Janie , Michelle Ch. 02

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Janie was excited for her next rendezvous with Michelle. So excited that she could barely think of anything else all day. By the time she left work, her panties were saturated with her juices just from thinking about the previous night. Her cunt ached at the thought of being worked by Michelle again. And yet, she had a dilemma: Should she go there straight after work? Should she wait until 2 a.m. again? They’d never exchanged phone numbers — Michelle had just told her to be there tomorrow night. She wished to go straight after work but did not want to risk being too early, as customers would not be scarce in the early evening. As much as her needy pussy was aching for Michelle, she had to wait.

Excited and enthralled and nervous, she went home and staved off gratification until she thought it was okay to show up. At 11 p.m., Janie rushed out to her car and went straight to the gas station. This time, Michelle was in there talking and smiling at an attractive older blonde woman. Janie felt a pang of jealousy as she looked at the woman’s curvy 5’7″ physique and tried to shrug it off, telling herself that she and Michelle weren’t anywhere close to exclusive.

She walked inside and immediately caught the eyes of both females. “Janie, sweetie, how are you?” asked Michelle. “I was just talking about you to Donna here. Donna’s my boss.” Janie’s cheeks flushed red and her heart almost stopped as Donna held out her hand to introduce herself, smiling. “Donna. Nice to meet you. Michelle was just telling me what a nice girl you are.”

Janie shook her hand and smiled sheepishly, not quite knowing what to say. Did she know about what they did here last night? Janie managed to get out some words so as to not look like a total fool. “Nice to meet you, too…”

“I’m hoping to see more of you. All the things Michelle’s said about you are very good.”

Janie blushed beneath her already red cheeks, and replied, “Thank you.”

“A little shy, huh?” Donna said, smiling. “Well don’t worry, I’m sure Michelle will help you get past that.”

Janie looked over at Michelle, who seemed pretty amused at the exchange. Michelle then said to Donna, “Don’t worry, she won’t be shy for long.” Janie looked at Michelle quizzically at that and felt slightly undressed at the same time. She couldn’t help being a little shy around new people. And what did it matter if she was, anyway? Of course, when she was buzzed or drunk she wasn’t very shy at all.

Donna turned to Michelle and asked, “You coming out tomorrow? Why not bring Janie along?”

“If Janie wants to come out, sure,” Michelle smiled. “We usually go to a club on Fridays -”

“-And sometimes Saturdays,” added Donna.

Michelle laughed, “Let’s not overwhelm her. But if you’d like to come out tomorrow, Janie, just let me know.”

Janie loved dancing, and though she felt like things were moving too fast — if it could possibly be considered that, given all she and Michelle had already done with each other — she was interested. “Which club?” she asked.

Donna responded, “Tomorrow…? Probably Blue.”

Janie got excited at that and replied, “I love that club!”

“Well then you’re coming!” said Donna.

Janie smiled and looked over at Michelle, who was smiling at her. Donna looked at the two of them slyly and said, “Well, I’ll leave you alone. I just have to run into the back and grab something. I’ll be leaving through the back door so don’t worry if you don’t see me come through.”

“Sure, Donna. See you tomorrow night!” said Michelle, leaning over the counter to kiss her on the cheek.

“Bye darling. Janie, it was a pleasure meeting you. I can’t wait to get to know you better.”

“Me too,” smiled Janie.

Donna walked off and Michelle walked around the counter and pressed herself close to Janie and kissed her on the mouth. In a low voice she said, “You’re earlier than I expected — although I was a little worried you wouldn’t come.”

“Why?” asked Janie.

“I didn’t know if you were gonna feel ashamed. You were buzzed last night.”

“I was…but I don’t feel ashamed.”

Michelle smiled. “Good. Now…” Michelle reached underneath Janie’s skirt and rubbed the outside of her panties with her index and middle finger. Though Janie had changed her panties when she got home, her new ones were wet with her juices. “Mm…Been thinkin’ about me all day?”


Michelle pulled away and went to lock the front door. She palmed Janie’s ass as she passed her saying, “Let me check to see if Donna’s left.”

Michelle walked to the back and Janie stood there, silently complaining in her head that she was tired of waiting. It seemed like time was moving so slowly that day. She stood in front of the door, gazing outside but thinking about being in between Michelle’s thighs. About five minutes later, Michelle returned and beckoned her to come with her.

Janie followed her like a puppy dog, eager for affection. Michelle let Janie in first then closed the door and locked casino şirketleri it behind them.

“Now,” started Michelle, “take off your clothes.”

