hips in rhythm to my movements. He placed his hands on the back of my head, so I released my grip and allowed him to literally fuck my mouth. I was enjoying it, but he wanted to do other things, so he finally pulled his cock from my mouth and stepped back. Then reaching under my arms, he raised me to my feet. He looked down at me and kissed my mouth, while at the same time he started to fondle my tits. kaçak casino

I could feel myself heating up for him. One of his hands slid down and he started to run my pussy through my now soaking wet panties. I needed more so I broke our kiss and started moving away from him. He knew what I was doing and stepped back some as well, as I pushed my wet panties down. Then I stepped out of them and moved back toward him. Our lips met again and his hand went straight back to my pussy. Slowly he started to finger my pussy with one finger. He had me so excited I was on the verge of cumming, when he stopped. Then he pushed me gently back onto the bed. Once on the bed, I slid to the center of the bed and waited for him to join me. Before he joined me on the bed, he went to the night stand a pulled out the small drawer. Reaching inside he pulled out a small bottle. I watched with curiosity as he took the top off the bottle. As he stood next to the bed, he leaned over and allowed a few drops of what appeared to be a clear oil to drop onto my pussy.

“What is that for?” I asked.

“Just a little something to make sure you’re plenty wet and well lubed up when we get started,” was his only reply.

After tossing it on the bed near my left leg, he then joined me on the bed. Once again we started to kiss. Our kisses were hot ones fueled by passion. As we kissed, our hands began to explore each other’s bodies. I loved the way his strong hands squeezed my tits. I loved even more the way his big cock felt in my hand. As we continued kissing, one of his hands made its way down between my legs. I could feel the oil from my body being spread onto my pussy lips. Occasionally he’d slide a finger inside me. It felt good. As a matter of fact, everything that was happening felt good! I felt his hands leave my body for a moment as he moved between my legs. All the while I held onto his huge cock with my hand. My mind was racing as I tried to pull him toward my pussy. Squeezing his cock hard, I pulled at it saying, “Put it in, please, put it in!”

Acting like a slut I began to beg him, “Fuck me! Shove it right into me. Fuck me right now. I want to feel your big cock inside me Tim”.

“Not so fast, ” he calmly told me. “Have you ever had a cock this big inside you?”

“Of course, ” I responded impatiently. “That’s why I want you. I want to feel you inside me, right now!”

“Well I can’t just shove it in if you’re not ready for its size. I need to take time to prepare your pussy so it will stretch.”

I thought he was talking about taking a couple of times together to prepare me for the final act of putting his cock inside my pussy and I started to protest. “I’m a married lady and I don’t have the time to fuck around seeing you two or three times while you’re busy stretching my pussy so your cock will fit. I want you now, tonight damn it.”

“That’s not what I was suggesting. Just lay there and let me loosen you up some before we get down to the real fucking.” As he spoke, he re-positioned himself to a place where he could better access my pussy. He slipped one of his fingers back into my pussy and probed around with it just a little.

“Ummmmmm. You’re nice and tight for a mother with three c***dren. I’m going to like this. It’ll be just like doing a virgin.”

As he fingered me, I could feel my pussy heat up. It didn’t take long before he added a second finger and then a third. When he added a fourth finger, I could feel my pussy being stretched. He used four fingers on me for what felt like a long time. He even had to stop twice because I was so close to having an orgasm. My pussy-juices had really started to flow. Between them and the oil he’d put on me, I could hear a sloshing sound as he literally fucked me with his fingers. As I neared orgasm for the third time, he abruptly stopped.

“I guess that will do”. he said, as he removed his fingers.

I had been nearing an orgasm when he’d removed his fingers. But I didn’t complain about the fact that he’d stopped, even though I was disappointed, I was hopeful that we’d soon be on another level. As I watched, he picked up the bottle that was still lying next to me leg. Having done so, he poured some onto his cock and rubbed it on with his hand. He then poured some into his hand and rubbed it on my pussy lips one more time. The coolness of the oil made my pussy-muscles twitch, almost making me have the orgasm that had been so very near only a moment earlier.

“Every little bit of lubrication helps.” he told me, as he tossed the bottle aside and started to settle in between my wide spread legs.

