Kathleen’s Lovers Ch. 03

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So my first love ended in tears. That probably made your day didn’t it Steve… until you read about Cliff eh? I’ve never had a cock like his since, though there’s been plenty of times I’ve closed my eyes and imagined it was him pumping in and out of me instead of the guy I was fucking (yes, include yourself in that group Steve).

Recognise my little habit of playing with myself while getting fucked? Did you really think you taught me that? Afraid not. You can put that one down to Cliff.

And watching guys as they ejaculate over me? Sorry, Cliff again.

Here’s another surprise for you…

Kathleen’s Lovers: Chapter three – Karen

The moment the door closed, Karen appeared from out of the bedroom, naked. Standing in the middle of the room, she looked at me huddled up on the sofa and said

“Well, how was yours then?”

“Different” I replied, and, widening my eyes for effect “I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to sit down properly again!”

Karen walked over the fridge, talking as she went

“Oh yeah, a bigun was he? Terry said you’d be in for a surprise.”

She found a can of lemonade and drank it, not in the least bit concerned that she was standing naked in front of me. She was attractive, in a crude, tarty way. Her dark hair, styled into a soft perm, was looking pretty limp now and her thick eye-liner was smudged down her cheeks as if she’d been crying. She had a good figure, sort of ‘pear-shaped’ with big boobs that sagged a bit and an ample cellulite-dimpled bottom. I guessed she was in her mid-thirties though I had no idea whether she was married, had ever been married or if she had any children. She looked over at me.

“Cor, you’ve been given a seeing to”

I wondered what she meant?

“Come up here and have a look at yourself” she said, nodding towards a full-length mirror by the door. I got up, towel wrapped around me, and walked over. My reflection showed a very red-faced teenager, with her long red hair sticking to her face and neck. I giggled a little then pointed to her.

“Well what about you then?”

Karen looked at her own mascara-streaked face.

“Fucking hell, he really did make my eyes water eh?” she laughed before asking

“You coming to bed?” moving towards the bedroom.

I stopped for a moment, thinking I’d rather be on the sofa before she continued “you don’t want to sleep on that old thing. Come in here with me.” I followed her into the dimly-lit bedroom to see a double bed, not two singles like in the room I shared with Jenny, with it’s sheets all twisted into a bundle in the middle. Karen took them and flicked them out into something more like a made bed.

“There you go” she said, before getting into the nearest side. I made my way around the bed before dropping the towel and quickly slipping under the sheet on the opposite side, pulling it up around me so only my head poked out. Karen however was exposed to the waist, her large saggy boobs hanging down as she lay on her side facing me. I glanced at her big breasts with their large brown erect nipples, not meaning to but she caught me looking all the same. My eyes shot up to look her straight in the face, embarrassed now to look elsewhere.

It was ironic as the whole week had been spent around the swimming pool with nearly all the girls sunbathing topless – all except me that is. My shyness and paranoia about getting sunburn had kept me in the shade in my one-piece costume. I’d seen all of them topless: Big boobs, little boobs, saggy boobs, pert boobs and none of it seemed a big deal to anyone. This was different. We were alone and very close. Only a foot or so apart in a double bed. I began to feel very awkward.

Karen must have sensed my discomfort as she said in a light-hearted tone

“It’s okay Kathleen, I’m not a Lesbian you know”

“But I might be?” I thought to myself. My mind went back to earlier in the year…

Susan and I had been to the Cinema. She was another sixth-former. She was tall, slim, blonde and very attractive. She was fairly new to the school but had immediately made lots of friends and was very popular. As well as that, she’d been selected for the Netball team, which I was also a member of. That’s how we’d started talking and now I was back at her house, in her bedroom, for a sleep-over.

I had plain cotton pyjamas to change into, which I did – keeping my panties on – while Susan lay on her bed, chatting away to me, watching me throughout. I thought nothing of it. Susan was one of the ‘cool girls’ in the School – unlike me – and I was still quite surprised she’d asked me to stay overnight at her place.

She had a large bedroom all to herself with a double bed too – far more impressive than the little box room I slept in back home. I assumed I’d be on a blow-up bed on the floor, like when I stayed at Jenny’s but then Susan said

“I’m having this side because it’s nearest the phone, okay?” (she had a phone in her room too – wow!)

