Justice Gets Served

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Justice O’Brady searched her tiny living room of her tiny two-bedroom apartment, looking for her car keys. Her twin, eight-year-old daughters, Lilly and Stella sat at the dinner table playing a board game. They offered no assistance in finding the keys, but Justice managed to find them herself. Stuffed between the couch cushions.

“Ah ha!” She cried triumphantly holding them aloft.

Neither girl looked, but Stella piped up, “I am glad you found those! Daddy called earlier and he can’t take us to baseball tonight. He said you would have to.”

Justice felt a sharp pang of anger slide up her back. “Why can’t your father take you to ball tonight?” She asked through clenched teeth.

“He said Barbie is not feeling well, and he doesn’t want to leave her. Don’t look so mad, mom! You know Barbie is due in a few weeks. Daddy told us he needs to take care of her right now.” Lilly explained. “Stell and I aren’t mad at him. He explained it to us, and it is us that should feel let down, but we understand. Besides, taking us to ball won’t be that bad!”

“Honey, that’s just not the point. What if I had had plans?” She sighed, and the girls ignored her any way.

In their eyes their part-time father was a saint, and she didn’t have the heart to change that for them. Just because she knew what a true prick her ex-husband was, didn’t mean they had to know. She only thanked God that they had no real concept of how long a pregnancy really was. Otherwise they may have figured out that Mommy and Daddy have only been divorced six months and Barbie was due to give birth at any time already. Barbie had been her ex-husband’s executive assistant at work, prior to becoming his mistress, then fiancé and soon to be the newest mother of one of his children. The whole thing made Justice as bitter as hell, but she held that in for the sake of her girls.

Leaving the girls to their game, Justice slipped into her own bedroom. She closed the door behind her to avoid little ears listening in.

First she called her own mother. “Hi mom, don’t bother coming over. The girls have ball tonight and their father canceled out. I have to take them.” She paused to listen to her mother on the other end.

“Yeah, I am just going to cancel my plans. Not a big deal, I suppose.” Justice made her good byes to her mother and hung up.

She then dialed the second number she needed to call. She called Derek Lauder. He was a co-worker, and he had asked her out for drinks on this Friday night. Justice had been fully aware, even when he had asked, that he had simply been asking for a booty call. Once before shortly after her divorce had become final, Derek had crudely offered to fuck her. He had said he would be doing her a favor by breaking her cunt back into single life. Having only ever had sex with her husband before, she had agreed against her better judgment. The sex had been mediocre at best. Derek was a bit selfish and quite frankly used her like a rag doll, to get off. And yet she had agreed to a round two!? She was clearly getting desperate and her dildo just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Derek had only been mildly disappointed when she canceled on him. He had kindly offered to come over after the girls were in bed, but Justice managed to muster enough self worth to turn down the offer.

Looking at the digital clock beside her bed she realized she would have to get out the door with the girls soon, if they were to make it to the baseball field on time. Justice decided to change into a more baseball friendly outfit. Shoving her black skirt down her lean legs, she reached for her short cut-off jean shorts. They fit like a glove now that she had dropped the extra ten pounds she had been carrying during the last few years of her marriage. She skipped on wearing underwear, as she enjoyed the sensation of the crotch seam rubbing against her clit while she sat. She removed her white blouse and silk bra. She decided she wanted to skip on wearing a bra as well. At twenty-nine years of age she still had nice firm tits, with perky nipples that mostly pointed toward the heavens. During her marriage she had been careful to wear very supportive bras. Well now, she was free in more ways then one! She wore only a thin white tank top over her pretty, full B-cup tits. To complete the outfit Justice pulled a pink baseball cap onto her head, tugged her long glossy dark hair through the hole in the back, and added a hint of lip-gloss to her full lips.


They were ten minutes late, as the girls ran onto the field. Stella and Lilly were pissed at their mother; citing that their father always got them to ball on time. It was about the only thing he did on time, Justice thought to herself. The girls ran toward their coach, while Justice climbed the bleachers and took a seat in the back. There were quite a few parents there to cheer their kids on. Justice didn’t know any of the other parents, as she had never attended a game before. It was their father’s activity with casino şirketleri them.

Several innings passed, and Justice would have been totally bored if it hadn’t been for the tight ass on the girl’s coach. She was pretty sure the girls called him coach Ben. Well, coach Ben had a tight ass on him. And looking at that, plus rocking ever so slightly back and forth in her tight shorts was making Justice more than a little horny.

