It Begins With the First

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This story has strong language, and if you have a good imagination strong mental images. This is a rape a very violent one. I got really wet while writing. I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoy writing.

This story is the first of it’s series, there will be more depending on the reviews I receive from this one. So please leave comments. And suggestions on what you would you think should happen to other girls in future stories 🙂


It begins with the first.

My name is Sarah and I am about to be the first victim of a brutal and humiliating rape. This is my story.

I was camping during a long weekend one summer with some friends miles from the city. We rented a small cottage near the lake.

Beth and her boyfriend had this booked for months as a getaway but invited me along when my boyfriend and I broke up. Beth’s boyfriend Johnny and I were also good friends so he didn’t mind me going with them.

We arrived at camping site early Friday afternoon; it was secluded by forest and a lake. The fresh air was just what I needed, but all I could think about was how much I missed Steve. The man that broke up with no less than 48 hours ago

I felt a hand on my shoulder, “how are you holding up hon?” Beth asked with concern.

“I’m doing ok, just trying to clear my head. I really hope I am not imposing on you two, I feel kind of bad,”

Beth smiled, “Listen you, it is not a big deal. The last thing I want is for my best fried to be alone all weekend.”

“Thanks Beth.” I gave her a quick hug.

We unpacked our supplies and had dinner. Once we finished eating Johnny started a fire, we sat around it in silence listening to the sounds of the night.

I lay on the grass in front of the fire and closed my eyes feeling the wind on my face, I could feel a bit of a breeze through the air and rush over me and it felt good. I felt free out here.

Beth came over to me, “Johnny and I are going to…” I cut her off.

“Don’t worry about me”, I smiled. “This was your get away so please don’t let me ruin it for you, have fun!”

Beth smiled back and walked into the cottage with Johnny. Soon after followed the sound of them making love. I couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit envious.

I stared into the fire and watched it dance then I drifted to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to find that I was in my bed; Johnny must have carried me in. I’m light at 125 pounds and a very sound sleeper. There was a note on the counter.

“Sarah, I didn’t to wake you, but I wanted to remind you Johnny and I were going rock climbing today. I hope you have a good day and stay out of trouble.”
Love Beth,

Beth was going to cancel but protested and told her not to just because I was there. I had the run of the cottage for the day, I could expect them back around 5:00 in the evening.

I made myself eggs and toast, and ate it on the porch, once I finished eating I took a walk down to the lake. The water was so calm and also very inviting.

I went back to the cottage and dressing into my two piece bikini, I grabbed a towel and made my way back down the lake. I set my towel on a nearby rock.

Testing the water with the tip of my right foot I was surprised at how warm the water was. I put both feet and started in deeper. When I was chest level I jumped the rest of the way in. I swam out a bit enjoying the water and forgetting about my stress with Steve.

I got out the water grabbed my towel and dried myself off, I didn’t realize how long I had been swimming for when I felt how hungry I was.

I started to make my way home when I heard a loud motor. I knew there were a few atv trails around. I continued to make my way back when one of the 4 wheeler emerged from the woods on a lightly used trail behind me.

The driver slowed down gave me a wave and kept going. The next one followed close behind, the driver’s helmet looked in my direction for a second.

I kept walking up the step to the cottage. I looked ahead and saw the two ATVs had stopped and the drivers were talking, I then saw one open a visor and take a drink from what looked like a beer bottle.

I shook my head and went inside. I slipped shorts over my bottom bikini then made myself a small lunch. When finished I decided to take a nap on the sofa in the living room.

I awoke up with a start when I felt someone standing over me; it was one of the drivers but still wearing his helmet.

He reached for me but I was able to roll off the couch and I started to make my way for the back door.

To my surprise the second driver was waiting there, I let out a bit of a cry and I backed up, but I knew izmir escort bayan I was corned. I grabbed a nearby vase and threw it the man by the back door; it wasn’t the brightest move as these guys were dressed in leather jackets and both wearing helmets.

