Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 08

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For a couple of days after the last evening with Kayla, and despite the almost overpowering thrill which it had generated, all three of us had perhaps predictably, found ourselves somewhat ill at ease in each other’s company.

We were of course, nervous as to the consequences of our getting so carried away with lust that evening when Kayla had been shared between Jake and me. That first experience of Kayla had been exciting in the extreme – thrilling to the point where I’d almost completely lost control of my shaking hands.

Yet now the aftermath of worry and doubt about what had occurred was temporarily dampening our pleasurable recall of the event.

Fortunately, the subsequent progression of events over the next few weeks was to eventually lead to our discovering a deeper and infinitely more satisfying arrangement than any of us could possibly have foreseen. This was almost certainly brought about as a result of our refusing to let matters fester in our minds unattended and instead, we ‘took the bull by the horns’ so to speak, and held an open discussion during which we freely expressed our innermost feelings and shared individual reactions.

It was truly cathartic and just as it had been with Greg and me after we’d shared my wife some years before, an open recognition of how we felt had immediately reduced both the tension and the worries and put the situation into a proper perspective.

With considerable initial reluctance on both of their parts Jake and Kayla had eventually managed to rationalise things through truly frank discussion. They’d taken the first step by revealing with gradually increasing detail – the secret erotic fantasies which each had harboured from the other for so long.

But before this and sensing initial reluctance on Kayla’s part, I thought that perhaps the example of my own previous experience might persuade her that all was not actually lost as a result of what had happened – and that it might even expand her mind into accepting the thrilling possibilities which could follow.

I explained to her how some years before, a mildly inebriated wife and I had got so carried away with wine and lust one afternoon, that events had taken their course with a close friend – and as a result, Mandy and I had subsequently enjoyed an intermittent and intensely thrilling sexual relationship with Greg which had lasted for over ten years until we’d moved away.

Understandably, this really surprised Kayla and she asked me – was I not insanely jealous of someone else being so intimate with my wife, even when it involved a guy who was as close a family friend as I had described?

I explained that not long after he first came to work for me, Greg himself had got married – albeit that he later confessed to me when drunk one evening, that it was to a wife whose post-marriage interest in sex had turned out to embrace a reluctant maybe-once-a-week routine which left him entirely unsatisfied and increasingly frustrated.

I knew from the first time they’d met that Greg was strongly attracted to my young and very beautiful lady and I also recognised that the attraction appeared somewhat deeper than that of any of my other friends – none of whom had ever tried to hide how hot they found her, or how they’d jump at the chance to bed her. Whilst all their aims tended to be a basic physical lust, I sensed that there was more involved in Greg’s attraction to my wife-to-be. Yet for some reason which I didn’t quite understand at the time, I never felt he posed any threat to our future marriage. Perhaps it was because he appeared a sensitive person who always showed enormous respect to both of us.

Having soon discovered not long after Greg started working for me that he had a fine sense of right and wrong, I suspect he was quite concerned at how he felt about another man’s young wife and this probably guided his initial reluctance to follow it up with any attempt at taking it further. Nonetheless, as time went on, I did notice him occasionally flirting with Mandy when he thought I wasn’t looking – yet to my surprise, I found myself increasingly turned on whenever she failed to discourage him.

I explained to Kayla that when I’d laughingly asked Mandy about their flirting, she’d denied any interest absolutely and played it all down as simple and harmless ‘social flirting’ – the type of thing which many wives and girl-friends often indulge.

On one occasion, after I’d gone to the bar for another round in the pub one evening, she did tell me later that while I was away from the table, Greg had been sufficiently inebriated to quietly whisper his lust for her and had even nervously hinted at the possibility of a meeting on their own.

I immediately became extremely excited at thought of what might have happened next and wanted to know more.