Janie eagerly obliged, removing her black knee high boots first and then her socks, followed by her red tank top and her black mini skirt, and finally her matching black lace bra and panties. Michelle, watching this, cooed, “So sexy….Now sit on that chair.” She pointed to a wooden chair in the middle of the room. Janie turned and walked over, giving Michelle more of a show, and sat down.

“Good.” Michelle opened a drawer and pulled out some rope.

“What is that for?” asked Janie, suddenly nervous.

“For tying you up. Ever been tied up?”

“Yes, but…”

“How long ago?” Michelle walked over and before Janie could answer she ordered, “Hands behind the chair.”

Janie dutifully complied as Michelle crouched behind the chair and started tying her wrists. Janie started explaining, “This guy I met once….He tied me up and I sucked his cock and he came all over my face.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yes. Yes, I loved it.”

Michelle laughed, “You li’l cumslut. Where’d you meet him? Did he do anything else to you? Oh — lemme know if it’s too tight.”

“It’s fine,” breathed Janie, her pussy throbbing now. “We met online….He didn’t do anything else.”

Michelle shook her head and said, “Sucks. Well, I ain’t gonna leave you high and dry…but I am gonna torture you.” She finished tying and took a look at Janie. “Look at those tits, waiting to be sucked. You want me to suck your tits?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

“Good girl. Now spread those lovely, creamy legs of yours and rest your pussy just at the edge of the chair.”

Janie shifted down and did as she was told, baring her shining, slippery pussy to Michelle. Michelle crouched down in front of her and smelled her musky scent as she started tying Janie’s ankles to the chair. “Damn, you want it real bad.” Michelle grinned devilishly. “This is not gonna be an easy night for you.”

Janie’s heart started beating faster. “No? Why not?”

“By the time I’m done with you, you’re going to be crying for me to let you cum.”

Janie gasped and watched as Michelle finished tying her ankles. Then Michelle stood up and straddled her. “What’d you say you wanted me to do? Suck your tits?”


Michelle lowered her mouth to Janie’s left breast and flicked her tongue at her nipple while she cupped and squeezed the right breast. She started sucking at it, pulling it between her teeth gently, making it harder and harder, as Janie moaned and tried to grind against her. Michelle slapped her face and ordered, “Stop moving!”

Janie gasped and Michelle went to work on her right breast, giving it the same treatment as she did the left. Janie became flustered and her head started swimming. Michelle put her hand in between Janie’s thighs and felt her dripping wetness. “You wanna cum, don’t you baby?”

Janie moaned pathetically, “Yes, Ma’am…”

“I wanna cum too…but I have work to do.” With that, Michelle got off of Janie and walked to the door.

“Wait!” cried Janie. “Where are you going?”

“I told you, I have work to do. I’ll be back soon, don’t worry.”

Janie whined, “Noo!”

But Michelle just left, and shut the door.

Janie tried to wrestle free of the ropes but Michelle had been too good at tying them. How often had she done this? There was so little Janie knew about her, and yet here she was….

Janie heard some muffled laughter from somewhere, and figured Michelle had customers and was right to leave her there. But when would she be back? Janie fretted, and struggled against the ropes again, trying to loosen them. What if someone came in and robbed the store? A robber would definitely go to the back for the safe…and find her there naked, tied up, ready to be fucked.

Janie wanted to scream for Michelle to come back, but knew better than to jeopardize her job. She groaned, and could do nothing but think about not thinking about sex with Michelle. Given the situation, it was futile. Janie gave up and stared at the clock above the door.

Michelle came back a half hour later. Smiling she said, “You got me so turned on I forgot to gag you. I’m glad you didn’t yell for me. Good girl.” Michelle went into the desk drawer and pulled out a red ball gag. “Ever been gagged before?”


“Well, are you opposed to it?”

“No, not really.”

Janie stared at Michelle wide-eyed as she neared her with the ball gag. Michelle straddled her and kissed her deeply. As she did, she grabbed both of Janie’s nipples and pinched and twisted them, making them hard again. Janie moaned into her mouth as their tongues played with each other, and then Michelle pulled away.

“Got anything to say before I put this on you?”

“I need to cum so bad!”

Michelle laughed and shook her head and said, “You say that now, but just you wait. Now, open that mouth.”

Janie casino firmaları complied and Michelle stuck the ball into her mouth and fastened the strap behind her head. “You’re gonna be a good li’l slut for me. I just know it.”

