Karen, My lover (pt3)_(0)

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Karen didn’t normally get any time off, being her mums career etc, but she did spend the odd night at mine, but
for her birthday, we had agreed to go and spend a few nights alone together in a hotel. I left my car at hers and
we walked with our back packs to Diss train station. I kept the location of our hotel a secret so it would be a
surprise for her. At Norwich we had to change trains, and court a train to Ely, where we changed again for
Cambridge. Our hotel was a luxury hotel, overlooking the river. We was too early to book in so went for a walk
around the city before booking in. Once we were able to, we booked into our hotel and were shown to our room by
the porter, Karen and myself never stopped holding hands. Once inside our room, we started kissing which got more
and more passionate, before long our hands were all over each other. Karen still managed to surprised some time and what she said almost shocked me. She kissed me full on the lips and started to squeeze my cock through the
trousers and said “come on, lets try that big bed out!”. We ripped off what few clothes we still had on, Karen
was slowly wanking my cock when she said “lay back, I want to taste you cock!”. I laid back and she started
licking the end before licking up and down the length of my cock, before she took my cock in her mouth and started
sucking me hard and fast. It was one of the best BJ’s I have ever had. The sight of this gorgeous girl, the woman
I love, sucking with pure lustful embandonment, was so sexually over welming, I didn’t know how long I would be
able to hold out before cumming. Karen was fondling my balls while working up her mouth up and down my cock hard
and fast, “I warned her I was getting close to cumming” and her response sent me over the edge when she said “I
want to taste your hot sticky spunk. mmmm”, and with her encouragement, I started pumping my cum into her mouth

“mmm that is so yummy” she told me, before climbing up to the bed and hugged me. While we was snuggled up, I
noticed Karen was toying with her pussy, so I slid down the bed, pushed her back, spread her legs and started to
lap away at her pussy, flicking her clit with my tongue, and slipping my fingers in and out of her hot wet tight
pussy. She was so horny, she put her hands on my head to pull me deeper. I devoured her gorgeous tasting pussy,
and her pants and sighs told me she was enjoying it. Before long she started have a orgasm, I never tired of
hearing Karen moan, scream and pant when she orgasmed. She pulled my face level with hers and we kissed. By now my
cock was rock hard, and I guided it into her soaking we pussy and slowly sunk my big hard throbbing cock deep
inside her. I started to pound her pussy hard. Karen was beginning to scream “oh my fucking god baby, that feels so fucking good, please don’t stop. fuck my pussy hard, fill me with your yummy cream”. It seamed so odd to her this girl talk so dirty, who was a sweet and innocent virgin not very long again. We looked deeply and lovingly into each others lust filled eyes. I could feel Karen’s pussy beginning to twitch and grip my cock, and I knew Karen was about to cum, the feeling of her pussy gripping and pulsating around my cock, and as Karen orgamsmed again, she was milking the cum out of my balls. My orgasm hit violently, and as I was shooting spurt after spurt of my thick hot creamy white spunk deep into Karen’s twitching, pulsating, hot wet tight orgasming pussy and womb, we looked lovingly and lustfully, and deeply into each others eyes. “I love you Kaz” I painted to Karen “I love you to James Baby” She replied breathlessly. We laid there for a while then noticed the time. We had reservations in a top class restaurant in less than an hour, so we grabbed a shower. We washed each other and as we stood in the shower I noticed my cum dribbling out of Karen’s eager pussy. We dried each other off, and I put on my suite and Karen put on a lovely wonderful blue evening dress that matched konak escort bayan her gorgeous eyes. She looked so sweet and innocent, I looked into her eyes that twinkled and shone like blue sapphire.

