It Began in the Locker Room Pt. 02

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Ethan got an email he couldn’t refuse.

Then he got an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Ethan and Cameron had fallen into bed some time on Friday night. They didn’t emerge from there for many reasons. Between sessions of mind blowing sex they talked about the past. They brought snacks back to bed and fed each other like a bad romantic movie.

Cameron shut Ethan’s laptop finally sighing. “Thank gods I have most of my stuff on the school cloud or I wouldn’t have been able to finish that. Thanks for lending me your laptop.” Ethan put down his tablet, having been going through some things for his Teacher’s Aide Professors.

“Not a problem Sugar. After all I did kidnap you for my own purposes this weekend. I didn’t even ask you if you had any plans. You’ve still got a few years to go before finishing your Bachelor’s yeah?”

“At least 4, even if I can get some experience. You’re almost done though, aren’t you?” Cameron asked. “A year at least for me. Then my dad wants me to get some time ina his firm. I really can’t wait to start there you know? I never thought I would want to work for my dad, but I really do like engineering and architecture. Guess dad really did know best. He pushed me to study a combined engineering/architure degree. I fought him until my first year, then I was hooked. I’m more like him than I thought. What made you study Law?”

“It sounds stupid but I loved checking contracts for loopholes. My cousin got burned with a modeling agency because she didn’t read her contract carefully enough when I was younger. After that I started reading every contract I could and there you go addicted to it. So commercial law for me.”

“Hmmm… so Commercial Law for you huh…” Ethan murmured sliding closer to Cameron running his hand up Cameron’s bare arm. He hooked his hand behind Cameron’s neck and pull him closer so their lips were just touching “I think I’m gonna claim these lips for me.” He said before doing just that. Cameron went into the kiss. He pushed himself further into Ethan’s space giving into the kiss easily. He pushed gently on Ethans shoulders. Ethan lay back on his pillows, hands now wrapped in Cameron’s hair. Cameron kept moving quickly straddling Ethan’s hips. They both groaned as their naked cocks touched. Cameron wrenched his lips from Ethan’s to nip his way along his stubbled jaw. He didn’t stop there. He continued along Ethan’s neck now alternating licks, nips and gentle kisses. His hips kept moving over Ethan’s. He pulled himself up and looked down at his lover. Ethan was flushed already, his hips lifting up into Cameron’s. Cameron ran his hands over Ethan’s rippled chest, his hands reaching for Ethan’s hard nipples. He pinched them slightly. Ethan groaned and bucked under him. “Like that Ethan?” he teased. “Yes yes Cam. Don’t stop Baby.” Ethan breathed. Cameron does it again. Then he lowers his head to Ethan’s nipples. He licks one gently while his fingers flicked the other. He takes the nipple into his mouth and sucks at it. He holds it between his teeth and flicks it with his tongue. Ethan is writhing under him, moaning loudly, hands pulling at Cameron’s hair and pushing his nipple into Cameron’s mouth. Cameron could feel how hard Ethan was. They both were by now. “Look at how hard you are Ethan. Are you hard just for me? Is this cock all for me?” Cameron said, his voice low and husky.

“Yes Cam. All for you.” Ethan whispered. He was moving under Cameron, undulating on the bed and sweating. He skin was hot all over to Cameron’s touch. He wrapped a hand around Ethan’s hard cock and slowly stroked him. He shimmied further down the bed. He heard the blankets hit the floor as he wrapped his lips around Ethan’s cock. He sucked hard and fast. Ethan howled and shot up in bed. His hands clamped down on Cameron’s head pushing Cameron onto him as he arched his hips up and further into Cameron’s mouth. He felt the head of his aching cock hit the back of Cameron’s throat and realised what he was doing. He started pulling back trying to get some control over himself.

Cameron ‘s hands seized Ethan’s hips and pulled Ethan back into his mouth effectively stopping Ethan’s withdrawal. Cameron swallowed around the head of Ethan’s cock and hummed. He pulled back a little and tapped his hand on Ethan’s hip. Ethan got the message and thrust forward into Cameron’s wet mouth. He did it carefully so as not to make Cameron choke. Cameron hummed encouragement and Ethan thrust again. And again.