The vase hit him and shattered to the floor, glass hit my bear legs causing a few streams of blood to drip down my legs.

“That didn’t work in your favor did it sweetie?” ask the guy behind me laughing.

As I looked at the man laughing I felt a blow to my lower jaw and everything went black.

I woke up to someone carrying me over his shoulders, there was a blind fold placed over my eyes so I had no idea where I was or even how long I had been out. I tried to struggle then realized my feet and hands were also bound.

“She’s awake” Said the man carrying me as he put me down on what felt like a rug.

“Damn man what a find, she is cute!”

I felt one of the guy come up close to me, his breath reeked of beer. The whole place smelt of it, they brought me somewhere else. Panic surged through me and I started to struggle and scream.

“Please let me go!” I beg tears starting to stream down.

“No one is going to hear you sweetie, we are a long way away from even your cottage.”

I heard cans cracking open, and I could feel their eyes on me. I heard them whispering among themselves but not make out what they were saying.

I tried to make out how many there were, but then I remembered I heard four cans open. There were four men starting around me.

One of the men cut my legs free then sat on them. He continued to slowly cut off my shorts.

“Please don’t do this!” I begged again I tried to kick my legs but his weighed pinned me down. I couldn’t move, my body was also pinning down my arms which were tired behind me. And damn it hurt.

He finished removing my shorts and for a second he did nothing. I wish I could see, I wanted know what they were doing.

I then felt the cold metal against my skin and slip under my bikini bottom when a upward pull I felt the sting snap. My trimmed crotch was now exposed for these men.

One of the men laughed, “nice face little cherry, and very nice pussy you have.”

He did the same to my top, and with no resistance that cut off.

“Stop! Please stop! Even thought I couldn’t help but protest I knew they would not stop.

A rough hand grabbed one of my breasts and squeezed hard. I winced out in pain and he continued to fondle and grope me.

More hands wandered over my body, down my legs, and over my stomach. The man sitting on my legs got off me, the relief felt good. I then heard the sound of pants coming down.

“We are going to have fun with you sweetie,” said one of the guys as he grabbed my head lifting it off the ground. I felt him press his erect cook against my mouth; I tried to tighten my lips only to receive a hard slap across my face. I screamed and he pushed the full length of his dick into my mouth hitting the back of my throat, I gagged a bit but he started to hump my face. “Time your breathing bitch.”

“Aw that isn’t nice, I am sure she has a name,” said another sarcastically. “what is your name sweetie?”

The man humping my face pulled his cock from my mouth and I started to choke and gasp for air. When I didn’t answer, he slammed it back in and gave a few hard humps them removed it.

My name was the last thing I wanted these jerks to know. I felt someone’s tongue on one of nipples, licking slowly, then started to suck. The sharp pricing pain shot from where he was sucking. He just bit down! I cried out.

“What is your fucking name?”

“Sarah!” I screamed. I regretted as soon as I said it.

“That’s cute, well Sarah you are in for a long day. The guys and I were not expecting this treat.”

“Please don’t do this, I can tell you guys are drunk, please let me go home!” I begged.

I heard all the guys break out laughing. “Ya we are very drunk, and let’s not waste it.” With that I felt some go down on me spreading my legs so wide it hurt. He greedily licked my pussy, pressing his tongue into me deeper then sucking on my clit. I tried to struggle and move my hips away but he held on hard.

Another man grabbed my head and roughly shoved his cock into my mouth again pumping hard and fast.

I felt the man down below stop licking my pussy but he started to insert a finger into my hole.
“Ya Sarah is fucking tight.”

I wish they would stop using my name, I cringed as he inserted another finger then began to finger fuck me slowly.

The man face fucking me started to pick up more speed, I couldn’t breathe I tried to struggle, twisted and buca escort way I could. Tears were streaming down my face. His cocked filled up the back of my throat humping to fast and hard for me to catch a breath. I couldn’t push him away my hands were still restrained underneath me. His fucking was more determined; no he was going to cum. Fear shot through me. I didn’t want to feel this man’s cum!
The man exploded filling my throat with his seed, but he held his dick in place, I thrashed I wanted to breath so badly.

