Justin and Amanda Ch. 01

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I always knew that High School was going to be the time of my life. I was ready to join the Football team as a Quarterback and I knew that I was very good. I didn’t know that it was going to take me till I was a senior in College to lose my virginity. I was always shy, I was good looking and a lot of women wanted me but for some reason I was just so very picky. Wow I thought to myself. A person shouldn’t feel this picky when they have a chance to get laid.

My Name is Justin and I am 18 years old and this is my senior year. I always liked Amanda who was the Captain of the cheerleading squad. She was best friends with my sister Jessica who is a junior in high school. They would always have sleepovers and I always saw Amanda in her skimpy pajamas. She was so hot and has the nicest ass I have ever seen. She was flexible and that alone was a turn on. Amanda was 5’2 and was skinny. She had a small ass which I love and was a 32B. My sister Jessica knew that I liked her and offered to hook us up but as always. I didn’t take the next step.

It was a cold December and our football team is going to the State Championship. It was a Thursday afternoon and we all packed to go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jess, Amanda and I decided to go ourselves since we could blast our music and have air conditioning.

5 hours later we arrived in Pittsburgh and we settled into our Penthouse Suite that our parents paid for. See growing up Jessica and I could have everything that we ever wanted. Our Parents ran their on Construction Business which eventually became the biggest in the country. On Average they take in about 70 Million a year and the number keeps on rising. Jessica and I were given an allowance of 3 Million dollars a year so yeah life was going great.

Finally we settled into our Luxury Suite at the Hotel that was equipped with a Jacuzzi and an entire Kitchen. We hit up a couple peeps from the team and a couple hot cheerleaders casino şirketleri and all decided to have some fun.

Everyone left the party around 4:00am. Luckily our Championship game wasn’t schedule tomorrow and we had the day to sleep in and relax. Jessica and her girlfriend Amber went to her bedroom and got busy. Jessica will tell you those stories later.

So it was just Amanda and myself relaxing in the Jacuzzi, I have known Amanda for about 8 years now since we moved to Pennsylvania. Her and my sister were BFF and they were inseparable. As we got older I could see Amanda blossom before my very eyes. I had such strong feelings for her but I didn’t know if she had those same feelings for me. Rumors throughout the school were that she was experienced, very very experienced. Rumors are exactly what they are. They serve no truth to the topic.

I did know that Amanda and my sister Jessica were sexually exploring each other. I could hear them during their sleepovers. I think this became the reason why I didn’t try to hook up with Amanda. I didn’t want to look like a fool if she was solely a lesbian like my sister Jessica.

I moved closer to Amanda and I looked directly into her eyes. “Amanda, I think you are so beautiful and I am completely in love with you.”

“I would have said this sooner but I am a virgin and I was nervous and scared to admit that because I wasn’t sure how you were going to react.” I said

The look on her face made me curious as to what she was thinking. It seemed like she was honored that I told her that I am in love with her. She didn’t say anything at all and I assumed that maybe she just wasn’t interested. I started to get up to get out of the Jacuzzi when Amanda Spoke.

“I feel the same way Justin and I have always liked you.” Amanda replied

This was all I needed to hear and I was on my way. I moved closer to her and I ran my fingers through her wet brown hair. casino firmaları I looked deep into her eyes and I kissed her passionately. Afterwards, she got up and told me to wait here for 4 minutes and then come into her room.

I was ecstatic that the dream that I have hoped for is finally going to come true. The thought of this was making my 7 inch shaft extremely hard. As I was sitting in the Jacuzzi I was counting the minutes until I could go into her room. For the people that are virgins at an older age you know what it’s like to be nervous about this first time encounter. I was worried if I wasn’t going to last very long and how her reaction would be. Then I took a deep breath and relaxed.

Now it was time, 4 minutes were up and I got out of the Jacuzzi and dried myself off. I approached Amanda’s room and opened the door. The sight alone got me excited and I came right then and there. Luckily Amanda didn’t notice which was good for me. She was lying on her bed in the sexiest black lingerie I have ever seen.

“Come here big boy, I want you to fuck me; I have waited so long for this day.” Amanda told me

“You have?” I said curiously

“Yes and enough chatting and cum over here baby.” She said seductively

I got on the bed and we started with kissing and then that is where the confidence grew and I was relaxed and took charge. I ripped her lingerie off, which made Amanda excited. I grabbed her breasts which were so perfect that God must have spent a lot of time on this girl.

She let out little moans as I massaged her breasts with my hands. I started sucking on her pink nipples and the moans increased with more sounds of pleasure filling the room. This made me know that I was definitely doing something right and that make the confidence over flowing.

I slowly kissed every inch of her body as I was moving my head lower to her waist. I kissed her inner thighs avoiding her pussy which I güvenilir casino know is a tease to make the pleasure more intense. Watching those HBO specials worked perfectly.

I spread her legs wider and I started to eat away at her pussy. I found her clit which was easier than I thought and I began licking it in various ways. I started up and down and then circle. I was getting the hang of it as I heard her moans became intense as she was heightening with pleasure. I inserted 2 fingers into her pussy. First very slowly and then gradually picking up the pace. Pushing them as far in as they could go to find her G Spot.

“Oh My Justin, keep doing that, right there.” Amanda took my head and pushed it closer to her pussy and that gave me the hint. I started moving my fingers in faster and I changed it up a lot. I took my lips and encircled her clit and began humming. Acting as a vibrator to her clit I knew she was going to enjoy it and cum like a rocket.

“Holy Shit Oh God yes, Keep humming baby, I love it.” With Amanda’s voice filled with moans of pleasure becoming even louder and pushing my face deeper into her pussy.

As I continued her moans approached an all time high, she was in absolute pleasure. “Oh Fuck right there Justin, keep going, that’s it make me cum.” “I am going to cum so hard, Oh God.” Her moans I am sure were heard throughout the hotel as she was in the best pleasure of her life.

“I am going to cum, keep going.” I started to move my fingers faster than ever. Humming a lot harder. I felt her body start to wiggle as I knew the time was quickly approaching.

“I’m gonna cum, oh fuck baby, ohhhhhh, yes I am cumming. ” “Oh god, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, yes yes yes yes yes yes I’m cumming.”

I looked up to see her eyes rolling back behind her head and grabbing the sheets with her hands. Her body wiggling in response the ultimate pleasure she was receiving. She laid there panting and trying to catch her breath.

“Wow Justin that was completely amazing, we are definitely going to be doing this for a very long time.” She said erotically.


Part 2 soon and Jessica tells her story of her first sexual encounter with Amanda.

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