I got under the duvet on my side of the casino şirketleri bed while she got up and undressed in the middle of the room. She continued talking, slipping off her top and then her socks and jeans, so she was just in her skimpy bra and panties. I felt uncomfortable at this show she seemed to be putting on for my benefit and turned away so as not to see more.

“Kathleen, are you listening to me?” she said in a slightly-annoyed voice. I turned back towards her to see her reaching around her back to unfasten her bra, letting it tumble to the floor to join the rest of her discarded clothes. Her breasts were small and perky, perfectly shaped and sitting up all by themselves. She didn’t really need a bra at all I thought. Even so, her nipples were still bigger than mine, standing out and a much darker shade of pink than my little pale ones.

She stayed like this for a while, chatting away about School gossip I was unconcerned with, occasionally placing her hands on her hips or holding them over her head. I looked her straight in the face all the time, doing my best not to look at her boobs or, worst still, let her see me looking at them. I could feel my face redden while she ‘performed’ in front of me before she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and pulled them down a little. I could just see her naturally blonde public hair before she turned her back to me and continued to lower her panties, exposing her small, cute bottom to me, before bending down and giving me a peak of her visibly pink slit and the dimple of her anus as she kicked her panties away.

I could have looked away but I didn’t.

She moved to a drawer where she took a long T-Shirt with the boy band TAKE THAT printed on it before turning back to me. She pulled it slowly, needlessly slowly, over her head in front of me before letting it fall down over her breasts and blonde pussy, finally covering them.

She jumped playfully into bed, wiggling around under the duvet and smiling at me, telling me how she loved sleep-overs and that I was the first girl from our School she’d had around. We started talking about the film we’d been to see: ‘Jude’ staring Kate Winslett. There had been an unexpected amount of nudity and sex in it, which embarrassed me but delighted Susan. I wondered, as she had chosen the film, whether she knew what it was going to be like before we went?

“Kate Winslett looked good in it didn’t she Kathleen?” Susan asked

“Yes, I think she’s very beautiful. I liked her when she was the yellow dress in the classroom…” I said, trying to move onto the subject to the film’s storyline before Susan cut in.

“I liked the bit when she was in bed with her cousin”

I nodded and she continued

“You look like Kate Winslett you know?”

“No I don’t. She’s beautiful. I’m not”

“Yes you do look like her a bit… and you’re the same shape as well. You’re all shapely and womanly like she is. And you’ve got big tits too”

I didn’t know what to think as Susan was being very personal. Was she paying me compliments? ‘I think she is?’ I remember thinking but being uncertain. I mumbled a ‘thank you’ and she continued

“It was good when she had sex for the first time wasn’t it?”

It had been my most uneasy moment of the film as Kate Winslett lost her virginity to her lust-inflamed cousin. I began to feel very hot watching the naked actress have her breasts kissed and having Susan re-live the scene was having a similar effect on me again.

“Do you think that’s what it’s like?” Susan asked, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm “You know, when a man ‘does it to you’ for the first time? I bet it’s really sore when he puts his Willie in you, don’t you think Kathleen?”

“Er yeah, I suppose so… I don’t really know”

“Come on” Susan said, her voice excited “You be Kate Winslett and I’ll be her cousin”

With that she rolled towards me and wrapped her hands around me.

“Oh Kate” she moaned in a put-on voice “Oh Kate, I want your body”.

I laughed as she was being funny and played along with her. “Oh yes, I want you to take me” I said back in a high girlie voice “make love to me Cousin”.

Susan then shifted herself on top of me, her face opposite mine and her legs squeezing their way between mine, spreading them apart. “Oh yes Kate, let me make love to you” said Susan …and she then kissed me.

I was shocked and lay there, not responding as her mouth covered mine. My heart was thumping hard though as my mind raced. Was this still the game? Should I shove her off and tell her to stop or let her carry on? Her hands were also moving up and down my body, touching my hips and chest, brushing my breasts as they passed.

I didn’t stop her.

“Oh Kate my love, kiss me, let me take you” Susan continued and thrust herself against me.

I felt her vulva grind against mine through the layers of clothing and felt a jolt of excitement go through me. ‘Should I stop her’? I thought ‘This is going to far. This casino firmaları isn’t a game anymore’ but I still didn’t do anything.

