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Tears streaked Katie’s face as she stood holding the little book in the middle of her small, college dorm room. It was the cloth-covered diary of her teenage years, adorned with a rainbow and unicorn. The trifles she adored in adolescence now cruelly mocked her.

She came across it while packing her things in a cardboard box. She couldn’t resist opening the little book and reading the hopeful entries from her high school days.

Dear diary,

Can’t wait for next week. I’m all packed and ready to start college. I talked mom and dad into spending a little more so I could get a single dorm room. So perfect! Can’t wait to get my first girlfriend! She can stay overnight with me all the time and we can walk around campus holding hands and be together always. Oh, Katie, you’re so lucky!

She felt sorry for that bright-eyed girl, knowing now what disappointments awaited.

Throughout high school, Katie indulged delicious fantasies about girls. In fact, girl-girl fantasies crowded out thoughts of boys, extracurricular activities, even school. Girls were all Katie thought about.

She wasn’t upset to discover this forbidden attraction. Hers was a sunny disposition not prone to self-examination. In absence of doubt, her fantasies wrapped her like a warm blanket.

Her diary held many entries devoted to her imaginary lover. She must have big tits, she wrote. Katie loved big tits. Would her lover be taller than her? Katie’s shortness was always a bother.

But the face of Katie’s fantasy lover was unfamiliar among the halls and classrooms of her small-town high school. Being with another girl from school was unthinkable, and she didn’t dare flirt with a female classmate.

She may not have been hung up about her sexuality, but she knew others in her tight-knit town would judge.

None of her friends found it odd Katie never had a boyfriend. She was well-liked, but painfully shy and insecure — especially about her body.

She was a petite and pretty girl, just five feet tall with small breasts, long dark hair, dark brown eyes and a beautiful smile. The delicate features of prepubescence lingered on her face even as she blossomed. She lamented that she still looked like a little girl while her friends looked so grown.

As she finished high school and stood on the threshold of a new life far from home at a large state university in a big city, she had felt the greatest excitement of her life — exhilaration anticipating loving how she longed to love.

But now, standing alone in her dorm room, clutching the little rainbow and unicorn diary, her future and happiness were slipping away.

It was not going to be okay.

She thought about the humiliating return home to tell her parents she flunked out her first semester. Worse, she would return to soul-crushing, small-town society, her desires and true self forever denied.

“No! No!” she thought, with her two clenched fists pressed against her forehead. “It can’t end like this. How can this be happening?”

Then she remembered.

“Oh yeah, calculus.”

The Distraction

Katie wasn’t the brightest girl. She didn’t particularly like school.

When she imagined college, she thought only about the freedom of dorm life away from home, all-night parties and — of course — lots of cute girls.

She once went to a high school party in a friend’s basement. One of the boys there played a DVD called Crazed Cuties on Campus.

She got horny watching lots of hot girls getting drunk and stripping naked on camera. What impressed her most was how matter-of-factly they had sex with each other. They were so hot and slutty, she thought. She got so wet she was afraid she might form a visible spot through the crotch of her jeans.

She remembered one of the boys saying it was recorded at a distant state university with a reputation for partying and poor academics and all the girls were sluts.

Katie committed the name to memory — Millvale University — and decided right then and there that that was the school she would attend.

She was so excited when her acceptance letter arrived that before she told her parents she ran upstairs, locked her bedroom door, got naked on the bed and, while still clutching the letter, started rubbing herself while fantasizing about joining those girls in the video.

She imagined what fun it would be stripping off her clothes and bending over to show off for the camera. She thought about big-breasted girls getting naked with her and kissing her.

She got even more excited when she indulged her favorite fantasy — sucking and licking their pussies while the camera recorded it.

Katie may have been painfully shy, but her hottest fantasy was slutty exhibitionism.

Unfortunately for Katie, though, Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz invented calculus. Math alone would have been an insurmountable obstacle for young Katie. But there also would be a major distraction in class.


The first day calculus class met, Katie casino siteleri was nervous but excited. She shifted in her seat, watching her classmates enter.

She had a sure-fire strategy for meeting girls: She would suggest they form an all-girls study group, arguing no boys would equal less distraction. She was proud of herself for the idea.

