KCA and B (Part 1 : Eva)

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Hello my name is Pete Gersen and as an 18 year old, during the mid-1970’s, I had a job working for an office of attorneys in downtown Miami, Florida. Technically my job was listed as that of a “courier” but in reality I was really a glorified “gopher”. That is, if anyone in the office needed something picked up, then I was the one to go for it. This included things like paperwork, files and briefs from other lawyers or the courthouse. But they also things as mundane as dry cleaning and lunch. Sure the job was pretty menial but it did have some amazing fringe benefits. The job placed me in a great position for some fantastic sexual situations, which I may not have encountered had I not been employed there. During the 2 year period I worked for Kennedy, Carle, Ames and Buchanan (KCA&B for short) I made the most that I could of these opportunities and I’d like to detail some of them here. If you folks like them, then I’ll continue writing about them.


The office of KCA&B was a veritable smorgasbord of sexy women, primarily embodied in the form of the secretarial staff. At that time in my life, I was 5’11” with an average build. I had brown curly hair that draped slightly below my ears and I’d been described by various women as cute. Before I came to work there I’d been kinda reserved in approaching the opposite sex. In an environment where the gals were all older than me, this trait worked in my favor as it imbued me with an innocent quality that many found a turn-on. I believe this came into play for my first sexual encounter while at the firm. My initial partner came not from those clerical ranks but via the auspices of our bookkeeper, Eva Merle. Eva was in her late forties and to be frank, had exactly the body you’d expect of a gal of that vintage. Perhaps not the type you’d imagine an 18 year old to pursue, but it was her remarkable face that caught my eye. Eva had short reddish-brown hair that framed her countenance, a face set off by her glorious dimples and a mischievous smile. She also had a funny, flirtatious manner about her which I found very sexy.

Our offices were housed on the twelfth floor of the Arthur Dumont Building on Flagler street. The space requirements of the firm could not be met by 12 so we also had additional space leased on the sixth floor. These 6th floor offices were used purely for storage. Early on in my tenure at the firm, I was informed that a slew of documents in Eva’s office would need transferred to six. To accommodate the task, she and I would be required to work on a Saturday, while offices of KCA&B were closed. Not a problem for me, as I was more than happy get the overtime. So that Saturday at 8AM I met Eva in the lobby and we set about our workday.
The dirty job we were performing called for more casual attire than was worn at normal business hours. I wore Jeans and a Led Zep tee-shirt, while Eva opted for a pair of red shorts and a short sleeved blue blouse. Seeing more of her flesh than normal made me slightly aroused as did her proclivity to telling dirty jokes.

Down on six we needed to move boxes around, allowing room to accommodate the new ones that we would be bringing down . The area within 10 feet of the door was the prime location for the newer files, so we consolidated the ones currently there to the back recesses of the office space. The sixth floor office also housed odds and ends that included things like old furniture and trial exhibits. For some unknown reason we found a roll of carpeting and of course it was in the way of everything. So Eva said we should move it to the very furthest corner. I grabbed one end and she the other. The damned thing was far heavier than either of us suspected so it kind of folded in the middle and we had to waddle to heft it to it’s new home. Eva lost her grip and the back side of the carpet slid across her chest.
“Ow! Ow! she cried “Shit, I got a rug burn on my nipple”
I remarked “Want me to kiss it and make it better”
She laughed “You little smartass, You’d like that wouldn’t you”
I just laughed and we continued working. Soon the prime spot had been cleared and we went up to 12 to start carting down the boxes from her office. After bringing down 3 or four loads we needed to start stacking them. This required Eva to be on top of a ladder. As I hefted boxes up to her I noticed something quite unexpected. I could look up her baggy shorts and damned if she wasn’t going commando. She caught me staring and chirped.
“See anything you like?”
“Oh just a canyon, Eva..” I said with a smirk “…a pretty grand one at that”
Eva was unphased, she swatted me and laughed.

By 4 PM we’d finally finished.