“He’s got a great ass, doesn’t he?” It was the petite woman beside Justice that asked. Justice had noticed the woman when she had sat down. She was the only other woman on the bleachers that wasn’t sitting with a man. Justice had wondered idly if the woman was also a single mother.

“Yeah, he sure does!” She agreed readily with the cute blonde next to her.

“He’s got a huge cock too!” The woman said softly so only Justice would be able to hear. Justice was more than a little stunned and turned with her jaw hanging open.

“Oh, don’t look so surprised! I’m Tessa Fields by the way.” She put her hand out for Justice to shake. “You must be Lilly and Stella’s Mom. You are much more attractive than that pregnant bimbo your Ex trots around here!”

The last name Fields dawned on Justice, “Oh, your coach Ben’s wife?” Justice’s face turned warm with embarrassment. “I am so embarrassed! I am Lilly and Stella’s mother. My name is Justice.” She shook the other woman’s hand. “I guess I am just getting a little desperate. I’m not cut out to be single.”

“Justice is a unique name, pretty. Well Justice, don’t be embarrassed on my account. It’s normal and healthy to be turned on by someone you find attractive. To be perfectly honest with you, I am a little turned on by you.” Tessa’s words had been so blandly spoken that Justice almost missed what she truly said. And when they did register, she almost choked on her own saliva.

Before Justice could think of anything to say in response, the crowd all around them jumped up and began to cheer! A home run! Not missing a beat Tessa jumped to her feet and cheered with the rest. Justice sat stupidly, and tried very hard to ignore the sudden throbbing of her clit. She tried to tell herself that her body was still reacting to coach Ben’s hot body, and not the hot little body of the tiny blonde jumping up and down on the bleachers next to her. Justice looked up toward Tessa at either the very right or very wrong moment when Tessa’s skirt bounced up a little, revealing that she had also skipped on wearing panties.

When Tessa finally sat, she placed her hand lightly on Justice’s thigh. “Wow! How exciting! That was my little Annie that had hit that home run!”

“Oh…um…that’s great. I am sorry I didn’t cheer.” Justice said idiotically. Her head felt thick with confusion. Was Tessa Fields actually hitting on her, or was she so damn horny that her mind was finally beginning to crack?

“Ben promised to take Annie out for pizza and ice cream after the game, if she hit a home run. Do you think Lilly and Stella would like to join them? Our treat?” Tessa asked brightly.

“Well, I suppose we could join you guys, but I insist on paying for my girls.”

Tessa’s pretty face fell in disappointment. “Oh, well I kind of thought that maybe the girls could all go with Ben, and you and I could go back to our house for coffee. So we can get better acquainted. What do you think of that plan? If you insist you can still pay for your girl’s ice cream.” Tessa’s thumb made small circles on the inside of Justice’s thigh, and just that little action sent pleasurable shockwaves up Justices leg and directly to her clit. It felt so wrong, and so wonderful.

“Yeah, um…I mean yes. That sounds nice. I will even let Ben pay this time, but I get to pay next time!” Tessa smiled like the cat that caught the mouse. Justice couldn’t help but smile back.

The game ended and the three girls went off with Ben his in his mini van for pizza and ice cream. Tessa joined Justice in her little Honda and gave her directions as they drove to the Fields’ home. They parked in the drive of the rambling two-story ranch style house. Justice followed Tessa inside, and politely removed her running shoes. She then followed Tessa down a hall that she had assumed would lead to the kitchen. However, instead of the kitchen the hall ended at the stairs to the upper level of the home.

“Tessa, should we start the coffee before a tour?”

“Oh, you actually want coffee?”

Justice stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked up at Tessa, who stood on the third step. Tessa tried to look innocent, but Justice was finally catching up. “Tessa, I am not a lesbian.” She said and hoped she sounded firm.

“Oh Justice! I am not a lesbian either! I think they call us bi-sexual or maybe bi-curious.”

“I am sorry, you are mistaken about me. I am one hundred percent straight.” Justice said with false certainty, as she tried desperately not to notice Tessa’s hard nipples poking casino firmaları at her tight t-shirt.