“Swallow and I will pull out.” he said calmly.

I did as he ordered, swallowing his load. “Good girl Sarah.” He pull his cock from my mouth and I gasped for air, my throat was raw and so sore. I didn’t think I could put up with that again.

The man finger fucking my pussy still had his two fingers up my pussy but stopped I guess to watch. He pulled his fingers out. I felt him crouched over top of me, then felt the tip of his cock at my opening. I struggled and tried to close my legs but felt my legs being held open by the others. I couldn’t move an inch. “Ready hon?”

I started to protest but he pushed his cock into me, I felt him hit my cervix. I screamed out crying and begging him to stop.

“Damn this bitch is loud, Da–” the man stop. “Hunter, have some fun to shut her up.”

Hunter laughed, “will do.”
I was confused, but when the man on top of me starting really pound and fuck me harder I screamed only to have my throat stuffed with another cock. My arms were bring crushed into the rug with every thrust, I could feel him slamming into my insides harder and harder.

The man named hunter held on to my throat has he force fed me his cock, he tighten his grip. I could hardly breathe. He slammed his dick further down my throat, blocking all air flow.

I cried silently, these men aren’t just raping me these are getting off on torturing me.

The man on top fucking my pussy picked up more speed, he played with one of my breast as he screwed me, he pulled out then slammed his dick back in, doing the over and over, the last time he put all of his weight on my chest, pushing his cock all the it could go. The pressure and pain was intense, he pressed down harder on to my chest. If I didn’t have a dick down my throat blocking my airway I wouldn’t be able to breathe as this man was winding every time he slammed into my chest. I felt like I was going to die. Suddenly the man on top let out a groan, I could tell he had cum filling me up. I was sick this man just came inside me, I was now full of his seed.

“I want some of that pussy;” I heard one of the men holding my legs demand.
“She’s yours”, said the on me as he pulled out and got off of me.

The next grabbed my breast and squeezed them.

“I want to hear her scream Hunter, get your cock out.”
“Alright, but give me a minute to finished up.” Hunter started to thrust hard into my mouth, still holding on to my throat tightly, squeezing tighter. The pressure was too much; I couldn’t breathe my lungs burned. He pulled out for and released my neck for a second and I managed to gasp for a breath and I was happy he was done.
I was wrong Hunter slammed his cock hard into my face hitting the back of my throat over and over again, I could taste blood. Finally he came filling my mouth and throat with his cum, he relaxed his grip on my neck “swallow”, he ordered.

My throat hurt so bad I didn’t think I could, but I still couldn’t breath, everything was starting to go black. Hunter withdrew his cock and I coughed, and then started to choke on his cum still in my throat.

“Finally,” said the man waiting his next turn. “I want her on her knees,”

The other grabbed me and adjusted me so I was kneeling; my hands were no longer being crushed into the floor. The man went behind me and put me into doggie style position, since my hands were tied behind my back my face hit the floor. I cried at the impact.

“Oh sorry Sarah looks like that hurt.” All the men laughed.

My cheek rested on the rug as the man behind held up my lower half, he played with my pussy with his fingers. Then I felt him push his cock slowly into to my crotch. “She is tight” she said as he thruster faster. I scream out he was bigger than the other man.

My neck was the only think supporting my front half and I didn’t know how long I could hold myself up, I tried to let my body slid down, but he was strong and kept me from going anywhere.

He fucked me hard, I could feel his balls hitting me each thrust, he pulled out then slammed his cock back in, I struggled to find relief from the pain in my neck my face hit the rug each time he slammed into me.

I could the other men laughing, izmir escort and more cans of beer were being cracked open. Will these men realize what they did after, will they care?