“You know what Pete” she said “We’ve both worked pretty hard and I think we deserve karşıyaka escort bayan a treat”

“Like what?” I asked

She answered by grabbing me and forcefully kissing me. I met her passion with it’s equal. There was an old desk and she commanded met to get on it. As I laid there she yanked off my jeans and exposed my hard cock. I’m the first to admit that my package is hardly extraordinary. Five and a half inches long and a girth about the size of a quarter. “Not too bad..” she commented “..bite sized” Then she engulfed me in her soft, warm mouth. I wasn’t a virgin but prior to this occasion I had never had a BJ. In retrospect now, it was a bit sloppy and she used too much teeth but I sure as hell wasn’t complaining. She was a very enthusiastic cock sucker. Somewhere along the line she had undone her shirt and given me a nice view of her bouncing tits. I was in heaven watching that sexy dimpled mouth working my dick like a piston. Soon I felt the pressure of my impending orgasm.

“Eva… I’m ready to cum”

She stopped just long enough to say “Go for it Pete” Seconds later she was hungrily gobbling down all the spunk I could produce. When she’d finished, she barked “Kiss me” As I did I found that she’d held a little bit in reserve, which she forced into my own mouth. Now I had long ago experimented in tasting my cum after jacking off, so I wasn’t as freaked out as I think she intended me to be. “Nice” she commented. “Now it’s my turn” With that she stripped off her shoes, shorts and bra. She proceeded to mount me from above and attempted to fuck the living daylights from me. I was very happy with my view. Her pendulous breasts swaying above my face and her eyes closed with concentration. She commanded me to pinch her nipples so I obeyed. They were long and she delighted as I tugged and rolled them between my thumbs and fingers. Her cunt was soaking wet and her juices flowed down all over my cock and balls. I reached down and smeared a gob on my fingers. Then I forced them into her mouth. Tit for tat I thought. She found the action totally erotic and it helped send her into a long and intense orgasm. Watching her pretty face as she came inspired me to ejaculate for a second time. I’d later come to realize that Eva had a fetish about semen and vaginal secretions.

As we dressed she said “We really need to do this on a regular basis” The term “fuck-buddy” hadn’t been invented yet but essentially that’s what we became. There were no strings of exclusivity involved, hell Eva was married. But for the 2 years I worked at KCA&B we had regular sexual encounters. Many of them offering me sexual firsts


Eva’s husband, Carl was a college professor and not much of a handyman. So Eva arranged for me to come over to her place to do the simple home maintenance and repair work that Carl distained. On my first trip over in this regard, Carl found it necessary to go to his campus office so he offered to bring back lunch. While Carl was gone, Eva and I set upon some wild intense fucking. While she bent over the kitchen table I entered her hungry cunt doggie style and slammed her mercilessly. We actually lost track of time and I was shocked to hear Carl pulling into the drive way. We’d each orgasmed more than once and her snatch was sloppy with jizz. With no time to clean up, we simply straightened up as best we could and acted as if nothing had happened. The air was filled with the scent of sex and I was afraid that we’d been caught red handed. But my anxiety appeared groundless, as Carl entered with a delicious feast of Cuban take out. After this satisfying banquet I left. Later on Eva called me laughing. She then calmly explained a fetish that I had never heard of before; creampie. I discovered that Carl was fully aware of what had gone on in the kitchen, indeed it had been planned. After I’d left he had gone down on Eva and devoured our joint fluids that were seeping from her vagina. This act it what it took to get Carl hard and with that Eva had then blown him and allowed him to ejaculate on her face and hair. For the remainder of our trysts at Eva’s house, Carl and I played dumb and we never acknowledged that anything out of the normal was going on.

On an other occasion, Eva told me that her old friend from college, Marybeth Childs, was coming down from Minnesota for a visit. Looking back perhaps the phrase “going down” might be more accurate. The pair had indulged in a same-sex fling during their university days and while each lady chose to remain hetero, they could never escape the sexual attraction they had for one another. They held little reunions every few years and these visits always included intimate relations. Eva had told Marybeth escort karşıyaka some good things about me and she was intrigued. Marybeth led Eva know that she was more than willing to include me in their bed. The best part was that Ms Childs visit coincided with Carl being out-of-town, so we would have an entire, uninterrupted weekend of sex play!