Once in position, he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy and sort of leaned into me. The plum-sized head of his cock forced my pussy-lips apart. I couldn’t help it and I groaned as he started to enter me. At the same time, I must have done something that no other woman my age had ever done, at least not during the first initial penetration. I moved my legs up and locked them behind his back, raising my hips upward at the same time. He pushed some and I squealed in pain, unlocking my legs from his back and throwing my arms out to the side. “Oh GOD!! I screamed. “Oh God it hurts.”

“See it’s bigger than you thought! You should wait a while before doing those leg tricks like you do with your husband and other lovers.” He semi-sarcastically told me, “Just relax, baby you’ve just got the head in. There’s a lot more to go.”

“Oh, it is so huge!” I told him.

He paused, waiting for my pussy to adjust, allowing just the weight of his body to keep steady pressure on his cock. I breathed deeply as my pussy muscles seemed to relax around his girth, as a little more sank in, then some more, and then some more. The weight of his body kept pressure on his cock, which slowly continued going deeper as my inner muscles relaxed. It was a wonderful sensation. It felt as if my pussy was literally sucking his cock into me.

“That’s it, just over half way, only a few more inches to go. I don’t want to go too deep, at least not for your first time.”

I was more or less gasping for air as I threw my legs back up on him and tightened my leg muscles around his back. As I started to whimper, “Oh God, Oh God!” over and over again, he knew from experience that I was to a point where he could finally start a slow back-and-forth movement. Every five or six strokes inward, he would push a little more cock into me. After about a dozen strokes, he had about eight plus inches inside. Then he started to slowly withdraw right to the knob, making me groan and cry out even louder, clutching at his back with my hands and trying to hunch my hips upward in and attempt to get more of his cock inside of me. I was absolutely delirious with pleasure. “Oh, Ohhhhh, shove it in, please, please give me more,” I whined. “Fill my pussy. Do it! Oh God do it!”

Pausing momentarily, he told me, “There’s only about three more inches to go. How does it feel?”

“Oh God, it feels wonderful, keep going, ” I demanded.

He started to tease me. “Am I deeper than your husband has ever been?” he asked.

I knew from experience where this was going. Other men always want to know if they are the biggest, or if they satisfy you more. “Oh God, yes! He’s never been this deep!” I answered.

“So my cock is in virgin territory?” he teased.

“Oh God, YES, no one has ever been this deep in me! NO ONE, only you Tim, ONLY YOU! Please, please, shove it all in. Please shove the rest in. Take my virginity again!!! PLEASE. Make it hurt if you have to, but PLEASE give me the REST!!!” I was begging him to shove the rest of his long, fat cock inside my pussy like some common tramp. I really gave him my best acting.

“Are you sure you want the rest?” he teasingly asked me.

“Oh yes, I’m sure! Give me the rest of your beautiful cock!” I pleaded.

I once again moved my legs and put them flat back on the bed, spreading them wide as I did so. He finally gave me what I asked for, and in one quick shove, he pushed the last three inches into my waiting pussy. I’d never felt such a variety of sensation all at once. There was pain, and an indescribable sensation of pleasure both at the same time. I felt an incredibly hot sensation in my pussy and there was a tingling sensation in my nipples. I felt light headed to the point of feeling dizzy. Then it had happened, even without him moving, I had an orgasm. An orgasm so strong that it had took my breath away. I almost passed out. He had seen the same reaction from other women so he just remained still between her legs with his big cock still inside. Memories of my first time with “Big John” flashed in my mind. As I regained my composure enough to speak, I asked him if he’d cum and he told me, “No, that he only came when he wanted to, and when he came that I’d know it.”

Once he knew that I had regained my senses, he started fucking me, slowly at first, then with increasing force. I have no idea how many orgasms that I had or how long they actually fucked. I seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. They came one right after the other as he fucked me. I finally had to tell him I couldn’t take it anymore. He told me we could stop only after he came. He made me beg for his cum. When he did decide to give me what I was begging for, he raised my hips up off the bed and placed my legs up on his shoulders. He’d stopped moving and had buried his cock as deeply as he could inside me. It was then that he finally came. He had casino oyna been right, because even though I’d been fucked to the point that my pussy was almost numb, I knew he was cumming deep inside my cervix. I could feel his cum being shot not just into my pussy canal. It felt like he was shooting it right up inside my uterus. I could feel his warm cum as in splashed inside an area where I’d never felt anything before.