Frustratingly for my newly developed fantasy however, Mandy said she’d immediately turned the idea down and pointedly tried to lighten their conversation by telling him güvenilir bahis that she was happy in her relationship with me and didn’t foresee any need to augment her sexual life with the inclusion of an affair – secret or otherwise. Further, she told him that if she did ever feel the wish to have a liaison such as he’d suggested, it would most definitely have to be conducted a long way away from home, because she’d never want to hurt me in any way.

Despite his inebriation, and in light of his later approaches, I suspect Greg had picked up on my wife’s use of the word ‘if’ when referring to any distant relationship and that there’d been no suggestion anyone else might be involved other than him. Her hint, in so far as I was concerned, was that there could very well be a later possibility and I felt a further frisson of excitement at the thought of Mandy enjoying Greg’s cock at some time in the future.

I went on to explain to Kayla that I’d developed an increasingly strong arousal each time I thought of Greg having my wife; but despite various attempts to encourage her into investigating things further and perhaps even letting Greg feel her up when dancing together, Mandy had been absolutely adamant in her refusals and at one stage had become quite agitated with disbelief that I could possibly want another man to kiss her – let alone fondle her, or even worse, that I should suggest she should let him go still further.

Anyway, things calmed after that and we had duly got married. So it was not until a year or so later that things changed one afternoon after a particularly heavy lunch, when we forayed into a spontaneous threesome with Greg.

In cold afterthought, I had at first been deeply worried that our lustful behaviour might have caused a problem between Mandy and me. I was further worried lest Greg may have become more emotionally involved as a result.

Fortunately (I told Kayla), and once the inevitable nervous post-event discussion had taken place, Mandy and I had opened up our thoughts to each other and were reassured to discover that nothing seemed likely to pose any threat to our own relationship – on the contrary, it seemed to have added spice to our sex life.

We were however, obviously unaware how it may have affected Greg.

Thus, when chatting with Greg over a few pints in the pub a couple of days later, things were a little tense between us at first, until with true Celtic directness, I said it was perhaps time for us to stop ignoring the elephant in the room and discuss what had happened.

I had then bluntly asked how he personally felt now about the afternoon in question.

He turned a deep shade of red and almost choked on his beer; but soon realised from the look on my face that I was going to persist until he answered – we knew each other really well by now.

“I don’t really know.” He’d said and then turned the question back on me by suggesting it might perhaps be more appropriate to discover how I felt about it myself,

“After all,” he’d said, “Mandy is your wife and if anyone’s going to feel strange about it, it’s more likely to be you. As for me …. well, I’m obviously a bit embarrassed about what happened but if I’m to be honest, I don’t regret in any way that I had Mandy at last after fancying her for so long – it was like, well just the most unattainable beauty I’d ever known suddenly being available there in front of me. There was no way I wasn’t going to take advantage of that situation while I could. Even the booze didn’t affect me or my dick!”

“Well,” Kayla asked me, ” .. and how did you feel about it Peter?”

I thought deeply for a minute or two. Basically, I’d felt exactly as I’d told Greg when answering the question.

In fact, I’d been quite surprised at the time to find myself completely at ease with telling him exactly how I felt …. strange really; but looking back, I guess that even by that time, our friendship had long since passed way beyond that of any employer and employee – I had complete trust in his integrity over what had happened and I knew nobody else would ever find out about it from him.

“Look Greg …. this may sound very strange to you, even despite the other afternoon; but for quite a while, I’ve noticed you flirting with my wife and have chosen not to do anything about it.”

If anything, Greg turned an even deeper shade of red at the revelation that his boss had known all along about the flirting with his wife. I’d gone on,

“Even stranger perhaps, and despite Mandy’s protestations that nothing would ever happen, I found myself being quite turned on by thought of it all; to the extent that I purposely sat down to think it over on my own one evening over a couple of whiskies, while Mandy was away at her aunt’s for the night.

“I came to the conclusion that what with both you and I being married not very long ago, you particularly would be keen to avoid anything which might pose a threat to your relationship with Anne – even if you do türkçe bahis tell me that you don’t get enough at home! In fact, that latter thought explained to me one of the reasons for your heightened interest in Mandy. Knowing that I also knew you to be fond of both of us was a further consideration. I believe that’s true ….?”

