It Was Her Mom’s Idea!

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My slowly-softening prick was still buried in Anne’s pussy, and we were slowly coming down from our mutual high of climax, when she dropped her bombshell.

“Ben,” she said, smiling up at me, tendrils of hair clinging to her sweat-damp brow.


“Will you do me a favour?”

“Of course.”

“Without knowing what it is?” she said, a little surprised, I think.

I sort of shrugged. Difficult, when you’re leaning on your elbows so as not to crush the woman you’ve just shared mind-blowing sex with, and whose pussy is still contracting gently around your prick. “I doubt you’d ask the impossible, Anne, so yes. What is it you want?”

“I want you to take Sue’s virginity,” she said calmly, an expectant look on her face.

I stared at her, for once in my life rendered speechless. “Say that again?” I managed.

Anne smiled again. “You heard,” she said softly.

“I guess I did.” I stared at her, perplexed. Anne Benton and I have a very nice fuck-buddy relationship, no strings on either side. Anne’s divorced, and she and her daughter Sue live next door. Sue was due to start college the following month. “Why?”

“Ease out, Ben, and I’ll tell you. You’re almost soft anyway,” she added with a chuckle.

I dutifully withdrew from Anne’s very talented pussy and lay back beside her. she rolled over and propped herself on an elbow, her breasts moulded against me. “You know Sue’s off to college next month?”

“Yes. So?”

“So she and I had the big Mom-daughter chat. I asked her if she’d lost her cherry yet, and she said no. I asked her, when did she plan to lose it, and she said she’d probably come home sometime in the next year or so, a virgin no more, as she put it. What she said gave me an idea, which, unlike some of my ideas, seemed even better when I’d gone over it. Anyway, I asked her if she wanted to lose her cherry in the back seat of a car, with some guy who knew as little as she did, or in bed, in comfort, with a gentle man who cares enough to put his partner first.”

“And what did Sue say?” I asked, with a sudden inkling I knew where this conversation was leading.

“To quote my daughter, no contest, Mom, give me the bed and the man who knows what he’s doing.”

“So?” I said.

“So, I said, how about Ben? He’s gentle, caring, and a very good lover.”

“Why, thank you, ma’am. And what did Sue say?”

“She said, yes, please, Ben. You know she likes you, I think the idea of you popping her cherry excites her.” Anne giggled suddenly, looking at my prick. “It excites you, too!”

“I think it does, but she’s not here.”

“And I am. Let me at him!” Anne paused. “Ben?”

“Yes, love?”

“I gave Tony the heave. You’re my only lover now. After you deflower my daughter, do you think we could maybe manage twice a week? Or more, even?”

“If that decision has anything to do with me,” I said, feeling a great content come over me, “then the answer is an unconditional yes!”

“Good,” said Anne, taking gentle hold of my stiffening erection. “Come to Mama,” she said, as her lips closed over me.

That was last week. Yesterday, when the doorbell rang in the late afternoon, I knew it had to be Sue. I opened the door and, sure enough, there she was. Shorts and a t-shirt, big purse on a shoulder sling.

“Hi, Mr Jacks,” she said cheerfully. “I’ve come to get laid.”

I stared at her for a moment, and she flushed a little, but her smile was broad, her eyes bright. “Say that again,” I said.

“I’ve come to get laid. You know. I want you to make love to me, casino şirketleri to fuck me, pop my cherry, take my virginity, whatever.” I gazed at her for a moment, just enjoying the thought of bedding her. “No buts, Mister Ben Jacks,” she said, in a no-nonsense tone.

“I wasn’t planning any,” I said, smiling. What about your Mom?”

She grinned. “It was her idea, as you already know. She’s having a cleaning orgy.” Sue rolled her eyes, and I laughed. “Can I come in?” she said.

“Oh! Sorry. Sure, Sue, come on in.” I stood aside to let her in, closing the door behind her and following her into the living room, enjoying the the roll of her ass in her summer shorts. I gestured to a chair and she sat. “So, what do you say?” she asked, eagerly.

“Are you sure you want this?” I managed to ask, although it was difficult, because I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were prominent against her t-shirt..

“Yes, certain,” she said. She giggled. “Mom said I could stay all night, so we can do it more than once, if you want.” She held up her big, sling purse. “I have everything I need here. I didn’t think I needed PJs or a nightie.” The gurgle of her giggle again, trying to make my prick even stiffer.

“If you’re absolutely sure, Sue?” She nodded vigorously, a broad smile on her face. I threw up my hands in surrender, smiling. “Okay, I’m your man.”