In advance of the visit, Eva asked me if I had any connections to score some weed, or better yet some coke. I wasn’t much of a fan of recreational drugs, but since most of my friends were, I told her, no sweat. I turned to my buddy Wayne and after going over the scenario he was happy to give me some supplies of each product from his private stash.

That Friday night, Eva and I picked Marybeth up at Miami International from her 8:30 flight. As she walked towards us from the gate, I gathered my first impressions. Marybeth had what I thought was quite an interesting appearance. It was a look that wouldn’t cause your head to turn, but once you recognized it, was actually very stunning. She was a tall and slender woman. The first thing I noticed about her was her hair. She wore it shoulder length but it was a pure, uniform gray. The color belied her face which was somewhat youthful. Her features were similar the today’s film actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal … unusual but in a certain light absolutely stunning. She dressed kind of conservatively, almost business like in a gray jacket and skirt combination. The only nod to a wilder side was the white blouse that she wore very open. She greeted Eva with an enthusiastic hug, then turned to me and said, “You must be Pete”. She bent into kiss me, slipping me a bit of tongue. I became all the more anxious to get these woman back the house.

When we got to Eva’s place we settled in and had a drink. I then offered up the goodies I’d received from Wayne. Eva rolled a joint and we began to pass it around. I took a few tokes to be sociable but explained that I preferred to be straight to experience the pending, sexual delights. Marybeth was most interested in sampling the cocaine and it’s quality met with her happy approval. Before very long at all the ladies were primed for action.

The three of us entered Eva’s bedroom which she had set up so it was aglow with numerous, small candles. We all began to disrobe. The soft lighting enhanced the erotic mood as I took in my first view of Marybeth’s lovely, naked form. Her breasts were just a tad smaller than Eva’s but very firm. The areola of her right breast was misshapen and was smaller than it’s sister offering contrast to the perfect circle of her left. But even more interesting to me was that she possessed a supernumerary nipple a few inches below that perfect left tit. The curtains and drapes certainly matched and she was somewhat hirsute.

Now Eva was normally very bushy herself, but in anticipation of the weekend she decided to shave her pubic area.

This was my first time attempting a tryst between three people and in all honesty I was kind of unsure of the protocol. Since Eva was the common denominator we positioned ourselves so that she lay in the middle. During the initial foray, Marybeth and I would focus solely on giving Eva pleasure. I moved in to kiss Eva’s lips and Marybeth went to work on her right breast. I fondled and played with the left one as Ms Childs explored Eva’s pubic region with a free hand. Experience had taught Marybeth the best ways to bring off Eva through masturbation. Rather than finger-fuck her, she rubbed Eva’s clitoris with gentle, circular motions. Both of us knew how Eva enjoyed rough play with her nipples. To that end I was sucking it quite strongly, which Marybeth complemented with hard tugging.

After a while, the gals decided that it was my turn for attention. Marybeth laid on the bed so that she was upside down from me, allowing me full, deep entry into her waiting mouth. I was made to lay forward upon her, granting Eva generous access to my testicles, which to tongued and sucked. Marybeth was a much better fellatrix than Eva, eliciting sensations in my cock that I had never felt before. Eva then spread my cheeks and gave me an unexpected but sensual anal rimming. The feeling of her tongue in my ass brought forth fantastic waves of pleasure. I was audibly moaning as the two old friends worked oral magic upon me. I really wanted to hold back but these minxes were far too good at their job. With my dick into her throat, I let loose a torrent of hot sperm that went strait to Marybeth’s stomach.