Susan thrust her little hips against mine moaning “Oh Kate, oh Kate” though not in such a put-on voice now.

I could feel that her T-shirt had ridden up her belly now too. While I had my pyjama-bottom’s and panties on, she had her bare pussy against me. As she ground herself against me, I could feel the faint rasp of her sparse blonde pubes against the fabric covering mine. Her head slipped down away from my face alongside mine and her chest pressed against me, her tiny firm breasts crushed against my big, wobbling bosoms.

The rhythm of her hips, her boobs against mine, her kisses, her pussy mashing against mine …I let out a soft moan as a tiny wave of pleasure passed through my pussy and I pushed my hips back. I had lost myself for a moment and had let the first pulses of an orgasm take hold. Had Susan noticed?

“Kathleen! Oh bloody hell Kathleen!” Susan snapped, jumping off me “It’s only a game Kathleen! What’s the matter with you?”

She was really angry with me, disgusted almost, staring at me like I’d committed some terrible deed. I froze with fear.

“What…what’s the matter?” I stammered “I, I’m.. I’m only mucking about… like you were… like in the game?” I was panicking now. ‘Please Susan, please don’t tell anyone please’ is all that was going through my mind right now. Oh God, the shame of it if anyone else found out. The girls at School. My Mother. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as Susan shifted away from me.

“Yeah? Well that’s not how it looked to me.” she spat.

“No, no Susan please, I was just playing the game, honest” I pleaded, my face begging her to believe me.

“Well… hmm, maybe you were but… oh maybe” she said, drawing out her decision before rolling her head a little to indicate she’d accepted my plea’s.

I sighed with relief, wanting to thank her but knowing I had to keep up the pretence of ‘the game’.

We took up our places on each side of the bed, with me almost hanging off the edge in case I accidentally made physical contact with her, and settled down to sleep – not that I could sleep. The thought of Susan telling people what had happened had my stomach in a knot. Nothing else was said but, as Susan turned away to switch off the bedside light, I caught a reflection of her face. She was suppressing a smile, almost a laugh. I wondered why?

I spent the last few months at School fearing that Susan had told everyone I was a Lesbian. We never really spoke again and when I went past her and her friends, I always felt they were sniggering. Had she told them all the story of when she’d been messing about with me and that I’d got all serious and almost cum in my panties? I never said a word to anyone about it, not even Jenny, and was thankful for my A-level exams distracting me from my worries.

Now Karen had re-awoken them.

“Come on” she said in an eager voice “tell me what you got up to with Cliff. How big was his cock then?”

I hesitated to say. This wasn’t happening again was it? It was late, I was tired and the nights drinking combined with the sheer physical effort that sex with Cliff took out of me, made it hard to think.

“It was big, really… big.” I replied quietly.

“Oh come on” said Karen “You’ve gotta tell me more than that! I’ll tell you about Terry if you like?”

She didn’t wait for my answer

“He was on me straight away, big hard cock you know. Then he turned me over and fucked me doggy-style. I love that. You probably heard me.”

I nodded.

“Then, after I’d cum, he pulls it out and made me suck it. I knew what was gonna happen and would have done it for him if he’d have asked but he had to grab my head and start sticking it right down my throat. I fucking hate it when they do that”

Again, I nodded, even though I had no experience of what she was describing.

“Then he starts cuming, right deep in my mouth, holding my head to make me swallow it. I’d have swallowed it anyway but he had to make me, the dirty bastard”

I decided to open up. This wasn’t like with Susan I told myself, Karen’s a real friend and now we’re just talking before we go to sleep.

“Well, we were on the sofa and he told me to get it out and it just sprung out! It must have been about, gosh …this big” I brought my hands out from beneath the sheets to show Karen how large Cliff’s cock had been but uncovered my breasts in the process. I knew what I had done but decided not to cover them up again as Karen’s weren’t covered either. We were friends after all. She did take a look at them though.

“Bloody hell Kathleen, don’t tell me you gave him a blow-job. You’ll have choked!”

“No. I thought he wanted me to but then he put it between my boobs”

“What, he tit-fucked you?”

I nodded and Karen gave a silent ‘wow’, looking at my breasts as she did.

“And did he cum over them?”

“Yeah!” güvenilir casino I exclaimed, pleased that someone as experienced as Karen was finding my story exciting “it went all over them, everywhere, all shooting out the little hole in the top. I never thought it was going to stop!”

