Jack the Ripper: The Awakening

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Abigail looked around the graveyard. Her great great great grandmother had wrote in a diary she had found in the attic that Richard Miller, was the real Ripper. So she came to the honored cemetary to find the man. She found the diary at a very young age, 4, and looked it up. Growing up scared of the Ripper she she actualy looked at him as sort of a hero in her pre-teen years and found him sexy in her teen years as a goth. Now 23 she was still extremely atracted to the idea of the Ripper and she would still masterbate to him sometimes, but she wasn’t a goth anymore. Baring a striking resemblance to her great grandmother she finally found the grave.
She felt the need to come to this graveyard at night for some reason. She saw the name and suddenly felt horney. She looked around the empty graveyard as she started to rub her pussy through her sweat pants. Her favorite pants because every pair of jeans she wore made her ass look like skin tight jeans. She bit her bottom lip moaning slightly as her panties starting soaking in her fluids. Her nipples became hard and needed to be sqeezed and just like her great grandmother her breasts were double D. Her Shapley thighs quivered in the cool night air.
The almost skeletal body awoke.
“Tanya Smith” it said, it’s voice nearly demonic. He suddenly heard a strange ringing noise.
Abigail answered her cell phone, “Abbey Smith.” she answered startled.
The Ripper smelled the air,
“A direct desendent then.” he said with a smile, “My revenge will be on her legacy then.” he said as he hit the boards, breaking through them in a single hit, flesh starting to reform around his bones very slightly. The only thing that reformed completely was the one thing he was most prideful in, his 10 inch penis. He started crawling through the dirt, digging his way out. He emerged from the ground to the foggy fresh air. He saw Abigail walking away, at least 20 years away. He looked around seeing the new reformed city. The lights bright.
“A brave new world I see.” He said “I shall have to learn.”
True evil would never die due to a single bullet, he had just been sleeping.
But now he had awoken. Now the world would feel his vengance.
History would call the monster many things. A bed time monster, the whitecapel killer, the first real serial killer, he was all these things, but the one thing everyone would know by is,
Jack the Ripper.

He never had to stalk a victim for long, but he saw this was a new age, a precise one. Everything about this age he had entered cried perfection, or at least an attempted perfection. 
The roads, transportation, everything was… new.
Many of the buildings were still standing from his time plus some added. He kept to the shadows, he knew them best. In the alleyways he had always confided.
The artficial lights took him back some. Guns looked… Different. More metal. Carriages were faster stronger, no horses ran them. 
This was a science fiction book as he’s ever even heard of.

The cops were quite easy to spot, easier then in his time.
He patted a his breast pocket that had thankfully not rotted away.
His coin purse was still there, his favorite coin purse he had on him always. Except at night for obvious reasons. He pulled it from his breast pocket, the threads of the rotting suit tearing as he pulled gently.
He opened the coin purse. 
He never did like pounds, gold never changed however.
He walked into a store keeping his grotesquely decayed face concealed. He grabbed a satin blue tunic that covered his face, white puffy gloves, a comfortable suit, then dress shoes. He also saw a cane which fit his liking. He put on the attire and started walking from the store as the salesmen stood up to stop him.
He was stopped catching a gold coin. 
“Keep it.” the Rippers deep gurtal voice said.

He stopped in the middle of the abandoned street as a large metal circle rose from the ground. He took a step back with a curious glance.
A man in need of a shave rose with a yellow shiney helmet and a lime green coat.
The man looked over, jumping at the sight.
“Oiy, prick! You gave me a fright ya cunt!
“Where does that hole lead?”
He asked,
“Watcha stupid? Sewers, it’s a manhole, now bugger off, ya face izmir escort bayan is freakin’ me out.” 
“How far do these sewers go?” he asked,
“Are you fackin’ stupid? All under the city ya dumb bastard!”
He turned around lighting a match after sticking a ciggerette in his mouth.
He sucked on it for a good three seconds, “Only reason why you’d wanna go down ‘ere is if your a wanted man.” he joked,
“Why is that?” 
“Cameras genius, coppers watchen us all the time now. You new around here?”
“No.” he asked making the worker jolt a bit for he was right next to the manhole now.
“What the bloody hell ya cunt!” he yelled in an exasperation of fear.
“Hell is about the only thing you got right.” he said, his evil lips slowly curving upward. 
The Ripper lifted the cane over the worker and jolted it down, with inhuman strength, the same strength he used to destroyed the wood he was buried in, the same strength he used to crawl out of the ground in seconds.
The cane cracked through the helmet piercing the top of the mans skull.
The Ripper jumped into the manhole after the falling man.
His skin seemed to form more after the man was dead.
Being so intrigued with this new age he lost his target. 
Tanya’s legacy, Abigail. 
The cunning murderer waited to kill anyone else for a week. He needed to learn all there was to know about this new age. He studied in a library, books first, until he learned about computers. 
Nothing pleased him more at that time.
He also noticed one other thing.
Women were held in the same regards as men now. He even spotted a female police officer, granted she looked like a bulls ass, but nevertheless. 
There were many women who caught his eye. 
One in particular.
A black haired girl who worked as a librarian. She always had her hair in a knot so it didn’t get in front of her glasses. She wore black high heels, black stockings and a dark green skirt to her kneecaps. Her blouse was white but she wore a jacket vest over the blouse. Her had thinner lips, long smooth legs, her eyes a peircing shade of brown. She had B-cup sized breasts.
The Ripper lusted.
He felt his want, his need, aching in his privates. He growled under his breath in frustration everytime he saw her. His blackish yellow teeth gnashed when he watched her apple ass walking away. His hands clentched friviously when she stuck a pen in her mouth, her tongue licking around the tip of the pen. He could imagine her screaming, he wanted to hear her scream and no one would be able to help her. His new selection of knives itching to be tested. Her soft flesh being bruisingly groaped in his hands, his knives sliding across her back as she cried for mercy. His daydream was suddenly cut short when her voice suddenly came over the intercom.