“Well your rock hard nipples and wet snatch would disagree with you, Justice.” Hardly taking her eyes off of Justice’s face, Tessa pulled her t-shirt off over her head. Much like Justice, Tessa had gone braless. Justice couldn’t deny that Tessa had stunning tits, anymore than she could deny that her cunt was good and moist. She wasn’t sure how Tessa could have known that, but she assumed it had been a good guess.

“But, I can’t just…” Justice made a futile effort at protest. She knew in her heart she couldn’t just go to bed with this incredibly sexy woman, and yet with total certainty she knew that that was precisely what she was about to do.

Tessa wasn’t going to argue anymore. She slowly slipped her white tennis style skirt down her legs and then flung it over her arm along with her discarded t-shirt. She was completely nude now, and breathtakingly beautiful. Justice’s heartbeat was hammering at a dizzying pace. Her blood was boiling and steam would rise from her skin at any second. This couldn’t be happening to her, and yet it was. She willingly took Tessa outstretched free hand and followed her up the stairs to the master bedroom. Tessa took charge easily and effortlessly. Justice followed her lead willingly, but with some reservations.

Once inside the bedroom, Tessa closed the door and pushed Justice back against it. She pressed her nude body against Justice’s fully clothed body. She reached up and tugged the pink ball cap off is Justice’s head and released a cascade of soft dark hair. Placing her hands on either side of Justice’s face, she pulled the taller woman’s head forward so their mouths could meet in a sensuous open-mouthed kiss. Their tongues met and danced intimately. Without meaning to, Justice reached her arms around Tessa and held her tight as they both deepened the kiss. A moan escaped one of them, and yet Justice couldn’t be sure which one of them.

Without breaking the passionate kiss, Tessa slowly turned them around and moved them toward the bed. They walked together, step for step. As soon as the back of Justice’s legs came into contact with the bed Tessa began to tug at the button and zipper of Justice’s jean shorts. Once she had it undone, she broke the kiss and ruthlessly pulled the jean shorts down Justice’s legs. At the same time, Justice pulled her tiny tank off over her head. Tessa was on her knees before Justice and her face was at a perfect level with Justice’s pretty cunt.

“Sit down on the bed, sweetie.” Tessa’s command was gentle. Justice did as she was told, as she drifted on a euphoric wave of lust. On some far away plain she knew this was so wrong, but how could it feel so right? She sat down on the comforter. Her legs spread wide almost on their own vocation. Her body was traitorous, and her mind was following.

Tessa moved closer between Justice’s spread legs. It was clear she approved of Justice’s neatly kept pussy. She ran a finger gently over Justice’s slit and seemed extremely pleased with the revealing amount of cream already there. “Lay back Justice. You told me yourself, you need this. Don’t stop yourself from taking pleasure from this. Don’t watch me, just indulge yourself in the sensations.”

Justice did as she was told. She lay flat on her back and looked up at the ceiling. She tensed ever so slightly as Tessa lowered her hungry mouth to her quivering pussy. When Tessa’s slick tongue came into direct contact with Justice’s clit, she almost sprung like a tightly coiled spring. The feelings were so strong, stronger than she had ever known before. The need was so great she wasn’t sure there would ever be enough water to put out the wildfires that Tessa had lit within her. Faster then she could ever imagine, Justice found herself bucking uncontrollably against Tessa’s face as wave after wave of an incredible climax pulsed through her entire body. It left her feeling weak and listless sprawled on the bed. She simply wept with the joy of what had just happened, and felt foolish for doing so.

Justice didn’t know where Tessa went, but she vaguely noticed the small blonde get up and step away. It was several minutes later when Tessa returned. Justice had managed to pull herself together enough to sit up. She hoped she hadn’t offended Tessa with her tears. She had planned to explain herself, but lost her complete train of thought when she saw Tessa come back into the room from the attached washroom. Tessa wore a very long, very thick black strap on dildo. As she walked toward Justice the black behemoth of a dildo bobbed jauntily up and down. Justice felt a slight pang of nervousness, but it was quickly squelched by the utter sexiness of sweet little Tessa wearing the big dick like she truly owned it.

“Ok baby, we don’t have much time so we are making this all about you. Next time I will teach you how to please me. And if you like, maybe Ben can join us.” Tessa smiled güvenilir casino at Justice, a wicked smile. Justice knew in her gut that there was going to be a next time. In fact there may be many next times. And the bonus of adding the very sexy Ben to the mix was almost enough to make Justice moan. “Climb back on the bed and get comfortable on the pillows. In fact, lets stick one of those big fluffy ones under your ass.”