Karen laughed again “Oh it’s great when that happens, I fucking love it. I love watching it when it really fires out – apart from when it hits you in the eye!”

We both burst into fits at this. The idea of a man spunking in your eye had me in hysterics (the reality is not so funny I hasten to add!) and it was ages before we calmed down.

“Oh Karen, you are funny” I remember saying… just as she reached a hand out to touch one of my exposed breasts.

“God Kathleen, there’s still spunk on them now” she said, the laughter disappearing from her voice.

I was still smiling from what she’d said before; still not really taking notice of her hand as she gently brushed the back of it against my boob, when she leaned her face towards my chest. She turned her hand and cupped my breast, holding it up as her mouth made contact with it. I felt the warm wetness of her tongue move across my skin.

“Oh my God” she breathed “Your tits taste of spunk”

I looked down, still smiling, thinking this was another of Karen’s jokes, as she ran her tongue around my heavy breast until she found the nipple. I looked down and watched as Karen closed her eyes and formed an ‘O’ with her lips around my tiny bud, taking it into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue and sucking it back and forth.

“This isn’t a game any more is it?” I said to myself, suddenly realising what was happening. Memories of Susan came flooding back and once again I began to feel panic stricken.

“Karen” I said in a small voice “What… are you doing?”

She broke away from my nipple and looked up.

“It’s alright” she said calmly “I told you I’m not a Lesbian. Just having a bit of fun that’s all. All girls have a bit of fun, you know that.”

Her mouth returned to my nipple and she continued sucking and tonguing it. Much as my heart was racing with anxiety, the tingles of pleasure from what she was doing were being felt too.

Was Karen right? Did all girls have ‘a bit of fun’ with each other?

“It’s not like this is really sex” I told myself. “Karen’s right, it’s just a bit of fun.”

Both her hands were on my breasts now, her tongue snaking its way across from one to the other, finding my tiny nipples and giving them everything from little playful bites with her teeth to big fat wet kisses with her mouth wide open, sucking in the soft pink areola too.

Karen breathed “You’ve got lovely tits you know” and “I love your tits, beautiful young teenage tits” as she continued to slowly ‘have fun’ with them.

A hand moved down my belly and rested just above my pubic area. Karen had long manicured nails and I felt them scratch the sensitive skin on my belly between my hips.

I gave a little sigh. I held my breath for a moment, frightened Karen would jump away as Susan had. Instead she moved her face up to mine and softly kissed me, little pecks against my lips first, then opening her mouth and running her tongue against my lips and then my tongue as she brought her mouth fully to mine.

While we kissed, her hand drifted through my curls of hair and moved over my pussy, fingers dipping into my still-wet and now very hot slit.

I moaned again into her mouth as she sucked on my tongue. She really was a fantastic kisser, doing tiny, delightful things I hadn’t even imagined like sucking my bottom lip, running her tongue across my teeth or teasing my tongue into her mouth.

Her fingers found my clit and I cried a little ‘ah!’ No searching like Darren, she found it straight away and began to gently rub it just the way I do it myself. She was so …expert.

She then moved her fingers away, causing me to sigh a little in frustration, down towards my vagina. Two fingers slithered around the entrance then slipped inside. I immediately jolted with discomfort. Karen broke away from our kissing

“What’s the matter” she said, looking deep in my eyes, withdrawing her fingers.

“Just a bit sore, you know? I think Cliff, being so big…”

I felt red raw to even Karen’s gentle touch. Cliff’s large cock, coming only days after having my hymen broken by Darren, had made my vagina as sore and tender as it had been that first night.

“Don’t worry, Karen will kiss it better.”

And with that she made her way down the bed, kissing my breasts and belly, all the way to my pussy.

“Is this still a ‘bit of fun’?” I asked myself, looking down as Karen’s black hair nestled between my legs. Kissing is one thing but this…

I tried to think but I was just too tired, too drunk and, most of all, now too turned on, to worry any more. I felt her tongue snake its way along my wet slit, her hot breath against it as she lapped against my labia before moving up to my tiny clitoris. I moaned again as her tongue made contact, oh so slightly at first, teasing it out, before returning with harder strokes.

“Oh yess…” I murmured as she did what I love best: nice, regular movements over my exposed clit.

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