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Jamie and I have known each other forever; we went to high school together and now attend the same college. Jamie and I have shared many boyfriends and bragged of the experiences each of has had. This term was to be much different. We had just moved into a small house together and were really looking forward to spending all our spare time together.

Jamie was a very attractive girl. She stood 5’6 with shoulder length blonde hair, soft blue eyes, full, luscious lips and then the rest of her was even better. She had been physically active all her life so she was always toned and tanned. From top to bottom, she was magnificent. Her 34c breasts were always bouncing when she laughed, never restrained by the harness of a bra. Her waist was slim yet defined. Then her ass, having watched it sway many a time before, it was simply marvelous! She was in a small slump sexually, having had such shy guys hit on her this year. That is why we moved in together, to try to cheer her up a little.

A little about me. I don’t consider myself very attractive but the guys think different. I have never had a problem getting a guy to want to fuck me. I have a knack for teasing that Jamie says is irresistible. I am 5’5, with long blonde hair that is always down and light blue eyes. I had been experimenting with other girls for the past year as a way to broaden my horizons, and release some tension. In the back of my mind I knew one day, I would have to let Jamie in on my little secret.

A couple weeks after we moved in and classes were in full swing, Jamie decided to date a guy in her biology class. Being a Tuesday night I stayed at home and studied, expecting her to be home late, or even show up after class tomorrow if everything worked out for her. I was sitting on our couch reading Shakespeare and listening to some classical music when I casino şirketleri heard a car door slam and Jamie screaming. I ran to the door, embracing her as she cried. Her date was a total jerk and wouldn’t pay any attention to her then she had to pay him to take her back to our place.

I sat her down on the couch, propped her legs up and spun her so she could lie down. As I went to get her water she asked, “Why is it that I can’t get a good sexual experience in college?” I curled up next to her and kissed her forehead reassuring her it was not her fault but to no avail. As she drank, I could not help but glance at her heavenly body. She wore a form-fitting white blouse, with a black skirt, a slit up her left thigh. She looked stunning! I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, whispering how beautiful she was and how only an ass would resist her. As the last button undid I kissed her lips, my hands sliding her body out of her blouse. A look of content filled her eyes and a warming smile followed.

“I can help make you feel better, if you would like,” I whispered in her ear.

A simple nod was all I needed. My lips found hers and our tongues reached for the others’. Her eyes closed as I ran my hands down the sides of her firm breasts. I stood up and practically ripped off my shorts and tank, then gently pulled Jamie’s skirt off, surprised by the sight of her bare pussy. I thought to myself how any guy could possibly turn this down.

Raising her hand up she beckoned me back to her side. As we again interlocked in our passionate kiss, I began to massage her nipples, which were very erect by now. A soft sigh escaped her lips as I worked my way down to her neck, kissing slowly and licking as I moved. My hands now slightly pinching her nipples, causing her to skip a breather every time. My mouth moving between her breasts, casino firmaları her hand on the back of my head, I kissed each one tenderly. My lips running up her breast, making way to her tender, erect nipple. As my tongue began circling slow and steadily moving in closer and closer, then a simple brush. Teasing her, I moved from breast to breast, just getting her hopes up then moving on. Then I lost control for a second, placed my lips around her nipple, and began to suck like a little baby. Sucking as though it were my first, causing her to moan in pleasure. She lay motionless on the couch, soaking up the whole situation, waiting for whatever was to happen.

My hands wandering up and down her thighs, down the outside, up the inside and just missing her warm, juicy pussy. A series of quick kisses brought me down her flat stomach and the smell of her sweetness was unbelievable. Aching for my touch, she spread her legs wider as I moved down. My hands now really working her inner thighs. One last kiss just below her naval then I pulled away. Her eyes darted open and begged for me to continue.

I told her,” Patience my dear, patience, the pleasure will be worth the wait.” I was lost in her love hole, the pure, hot, wet, sweet look was too perfect.

My fingers just a hair away from her puffy lips. I start to blow gently on her thighs and pussy. Moving my mouth closer, blowing harder and more directly onto her pussy as I move in. My fingers spreading her pussy wide open for me, blowing now hard right into her sweetness. Listening to her moans, I knew she was close, so I pulled her wider and blew straight into her pussy. Arching her back, she moaned and came to her orgasm. Letting her juices slowly drip down her slit to her ass, taking a finger I slid from her ass to her pussy getting cleaning her juices and wiped them on güvenilir casino her nipples.

Now she was ready for anything. Begging me to not stop, I could only obey her wishes. My mouth dove straight in and began to lick her fresh juices from around her pussy. Long slow licks up and down her slit, flicking her clit ever so softly with each lick. Moving my mouth entirely over her pink pussy, I sucked her with my lips and spiraled my tongue just into her slit. Moving in slow circles I licked or flicked every inch of skin I could. Taking it slow, for her and my pleasure, all I could smell was her intoxicating, sweet odor. My tongue working deeper and deeper, her hands trying to push me in deeper but I was in heaven. I slid my tongue straight in then right back out, teasing her as I had with her nipples. Sliding my tongue in again, I curled it up and back towards me, sending chills up her spine. As I kissed her clit, then sliding my tongue in her pussy again, taking turns, toying with her. Then I went wild, I thrust my tongue as far as it would go, smashing my face into her juices, slurping sounds echoing in my ears.

Her screams and moans told me she loved it. My tongue was thrashing, my lips kissing and sucking and my hands pulling and pinching her nipples. Then she blew again. This time I pressed my mouth right over her slit and sucked and sucked, drawing her juices out. That sweet, luscious taste in my mouth. I slid up her body, kissing as I had going down. She smiled as I leaned over her and let her juices slowly drip from my mouth into hers.

As we finished with a kiss, my hand reaching for the water glass. With her eyes closed, I whispered for her to keep them closed and I would finish off the fireworks. A large ice cube in my fingers I spread her again with my warm hand then shoved the ice into her steaming pussy. She screamed, then moaning she worked her pussy to melt that ice cube. Pushing her over the edge one more time.

As we lay there basking in the pleasure and ecstasy she said, “That was the closet I have ever come to heavenly bliss!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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