Ethan couldn’t believe Cameron wanted him to fuck his mouth like this but wasn’t going to refuse the man anything, not now. So he kept thrusting trusting Cameron would stop him if it got too much. Ethan could feel Cameron rubbing himself on his leg and smiled. A part of him was jealous of his own leg. Fuck he had to suck Cameron off again and soon. The taste of the man was addictive. When Ethan had decided to try and get Cameron for himself he had thought he maybe might convince Cameron into a quick hand job in the school casino şirketleri locker room for old times sake. He never thought he’d actually be able to take Cam home with him and maybe even manage to keep him for a while at least. And this? This was beyond anything he’d thought about. Cameron was a delicious blend of shy and self conscious and sure and demanding. He was demanding Ethan fuck his mouth. There was no other way to explain it. Ethan looked down at Cameron. Those gorgeous lips were stretched around Ethan’s cock as Ethan thrust steadily in and out of his mouth. Cameron’s eyes caught his and held. Those beautiful eyes were demanding Ethan cum, and than did. He gave a final thrust into Cameron’s pliant mouth and gushed. He spurted down Cameron’s throat. His orgasm jet straight into Cameron and was swallowed greedily.

Cameron licked him clean and climbed up his body. He was still hard. Ethan smiled at him and beckoned him on until he could wrap his own lips around Cameron’s erection. His hands went around to Cameron’s ass. His hands parted Cameron’s cheeks quickly and one finger pushed into Cameron’s hole as he sucked Cameron’s cock into his mouth. Cameron had been so hard that was all it took for him to fall over into orgasm and gush into Ethan’s mouth.

Falling over onto their sides they settled in to rest, neither one of them bothering to go in search of the blankets on the floor.

Two things woke Cameron from his nap. One he felt chilly and two someones phone was ringing. He felt Ethan move away from him and the ringing stopped. “Hello.” He husked out. “Oh, hi Dad, hang on a minute.” he said. Cameron turned over and saw Ethan put his father on speaker phone. “Dad you’re on speaker, I just need to grab something.” He said getting out of bed and throwing the blankets back over Cameron. Cameron smiled at him gratefully and snuggled down again.

“Hi, Son. How’s your weekend? You sound like you just woke up?”

“Fine Dad. I was just taking a nap.” Ethan said. Cameron didn’t want to interupt so he tried to stay quiet.

“Did you manage to get in contact with Cameron?” his father asked. Cameron arched his brows at a grinning Ethan.

“Why do you think I was taking a nap, father mine?” Ethan quipped climbing under the covers next to Cameron. His father laughed. “Say hi to my dad Cam.” Ethan said now that his arms were wrapped securely aroung Cameron. “Hello Mr. Peterson. How are you?” “Fine Cameron. Fine and please call me Simon. I’m glad you two found your way to each other after this long. I know you two never noticed but it was very obvious to me at least Cameron, that you only had eyes for my boy there back at school. You were always watching him. And my boy there was always very protective of you. You two have been working your way to eachother for years. I wish you nothing but good things together.”

Cameron was shocked “Thank you Simon…”

“Don’t sound so shocked kid. I love my son too much to care about the sex of who he loves. I just want them to be worthy of him. Like I said you two always had something. Ethan just didn’t know himself well enough, or thrust his mother and me enough, to understand what he was feeling when you were both at school. That was probably a good thing though. At least you’re both adults now, not vulnerable kids anymore. Anyway, I called to remind you about dinner on Friday Ethan. Bring Cameron if he’s not busy.”

Ethan smiled wickedly at Cameron and winked “How’s your bromance with William going Dad? Will he be coming to Friday dinner as usual?”

They heard Simon huff on the other end “There is no bromance and yes William will be here too. You know we talk over any weekly business Friday nights. William is straight, he’s was married,for fucks sake.”

“So were you Dad. Just saying, not many people conduct business meetings every Friday night over a family dinner and movies. But I’m not getting involved. Just maybe take your own advice and don’t waste any more time. Okay we will be there for dinner Friday.” He said as he saw Cameron nod his agreement.

“Okay good. See you both then. Oh Cameron ask Ethan about Montgomery and his dislocated shoulder. Bye!” he said and quickly hung up. He didn’t hear Ethan whine “Daaad.” Cameron cocked a brow as he looked back at Ethen “Montgomery?” he asked.

Ethan grumbled under his breath about interfering fathers. “Fine fine. I saw that dickhead pushing you around one day at school. It was after you came out. There were teachers around, but they didn’t notice anything. No one was doing anything about it. I asked around a bit and found out he bullied you a lot. So one day I found him alone after school and gave him some of his own medicine. Anyway he stepped away from me and tripped over his own feet. He fell hard on his shoulder and pushed it into the socket dislocating it. I told him to leave you alone while he was whimpering on the ground and left. I didn’t actually hurt him. He hurt himself. He left casino firmaları you alone after that yeah?”

Cameron nodded slowly. He put both hands on Ethan’s cheeks and kissed him chastely on the lips. “My Knight in shining armour. Yes he left me alone. You were protecting me in high school and now you’re doing it again with my room mate. ” Cameron said softly. He touched his lips to Ethan’s again.

