It Started with a Kiss

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A kiss! What is a kiss? It seems so innocent and yet!

We do it all the time, we kiss our children; or parents; our siblings; family members; friends; even work colleagues, sometimes we can even kiss strangers when greeting them. A kiss is something innocent, a form of greeting, a simple brushing of your lips against another persons, or against their cheek, that is the innocent kiss, but there is another sort. The kiss between two lovers. Or the kiss that starts a love affair.

A kiss that presages pure lust; an invitation to sex; the beginnings of sex between you; part of sexual abandon and loss of control. The sort of kiss that starts slowly, then builds from simple lips touching, to mouths opening, tongues entwining, almost eating each other in desire and passion, all control and thoughts of outcomes and consequences forgotten.

That’s what started this tale, a simple innocent pressing of two pairs of lips together that started a fire between two unexpecting people that in the end left two families devastated and ripped apart, and two people madly in love and ridden with guilt at all the pain and suffering they were causing to those innocent people they also loved.

A kiss that started so innocently, a kiss that is by chance, unplanned or even as part of a dare!

So yes, it started with a kiss, a simple kiss that changed my life. A kiss that started as a dare.

I was part of a hen party taking place a few weeks before the wedding date, there were about thirty of us, ranging from the bride to be, and her friends, all in their early twenties, to her mother and her friends, like me, who had just turned forty.

We were in the nightclub of the hotel we were staying in, but in a restricted VIP area that had been reserved exclusively for us for the night, it was obvious what we were, a group of women, on the way to getting drunk and out for a good time. All innocent so far.

We were loud and raucous, boisterous but not rowdy. We were issuing dares to each other, certain items of clothing being removed, dancing with the men in the club, getting up close and personal, but never going too far. Fortunately, the men realised what the score was and played along, dancing, happy to cop a quick feel of boob or bum if they could and the woman was willing, or a kiss, but nothing more than that.

Some, mainly the younger ones, but not only them, would go as far as they dared, no most did that, pressing against the lucky guy, some even let the guy snog them, but not me. Me I was staying nice and quiet in the background. Keeping away from the more exuberant happenings, singing along to the music and getting enough booze onboard me to make me feel happy and glowing, nice and mellow. After all, I was happily married with two teenage kids.

The only thing that got a bit out of hand was when two of the future bridesmaids pounced on a young guy they had invited into our area, and that was against all our rules, that was our haven, our safe place, and gave him a blow job under the table, but they were young and single, so weren’t cheating on anyone. And they were cheered on by all of us. Not something that would have happened in my day but hey.

Now I’m not a prude and never have been. I wasn’t exactly promiscuous during my youth, but no saint either, I had plenty of sex and with plenty of partners. I didn’t put out on the first date, but after I finally lost my virginity, then most times when a guy dated me he didn’t go home frustrated. Now let me make one thing clear, I didn’t do sympathy dates or things like that, I only dated guys who I really liked, sometimes I went without dating for months. So the fact that somewhere along the line we would have sex seemed natural to me. I liked it, so why not.

Things had started to hot up and we were now onto vodka chasers, necking them and slamming the glasses down noisily, everyone was now well on the way to oblivion and inhibition, and monster hangovers in the morning. But still in the sanctity of our haven.

Caroline, the brides’ mother and one of my best friends stood up and shouted, “Hey Libby, it’s been a while since you’ve done a dare.”

“Shit,” I thought, “what does she have in mind now.”

“Libby, I dare you to kiss someone.”

No! she knows I don’t do that now, she knew I didn’t want to get close and personal, I’d told her that, and I’d even managed to squirm out of dancing with a gorgeous young hunk of a guy who I would have happily seduced and devoured if I was single. But since I had started to get serious with Nigel who is now my husband my wilder days were behind me. I was a monogamous one-man woman and had been for twenty years now.

“I dare you to kiss,” she slurred drunkenly before continuing, “I dare you to kiss Denise,”

I looked at her in shock and surprise as whoops and cheers went around our group. Denise was another friend of Caroline’s, about my age, also married with teenagers, and one hot lady, not that I am into women. I knew her in passing.