“Great!” she said. “Shall I take my clothes off?”

I laughed, and reached for her hand. “Come on, there’s a big, comfortable bed upstairs.”

“Is that where you fuck my Mom?” she said, taking my hand.

“That’s where I make love to your Mom.” I laughed. “I guess it’s the same thing, just sounds better.”

“Is she good?” said Sue, the look I recognised as her best number one innocent look on her face.

“She’s good, very good,” I said, “but that’s all I’m going to say about your Mom. Now is for you.”

“Okay, spoilsport,” said Sue, laughing

In the bedroom I quickly drew the drapes closed, switching on some low-wattage bedside lamps which gave the room a honeyed glow. Sue looked around with interest, the first time she’d been in my bedroom, then at me. She smiled, but I think she was nervous.

“Ben?” she said.

“Yes, Sue?”

“Suddenly, I’m scared.”

“No one’s forcing you, Sue. If you want to back out now, okay.” But please don’t.

“It’s not that. I want todo this, but I’m scared you’ll think I’m a poor substitute for my Mom.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and made her face me. “Sue, love. Your Mom’s a wonderful woman, and I treasure our relationship, but she’s not here. You are, your Mom knows, and knows why, and I would very much like to make love to you,” I said, keeping my voice gentle.

“You would?”

“I would. Now. So get naked!” I grinned.

“Can I undress in the bathroom?” she asked, shy I think.

“Of course. I’ll be in bed, waiting for you.”

Sue smiled. “Okay. Don’t go away.”

“I won’t.”

Sue went into the bathroom and I hurriedly undressed, glad to ease the constriction over my rapidly-stiffening prick. Naked, I lay back in the bed, on the right, the sheet tented over my erection. The bathroom door opened, and Sue stepped out cautiously, shy, gloriously naked, flushing as she caught my eye.

Sue is more slender than her Mom, but not by much, with beautiful breasts, a slim waist and almost boyish hips, but enough flare in them to show without doubt that she’s female. I flipped the sheet back for her, and she stopped, staring at my erection, a look of shock on her face.

Her eyes lifted to mine. “It’s huge,” she whispered, a worried look on her face. casino firmaları “It will never fit!”

“Yes, it will,” I said. “Babies are bigger, and they get out okay.”

“I’m not exactly pregnant,” she said with a little laugh, and slipped into bed beside me.

“No, and you won’t be, not if you’re on the pill.”

“I am. Mom and I agreed it was a good idea if I was going away to college. She said it saved worrying about whether a boy remembered a rubber.”

“Come here,” I said, reaching for her, and she moved into my arms, raising her lips for my kiss. It was a gentle kiss at first, as we learned each other’s taste, but we both knew there was more to come and the kiss warmed, became hot, until Sue broke away, gasping, her eyes wide.

“Wow,” she said, her eyes dancing, and moved back into my kiss. With my left arm supporting her neck, I brought my right hand up to cup her breast, the nub of her nipple hard against my palm. Her breast just filled my hand, and she moaned softly into the kiss as I squeezed gently.

Breaking the kiss, I let my lips trail down her neck, along her collar-bone, back, then down, tiny little kisses across her chest, and down, until my lips closed on her nipple. I let her feel my teeth and she gasped, a ripple of terrified excitement going through her. She was breathing more heavily now, a little hoarse, quicker. I let her nipple go and kissed my way across to the other one, then down, across her belly, stabbing her navel with my tongue, making her giggle.

As I kissed my way down, tugging at the wisps of hair on her mons with my teeth, Sue put her hand on my head. “Ben?” she said.

I looked up. “Are you going to, um, eat me?” she said.

“Yes. You want me to?”

She grinned. “Yes, please!” She gestured. “I just wondered, why?”

“Because I want you wet, as wet as possible, so that when I enter you, there will be lots of your juices to make it easy for us both,” I said. I took a deep breath, a mixture of fresh spring-flower soap and sexually-ready female, pungent, arousing to me, making my already hard prick even harder.

“I’m wet now, Ben,” she whispered.

“Just wait, sweetheart. You’ll be wetter.” I lowered my head and her legs spread. I think she was unaware; her head was back and her eyes closed. She was wet, her breathing hoarse, and I think she was bracing herself for the touch of my mouth. I moved so that my head was comfortably between her legs. Gently, I extended my tongue and ran the point of it up, from the rosebud of her ass, to the little nub of her clit. She shuddered, gasping, her fingers tightening convulsively in my hair. I pointed my tongue and speared it into her and she gasped again, then moaned softly as my lips closed over her labia, my tongue busying itself with laving her, tasting her salty-sweet honey, kissing her labia, sucking licking, my tongue busy everywhere, flicking lightly across her clit, making her gasp again. Her fingers were tight in my hair and she was panting, and I guessed she was close, her responses so like her mother’s. I let my lips close on her clit, sucking, then let her feel my teeth.