But as students filed in, it seemed to Katie the class was heavily weighted with testosterone and none of the few girls appealed to her. Disappointment loomed when, finally, a girl entered who caught Katie’s attention — a dirty blonde with a lithe figure and pretty face. Tall, but not too tall. Katie’s shortness once again proved an insecurity.

What really drew Katie’s eye were her large tits. Despite the girl’s waifish figure, she had surprisingly big boobs. Katie thought she looked a lot like those girls in the Crazed Cuties on Campus video.

She got excited when the girl started down her aisle and chose a seat near Katie, leaving one empty between them.

Katie was determined to ask her to join her study group.

The girl placed her bookbag on her lap and rummaged through it. Katie leaned toward her and summoned the courage to introduce herself, but the words stuck in her throat.

“Damn it, Katie!” she thought. “She’s not that much taller than you, you can do this!”

Since puberty, Katie had cowered in the shadows of tall, large-breasted girls even as she found herself unbearably drawn to them. In high school, there was one in particular.

Taylor Winstrom was senior class president and captain of the cheerleading squad. At 17, she was already five-foot-ten with a beautifully-proportioned hourglass figure, big breasts, wavy blond hair well below her shoulders, and the bluest eyes Katie ever saw.

Katie envied the senior girls lucky enough to share the girls’ shower with Taylor.

Taylor’s precocious body had tortured Katie as she lay in bed at night. One memory of Taylor titillated Katie most.

Katie was at her hall locker between classes when the throng of students parted. Suddenly, there appeared Taylor in a short, red skirt and heels, the top of her white blouse unbuttoned. She cradled her textbooks in her arm against her breasts, augmenting her already generous cleavage.

And then, to Katie’s mind, Taylor did something extraordinary. She tilted her head slightly and slung her hair to one side and ran her long fingers slowly through the golden strands, her red polished nails perfectly matching her shiny, red lipstick.

As Taylor confidently paraded down the middle of the hall, her tits bounced with every step.

Katie was entranced until Taylor’s piercing blue eyes locked on little Katie, breaking the spell. Katie turned quickly toward her open locker, her cheeks in full blush.

Katie looked away whenever her and Taylor’s eyes met.

But Katie peered over her locker door after Taylor, her eyes drinking in every last delicious drop of Taylor’s long, toned cheerleader legs and wavy blond hair, swinging counter to the shake of her hips. The opened doors of the school entrance at the end of the corridor bathed her figure in a halo of light.

Katie was frustrated now that the girl, just two seats down — so tantalizingly close — was oblivious to her and might slip away.

At that moment, in walked The Distraction.

She was the most beautiful thing Katie ever saw. Her jaw dropped as this vision of pure sexuality washed over her like a tsunami.

She stood nearly six feet tall. Her platinum blond hair reached the small of her back and framed facial features so exquisite Katie couldn’t have imagined them in her most fiery fantasy.

She had almond eyes larger than any pair of eyes Katie ever saw. They were ice-blue and adorned by the longest, darkest lashes imaginable. Her perfect, button nose perched above the sexiest pair of bee-stung lips. She had sculpted legs, gorgeous hips and an impossibly small waist.

And then Katie saw them.

Katie’s eyes widened, and she silently mouthed the words as she thought them: “Oh, my god!”

She had the most beautiful pair of tits Katie ever saw. They were perfectly round and so big! Her button-like nipples protruded through her blouse.

Katie gulped and collected herself. Her eyes darted about the room to see everyone else’s reaction to this extraordinary beauty.

Amazingly, no one else noticed. All were preoccupied with the course syllabus the teaching assistant handed out.

The Distraction began her seat selection as if contemplating whether any was worthy of her perfectly formed body.

Katie feared that if this woman came near her, she might faint. She was pleased when The Distraction settled upon a seat affording Katie the perfect vantage to admire discreetly.

The Distraction was obviously proud of her body. Her outfit was a bit immodest and questionable attire for the classroom.

She was decked out in soft pink. She wore a pink argyle mini skirt that was a little too slot oyna short, a pink blouse with buttons straining to contain her ample bosom, and pink stiletto heels. Her toenails and fingernails were immaculately French manicured with bright white tips and pink nail polish perfectly matching her outfit.

Katie noticed that as The Distraction looked over the course syllabus, she didn’t place it in her lap and hunch over it like everyone else. She held it up, as if admiring herself in a hand mirror.

Katie admired her jawline and high cheek bones. Her profile was as amazing as her portrait.