Michelle got down on her knees and started kissing and nibbling Janie’s thighs. Janie moaned and arched her back as Michelle worked her way up to Janie’s smooth, wet labia. She dragged her tongue up one side and down the other, then moved it across her clit lightly — once, twice, three times and Janie was arching her back, begging for more behind the ball gag. Saliva dripped down her chin while her juice dripped down the crack of her ass. Michelle started suckling on her engorged clit and Janie attempted to grind against her lips, but could barely move. Michelle briefly stopped and slapped her tits. “What’d I say? Don’t. Move!” she shouted.

Janie whimpered at the pain and heard laughter again. Did Michelle forget to lock the door? She couldn’t even ask! Didn’t Michelle hear it? But Michelle just smiled and went back to tease her pussy more. This time, her tongue was relentless as she lapped at Janie’s throbbing cunt. Janie could feel an orgasm building rapidly inside her. She was almost there! So close! Her moans turned to muffled yelps and suddenly, Michelle stopped.

“Noo!” Janie whined behind the gag.

“Mm…I love the way you taste. But it’s time for me to go back to work. You’ll have to wait.”

And Michelle left Janie alone again.

Janie tried to writhe out of her restraints again, moaning. The wooden seat was slippery with her juices, and she felt it all over her ass. She refused to torture herself further by looking at the clock, but couldn’t help it. It was all she had to do. Waiting was all she had to do. She closed her eyes in an attempt to fall asleep, but she was more than wide awake. She whimpered and looked at the clock again. It was 12:30 a.m. She started thinking about how she’d come in here the night before at 2 and then….No! She couldn’t think about it. She’d only be torturing herself further.

Michelle came back in at 1 a.m. Smiling, she removed the ball gag and asked, “How’s my good girl?”

“Horny!” cried Janie.

Michelle laughed and straddled her again, then kissed her deeply. “You’ve been real good. I’m gonna give you a treat.”

Michelle got up and went to untie Janie’s wrists, and then her ankles. Janie rubbed them and stretched her arms, relieved to be given back her mobility.

“Get up, and get on the floor,” ordered Michelle. “You can stretch first if you want. As a matter of fact, I want you to stretch. Turn your back towards me and bend down and stretch those legs. Show me that pussy.”

Janie spread her legs and reached to the floor, revealing her pussy. Michelle got on her knees behind her and slid two fingers inside her.

“How’s that feel? Good?” asked Michelle softly.

“Yes, Ma’am,” breathed Janie.

“You are a mess. I need to clean you up.”

Suddenly, Michelle spread Janie’s butt cheeks and started licking up the juice that had trickled down there. She slid her tongue slowly from her twat to her asshole as Janie twitched at the new sensation. “Anyone ever eat your ass before?” asked Michelle.

“No, Ma’am.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“I’m gonna teach you to eat my asshole.”

Janie moaned at that and Michelle continued eating her, sticking her tongue inside her twat and then licking at her asshole, alternating between the two and sending Janie into a new world of pleasure. But before her orgasm had a chance to build, Michelle stopped.

“Now, lie down. I did say I was gonna give you a treat.”

Janie laid on the carpet and looked up at Michelle, who was taking off her pants. “I’m gonna feed you my pussy. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

Michelle stood over Janie’s face, giving her a nice view of her chocolate pussy. Michelle lowered herself to Janie’s face and ordered, “Eat it.”

Janie started hungrily licking at Michelle’s dark, wet pussy, swirling her tongue around her puffy clit. “That’s right,” Michelle moaned, “suck on that clit. Make me cum, baby. I wanna cum in your face so bad!”

This amped Janie up and she started sucking on Michelle’s clit then slid two fingers inside her. Michelle started bucking and grinding as Janie ate her juicy pussy with abandon. Janie thrust her fingers harder and faster, and fluttered her tongue against Michelle’s throbbing clit. Michelle was about to burst. “That’s it. Suck that clit. I’m gonna cum on that pretty face, Janie. You ready?”

“Mhm!” moaned Janie as she ate.

“Oh god…Oh! Oh god! Fuck!” Michelle yelled as her pussy squirted all over Janie’s face. Janie sucked her clit hard and felt Michelle’s fluid cascading over her cheeks and chin. Janie was bathed in it, her long, dark curls wet, the carpet under her head soaked. Janie swiped her tongue from Michelle’s dripping twat and up to her clit and Michelle shuddered and moaned, “Oh god, baby. You güvenilir casino love my pussy, don’t you?”

“Mhm!” Janie moaned eagerly as she lapped up the remaining juices dripping from Michelle’s labia.