Denise casino şirketleri looked at me equally shocked and embarrassed, neither of us knew what to do, it was obvious that we didn’t want to kiss each other. We both begged to be let off the dare, but things got more heated with the girls now and they kept urging us on.

Bowing to the pressure and not wanting to spoil the vibe I looked at Denise and shrugged acceptance indicating I will if you will, all the time staring daggers at Caroline. Denise did the same and we moved into the middle of the group and stood facing each other.

Hesitantly I slid my arms around Denise’s waist and pulled her to me, I could feel the warmth of her firm body against mine as she came closer and pressed her body to mine, gently, hips and boobs coming into contact.

We stared at each other for a second, neither wanting or daring to take the lead, then Denise took my head in her hands, bent my neck slightly as I am an inch taller than her and brought her lips to press softly against mine. Nothing else, a simple chaste pressing together of two pairs of lips. We held the kiss for a couple of seconds before parting. I’m sure we both recognised that we had liked it.

There was plenty of cheering from around us, when Caroline intervened again, “That’s not a kiss, I kiss my mum with more bloody passion than that, come one let’s have some tongue action.”

If the cheers had been loud at the first request then they were even louder now. I’m sure I even heard some cheers from the men in the general part of the club. What the hell had got into Caroline, she’s never had any lesbian tendencies before, too much Prosecco and vodka were taking their toll.

What the hell, I’m half drunk, on a hen party and kissing another woman isn’t exactly cheating on Nigel I thought, it will probably turn him on when I tell him, isn’t it most men’s fantasy to know that their wife had kissed another woman.

Denise was looking at me wondering what my reaction would be, I smiled at her, pushed my tongue out and licked my lips, that was the signal between us to start.

Our lips came together again, this time with more intensity and passion as we pulled each other tight, my lips parted slightly as I pushed my tongue out and into Denise’s open mouth, finding her tongue and playing with it. I was having my very first lesbian kiss and to add to the surrealism of it I recognised that the song ‘It started with a kiss’ by Hot Chocolate was being played by the DJ.

Our mouths were working overtime as we were literally trying to eat each other, giving the girls plenty to cheer about and as I pulled Denise even tighter to me I gave her firm bum a good squeeze through the tight red leather skirt she was wearing.

I knew something was off, what I was doing was wrong, I am a married mum of two and I was openly French kissing a woman. OK, it was as a dare, but frighteningly I had felt a spark of lust and excitement. I’m sure Denise deliberately brushed her hand against my boobs as we parted to loud but frustrated cheers, and not just from our party. I was right, more than a few men in the club had taken an obvious interest in what we were doing. It seems we had attracted quite an audience as we stood in the middle of the VIP area and snogged our faces off. Anybody who looked could see the tongue action taking place between us and hands had definitely started caressing bodies.

Denise and I parted and I stormed over to Caroline. “What the hell was that about?”

“You looked so uptight and not joining in, so I just wanted to have a laugh, I didn’t expect you to do it, even more, the fact that you two were ready to fuck each other right in front of everyone,” she laughed. I laughed back as she was right.

“You owe me a bloody large ‘Voddie’, and not the cheap muck I want a large Stolichnaya,” I shouted at her over the noise as we dissolved into fits of giggles. The night wound down not long after that and everyone drifted off to their rooms.

I’d just cleaned my teeth and was in a black baby-doll nightdress with matching panties, why the hell I’d brought such a sexy outfit with me I don’t know, maybe it was part of the feel-good thing of going on a hen party when a hesitant knock came on my door.

‘Who the hell is this?’ I thought as I peered through the spy hole.

I opened the door and there was Denise a bottle of Champagne in her hand, smiling, “Can I come in and talk?”

I moved aside and Denise walked past me into the bedroom, I have to admit I had a good look at her nice round bum encased in that tight skirt as she passed me.

“Libby, it is Libby isn’t it?” she asked. Hell, we’d had one pretty hot kiss not so long ago and she wasn’t sure of my name. I nodded yes but didn’t speak.

“Libby, I’m sorry about before, I mean I’ve never done that before, kissed a woman.”

“And you think I have?”

“No, I’m sure you haven’t, but… but you felt something the way I did when we kissed. casino firmaları That little spark of something, that… that, just something.”