Shawna locked the front door, having gotten the last patron out.
She turned around and gasped.
“God dammit Frankie!” she cried catching her breath having to remove a bang from her face.
The slim man in his early twenties smiled, “What, I con’t scare my little friend I wee bit.”
“You’re such a ponce!” she said with a slight smile moving past him, “I have to get the rest of these books ordered, you mind getting a few from the back?” she asked sitting at the check out, check in, desk.
Frankie winked at her with a proud smile walking to the back.
He walked through the aisles of books. Hedidnt notice the black shadow on the set of books to his right, staring at him through the gap, shadowing his every step.
He walked into one intersection of books as the shadow followed him out. He made it to the other side then suddenly stopped.
He saw something out of the corner of his eye. He slowly back up in the intersection again.
He slow menuvered his head to the next aisle.
Shadows of the hall.
He rolled his eyes and continued down the current one.
He got to the back looking at the assortment of books splayed on a table. 
He started to collect them when he felt something soft on his shoulder. 
He grinned when the soft touch suddenly wrapped around his mouth. He felt a very harsh jab into his back. He tried to scream in pain to no avil. 
He looked down breathing rapidly.
A tip of steel stood erect from his chest. 
The buca escort knife was ripped from his back with a insidious, *slick* 
“I haven’t done this for a while, I may be a bit rusty.” he whispered in the man ear. His knife came around stabbing directly into his chest cavity.
The blade twisted followed by a few sickly cracks. 
His skin reformed all the way, it was still black, and stilled somewhat decayed. But he knew how to get back to his former self. 