Greg had nodded in agreement.

“I thought so – in which case, it’s obviously a two-way thing – but you may also care to know that I’ve a great trust in your integrity and ability to retain confidences …. well, certainly as far as our clients go anyway …. but I think that extends into your personal life as well. So with that in mind, I knew you’d never shout your mouth off about screwing your boss’s wife – well, not to anyone we knew at least!”

Again, but this time un-asked, Greg nodded agreement and I went on,

“Mandy’s only twenty-eight and despite having been married to someone else before me for a couple of years, she’s still relatively inexperienced sexually, so a little more experience for her – whilst perhaps being somewhat risky to allow, could also be a good thing for both of us.

“I then went on to consider what else I felt and discovered that …. and this is what may sound really strange to you …. I definitely wanted you to seduce Mandy and give her the opportunity to …. well, to put it bluntly, to have another cock to play with and to enjoy herself with no strings attached. And that’s why I didn’t stop anything the other afternoon – in fact, I was so turned on by it all that nothing I can think of would have ever made me stop it happening!”

“Look at it the way I see it Greg. You’re married and you don’t want Anne to know about anything which could possibly kill your marriage. Mandy and I are the same way about not wanting any threat to our own marriage. We all trust and have genuine affection for each other in our own different ways. You fancy Mandy. I now know that Mandy fancies you – and much to my surprise, she eventually confessed that she really did enjoy you having her the other afternoon. I also found that watching you give my wife that kind of pleasure was an absolute turn-on for me and as a result I’m quite comfortable if the pair of you get it together whenever you want. I know it’ll never go any further than between the three of us and everybody gets a thrill out of it ….. so …. what are we all worried about …. just as long of course, as I can be there sometimes and join in!”

After I’d finished, Kayla thought about what I’d told her for quite a while and Jake and I waited patiently – both concerned to hear what she’d eventually say.

When her response came, it was preceded by a further series of questions about things like whether I didn’t feel intense jealousy if I loved my wife as much as I said. I confirmed that I did – but to see the pleasure on Mandy’s face as she was deeply impaled on Greg was exciting in the extreme and when she mouthed “I love you” just before she came, I knew there was no reason to worry.

Indeed, when Greg had come around to our house on the next occasion, we’d soon found ourselves all together in bed. They’d been frantic the first time but afterwards, she’d turned straight into my arms and we’d cuddled for ages. What made it even more natural was that none of us seemed remotely interested in moving and Greg had affectionately stroked Mandy’s back and head for ages, before eventually with a quiet moan, he’d managed to spoon his cock gently back into her. As I felt him push against her from behind, she came closer to kiss me and I pulled her right thigh over my hip, helping Greg to move ever deeper inside her until they finally came again with excited little gasps.

It had been a slow and incredibly gentle love-making this time, in which all three of us eventually participated and to my way of thinking, it had been quite beautiful to share my young wife in such a sensuously intimate way with a trusted friend.

Kayla, Jake and I then chatted over each stage in turn, discussing and investigating every implication openly and each urging the other to declare exactly how we felt – just as Mandy, Greg and I had done some years before.

We recognised that yes, a great deal of it was based upon a satisfaction of physical lust but it was not long before each of us also began to realise and accept that there was perhaps just a little more affection between us than any might reasonably have expected.

Not that either Kayla or I found ourselves actually falling in love with each other – any more than Mandy and Greg had done. No, that definitely remained the prerogative and the relationship of my two friends – as it had been Mandy’s and mine.

There could be no doubt whatsoever that a similar element of affection bordering on love had entered between us and once we openly recognised that it constituted no threat to anybody, all three of us found it actually enhanced our pleasure by introducing an element which I suspect is so often missing güvenilir bahis siteleri in such arrangements – that of complete respect between the parties.