I wasn’t going to admit anything, I wanted to know what Denise intended, although judging from the bottle in her hand, I had a pretty good idea. Why didn’t that worry me? Instead I was excited.

“Look, Denise, I’m married. I am not gay. I’m not even bi, at least as far as I’m aware of, so where is this going, what do you want?”

Denise put the bottle on a table and walked over to me, slid her arms around my waist, I didn’t stop her, and said, “I know you felt excited, why did you grab my bum. I want to have sex with you tonight. I’ve never been with a woman either, and yes I know you’re married, we both are, but it won’t be cheating will it, not like cheating with another man. I’m sure Keith wouldn’t get too upset if he found out.”

That old get-out clause of not actually cheating on your husband if you’re having sex with another woman. That they’ll readily forgive you and even get turned on by the idea.

Denise leaned up as she had done in the club earlier and kissed me, again just that light brushing of her lips against mine as her arms moved higher and wrapped around my neck. At the same time, I opened my mouth to accept her kiss and pulled her hard against me, hands tight on her bum. All the time I couldn’t get the song that was playing when we had kissed earlier out of my mind. Was it an omen? ‘It started with a kiss,’ Errol Brown you have so much to answer for.

Denise melted into my arms as I returned her kiss, arms hugging my neck as she pulled my face against hers as hard as she could, at the same time she was grinding her hips against me. The fact I was half-naked didn’t help with my restraint as a firm leg pushed its way between mine and rubbed up against my pussy. Making my panties wetter than they should be.

I was squeezing Denise’s bum, our tongues were uncontrollable as they toyed and played with each other. Teasing and enticing. My breath was coming in pants as finally I broke the kiss and said to Denise, “If we don’t stop now, you know what will happen?” I wanted her to stop and walk out of the door, I was desperate for her to just turn around and walk out of my bedroom and life, yet again in some way I didn’t. I was torn in two by fear and lust. ‘I am not a lesbian,’ I kept saying to myself. ‘I’m married, I’ve never come close to cheating.’

Denise then sealed our fate, she looked at me coyly and smiled, saying “Let it happen just for tonight, nobody will know. I’m as nervous as you are.” At the same time reaching down to start unbuttoning the fastenings on her black silk blouse, parting it so that I could see her breasts straining to escape from a push-up black silky bra. I sank my head into her cleavage, lusting in the perfume of Chanel No 5.

I didn’t hesitate any longer, mentally committing myself and promising that I would make a full confession to my husband in the morning I ripped Denise’s bra off the front of her boobs making her gasp as the clasp gave way. I latched my mouth onto her right boob sucking on it as a one-year-old would do. Denise moaned as she shrugged her blouse off her shoulders and let it and the remnants of her bra fall to the floor.

I lowered myself down, kissing her body as I did, at the same time I reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, pulling it over her hips and letting it drop to the floor. All the time following the waistband with my lips as I rained hot kisses down her torso. Denise pushed me away from her for a second as she hooked her fingers in her panties and in one swift move pushed them over her hips and let them pile around her feet.

I was on my knees looking up at Denise, like a supplicant or penitent. In a position of surrender. Eyes gazing up at her face but taking in the contours of her body, the slight swell of her stomach, the delightful upturn of her breasts that gave the small dark nipples that perched there a cheeky upward look. My gaze travelled back down her body and rested on her pussy. Bereft of hair, she was clean-shaven, I was entranced by the look, I had never been that daring. I’m sure I could see drops of moisture glistening in her folds.

My hands were trembling as I placed them on the back of her thighs just behind her knees and slid them higher until they were just under the curve of her arse cheeks. My lips had made the same journey up the front of her right thigh, grazing butterfly light kisses as they rode higher.

My nose came to a stop as it hit her groin, pressing into her pussy and I got a scent of her musky aroma for the first time. Denise let out a little gasp as my nose pressed harder into her. My hands had stopped trembling now, instead, they were shaking with sheer terror.

I looked up, just managing to get a glance at Denise’s face as she smiled down at me, hesitantly encouraging, but she also had a look of trepidation and the unknown in her eyes. I let my eyes drift güvenilir casino closed, and placed my mouth on her, pressing my lips deep into her folds, parting her lips with the pressure I exerted. I sucked in and drank the lubrication that was covering her pussy. The most wondrous and beautiful taste in the world. Tangy and salty but with an underlying hint of honey sweetness. I savoured it like a connoisseur would the finest wine.