We walked to the restaurant, and were shown to our table. “Darling” Karen said concerned “this weekend is obviously very expensive, are you sure you can afford it”. I kissed her tenderly, and looked her deeply in the eyes and said “don’t worry about it sweetheart, money no object this weekend, Its all about you and showing you how much I love you” Karen smiled. The menu’s arrived and we both opted for a non alcoholic drink. Karen being a vegetarian picked a fancy salad. I asked her would she be offended if I had meat and she said no, and thought the beef looked good, so had a Roast dinner. We kept looking into each others eyes and all I could think is how much I wanted to say “Karen Orford, I love you and always will, will you marry me” But I had to restrain myself. We then ordered our sweet, and we both went for a camel flavoured Icecream. Karen kept teasing me by playing footsies under the table. After our meal, we took a walk around the parks of Cambridge, and I took Karen to Parkers Piece to show her the place we do a show each June. We made out for a while under a tree before walking back to our hotel. We got back to our room. We laid on the bed and started kissing and cuddling each other. We got undressed and got naked into bed. Karen started to stroke my cock under the blankets while I kissed and cuddled her “do you think I can get another fuck out of him” she asked me. By this time my cock was rock hard and I couldn’t believe how much of a Nymphomaniac Karen could be. I rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy and soon she was super horny and wet. She pushed me back, straddled me, and slowly slid her hot wet pussy down over my cock and started to ride me. I rested my hands on her bum, while I sucked on her gorgeous nipples. She was soon riding me with complete abandonment, moaning loudly. After a while Karen got tired, and I said I would take over. I bent Karen over on all fours. I thought I would tease her a bit, and lined my cock up with her arse hole and slowly applied a tiny bit of
pressure. “please don’t” she pleaded” I am not ready to try that”. I told her I was only teasing and slid my cock
into her pussy. I slowly started to pound her hard and fast and deep. I fucked Karen hard and fast doggy, she
started to moan as my cock brushed against her G spot. “OH MY FUCKING GOD BABE THAT IS SO FUCKING GOOD” Karen
screamed out in ecstasy, and soon I was shooting what little cum my balls had managed to make, deep inside her.
“you keep my balls constantly drained” I let her know, I love you so very much. “I love you to” she replied, and
we snuggled up and fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning I asked Karen “what would you like to do today day?” Honestly? She asked to which I said yes. “I
would like to make love all day long” she said. Karen positioned herself so we was in a 69 position, she was
sucking and wanking my cock and I was licking her clit and fingering her pussy. After a while Karen laid on the
bed, she spread her legs and pulled me ontop of her. My cock slowly entered her pussy, and she laid her legs on my
shoulders, and I fucked her deepset. I pounded the love of my life for all I was worth, Karen Orgasmed and I ended
up flooding her pussy with my cum. After we recovered, I said “come on, lets get cleaned up”. The sheared a shower
making sure we was both nice and clean and fresh, before we got dressed, and then headed to the hotels restaurant
for some breakfast. Karen had orange juice, a banana, and cereal, and I had a Bacon, eggs, toast and a mug of
tea. After breakfast I asked her if she still wanted to make love all day, to which she said she would, I said
well we can for MOST of the day but there’s a little gift waiting for you in our room. So we walked back to our room arm in arm. We got escort konak to the door to our room, and Karen whispered in my air “I love you baby”. I love you to I
replied, smiled and gave a tender kiss on the lips. It always gave me a warm glow in my tummy when she told me she
loved me. She saw Her Birthday Card, and the presents underneath it. She opened the card, and then hopped onto my
lap, pressing her mouth to mine, before she allowed her tongue to penetrate my mouth and duelled with my tongue.
She opened the gifts one was a box of chocolates, the next was gift vouchers for a local adult shop the next was a
catalogue for their store. Karen was looking through, The vouchers were for a kit where you could make a latex
cast of your lovers penis, Sexy lingerie, another was for two outfits, and the last one entitled you to a free but
plug if you spent more than £100. Karen wasn’t to sure about this last one, but I said you might as well take it,
seeing how it is free. Karen was to embarrassed to go to the shop in person, so we handled the order online. She
chose some lovely matching underwear sets, and she chose a schoolgirl & nurses uniforms for her outfits.

The shop emailed back and said they would drop them off at the hotel at 3pm, so I said to Karen, what can we do
for the next Four hours, she pushed me back against the bed and started to kiss me, she worked her way down to
my crotch, and pulled my dick out of my pants and started to wank my cock, before she bent her head down to suck
me off. She then done a sexy striptease. As soon as she was naked, she lowered her pussy down over my cock, and
started to ride me silly. After 40 minutes or so she was getting worn out, so I got her on to all fours, and slid
my cock into her pussy and pounded her from behind for all I was worth. She was moaning loudly, and I thought I
would tease her, by rubbing my wetted index finger around her bum hole. To my surprise she did not complain, so I
thought I chance my luck, and made her arse wet and slowly started to slide my finger in and and still she did not
complain, instead her moans got louder, and she started to paint “more more”. There was no way I could fuck her
pussy any harder, in fact after about 20 mins I was running out of steam, so I started to fuck her arse with my
finger while I fucked her pussy with my cock. That is when she had the biggest climax I had ever known her to have, she screamed and her legs and arms when limp and I was more or less holding her up, Her arse was gripping my
finger and her pussy was twitching and gripping my cock, as she orgasmed and cummed massively, and I felt her
pussy juice trickle down ball sack. It was too much, and I shot my hot sticky spunk deep inside her hot wet pussy,
and then my knees gave up, And I collapsed next to Karen holding her in my Arms. We Laid there exhausted for quite
some time, before Karen said gasping “OH FUCK!!!! THAT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!”. This surprised me, as Karen is
not one prone to using bad language. “What about what I did with my finger?” I asked, expecting her to say she
wasn’t into it. That was the first time I’ve ever had anything in my bum, it was odd, but I liked it.