Michelle stood up and looked down at the mess she’d just made of Janie and the floor. “My god, I wanna take a picture of you right now. Can I take a picture of you right now?”

“Um…” Janie pondered. “I don’t know, it’s kinda too soon.”

“I promise it won’t go anywhere, no websites, nothing. I just want a photo of this…for when I masturbate.”

Janie giggled and said, “I’m flattered. But…”

“Please, baby? You look so hot right now.”

Janie sighed and looked up at Michelle, who pouted at her. “Promise it won’t go anywhere?”



Michelle leapt over Janie and went to her bag to retrieve her camera phone. She stood over Janie and said, “Smile!”

Janie laughed and Michelle snapped the picture. “One more,” said Michelle. “Just look at me.”

Janie looked at her and waited. Michelle snapped three more photos and then put the camera back.

“Now, I’m sorry that I have to do this, but I have to tie you up again.”


“Come on, baby. Get up.” Michelle reached out her hand and helped Janie up and lead her to the chair. She started tying Janie back up again and Janie heard the laughter once more.

“What is that?” asked Janie.

“What’s what?”

“I keep hearing laughter. I don’t know where it’s coming from.”

“It’s probably kids outside waiting to get in.”

“But I heard it before…”

“Probably customers,” Michelle shrugged.

Michelle finished tying Janie up and before she put the gag back in her mouth asked, “Do you like your training so far?”

“Yes,” smiled Janie. “But-“

“Oh, I know what you want. But you’ll have to wait.”

Michelle put the gag back in Janie’s mouth and left her, once again. Janie groaned and tilted her head to the side. She felt as though she would burst at the slightest touch. And yet, she was calmer now. More centered. The intensity of Michelle’s orgasm had fulfilled her in a way that experiencing her own orgasm alone couldn’t have. Janie thought about it over and over again, how Michelle’s pussy tasted and felt so good, how getting drenched in her cum turned her on even more…and how Michelle touched her and teased her and commanded her. She was, in fact, loving every moment of it, even if it was torture. Even though her pussy was aching and throbbing and needy right now, Janie felt she was in her element.

Still, time passed slowly and Janie grew more impatient again. She started shifting again, trying to get her wrists loose. What would happen if Michelle came in and found her masturbating? Would she punish her? Kick her out? Janie stopped trying at that thought and continued waiting, like a good girl.

Michelle returned an hour later. Janie watched as she came into the room silently and walked straight to her. Michelle, standing, straddled Janie and reached down to her breasts. Janie looked up into her face as Michelle pinched and rubbed and pulled at her nipples, making them harder than before. Janie started moaning, her eyes pleading with Michelle to give her the release she desperately needed.

“You wanna cum, baby?” asked Michelle as she squeezed Janie’s breasts.


“You want me to make you cum?”


Michelle removed the ball gag and threw it to the floor. She sat on Janie’s lap and pressed herself against her, then reached down to Janie’s cunt and placed her palm over it. “How bad you wanna cum? Tell me.”

Janie looked into her eyes and begged, “I wanna cum so bad, Ma’am! Please! Please let me cum!”

Michelle kissed her deeply and rubbed her pussy with her palm. Janie moaned and tried to stay still. “Please! Please, Ma’am! Haven’t I been a good girl? Please let me cum for you!”

Michelle smiled and kissed her again. She inserted her index finger into Janie’s twat and gently stroked inside her slick hole. “Mmm…so wet…I can’t wait…”

Michelle removed her finger from Janie’s hole and sucked on it, tasting her juices. “Mmm…I think I need some more of that.”

Michelle crouched in between Janie’s legs and softly blew on her clit. Janie whimpered, eager for more. “Please…” she begged, breathlessly.

Michelle smiled and flicked her tongue at Janie’s plump clitoris. She swirled her index finger around the outside of her wet hole as she started licking harder. Janie stayed still as Michelle lapped at her, and even as Michelle thrust her fingers inside her.

“What a good girl,” Michelle cooed. “You’re gonna cum so hard for me.”

Michelle swirled her tongue around Janie’s cunt rapidly as she finger fucked her. Janie’s legs started quaking as Michelle devoured her juicy pussy, sucking and licking at Janie’s swollen clitoris, squeezing it between her plump lips.

“Oh! I’m cumming! Oh my god!” shrieked Janie as Michelle swept her over the edge, hard. Her cum gushed out of her in waves, her pussy contracting tightly around Michelle’s fingers. Michelle kept going, sucking at her clit, milking all she could get from her until Janie was twitching and begging her to stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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