Ethan kissed back. He ran his tongue over Cameron’s lips until Cameron gave him access. From there Ethan pushed his tongue in and took control. Within seconds he had Cameron on his back under him. His mouth latched on Cameron’s ear licking into it hungrily. They were hard and an urgency rode them both. They could feel the years they had already wasted and wanted to make up for it now. Cameron fumbled on the bedside table for a few seconds before dropping something near Ethan’s hand. Ethan looked at it and smiled. “Read my mind.” He growled. Taking it and squeezing lube onto his fingers. Within seconds he had pushed Cameron’s legs apart and worked two fingers into him. He twisted them coating Cameron with the slick. They’d been fucking on and off for the past 24 hours so Cameron hadn’t had a chance to tighten up and his muscles were still loose and open. He took two fingers, then three in his hole easily. He was hungry for Ethan’s hard cock and riding his fingers before he could think to stop himself.

Ethan growled and pulled his fingers out of Cameron. He ripped open a condom and rolled it on fast. Pulling Cameron’s legs up he pushed the knees to Cameron’s chest. “Hold yourself open for me.” He demanded. Cameron scrambled to do as ordered, holding himself wide open for Ethan. Ethan looked at him for a second before plunging his cock in. He didn’t stop until his hips were flush with Cameron’s ass. He pulled back quickly and plunged back in. He pulled Cameron’s legs onto his shoulders and kept plunging in and out not stopping and only increasing his speed. It was almost violent but neither of them wanted to change it. As Ethan plunged in Cameron’s hips rose to meet him every time. Cameron was whining and arching under him. Ethan pulled himself out fully. He manhandled Cameron up and over onto his knees. He pushed Cameron’s knees further apart and his shoulders down to the mattress. As soon as Cameron was positioned to Ethan’s satisfaction Ethan lined his cock back up and pushed back inside. He took a firm hold of Cameron’s hip with one hand and reached around to Cameron’s cock with the other. Cameron’s cock was so hard it had to ache. The tip was dripping pre-cum non stop. Cameron was moaning with each thrust “More more more.” Ethan stroked Cameron’s cock roughly and in time with his thrusts. They were both so close.

Ethan felt Cameron’s back muscles clench and relax over and over. His hips were stuttering and breath was erratic. Ethan was the same. Suddenly Cameron through his head back and screamed, cum pulsing out of his cock to hit the sheets under him. Feeling that cock pulse in his hand and Cameron’s ass clench around him had Ethan in the middle of an almost violent orgasm. He pulsed into his condom so hard and fast he blanked out for seconds. Coming to he was still panting and draped over Cameron’s back. Cameron was in no better shape, still panting and flat on the bed.

Ethan pulled out and tossed the used condom to land in the bin beside his bed. He threw himself on his back on one side of the bed and pulled Cameron into his arms settling him on his chest. Still panting all he could say was “Fuck” Cameron nodded “The sex is going to kill us and I’m not about to complain about it.” Ethan pulled the blankets back over them. “We’ll have to change the sheets later, these ones are disgusting now.” He said smiling. “I don’t think I’ve ever had so much sex in one weekend. Not that I’m complaining about it Ethan. Nope no complaints. Just saying.”

Ethan laughed “If you haven’t noticed I’m trying to get you addicted to me you know. If that means copious amounts of sex to spoil you, than I’m willing and able.” Cameron laughed at Ethan’s announcement and lightly slapped his chest. “Far be it for me to try and change your mind.”

Cameron felt the covers moving off him. He cracked his eyes opened to see Ethan pulling the covers off the end at the bed. Feeling suddenly cheeky he rolled onto his back. He spread his legs a little and palmed his soft cock, stroking it slowly. He kept his eyes on Ethan’s face. Ethan kept watching the edge of the blanket as it revealed more and more of Cameron’s skin. He stopped pulling as Cameron’s cock was visable. “Like something?” Cameron asked. Ethan looked at him and smiled. “Yep. But right now I’d like to take you out to watch a movie and maybe dinner first? Just like a regular couple?” Cameron sat up on the bed releasing his half hard cock. He returned Ethan’s smile nodding. “You’ll have to lend me some clothes…” Ethan pointed to the chair where clothes were laid out. It was only now that güvenilir casino Cameron noticed that Ethan was fully dressed already.