It was the most incredible feeling I’d ever felt. On top of that, he came so much that it was like my pussy couldn’t hold it all and it started overflowing from my pussy. It was at that point that he started moving again. He fucked me hard again and I had one final orgasm so intense that the room started to spin and everything went black. The next thing I remember was Tim propping me up with a couple of pillows as he handed me a glass of orange juice with vodka in it. In one gulp I swallowed the entire contents of the small glass. The sharp bite of the drink jolted me somewhat back to my senses.

“Whew, that was something!” I told him. “I’ve never felt anything as intense as that.”

“You haven’t felt anything yet.” he told me, as he moved from the edge of the bed where he’d been sitting and went to the end of the bed.

Once there, he grabbed me by the ankles and used his powerful arms to pull me toward him, turning me over at the same time. With me lying on my stomach, he pushed my legs apart and moved in between them. Then he reached down, and by grasping my hips, pulled me to my knees. Being in that position with my ass in the air, I thought he was going to penetrate my ass-hole. Panic immediately set in as I screamed, “NO TIM, NO! NOT MY ASS! NOT THERE!”

“I’m not going to fuck your ass,” he told me. “I’m going to do you ‘doggie style’. If you want to feel something intense, I’ll show you intense.”

I knew he would be right. Even Scott felt bigger when we used that position. A sense of panic still quickly came over me, fearing that it would hurt. My worries about pain quickly passed, but I was very, very tight as he inched his way inside me. Deeper and deeper he continued to enter me, and hearing no objections, he continued even deeper. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling, it felt like someone was mounting me on a flagpole and I half expected to feel his cock coming up through my throat. Then I felt his balls making slight contact with my clit. He had bottomed out in me. His huge cock had filled me to the max. I kept telling myself mentally ‘Deep breaths….Deep breaths….Relax … Relax.’. The feeling of tightness slowly dissipated as my pussy became more and more accustomed to his size. ‘That’s it … That’s it …Relax…Breathe’, I kept on repeating in my mind. It had been a long time since I had totally engulfed a cock of this size.

He must have felt my pussy muscles starting to relax, because he withdrew his cock out, almost to the head. Fearing what was about to happen next, I braced myself. Then without warning, he shoved his massive cock back inside all the way. The thrust was firm as he re-entered me. I squealed in delight, feeling incredible as he once again pulled out and gave me another deep thrust. My toes curled into the bed as he picked up the pace.

“OH…MY…GOD!!!” I screamed. His big cock stretched my pussy with each deep pleasurable stroke. He continued this for several minutes at a furious pace and I found myself making more noise than I had ever made in my life, but I couldn’t help myself, he was driving me mad with lust. Just as I was nearing orgasm, Tim pulled out and flipped me over, re-entering me from the missionary position. As he stroked deep into me, once again I approached orgasm. He could read it on my face. I was also wearing a huge grin as I repeatedly threw my head from side to side in pleasure.

“You’ve really never had a cock this big before, have you?” he asked, as we looked deep into each other’s eyes.

“Oh Fuck!” I wailed as he thrust into me again, “Not for quite a long time!”

“You like it, don’t you?”

“Oh God! Yesss!” I squealed in response, “I love it. This is the best damn fuck I’ve ever had in my life!” I couldn’t believe the word ‘FUCK’ had just come out of my mouth. I never spoke like that on a first date. I always thought vulgar language like I was using with him was so un-lady like. Of course what I was doing was not very lady like, and a part of me likes being this way on occasion. I just usually don’t get nasty and a****listic until I get to know my partner.

“Tell me how much you love it, Donna,” he said, as an evil smile crossed his face.


“You like big cocks, don’t you Donna?” He asked.

“I love BIG cocks! I LOVE YOUR BIG COCK TIM! FUCK me with it….Fuck me hard!”