One final, persistent, thought of doubt, raced through my mind. I’m a happily married woman in her forties and I’m kissing a pussy. I’m not meant to be doing this, tasting a woman, if I’m doing oral I should be sucking on my loving husbands’ cock, deep deep-throating him to distraction. Not kissing a pussy, and to my everlasting shame liking it.

Denise moaned as my mouth moved on her, then I surrendered to the underlying lust and curiosity that were raging throughout me. My tongue extended and I licked deeply in Denise’s core, tasting more of her sweet and tasty juices. Her pussy was soft and moist and hot and encased my tongue as I swirled it around deep in her core. Hesitation a thing of the past now as my tongue went into overdrive, turbocharged in a frenzy of carnal lust.

I licked and licked up and down her slit, getting my tongue deep one moment, then just caressing the outer folds of her, driving Denise wild with lust as my tongue and lips played her hot sweet cunt.

God, why do most men not like licking pussy I mused, this is the most glorious thing I could ever do, the smell, the taste, the feel of it on my lips and tongue, lubricating juices coating me. Pure heaven! Maybe it takes a woman to fully appreciate it.

Knowing I had tormented Denise for long enough I sucked the prominent nub of her clit between my lips and at first flicked and then rolled my tongue on it. Denise grabbed my head and pulled me tight against her mound at the same time as thrusting her hips into me, fucking my face in a frantic attempt to reach the crest of her impending orgasm. She kept fucking my face as if it was a man’s groin she was humping against as I licked and sucked on her clit, feeling the tremors ripple through her as she came, flooding my mouth with the nectar of her offering, coating my face even more copiously than it had been before.

Denise let out a long howl of seeming anguish as she ripped herself from me and fell to the floor in a heap beside me. Her body was heaving as she drew breath after breath into her. I thought she was sobbing her breathing was that loud and furious, ‘Oh my God, what have I done,’ I thought as I moved closer to her.

Denise looked at me a glazed look in her eyes, reached out a shaking arm and pulled me closer to her and as our faces came close she kissed me in the most loving way I had ever been kissed in my life. A kiss of pure, unadulterated, love. She then continued to rain soft kisses over my face, at the same time licking and cleaning her juices from me. I had so much to say but knew that at that moment words were uncalled for and would actually ruin everything that had just gone before and could possibly happen again.

I was as shocked as Denise was but I was expectant and frustrated and wanted something myself, I wanted to experience what Denise just had, but held back.

Denise shook herself, boobs bouncing and swaying as she did, took me by the hand as we both got up off the floor and she led me to the bed. Suddenly I was naked, bra and panties pulled off my body, on my back, arms and legs akimbo as Denise pushed me down. Eyes devouring my naked body with primal lust.

She dropped down beside me and sucked one breast and then the other into her mouth, alternating between sucking and nipping on my hard and sensitive nipples, salivating over them as she enjoyed herself and the effect she was having on me as I groaned and sighed, each movement of her tongue sending a tingling message direct to my pussy making it twitch and ache.

Her hands were roaming freely over me, fondling and squeezing my boobs, lightly running her nails up and down my sides, tickling and stimulating as they did so. Time ceased to matter as infinitesimally slowly I felt her hand move down, over my belly, past my mound and a single finger pressed into my slit, held still for a second and then pulled out. My hand shot down to grasp hers and pushed the finger back inside me. Denise giggled and pulled it slowly out again, increasing the pressure as she did so, almost dragging it against my lips as she tormented me. Back in again, this time just as slowly but a little deeper and a lot harder. God she was building me up, teasing and tormenting me. I wanted her fingers, her whole hand and fist buried inside me, probing and ramming into me hard, but Denise just kept up her delicate and slow assault on my pussy. I could swear I heard her purring at the torment she was causing me.

Eventually tiring of tormenting me she flipped around and started to do what I really needed by now. She buried her head between my legs as I experienced the feel of a woman’s mouth on my pussy for the first time

Her tongue was lashing furiously up and down my slit, powering between the outer folds. Her initial assault on my pussy was hard and fast and furious in its intensity.

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