Jamie and Liz have fun in the park!

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Jamie looked around while running through the trees. Ever since moving to the city she hadn’t found a good place to shit. She loved to shit outside and the thought of getting caught turned her on. And after two months of shitting indoors she was crazy with the need to shit outside. She found this park on google maps and it looked isolated but not much so. it was surrounded on all sides by the city. But whats the point if theres no chance of getting caught.

She looked around one more time to make sure no one was around. the spot she found was in a small clearing. the grass was short and soft and the trees surrounded it on all sides. Sure there was nobody around she reached down to her shorts. Jamie started to slowly lower her jogging shorts and panties. SNAP! Jamie jerked upright and looked around.

‘What was that?’ she thought. looking around she saw a dog in the distance.

“Oh. just a dog” She laughed.

* * * * * * * * *

Liz held her breath as the young woman started to lower her pants again. She should have been paying closer attention but when she had walked into the clearing and saw her lowering her shorts she just instinctively jumped behind the nearest tree.

The woman was beautiful. She was probably around 5’4 had fire red hair and curves in all the right places. She watched as the woman squatted and let out a long stream of piss. the second it started she felt her pussy grow damp.

“Fuck thats hot!” She thought as she moved her hand to her mound and started rubbing through her shorts. She was gonna cum fast with this show.

Just as the piss stopped flowing she came with a whimper. her pnties felt like she was the one who just got through pissing. About to close her shorts she heard a grunt. Her heard jerked back around to the woman buca escort bayan who still squatted there only now she was holding her ass cheeks apart.

Liz watched in awe as the woman’s pink little asshole slowly started to expand. She heard a few more grunts then a dark brown head poked out. Liz nearly came at the sight. As she watched the woman slowly released a six inch turd then a few little balls. She was masturbating furiously now with three fingers in her sopping pussy. When the woman’s ass gave one final push a little spurt of liquid shot out and Liz came so hard she almost fainted.

Trying to catch her breath she watched as the woman stood and pulled up her shorts without even wiping. The woman looked down at her shit and smiled a little then turned a jogged off into the trees.
Liz waited a good five minutes and the slowly walked over to the womans shit. The smell was incredible and liz loved it. She squatted down then bent over and inhaled deeply. Liz’s pussy let out another flood of cunt juice.

With one hand between her legs she slowly reached out and picked up one of the little balls and brought it to her nose. She sniffed and came instantly. The smell was one of the most incredible turn ons she ever experienced.

Taking the little ball of shit she lowered it to her mouth. Liz had only ever tasted her own shit before but the thought of tasting this almost made her cum again. She slowly opened her mouth and started to stick out her tongue. She was so absorbed she didn’t hear when someone walked up.

“Stop! What are you doing?” A voice asked rather loudly. Liz jumped startled from her own little world.She looked up to see the red headed woman from before a few feet away. Liz’s stomach did a little flip. Up close the woman was a escort buca goddess> Her hair Flamed out like a halo and her eyes looked like two emeralds. She had the purest white skin i had ever seen. She was wearing what looked like a V-neck undershirt that showed off her impressive cleavage. Her shorts barely came to mid thigh. ‘Damn she looks hot’ She thought.

“I saaaid! What. Are! You! Doing!” Liz realized she was staring like a fool.

* * * * * * * *

After Jamie finished shitting, the relief was so great, and she was so turned on that she had run the wrong way toward her car. Just as she was about to enter the clearing she noticed a woman entering from the otherside. She ducked behind a tree afraid she would find her shit and get caught. As she watche the woman squated where she had shitted earlier. when the woman leaned over and inhaled deeply. Jamie’s face flamed in embarrassment, but much to her surprise her pussy also started getting damp again.

She watched as the woman started masturbating while smelling her shit. Jamie’s hand was slowly heading toward her pussy almost unconsciously. then the woman reached down and picked up one of the small pebbles of shit. She slowly raised it to her nose and jamie almost came at the moan of pleasure she heard come from the clearing.

Before she knew what she was doing she started walking toward the woman. As she go closer she looked the woman over. She had short blonde hair, long legs, lightly tanned skin and what look to be a c-cup chest. Jamie couldn’t see her face cause she was looking down but from what she could see she was striking.
When Jamie was about ten feet away she noticed that the blonde was totally oblivious to her approach. She stopped for a moment shocked. The woman was slowly bringing buca escort the piece of shit closer to her mouth. ‘Surely she couldn’t be doing what I think she is!’ Jamie thought as she sped up her pace and approached the woman. ‘She is!’ she thought.’She’s going to taste my shit.’ As the thought crossed her mind her pussy flooded and her muscles clenched with a micro-orgasm.

Jamie was shocked. She couldn’t believe she came with no stimulation. It had never happened before. Jamie stopped about three feet in front of the woman who was still oblivious to the world. The woman slowly opened her mouth as if she was enjoying tormenting herself with anticipation. Jamie was torn she wanted to keep watching but if the woman actually tasted her shit she could get sick or worse. cursing her innate need to help people Jamie called out to the woman.

“Stop! What are you doing?” she said. It came out harsher than she meant it but she was almost choked with desire.

The woman jumped startled. When she looked up Jamie’s breath was sucked from her lungs. The woman had the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen it was like looking through windows into the sky. She was simply gorgeous. Jamie had never had sex with a woman but she decided then and there she was going to make this woman scream for her if it was the last thing she did.

Jamie noticed the woman was staring at with eyes full of lust. ‘Good’ She thought at least the feeling was mutual her panties were so wet she could ring them out. But still the woman should really answer her. “I saaaid! What! Are! You! Doing!” She punctuated each word by taking a small step forward.

* * * * * * * *
Author’s notes: Hey this is my first time writing something like this. So if it gets positive ratings and comments i will continue the story past the next part(don’t’ worry no matter what there will be a part two with a ending to this woods scene). So let me know if you liked it otherwise this will be a two part series and i will try something else

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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