She screamed, and her whole body shook as her climax washed over her, her fingers like claws in my hair. My tongue moved again, flicking her clit, and the super-sensitive nub triggered a fresh wave of climax over her. Again I did it, then again, but she pulled at my head, pulling me up to cover her.

“No more,” she whispered. “I can’t take it.” I took her into my arms and brought her lips to mine, knowing she would be tasting herself. At first she froze, but then her kiss became urgent as she tried to make the kiss more intense. güvenilir casino Gasping for air, she broke the kiss. “Fuck me, Ben! Fuck me now!” she cried.

I moved to kneel between her legs and she threw them even further apart, opening herself to me. I could see how wet she was, ready for me, a trickle of her juices in the crack of her ass, her labia reddened, swollen. I sat back for a moment, feeling her eyes all over me. I was ready, hot, hard, and I moved forward, weight on one arm, my erection held lightly between thumb and forefinger, bending to press it to her opening. She was soaking, just as I’d told her she’d be, and she gasped anew as she felt the head of my prick press into her virgin core, just an inch or so, feeling her tightness ease over the head. I moved a little and she gasped.

“Oh, my god!” she said, panic in her tone. “You’re too big!”

“Easy, Sue,” I murmured, “give it a moment.” I eased back, then pressed forward again, and there was a little more of me in her. She gasped again, then cried out as I pressed against her hymen. I paused. “You okay, sweetheart?” I said.

She gave me a teary smile. “Give me a second or two, Ben. Any further in, and I won’t be a virgin.” I laughed, but I was poised, waiting, ready. Sue took a deep breath. “Okay, Ben. Again, but take it easy, please.”

“Of course I will, sweetheart,” I said gently. I pulled back, pressed forward, did it again, then again, touching her hymen on each forward stroke, but then I took her by surprise, this time pushing in hard and a tight scream escaped from between Sue’s clenched teeth as her hymen tore. She clutched at my shoulders, her fingers almost claws, as she adjusted to the feel of my blunt weapon buried in her depths. Taking a deep breath, she lifted a tear-blurred gaze to me, and smiled.

“I guess I’m not a virgin any more, Ben,” she said, a little tremor in her voice, but smiling. I smiled back and bent to kiss her, beginning to move again, tiny movements, gradually increasing until I was moving easily in her juices. “Oh, Ben,” she whispered. “This is marvellous!”

“Sure is, sweetheart,” I said, beginning to thrust harder. I think I was excited myself at what we were doing, for even my attempts at self-control didn’t seem to be working. I wanted to come, so I asked her. “You ready for me to come?”

“Oh! Yes!” she cried. “Yes, of course! Oh, fuck me, Ben, fuck me! Come in my pussy!” Her knees came up, her heels hooking behind my ass, urging me into her.

It couldn’t last, and it didn’t. I only managed a few more long, deep strokes before I felt her belly ripple as a scream came from her mouth, her pussy clamping down on my hardness, milking me, and I followed her over the edge, my hips jerking in reflex as my own climax hit me, and I heard her crying, “Yes! Yes!” as the two of us combined in orgasmic release, slowly sliding down towards fulfilment.

Slowly, gradually, our breathing eased, and I leaned on my elbows, smiling down at her. “You okay, Sue?” I said.

She stretched up to kiss me. “What do you think?” she said with a grin. I laughed, kissing her back.

“You remind me of your mother,” I said. “Warm, passionate and whole-hearted in your love-making.”

She looked pleased. “Really?”

“Yes, really,” I said. “Hungry?”

She laughed. “Ravenous!”

“Me too. I’ll phone for Chinese.” I laughed, content. “After all, all I’ve had to eat is you. Very tasty, but not very filling!”

Sue laughed, then sobered. “Ben?”


“When we’ve eaten, can we do it again?”

“You want to?”

“Yes,” she said, simply. “I do, very much.”

“Okay,” I said and she grinned.

“Good,” she said. “Mom told me I’d want to do it again, with you.”

Well, hell, what do I say to that!

Thanks for reading, folks, and I hope you enjoyed it. I treasure feedback, and a vote is only a mouse click away, pretty please

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