The guy behind me started to thrust harder and harder, I cried out feeling him penetrate me deep. I heard him groan and pull out. I felt his cum and of the other leak out of me, down my legs. I let me body fall so I lying on my side. I was tired and weak I couldn’t take anymore. I lay there sobbing.

Someone game over to me picked me up and lay me down on my stomach. “You guys did on number on her pussy, so I will take the back door.”

“No please!” I begged.
The man laughed he seemed to enjoy hearing me beg. He got on top of me and spread my ass cheeks and started to ease his cock into my virgin asshole.

I screamed as he pushed himself deeper and deeper in. He stopped, “Hunter, let’s have some real fun you fuck her pussy. I screamed, “Please don’t I can’t take anymore” I was ignored.

The man got off of me and pick me up laying me down on who I think is Hunter, then the other man got back on me. I felt Hunter slid his cock into my pussy, “I’m in,” he said laughing.

“Please—” I got cut off by a hard slap across my face.

The man on my back, slowly entered my ass. My insides had never felt so full. Both men started to hump and thrust into me, and soon they matched paces. Hunter held onto my hips fucking me hard, giving short fast thrusts. The man on my ass pushed in harder and harder matching Hunter’s speed.

It felt like they were tearing my up inside, felt like my ass was going to split I cried and screamed in agony, begging for them to stop. Then felt some one grab my hair and slam another cock deep into my mouth. “That should shut her up,” he said as he humped my face. He tasted like my pussy and his cum witch made me gag more.

The two men fucking my holes in union sped up fast and harder, I don’t know how much more I could take. I felt Hunter once again grapple my throat squeezing hard. “Damn man, that really tightens her throat,” said the man humping my face.

Hunter laughed, and squeezed tighter. I struggled as best as I could, but one man had my hair. Hunter held on to my throat, a man lay on top of me screwing my ass, and the last man held on to me legs, I could not move. I couldn’t breathe; I could not even make a sound. Tears streamed down my face. I was at their mercy, at their control.

The man fucking my ass started to slam faster with more urge and I heard he cum. He pulled out and got off of me. Hunter still coking me got off as well filling me up more.

The man face-fucking me slammed harder and hard into my mouth and shot his load, he pulled out, and Hunter released his death grip. I gagged and coughed, then collapsed.

Every inch of me hurt, I could take no more. One of the men came over to me, I felt him stand over. Pleas no more I though. But he didn’t touch me, I listened carefully, he sounded like he was jacking off. Not long soon after I felt his warm cum hit my face and hair.

I head the men getting their pants back on. Then I passed out.

When I woke up, I was naked and alone in a clearing outside. My body was caked with mud and dirt and blood. I could see the cottage I was staying at from where I was laying. I stood up weakly and slowly made my way back to the cottage. I could see Beth’s car was not back yet.

I made it up the steps inside and looked at the time 4:00PM. I then saw there was another note on the counter next to Beth’s.

“We hope you had fun Sarah, let’s keep this our little secret okay. Enjoy the rest of you weekend.”

With love,
Solider, Hunter, Watcher, Tamer

I ripped up the note and flushed it down the toilet. I showered spending almost a full hour cleaning and scrubbing the men off of me.

When I got out and dressed, Beth and Johnny were walking up the steps. “Hey Sarah, I am really sorry we left you alone today, were you alright?”

I started at her for a second, “I was OK.”

“Great I am glad to hear– what happened to your chin?”

I tried to cover that bruise from when one of the men initially knocked me out, but it was still very red, other than that they left no other visible marking on me. There all internal. Other then the class cuts on my legs.

“Oh it was just my clumsiness, I knock over a vase I try to catch it and gave myself as good knock in the chin with it. I cleaned the mess up as well.

Beth laughed, “OK I’m just glad your alright, have you eaten dinner yet?”

We had dinner together and Johnny made another fire, I never did tell Beth about what happened that horrible summer.
I know she would blame herself for leaving me alone, even blame herself for inviting me on this camping trip.

I never told anyone.

I am the first. But not the last.

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