Soon the professor entered the hall and began roll call.

Katie listened for The Distraction’s name, more attentive for that information than she would ever be for differential equations.

Katie was so absorbed she didn’t hear her own name called. The professor paused a moment and repeated, “Katie Abrams?”

“Oh fuck, that’s me!” she thought.

“Here!” she said a little too loudly.

The small gaff caused her tremendous embarrassment. Her eyes darted furtively about to see if anyone looked.

The professor continued.

“Veronica Adams?”

“Here!” The Distraction’s voice rang out like the chime of a silver bell.

Katie repeated the name in her head: Veronica Adams.

She thought it the most beautiful name she ever heard.


Katie believed love at first sight was a romantic myth. Now she experienced it.

Every time class met, Katie loitered outside the door until Veronica was seated. Then Katie would sit where Veronica wouldn’t notice her staring.

Katie paid no attention to the professor’s lectures. In her empty notebook she scribbled Veronica’s name surrounded by little pink hearts. In place of mathematical formulas, she drew big hearts with arrows through them, filling them with her and Veronica’s names.

Katie was so lovesick she stopped attending other classes. She preferred to hole up in her dorm room masturbating to fantasies about Veronica. Her favorite was one about Veronica and Taylor Winstrom.

She imagined Taylor, the most popular girl in school, befriending newcomer Veronica and landing her a spot on the cheerleading squad.

One day, after practice, the women find themselves alone in the showers. They notice each other admiring their glistening, wet bodies and share a coquettish smile.

Stolen glances turn to lingering stares. As they gaze deeply into each other’s eyes, smoldering passions melt inhibitions.

Soon their big tits are mashed together in a soapy embrace as they share deep French kisses. Their hands explore their soapy bodies as they rub nipples. Taylor’s hands glide down the small of Veronica’s back and caress her perfect ass as Veronica runs her fingers through her own long, wet hair.

Taylor moves a hand around to the front of Veronica’s body and fingers her. Veronica moans softly as she parts her legs, signaling to Taylor she’s ready to be thoroughly pleased.

Taylor sucks Veronica’s nipples and unthinkingly works her mouth down Veronica’s body, slowly and obediently dropping to her knees before her blond goddess.

Even the beautiful cheer squad captain is defenseless against Veronica’s charms.

Taylor is confused when she finds herself kneeling on the floor of the steamy shower, unaware how she got there.

Then, for the first time, she gazes upon Veronica’s perfectly formed labia. She’s never seen a pussy this close, not even her own. She’s never thought about another girl’s pussy. She’s certainly never thought about how it tastes.

Still, she thinks she’s never seen anything so beautiful.

Kneeling at Veronica’s feet, Taylor is slipping under her cheer recruit’s powerful spell. Her heart pounds with the realization: She’s falling in love with Veronica!

“How can this be?” she wonders.

How can she, Taylor Winstrom — senior class president, cheerleader captain, homecoming queen — be in love with another girl?

Taylor’s juices drip on the tiled floor as she stares lovingly at Veronica’s mound, fighting her desire to explore her wet crack with her tongue.

She mustn’t!

Taylor is startled by Veronica’s nails on the back of her head. Veronica’s nails gently work through Taylor’s wet hair and caress her scalp. Taylor relaxes and closes her eyes, enjoying her lover’s touch. The sensation is so pleasant, Taylor momentarily forgets her dilemma.

Then she feels Veronica’s fingers splayed against the back of her head and feels the gentle pressure of her lover’s firm hand urging her face closer to Veronica’s pelvis.

Suddenly it’s clear to Taylor — she won’t be allowed to deny her lover pleasure. Veronica forces Taylor’s reluctant head between her legs. Veronica’s labia envelop Taylor’s lips, but the cheerleader captain refuses her new role as submissive.

“No! No! No!” she softly pleads. Her little cries are stifled by Veronica’s lips. Her eyes look plaintively up, but all she sees is the silhouette of Veronica’s canlı casino siteleri big tits and erect nipples.

“Oh, no!” she thinks to herself.

She again feels Veronica on the back of her head as she winds Taylor’s long, wet hair around her hand in a firm grip. With Taylor’s head immobilized, Veronica slowly grinds her crotch on the cheerleader’s unyielding mouth. Taylor feels the softness of Veronica’s pussy on her lips and struggles helplessly against Veronica’s strong hold.