Justice did as she was told. The position, with her head lower than her ass felt awkward at first, but all thought was lost when Tessa climbed onto the firm bed and moved into the space between Justices already widely spread legs. Justice knew she was behaving like an immoral little slut. She wanted to care about that, but she wanted Tessa even more. Her morals would have to take a backseat, so Mommy could get thoroughly fucked by another sexy woman with a big black dildo.

Tessa didn’t have time to waste, so she didn’t. “I’ve already lubricated him. I can see you are plenty wet, but just in case. He’s a big boy and it’s hard to take him at first. I will ease him into your cunt as gently as I can. I don’t want to hurt you, but when we are done with him you will be so glad you had him.”

With that said, Tessa reached down and began to rub pleasurable circles around Justice’s clit with her thumb. The pressure she used on the sensitive nub was perfect. Justice floated endlessly on the pleasure Tessa was creating, and then her eyes shot open and she yelped with a mixture of pain and pleasure as Tessa shoved the fat head of the black dildo into her awaiting cunt. It felt so thick, stretching her tight hole impossibly. Having had a C-section to deliver her girls, this was clearly the largest thing to ever pass through her cunt hole. It felt remarkable, and with every inch that Tessa pushed into her she craved even more. Finally when Tessa felt some resistance, she realized the large cock must have reached Justice’s cervix. Justice’s eyes were blurry with her desire. She felt impaled.

“Fuck me Tessa!”

Tessa didn’t wait for any further requests. She fucked Justice with the same gusto she herself enjoyed being fucked with. Justice kept her legs spread wide, but managed to move with Tessa. Tessa pulled the giant cock partially out and pushed it back in. Justice moaned and cried out. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh Tessa! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Tessa humped the large dildo into her new lover, rotating her hips slightly so her lover could feel it’s immense size press her insides from all the glorious angles possible. It wouldn’t take Justice long to cum while filled to the brim with this cock, and Tessa knew this from first hand experience.

“Tessa! Oh, Tessa! Harder! Fuck me! Faster! Please!”

When Justice’s words became one long, primal moan, Tessa knew her lover was climaxing on the huge dildo. Tessa leaned forward, pushing the dick deeply into Justice’s creamy cunt. She took Justice’s nipple in her mouth and sucked it hard. She kissed Justice with pure abandon. There was no hesitation from Justice. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into Tessa’s mouth, all the while grinding her snatch into the dildo. They kissed and touched each other, and all the while Tessa kept her lover impaled on the large dildo.

Justice was becoming more and more bold with her touches, and Tessa was thrilled and surprised when Justice’s hand snaked between them and under the straps of the dildo. Justice managed to find Tessa’s throbbing clit. With the expertise of a woman that must enjoy pleasuring herself, she rubbed Tessa methodically. Within minutes Tessa also let out a guttural moan as a gush of cream flowed from her cunt and she climaxed for Justice.


Justice and Tessa were just coming back down stairs when Ben ushered the three rowdy eight years olds into the house. Justice felt her face flush with warmth. She suddenly felt exposed, as is anyone could clearly see what she had just done, even the kids. Justice suspected Ben had known what was going to happen between his wife and her, even before Justice had known. And when Ben winked at his wife above the girl’s heads’, Justice had known for certain that Ben had been fully aware.

“Did you ladies have a nice coffee and chat?” Ben asked simply.

“Mom, did you have coffee upstairs with Ms. O’Brady?” Annie asked innocently.

“No honey! I was showing Ms. O’Brady around the house. We skipped the coffee and just enjoyed each other’s company while you all had pizza and ice cream.”

“Well, I am sure you did!” Ben said with a wicked smile. The girls were thankfully oblivious.

“Mom, why is your shirt on inside out? You didn’t wear it like that too ball, did you?” Lilly was eyeing Justice’s shirt wearily. “Oh, I will just die if you wore your shirt like that to ball!”

Justice full on blushed now. “I must have honey. I am sorry, it must have been dark in my room when I got dressed.” Justice glanced at her wristwatch with a sudden overwhelming desire to escape. “Oh goodness! Look at the time. Girls, we had better get going. You still need to shower before bed.” Justice quickly thanked both Ben and Tessa and made as fast an exit as possible.

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