He fucked me hard and at a furious pace. I had orgasm after orgasm. My pussy was in a constant state of orgasm as it spasmed uncontrollably. When he finally allowed his own orgasm to occur, I was totally exhausted. Temporarily spent, he rolled off of me. I nuzzled next to him and must have drifted off to sleep in his bed. I don’t know how long I slept, but when I woke up, I looked over at Tim who was still asleep beside me. My eyes were drawn to the sleeping monster of his cock. I reached out and felt it. It grew as I stroked it. When I did he woke up.

I leaned over and asked him, “Would you like me to suck your cock?”

His eyes answered me so I made my way down his chest, kissing and love-biting him as I moved down to his massive cock. At first I took the head of his cock in my mouth and began to make small, fast circles on the end with my tongue as I played with his balls with my hand. Then I slowly I slid his shaft into my mouth. Using my tongue on the underside, it hardened. Once he was hard, even though I wanted to continue, I wanted it back in my pussy even more. I pulled my mouth away from his cock and moved into a position where the opening to my pussy was directly above his cock.

I held his cock with one hand and was about to lower myself onto it when Tim asked, “Aren’t you sore?”

I replied, “I don’t know!” just as the tip of his cock started to enter me. That’s when I found out that I was, “Oh! Oh! Yes, I am sore!”

He grabbed me by the hips and pushed me away from his cock. “Wait here a second I’ll go get something to make it a little easier.”

Never did he try to discourage me from fucking more. He got out of bed and left the room. When he returned, he had a tube of some type of ointment. He took the cap off the tube and squeezed a generous portion into the opening of my pussy. The gel felt cool and it was soothing to my inflamed pussy-lips. He worked it around with his fingers for a few minutes.

As my pussy started to feel better I moaned, “Tim, make love to me, NOW! You’re making my pussy just quiver with your fingers I need that big cock of yours!”

He stopped fingering my pussy just long enough to put some of the gel on his cock. Then he moved between my legs. He could feel the heat from inside my pussy as the tip of his cock touched the opening. As his cock started into me I gasped, and he felt my body tense underneath him. “My God! Easy baby! God damn I’m sore. Oh you’re sooooo big! Please, baby, don’t go too deep.”

He stopped to let me get used to his size. “Relax Donna. Just relax. You took it all last night. It’ll all fit again, just relax.”

After a couple of minutes, driven by lust and ignoring the pain and soreness in my pussy, I told him, “Okay, give me more!”

He pushed again and another couple of inches sank into me. He could feel my legs trembling against his thighs as he slowly slid more into me. I clawed at his back, panting harder. He backed out a couple of inches and then thrust into me again, this time sinking the full length of his cock into my hungry pussy. As he did, my whole body shook uncontrollably. Gripping his hips I panted fast and screamed, “SHIT! You are huge! It feels like you are splitting me in two!”

He kept his full length inside and didn’t move. He could feel my nipples smashed against my chest as he held me tightly, kissing, then nibbling on my neck. He felt me slowly starting to relax.

“It feels like you are in my throat! Oh, I can feel you throbbing inside me!”

I kissed him deeply as he slowly slid out of me until just the big head of his cock was inside. Then he slid back inside. I was starting to gasp and pant beneath him. He broke our kiss and looked down at me. My neck and face were flushed and my eyes were shut. He kissed my nose and forehead as he slowly pulled out and then slammed his cock back in. As he began to slowly thrust back and forth in my slippery pussy, I started to kiss him. He returned my kisses, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. My moans got louder and louder and they filled the room as I made the quick climb to a gut wrenching orgasm. I slowly started bucking my hips up to meet his every thrust, trying to get more and more of his cock into me.

I moaned, “Tim, I could make love to you forever! Oh your big, fat cock feels so good inside me! Oh, you are touching places inside me, no man has ever been! I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before.”