Instead of feeling in some way threatened by our actions, both Jake and I had willingly accepted the pleasure which was to be derived from watching the other inflict unrestricted physical pleasure on Kayla – a pleasure which was enhanced for her by the effects of two men competing with each other to see who could be the most successful in turning her on and bringing her to sometimes screaming orgasms.

Happily, the three of us were then able to enjoy the exquisite pleasure which comes from investigating every physical aspect of sex between three people. _______________________________

Some while later, we’d been sitting around in their living room one evening, drinking wine and indulging increasingly silly conversation, when Jake’s teen-aged daughter arrived home at about 10 o’clock. She’d been out for the evening with friends and judging by her glum face, things did not appear to have gone too well for her.

Avoiding any possibility of concerned parental questioning, the eighteen year-old beauty kissed all three of us goodnight before suggesting they might talk about it all in the morning; and she then went off to her bedroom.

We three discussed what might have made Liz so upset; but without any indication from her as to what it was all about, there was no way we could arrive at any conclusion and eventually we went back to our earlier ‘silly’ conversations.

After an hour or so, I needed to go for a pee and whilst laughingly delivering the punch-line to some joke or other I’d been telling, I opened the door to the inner hall and headed off to the bathroom. The door quietly shut behind me on its spring-closer and sealed out all sound from their living room.

It’s always been my experience that when drinking good wine as against ‘plonk’, one rarely senses the same woozy effect as with the latter. Having had quite a few glasses of what had been really good quality wine during the evening therefore, I didn’t actually feel any obvious sense of inebriation – yet I must have had sufficient alcohol not to have noticed the slight sound of someone in the bathroom.

Thus, when I opened the door, I was not prepared in any way to find it occupied – let alone be prepared for the sight of a beautiful teenaged girl standing stark naked in the bath in front of the now turned-off the shower.

Nor indeed, could she have been immediately aware of my entry, for with her eyes tightly shut, Liz just carried on massaging her sex with one hand, whilst the other pulled at one of two very enlarged nipples which stood out like hard wooden pegs on a pair of unbelievably beautiful and firm young breasts.

She had obviously dried herself off, because the damp towel was lying over the bath just in front of her and apart from her hair, that naked body appeared to be dry all over.

And ‘all over’ naked was one of the most stunningly erotic sights I have ever enjoyed. Here I was, witnessing the private moments of a teenager bringing herself to orgasm just a couple or so feet away from the massive erection which I now found developing in my jeans.

She was quite tall, about 5’7″, and although there still remained slight indications of earlier puppy chubbiness, her development from child to woman had long since taken over and her nearly adult body had adopted the soft rounded contours of classical female shapeliness. She was relatively slender but without any of the skeletal shape so fondly favoured by cat-walk models and the fashion trade.

As I stood silent and overawed by the beauty presented to me, I looked downwards to see her little finger and thumb holding open the lips to her vagina while the other fingers were further exciting a clitoris which was already standing out from the top of her opened sex like a miniature penis. She was moaning quietly and then, with a sudden upward movement, she thrust two fingers deeply into her vagina as the thumb and forefinger of her other hand pulled so hard at a nipple that I thought she might hurt herself.

Her moaning increased with her actions and I stood so transfixed by the vision of this sexual beauty, that I found it difficult to restrain myself from reaching out a hand to gently help stimulate her to a fast approaching orgasm.

Suddenly, as if guided by a sixth sense, her eyes flickered open and with a look of absolute horror, she saw me standing there just three feet or so away from her.

In immediate reaction, one arm immediately moved across her chest in an attempt to hide those beautiful breasts from my view and her other hand shot down to cover her pubic area. She stooped forwards to further disguise her nudity and just stood there with head bowed down, in the classical stance of a naked woman endeavouring to hide her intimacy.

I was surprised that she didn’t scream; but instead, she continued looking down in embarrassment and whispered almost conspiratorially, as if worried that her parents might hear,

“What the fuck are you doing here Peter ….. how long have you been standing there? Oh my God, I feel so embarrassed!”

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