Veronica forcefully pulls Taylor’s head back and places her face close to Taylor’s, looking Taylor sternly in the eye.

“No, please!” Taylor begs. “Don’t make me do this. I can’t!”

“Shhhh!” Veronica’s pursed lips whisper as she lays her index finger across Taylor’s pretty little lips.

Veronica straightens and spreads her legs wider. Taylor’s sad eyes stare at her dripping wet pussy. She softly whimpers when Veronica’s grip tightens.

With a long sigh, Taylor surrenders.

Veronica feels the warm breath of Taylor’s acquiescence between her legs and smiles in anticipation of the pleasure she’s about to receive.

Taylor meekly opens her mouth and extends her tongue to receive her lover as Veronica guides her face between her legs with not the slightest resistance from Taylor.

Taylor again feels the warmth and softness enveloping her mouth. She acceptingly explores the folds of Veronica’s flower with her tongue. She’s surprised how good it tastes and feels.

Taylor grasps Veronica’s thighs and works her mouth open and closed, enjoying the feeling on her lips and face with no shame. The new-found freedom to enjoy this sexual novelty exhilarates her.

She realizes this is the best feeling she’s ever had. And it’s with another woman.

Taylor’s and Veronica’s moans join in a duet of ecstasy.

Taylor places her mouth over Veronica’s entire pussy and gently sucks and then tugs on her small labia with her lips. Then she releases and tenderly kisses Veronica’s pussy. Taylor flits her tongue against Veronica’s clit, driving Veronica crazy. Taylor is thrilled she’s doing such a good job pleasing her lover. She sucks Veronica’s clit hard, and Veronica responds by grinding her crotch into Taylor’s face.

Now, with her hands pressing firmly on Veronica’s ass, Taylor pushes her pelvis forcefully into her face, eager to explore deeper inside Veronica. Her tongue finds Veronica’s hole and she shallowly inserts it into the cavity. Taylor feels a warm liquid spill onto her tongue and realizes she’s tasting another woman’s juices for the first time.

She’s surprised how pleasant it tastes, licking it from her lips.

Taylor plunges her tongue again into Veronica’s honey pot, desperate for more of the sweet elixir. Veronica’s body responds, producing even more sweet juices for Taylor to eagerly lap up.

Taylor now feels lucky she’s the one on her knees, tasting a woman for the first time. And for the first time in her life, Taylor feels like a slut — naked, on her knees, eating pussy — and she loves it.

Veronica spreads her legs even wider and with both hands forces Taylor’s head hard against her. Taylor assists by grabbing Veronica’s hips, forcing her down on her face. Both girls want Taylor’s tongue as far up Veronica’s pussy as it will go.

Feeling Taylor’s tongue deep inside her, Veronica’s unbridled cries echo in the shower as she enjoys sexual release.

Suddenly, Taylor’s mouth is flooded with Veronica’s essence. She swallows it with one gulp. But as her lips close, Veronica’s throat releases another involuntary cry of ecstasy, announcing another wave of juices that gush over Taylor’s lips and down her chin.

Taylor is contending with her own building waves of pleasure that are sending convulsions through her. But she’s determined not to waste this gift from her lover. Her own juices may fall copiously on the shower floor, but she won’t let one more drop of Veronica’s precious liquid spill.

She presses her wide-open mouth firmly to Veronica’s pussy and begins swallowing. Veronica emits cry after cry, and with each moan more juices flow into Taylor’s waiting mouth and down her throat.

Taylor didn’t know when it would stop. Then she realizes she doesn’t ever want it to stop. She wants to spend every day of her life pleasing Veronica. She no longer cares what the other girls on the cheerleading squad think.

Right then she knows what she must do.

At homecoming, right after she’s crowned queen, she’ll call Veronica onto the field with her and, in front of the whole cheerleading squad and the entire school, she’ll ask Veronica to be her date to the senior prom.

With the realization that she will profess her love for another woman to the whole world, Taylor experiences the most intense orgasm of her life.

Both women’s bodies collapse in exhaustion on the shower floor. They lie there, holding each other, as warm water caresses their tender bodies.

Taylor whispers in Veronica’s ear, “I love you.”


Many weeks passed with Katie neglecting her studies when that day came that she found herself standing disconsolate in her dorm room, boxing up her things and reading her little unicorn and rainbow diary.

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