My actions, and more importantly my words served to only fuel the lust inside him, which was what I wanted. He started fucking faster. I wrapped my legs around him and my feet tightly held onto him as I tried canlı casino siteleri to keep myself impaled on his thick shaft. He knew that I was close to orgasm, so he took my hands in his as he lay on top of my panting body, lacing his finger in mine, he pushed my arms underneath the pillows stretching my quivering body taught. I nuzzled and kissed his neck as I tried to keep him buried deep inside my pussy with my legs. He thrust harder into me, making me grunt and groan even louder. I was almost screaming as I had my orgasm, trying frantically to get my hands free from his. He finally let my hands go and reached down and to grab my thighs for some really deep fucking, but I still had my legs tightly locked around his thrusting hips. I wrapped my arms tightly around his back, my nails digging into him as I held him tightly as could. I continued to squeal loudly, my body continuing to spasm in orgasm.

I frantically thrashed around underneath him, my feet digging into the cheeks of his ass. He could feel my pussy squeezing him as my orgasm peaked. Finally after a few seconds, I unhooked my legs and relaxed back on the bed, my face and neck and chest were a bright red color. He started slowly thrusting back and forth inside of me again. My pussy was so wet that he had no trouble moving in and out of me. I looked up at him and said, “Oh GOD! You are sooooo good! I have never cum so hard in my life!”

I allowed Tim a sense of pride in thinking my own husband couldn’t please me like he could. He moved up onto his knees and pushed my thighs up and wide, pushing my knees so they were touching my nipples. He looked down and watched as his cock moved in and out of my pussy. He could see my swollen pussy-lips which had become reddened from our fucking. My pubic area was all wet from my juices that were being squeezed out of my pussy by his cock. After a couple of more strokes, he pulled completely out of me. My once small pink hole was now a glistening red yawning cavern. I reached between us and aimed his slippery wet cock back at my juicy pussy and moaned, “Put it back! Please Tim put in back!”

He knew that very instant that he owned me from that point on. I was his to fuck that weekend, whenever he wanted. He placed the tip of his cock back at the opening to my pussy and slammed back into me with a hard single thrust, taking my breath away. I grunted loudly as his cock slammed against my cervix.

“OH MY GOD!” Gripping his arms I screamed, “Fuck me hard! Fuck me like the whore I am! I’m your whore now! I’ll do anything you want, just don’t stop fucking me!”

He put his hands into the bend of my knees and started pounding full strokes into me. I had never felt anything like the hard fucking he was giving me. I grabbed the sheet below me in my fists as he slammed into me. He was thrusting into me with a hard, steady pace. The sounds of skin slapping skin and the light creaks of bedsprings filled the room. The aroma of the past few hours of hard sex was intoxicating. He fucked me like a wild a****l before he slowed to a stop with his throbbing shaft fully embedded inside me, pausing to catch his own breath momentarily. Then he put my feet over his shoulders, reached out and grabbed both my tits and squeezed, trapping my nipples between his fingers. As he did that, I immediately started to orgasm. I’d never experienced that before, but I liked it. I reached up and put my soft hands over his. As my orgasm subsided he let go of my tits and told me to roll over and get on my hands and knees. I rolled over, raised up onto my hands and knees as he said and hugged the pillows knowing what was in store for me.

Unlike the previous time I was not afraid. This time I welcomed it. He kneeled in position behind me, locking his knees behind mine, and placed the head of his cock into the wet slit between my pussy-lips. As he did, I braced myself for taking his entire length fully back into my pussy. Unlike the previous time, I was not afraid. This time I welcomed it. I screamed into the pillow as his big cock once again slammed up against my cervix and rocked me forward into the headboard. He grabbed a hold of my hips and started fucking me again, slamming into me, over and over. My ass cheeks jiggled back and forth as he fucked me like I’d never been fucked before. In a matter of minutes, I found myself pushing back against him as another orgasm consumed me. He continued to fuck me in a relentless manner. My orgasms just continued to come, one after the other. I could no longer hold myself up with my arms and just lowered my face into the pillow. He held back his own orgasm, even though just looking at me on my knees like that made him want to cum right then.

