Just Driving Around

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She’s just terrible the way she is. She knows all my secrets and she just loves to use them against me. We were just driving around and enjoying the warm night air, drinking coffee and listening to the stereo playing quietly as we talked over the breeze rushing by. We had only been going out for a couple of weeks now. We’d been flirting like crazy all night and it was really starting to get to me.

Without me realizing it, she reached over while I was driving and lightly ran her fingertip across my neck, behind my right ear where the little hairs tickled my skin. God was I really this easy? My nipples hardened instantly, tightening and swelling, pressing out against the thin material of my bra and tank top. The crimson burned into my cheeks as I realized the sound I heard at that moment was my own sigh.

I was sure that she could see my tingling nipples pushing wantonly outward. Was this all it took? She continued to brush her fingertip up and down the side of my neck, sending shivers bolting all through my body. I could feel my nipples wrinkle and the goosebumps rise across my chest and down my belly. I swear it must’ve been an answered prayer as I slowed down and turned into the driveway of the conservation park, driving along slowly until we reached a dark quiet corner near a bench and some shady trees. The sky was opened up and deeply purple beyond the silhouette of leaves.

I was distracted just long enough before I felt her hand slide up from my knee and across the smooth skin of my bare thigh. Once again the goosebumps rippled across my skin, trickling down my thighs. My heart was beginning to pound as I turned to see the sly grin creeping across her face. She could tell, couldn’t she? It was too soon. I didn’t want to go this far this soon. But my body was betraying me. She leaned in gently and ran her soft wet tongue across the sensitive skin of my neck where her fingertip had been. At the same time the fingers of her right hand began sliding up my thigh casino şirketleri and up into the leg of my shorts. A jolt of electricity zapped down between my legs and I started getting wet. Very wet. I felt her lips close on my neck and she kissed and sucked softly behind my ear as her fingertips climbed higher on my leg, so softly I was almost shaking. She would come so close, almost to the edge of my undies, only to slide gently back down, teasing over the goosebumps on my quivering thigh. My nipples ached under the soft cups of my bra. They seemed to get harder and harder with each stroke of her hand, with each soft suck on my tender neck. Was I starting to move my hips on the seat? Oh God, am I that bad? We really shouldn’t be going this far. I should stop this.

Slowly her hand comes out from under my shorts and she slides it up my exposed belly, lightly scratching her nails across the vulnerable skin. My body jerks suddenly and I feel a heavy throb between my legs. Her hand moves slowly under my tank top, waiting for me to stop her. I really have to stop this. Her hand moves up between my breasts and my breath catches. Again she waits for me to stop her. And slowly I feel her fingertips sliding gently into the top of my bra, tickling the soft skin of my left breast. Her fingers continue down into my bra, gliding over my pale skin, and suddenly I’m aching for her to reach my nipple. I don’t seem to be stopping this. My nipples are so hard they almost hurt now. I can feel my own ragged pulse in them as they throb, begging to be touched. Suddenly her finger glides over the aching tip, the soft knuckle swishing slowly back and forth and I can’t keep the soft moan from pushing past my open lips. I am very very wet. My vagina is throbbing inside my shorts and I can feel the wetness has begun to soak into my undies. I squeeze my thighs together causing another pulse of wetness as she swirls her finger around my aching tingling nipple. What would it be like if her tongue moved away casino firmaları from my neck and could slip inside my bra? Another throb between my legs. I can feel my clitoris begin to ache between the smooth wet lips of my vagina and the wetness continues to pump heavily, soaking my white cotton thong.

Once again the heat burns into my cheeks as I realize how wet I am. I can feel the squishiness down there as I squeeze my shivering thighs together. Her hand slips out of my bra and down to my belly where her nails once again scratch softly, sending the sharp tingles burning into my throbbing nipples. I sigh out loud again. I hear her voice in my ear so softly it’s like the kiss of a breeze. I feel her warm breath tickle the hairs on the back of my neck. “Do you want me to stop now hun?” she whispers. I’m panting now. Her fingers continue to scratch lightly back and forth across my belly, moving slowly downwards and stop at the waist of my shorts. The heat in my vagina is turning me to liquid. I didn’t want to go this far. It’s too soon. But as her fingers undo the buttons of my shorts I lean in to kiss her, hard and wanting.

As I feel the fingertips lightly moving under the waistband of my undies to glide teasingly back and forth, I feel my legs opening shamelessly on their own. And suddenly I want her to touch me there. Between my legs. Where the heat is throbbing in my soaked vagina. Her fingers move gently down into my undies, down to where the soft blondish hairs would be. “Oh my!” she whispers when she feels the soft smooth skin. She didn’t know that I had no hair down there and I blush deeply as we gaze into each other’s eyes. We’re close enough that our noses are almost touching and we breathe heavily against each other’s lips. My breasts heave up and down, my hard aching nipples swelling out toward her as she lightly scratches down there, where the hair is shaved all away.

“Are you sure sweety?” she whispers again. I can’t answer her. I’m aching for her. My güvenilir casino breathing is too ragged for words. My only answer is to spread my legs helplessly wider for her, almost begging to feel her fingers touch the pulsing heat of my vagina. She smiles so lovingly at me. She gently glides her wet tongue across my bottom lip and then takes it between her own soft lips to suck gently as I suddenly feel her middle finger press between my legs. I cry out against her mouth. Oh God it feels so good. The electricity surges between my shaking thighs as her finger slides up and down between the swollen puffy lips of my wet vagina. Up and down she moves and the wetness pulses out of me. Her finger slips down to my opening and then I feel her pushing gently into the heat of my boiling vagina.

Again I cry out and lift my hips to meet her finger. I want it all inside me. I push myself down onto her finger and I hear myself grunt softly with the pleasure of feeling her inside me. Oh God. The wetness bubbles out around her finger as it glides in and out. My clitoris is burning, aching to be touched and I can even hear the soft squishy sounds as her finger twirls in my wetness. I can feel the walls of my throbbing vagina contracting around her glorious finger as it continues to move rhythmically in and out.

Her finger starts to move faster now, pumping into my wetness, twisting and curling, coaxing the sticky lust to pulse between the wet swollen lips. Oh God I’m on fire. How could I want to stop this? It feels so fuckin good. I can feel the wetness trickling down to my bum, soaking my undies completely with my desire. My God I am so wet. My legs are spread as far as I can get them in the seat. I’m thrusting my hips upward to meet her finger as she continues to bury it into my boiling vagina. If she touches my clit I will die. She owns me now. I would let her do anything to me. I’m helpless under the magic of her fingers. I have totally given myself to her. I’m helpless.

“P-p-please… l-let me come… make me-e come… oh God please make me come… p-please… “

Her finger slides up between the smooth puffy lips of my vagina and flicks sharply in wet circles around my throbbing clitoris…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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