An hour later they were waiting in line to enter the theatre. Ethan’s arms were wrapped around Cameron keeping them plastered together. A squeal behind them had Ethan stiffening and groaning. Cameron turned around curious to see a pretty girl latch onto Ethan’s arm. “Ethan, Ethan, I didn’t expect to see you here. Wow. Oh this is my best friend Jenny. We were just going to watch a movie. What are you doing here?” Cameron saw Ethan smile as he nodded to Jenny. “Hi Jenny, hi Emily. This is my boyfriend Cameron. Cam this is Emily, I T. A. in a class of hers. We were just planning in watching a movie too. We’re just waiting to go in actually.” He said. Cameron could tell Ethan was not happy about this, but he still kept his arms around Cameron so it was Emily he was unhappy with. “Oh great. Hang on a minute. We’ll just grab our tickets and join you.” Emily exclaimed as she ran off leaving Jenny looking confused. She fell into line behind them and waited too.

“Whats wrong Ethan?” Cameron whispered. “Nothing, she just latches onto me all the time.” Ethan returned. “Looks like you protect me from bullies, and I’ll have to protect you from pretty girls.” Cameron chuffed out. Seconds later they were allowed into the theatre, Emily following right behind them.

Cameron led Ethan into the very back row. Emily followed with Jenny right behind. They sat back and waited for the car chase flick to start. As the lead actor came on screen Cameron had to say “You gotta love the eye candy.” He heard the girls giggle as they agreed.

Ethan had his arm around Cameron’s shoulders and Cameron was quite content to sit back and enjoy. Only one thing started to annoy him though. Every minute or so Emily would lean into Ethan’s ear and whisper something. After a dozen attempts at getting Ethan’s attention Cameron knew he had to do something. Before he was done she’d get the message. Cameron scanned the theatre, it wasn’t very full but everyone else seemed engrossed in the movie.

He edged his way closer to Ethan. He shuffled out of his jacket and threw it over Ethan’s lap. Ethan turned to whisper “What’s up?” into his ear. “Just protecting you.” Cameron whispered back ‘and staking my claim’ he thought to himself. He could tell Ethan was confused but he sat back relaxed again. Cameron wriggled his hand under his jacket and into Ethan’s lap. Carefully he opened the buttons on Ethan’s fly, grateful Ethan had buttons since a zipper would scratch his hand. As soon as all the buttons were open Cameron quickly wormed his hand into Ethan’s underpants and wrapped his hand around Ethan’s already hot and hard cock. Ethan pulled Cameron’s face to his and claimed his lips demandingly. Cameron went willingly his hand already working Ethan’s cock. Ethan was panting into Cameron’s mouth in seconds. He was panting and moaning and Cameron swallowed each one hungrily anxious for more. Ethan’s hips rose and fell in contrast to Cameron’s strokes.

The jacket couldn’t hide what was happening beneath it, only keep Ethan’s cock from anyone else’s sight, and neither man cared about any of that at the moment, they were only consumed with eachother. Ethan’s hips sped up and Cameron knew Ethan was close to cumming. He ripped his mouth away from Ethan’s and threw himself on his knees infront of him. He pushed Ethan’s legs apart and moved the jacket aside. He swallowed Ethan down before Ethan even realized what was happening. Cameron threw up a hand to Ethan’s mouth to silence his gasps of pleasure. No use in letting everyone know what was going on. Ethan sucked two fingers into his mouth eagerly and lavished attention on them.

Beside them Jenny and Emily both gasped. Cameron didn’t care he moved his mouth up and down on Ethan’s cock, sucking and swallowing around him likea man famished. In seconds he’d pulled Ethan to the back of his throat, he swallowed around the head massaging it. Ethan thrust up sharply in short, sharp thrusts as Cameron kept swallowing around him all the time pressing his tongue on the base of Ethan’s cock.

Cameron felt Ethan start to shake. Ethan was close. Ethan’s orgasm hit the back of Cameron’s throat and he swallowed and kept swallowing. He was not about to loose a single drop. He waited until Ethan was soft in his mouth before moving away and tucking him in without anyone seeing anything. He sat back on his heels, licked his lips and looked up at Ethan. Ethan was still panting around Cameron’s fingers. He slowly opened his mouth and let Cameron have them back. They smiled at eachother before Ethan pulled him back up to his seat. Once seated Cameron chanced to look at the girls seated beside Ethan. Their eyes were wide open as were their mouths before Jenny smacked Emily in the shoulder and said “Well now we know who to go to for tips on mind blowing headjobs.” Emily nodded “Yep” She suddenly looked straight at Cameron smiling at him brilliantly. “Now I know why he kept ignoring me. That was so hot. Wow. I really need tips.” Cameron threw himself back in his seat shocked. Ethan wrapped his arm around Cameron and they settled in to finish the movie.

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