Shawna sighed taking off her glasses,
“You almost done back ther’?” she asked
Silence was her response.
She rolled her eyes whispering, “Bolics,” under her breath,
She stood,
“Frankie, I am not in the mood for your damned games!” she said raising her voice. 
Her echo responded this time. 
She huffed in frustration emerged from behind the counter.
Her heels patted on the thin carpeted floor. 
She went aisle by aisle then got to the back.
The books were scattered everywhere. The lights were dimmed.
“Damn it, Frankie.” she whispered,
“Shh.” a gentle sound lulled, she felt hand slowly slide along her waist, something hard poking her butt, cold breath on her neck.
She broke free and spun around, “Frankie!” she cried in anger, her eyes suddenly widened, her long eye lashes fluttered. Her mouth slowly went agape. 
“Shh, we’re about to have fun we are.” The Ripper said, a knife in his left hand his other hand open to grab her.
She threw herself to the side to run when the Ripper grabbed her by the arm and whipped her to the table top throwing books in every direction.
The Ripper pounced upon the helpless women in haste. His hands ripped her best open. 
She grabbed his wrists to stop his assault but it seemed to do nothing against the monsters strength.
His decayed bare hands grabbed her blouse and ripped it open, buttons popping in every direction. One pull on her bra tore it off and to the floor as he growled ferally.
She lifted her leg trying to cover her privates, her arms over her breasts.
The Rippers hand immeditly slapped under the womens thigh sqeezing and lifting her leg up, his other hand with knife in hand, grabbed her other leg, he forcfully spread her legs tearing the skirt. 
She screamed in fear.
He rushed in licking her neck, his teeth then sunk into her soft flesh leaving her with deep imprints of his teeth.
He grabbe her by her hair and dragged her off of the table and to the floor, forcing her to be on her knees.
He produced his pride. The ten inch long phallus dry and withered looking. 
Tears flowed from her eyes as she looked up shaking her head.
He shrugged, “I’ve fucked dead bodies before.” his demonic voice that chilled her spine said, bluffing, pulling up a knife.
Her eyes glowed in fear.
“Ok!” she said, her voice broken up.
She gently grabbed the member, cold. She clentched her eyes shut as she slowly inserted it into her mouth. She started sucking on the member and going back and forth. She could feel the vileness in the ten inch dick. She felt it slide back and forth.
She had heard about this situations before. If she wanted to live, she had to do a good job. She started to deep throat the member wanting to jag. 
She was so revolted.
She felt the member go into her throat, the head of this things penis clogging her throat a it slid in and out. She started going faster.
The Ripper had not had sex in hundreds of years. He couldn’t believe how well this woman sucked, how she was so revolted, her tears flowed freely, yet her blowjob was magnificient.
He grabbed her by the back of the hair and pulled her head off his dick and stared into her eyes pulling her up to his level. His head jerked forward kissing the woman deeply. His dry tongue rolling around in her mouth.
Her soft wet lips smushed against his dry withered ones.
His bone tipped fingers groped her breasts, the tips of his fingers digging into her B-cupped breasts. 
He pushed her back spreading her legs forcfully.
“No!” she pleaded, “Please, I beg you sir! Anywhere but there”  she cried trying to cover her young flower. 
He laid her back on the table making sure she would regret saying those words. He lifted her legs directly into the air, “Ok, I’ll leave your pussy be… For now.” he chided,
His izmir escort wet member pressed firmly against her asshole.
She immeditly tightened up gasping in alarm.
She felt a pang of pain in her virgin ass. Her ass began to stretch, the monsters dick madly pressed against her hole.
The Ripper gripped the sides of her ass pulling her toward himself with a greedy smile.
She screamed out putting her hands against his waist trying to stop the pending penetrating force.
The assault didn’t stop, the Rippers phallus pressed harder and then penetrated the womens hole. His dick shoved inside of the girl, her ass was warm and surrounded his cock, slick and smooth.
She felt the cold hard dick inside of her ass.
His hands went up her chest and sqeezed her breasts viciously.
He pulled out from her ass and set it over her pussy lips.
“The time has come.” he smirked,
She started shaking her head desperately.
His dick slid down her lips, his head then pressed on the innocent womens pussy.
She gasped.
He pushed, his eyes wide in greed. His twisted grin growing bigger. Her pink flower was wet, he had never felt a pussy so silky, so smooth. He chuckled under his breath as his pulled his knife, letting the knife slowly glide across her belly as he rammed her zealously.
She cried, her hands reaching for anything to grasp.
He didn’t stop, nor did he want to. His dick launched in with such force her eyes spun back all on there own.
His fingers flicked her clit meanceingly. She closed her eyes as his fingers smacked her clit repeatedly.
Her pussy ached.
She wanted it to just be over, she wanted this demon to leave.
The Ripper, with such speed, took the full length of his hard member from her pussy and stuffed it back in. Impaling her with his hard dick.
She suddenly felt his cold seed fill her pussy. He pulled out as she slid off the table to the floor.
Shawna put a hand forward and dragged herself forward with tears in her eyes. She tried to crawl away crying.
The Ripper grinned walking toward the woman with his knife to his side.
She looked back as she screamed out.
His stride meancing, his form fluent, his eyes vile, his greed, dauntless, his lust… Not nearly sated. His list for women, his lust for death.
He stood over the crying woman with the knife looking down upon her bare body. His soot black skin seemingly tool the light light from around it.
(three days later)
Abigail laid upon her bed. She got up and looked in the mirror at herself. She full vacum lips plump and suculant. Her D-cup breasts perfect. Her thighs shapley, her ass juicy. She knew any guy would be lucky to have her. What she didn’t know was she looked exactly how her ancestor looked. Her hair in a zig-zaging manor, her light brown, but fairly red, hair, her greyish blue eyes all strikingly matching her great grandmothers, she even had the same mole on her cheek bone.
She smiled at her self, her naturally red lips perfect.
“Maybe if Jack the Ripper were still alive.” she said with a smirk.
She took a deep breath as her loins grew hot.
She rubbed her wet vagina through her white thong. Her lace white bra barely contained her massive breasts. Her breasts were a little freckled as was her face.
Irish heritage.
Her tongue slowly dipped out as she licked her lips. Her finger rubbed and pushed in a circular motion. Her other hand caressed her breast. She moaned.
*knock knock knock*
She jumped as she spun about. Her date must have been there.
“Coming!” she cried, as she went to put on her dress.
After a few minutes she swung the door open as a man stood with a box of chocolates.
A kind faced man.
She looked relucantly at him.
She wore a cute ladylike, white dress. This however was her third date with the man and she had on a special surpise under the dress that he would just have to wait to see.
“If Jack the Ripper were still alive huh?” The Ripper said to himself with an ev chuckle emerging from her room where he waited to strike.

She stormed from the resturant when he got down on one knee with a small box.
Third date!
She called him a “Fucking retard” and left.
She wore her special outfit for nothing not wanting to marry the man so soon. She knew he would look for her.
She took the alley way.
The Ripper smiled.
“Perfect.” he said smiling with color filled skin. Having his full body back.

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