As soon as we could, we went to the bathroom and had a shower together, my sticky load was still dripping out of
her pussy. We washed each other down, then went down to the cafe for a cup of coffee to wait for the delivery. “I
can’t wait to see you model your undies and out fits” I told her. She let out a giggle. Just then we noticed a van
pull up out side the hotel and man carried in gift wrapped package, we went across and asked him if it was for
Karen Orford, to which he said it was. We signed for it and then Karen said, !You stay down here and have another
drink and I will get dressed for you”. With that she winked and ran upstairs. After about 15 mins I got a text
from Karen “there’s a naughty schoolgirl in your konak escort room, aching for your big hard cock. Please come as quick as you
can”. I went upstairs, open our room door, and there was Karen, in a naughty schoolgirl uniform, She had white
knee length socks, on, short skirt, a tight low cut top, which had a school style tie, with blue woolly jumper. I
could see she had her new lacy black knickers and bra on. She opened her legs, and pulled her knickers to one
side. She started to rub her clit, my cock grew hard at once. She beckoned me over to the bed, and pulled my head
to her pussy, and I started to lick her out with earnest, My tongue flicked her clit, and my fingers slid in and
out of her pussy. She then pulled my head to hers, kissed me deeply and said “just fuck me!” I got my cock out and
slowly sank my cock as deep as it would go. I fucked Karen like this for a while, then she indicted she wanted to
go on top, and pushed me back against the bed, she spun round and for the first time, rode me reverse cow girl, so
that she was facing my feet. It was then I noticed she had got the but plug out of the parcel, along with the
lube, so I decided to test the water out again.

I lubed up her tight little arse, expecting her to complain, she just kept riding me, so I slid my finger in deep.
She started to pant and moan, I could feel my cock in her pussy with my finger in her arse. She turned her head to
me, and winked, and said lets give it a go. This moment in time we had crossed wires, and I thought she was
indicating she wanted me to fuck her arse with my cock. She got on all fours, and added a bit more lube to her
arse, and then lined up my cock with it and applied a small amount of pressure. “NO!” she sounded out, I meant
that toy!. I was so embarrassed, and thought I had killed the mood, so I slid my cock back into her pussy and
started to fuck her hard. She soon had orgasm, after which she reached out, got hold of the butt plug and passed
it to me. This time there was no brake down in communication I applied a small amount of lube to the plug, and
slowly let it sink into her anus. I found it hard to believe it was Karen I was in bed with, here she was , by now
her lacy knickers were off, but she still had her knee height socks on, her short school skirt was up around her
waist. Her blouse was undone, and her bra pulled down under her boobs, which here hanging out. She had my cock
deep in her pussy and a butt plug deep in her arse. She was moaning and cumming loudly, and before long I could
feel my own orgasm building, and before long I was emptying my balls into Karen’s womb.

We laid down and and cuddled, before we headed to the bathroom, this time we decided to shear a bath, we had a nice long soak, I massaged her body tenderly, running my hands up her arms over her shoulders, down over her gorgeous breasts, and flat tummy, and down the inside of her legs and back up the outside, all the time we steered lovingly into each others eyes. Once refreshed we dried off and crawled into bed exhausted. We didn’t make love anymore than night, instead we just held each other in our arms. The next morning we had to check out by 10am, so we got up about 8, packed our bags, and then headed down for breakfast in the hotels restaurant. I then booked us out and settled the bill. It had cost me a fortune, but every penny was worth it for the woman I love. Our train was not until later in the afternoon, so we took a stroll to the Museum of science and Industry, I think I bored Karen slightly by explaining to her bout all the workings of the steam engines in the museum. Then we headed to a Gregg’s for a coffee and a bite to eat before our train ride home. When we got back to her place, her mum had a nice meal ready for us. “did you have a good time dear?” She asked Karen. Yes thanks mum Karen replied, blushing slightly, smiling and winking at me. This did not go un-noticed, and Karen’s mum said “jolly good” and winked back. I stopped the night at Karen’s, but we did not have sex, as she was rather sore from time away. I was almost crying when I had to come home the next day, and I was missing Karen from the instant she was out of sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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