My erection was spent but my lustful fascination for the intimate acts between the two ladies remained, unabated. As the gals assumed the 69 nine position, I simply stared in awe. These sluts were karşıyaka escort damned near insatiable! I had always been a fan of girl on girl porn but it was quite another thing to witness it in person. Marybeth broke apart and whispered something to Eva. Eva nodded her head and I soon began watching a sex act that I’d never even heard of before. Ms Childs generously lubed her right hand and then inserted two fingers deep into Eva’s snatch. She gently fingered her to and fro and as she did she pulled her fingers apart. After a bit she had Eva’s cunt loose enough to introduce a third finger into the mix, causing Eva to respond with delighted moans.. Marybeth continued her ministrations as she’d done before, attempting to get her lovers vagina as pliable as possible. Then she removed her hand and shaped it like a duck’s bill. With this form she reentered Eva’s eager cunt until her hand was fully inside. I later learned the act was called fisting but all I knew was that it was driving Mrs. Merle into a sexual frenzy. Eva’s nipples were fully erect and her body glistened with perspiration. After a short while of being fist-fucked Eva began screaming and I watched Marybeth coax her into an orgasm so intense that I thought my fuck buddy would certainly pass out. After Marybeth removed her hand, I intently gazed at Eva’s bald and gaping vagina. The perversity of it all was successful in reawakening my penis back into a rigid state.

As Eva lay recovering, Marybeth gave me instructions on trying an unusual fuck position. It took a little bit of gymnastic ability, but after I entered her cunt, She maneuvered herself so she was literally in an opposite position from me. Imagine both of your hands forming a peace sign and then put them together so the apex of both “v”s join together. That was how we were positioned. The stance was slightly painful for me, as it was bending my penis. This however was outweighed by the unusual sensations the position granted my cock. As I thrust in, areas of my dick were attended to which were not achievable any other way. Likewise my member was pressuring a different path in her body than more standard fucking would achieve. She groaned and her body quaked as this approach made her cum hard.

By now Mrs. Merle had herself recovered. She had Marybeth get on all fours and Eva began tonguing her anus. I then positioned myself similarly so that I could eat Eva’s ass Any initial disgust I had towards this practice disappeared and probed beyond her sphincter as far insid her her as I could get my tongue. The room was filled with a delightful cacophony of moand and animal like noises from the sexy, sexy women.

Eva then demanded that I fuck her in the ass. Although it was somewhat lubricated by my saliva, I still thought it best to add some KY. I dolloped a generous amount on my forefinger and fingered her butthole. The evening was filled with firsts for me and I experienced my first taste of buttfucking. Man, did it ever feel good as I experienced the sensation of my cock climbing into Eva’s tight rectum. Marybeth was watching me intently and sensed that I was getting ready to ejaculate. She had us stop and then had me take her anally. As I fucked her, Eva got behind me and inserted her jellied finger up my ass. She massaged my prostrate and that act caused me to explode a great volume of semen into Ms Childs colon. The perversity was not yet done, because as I withdrew my cock from her gaping asshole, Eva put her mouth upon it and sucked out our combined juices. With a huge grin she swallowed it all down.

At this point we were all three exhausted. We entangled ourselves into a comfortable knot and drifted into deep slumber.

The balance of our weekend found us engaged with a similar round of pursuits. Saturday I witnessed the gals assuming a position not unlike the one Marybeth and I had done. For a while they simply ground their pussies together. Then Ms Childs produced a double ended dildo which the each inserted. The ladies fucked each other with wild abandon. Later a strap on was produced and each woman took a turn being the male.

These overwhelming displays of wild lesbian action induced me into a sexual frenzy and I was open to damned near anything. The gals took advantage of my state and suggested me that I should try anal sex, on the receiving end. The rimming and fingering that I’d had the night before convinced me that the act might be pleasurable and so I agreed. It was Eva that took my cherry and I was astounded at just how good it felt. As she fucked me Marybeth lay beneath me, playing and sucking on my nipples. A while later Marybeth the took her turn sodomizing me with the strap on.

Sunday night we took her back to the airport for her flight home. We all agreed that we needed to do this again. I dropped Eva off at home and I returned home. My entire body was sore from the carnal extremes of the past couple days, but I was overjoyed at having lived out delights that I would have thought impossible.

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