He knew the longer he could hold off, the more he would cum and he wanted to drown my pussy with his fuck juices. I was moaning into the pillow and raising my head to breathe, panting as I did so. My body was a complete mess; sweat was pouring off my body, running down my tits and dripping onto the bed beneath me. My face was shoved into the pillow, my mascara and make-up rubbing off onto it. He rubbed my back as he slowed his thrusts to let me come down from my orgasms. He reached around my soft body and cupped my tits in his hands as they dangled beneath my body. My nipples were hard as erasers, he squeezed and pinched them, I shuddered as it sent tingles through my body. Tim himself was starting to sweat as well, and droplets of sweat started to fall from his body onto my back. My skin glistened with perspiration. He released my tits and grabbed my hip with his left hand and rolled onto the bed, pulling me onto my side. His cock never left my slippery hole. He once again began to slowly fuck me.

He wrapped his arm around me, just below my tits and held on tightly. Kissing the back of my neck, he started fucking me harder and harder. I grabbed his hand and pushed it up to my left tit. He could feel my hard nipple in the palm of his hand. He pulled his hand away enough he could pinch my nipple with just his finger tips. When he did I moaned loudly, “Oh! GOD! OH!!!!” as my pussy-muscles started to squeeze his cock. He decided he couldn’t hold out anymore. He pulled me tightly against him as he thrust his big cock in and out of me. I was panting and he was grunting in my ear. He moved his hand away from my tit and placed it on my hip for support as he began to viciously pump into me. My body was shaking wildly as he hammered into my pussy. I was panting and screaming, “Oh baby! Ohhhh… baby…d..dd..don’t …stop…..” He rolled me over more onto my stomach, pushing my left leg up to my tits, straddling my right thigh as he fucked me on my side. His cock was throbbing hard and starting to twitch uncontrollably.

He held onto my hip for support as he grunted with each thrust! He could feel me start to tense up with yet another orgasm. I pushed my face back into the pillow, biting into it with my teeth. He was thrusting wildly, grunting, “UHHHHNNNNNN! UHHHHNNN OHHHHH YEAH! ARRRGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhh!!! AAGhhh! GHHHHH! GGGGHHHH!! UNNNNN!!” Holding himself still deep inside my shuddering body, his cock finally erupted. Blast after blast of his cum shot into my pussy, splashing up against my cervix and directly into my deepest crevice. Once again the sensation of his hot love juice being shot directly into the deepest recesses of my pussy caused my orgasm to increase in intensity. Over and over he blasted jet after sticky jet of sperm into my overheated pussy! I was panting and gasping for breath, moaning and screaming into the pillow each time he shot into me. Once again I could feel the room starting to spin. I felt light headed and dizzy as things started to grow dark in my mind.

Then for the second time with this man I collapsed into a state of semi-u*********sness. He held his spurting and throbbing shaft deep inside my pussy for almost two full minutes as my body lay limply underneath him, except for the strong contractions of my pussy muscles as they continued to spasm and squeeze his cock, milking and draining every drop of cum out of his balls. Slowly he eased himself back to the bed behind me. My pussy was still quivering around his slowly softening cock. My breathing started to return to normal as I started to regain my senses.

I sighed, “Oh god, Tim, I’ve NEVER been fucked like that in my LIFE!! That has to be the BEST lovemaking any woman has ever had!” I could feel his cum oozing out of my well fucked pussy and I said, “I can’t believe how MUCH you cum…..God, it’s unreal!” He just groaned and left his semi-soft cock inside of me.

We drifted off to sleep with his soft cock encased in my wet, sloppy pussy and his warm body in my arms. When I woke up a second time, I looked over it was after 3:00am. I had never had sex last that long. Tim asked me did I want him to take me back to my car. I snuggled up close to him, said, “No” and quickly fell back to sleep.

The sound of the shower running the next morning woke me up. I thought it would be nice to join Tim and maybe even have sex in the shower. The first step I took after I got out of bed changed my mind for me. I sat back down on the side of the bed and looked at my pussy. My pussy lips were red and swollen and I knew that any thought of doing anything sexual would have to wait. When Tim came out I told him I was sorry, but as much as I wanted to have more sex with him, we would have to wait for another time, adding that is “if he wanted more with me”. He was more than understanding and not only gave me some medication to ease the discomfort after my shower, but told me he had hoped I would want to see him again.

I answered, “Yes, DEFINITELY!”

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