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My name is Anne; my husband is D and my friend is Kim. This is the story about the night a new chapter in my life opened. I was raised in a very dysfunctional home where my parents were busy being addicted and I was forgotten. The only sexual advice I ever got was that women did not enjoy sex it was only sluts who got pleasure from sex, our job was to keep the men happy. So, I spent the first part of my adult life trying to keep my husband happy. When my husband filed for divorce I figured I would spend the rest of my life alone, that was before my friend set me up and I fell in love with the man I now call my husband. He shattered all my beliefs about sex he taught me sex was good and that I can enjoy it and boy do I now enjoy it. I am short about five foot one with a 38DD chest, not a Barbie doll skinny but not overweight either. D thought me so much about sex, how to relax and enjoy it, he taught me to try new things, he even introduced me to Porn. We were watching a girl on girl scene one night and he reached over to finger me and commented on how wet I was, he asked if I ever thought about being with another woman. I told him not before I meet him. He floored me when he told me if I ever wanted to try sex with another woman he was ok with that. That was over twenty years ago, I tried to hook up with another woman to try it, but was never able to connect, that was until three months ago. Now that I have set the background here is the story of my first time with a woman.

I meet Kim about five years ago, our kids went to school together and where friends, so naturally we became friends also. Kim is a single mom and has been so for over fifteen years, she is very protective of her two beautiful girls, and at six foot is a very impressive lady. Kim invited D and I over for a New Year’s Eve party, she said the girls where not going to be home and she just did not want to be home alone. There was about eight of us and we all had a great time visiting, playing games and drinking. Right before midnight D got a service call and told me to stay and enjoy it should not take him that long, so I agreed, plus I wanted to help Kim clean up after. Shortly after midnight people started leaving and D said that he was going to be a while longer he had to get a part, and asked if anybody could take me home. I was pissed to say the lease, nobody was still there Kim had had a few drinks and did not feel safe driving, so she told me just to spend the night, I had no other choice so I agreed. Did I say I was pissed it was not at D it was at his boss who I felt takes advantage of him, and to top it off I was horny, I get that way when I have a few glasses of wine.

Kim and I finish cleaning up and go into the Livingroom to visit some more. Kim open another bottle of wine and pours me some more. I get up to go to the rest room and on the way, back stumble and fall, I guess I had more wine than I thought. I tried to get up but my ankle would not hold me, and I fall with a cry of pain and a thump. Kim comes over to help me up onto the couch and says she wants to check my ankle out, since she is a nurse I say ok. I am wearing a floor length dress and flats, so she takes off my shoes and raises my dress enough to check my ankle. Thankfully she does not think it is broken but says if it keeps hurting to go get x-rays in a couple of day. She starts rubbing my ankle and then my leg she has very talented hands, but this was just making me even more horny and I remember I did not wear any panties or bra and it is beginning to be noticeable. So, I tell Kim that I feel fine casino şirketleri and she needs to stop now. She looks up and notices my nipples are hard and making tents in my dress. Kim turned red and ran down the hall to her bedroom saying she was so sorry. I hobble down the hall after her.

When I finally make it down the hall I find Kim sitting on her bed crying. I walk into her room and join her on the bed. I ask her what is the matter. She tells me she is so sorry she had no clue that I was having such a reaction, and that she asked me to not be mad at her. I tell her she did nothing wrong, that it was I who should be asking for forgiveness. I admitted that I did not wear panties or a bra tonight because drinking wine always makes me horny and I was planning on having some fun with D, but then he got called out. Then when you started working on my ankle and leg it felt so good that I forgot it was you rubbing my leg, when I felt myself starting to get even wetter I looked down and was shocked to see you and I started freaking out. Please forgive me I do not want to lose your friendship.

Kim tells me its ok she is used to people telling her that they are freaked out by her. She went on to tell me that her ex was always telling her she was a freak and nobody could ever want her. Her tears started to really flow and she started sobbing. I reach over and pull her to me to comfort her, I just hold her while she cries. When her sobs slow, I raise her chin so I can talk to her.

My heart was breaking for my friend, she never talked about her ex and I can see why. I guess it was the wine, or it could be because I was so horny but I reach up and kiss her, not a quick kiss on the lips but a deep passion felt kiss. As I broke the kiss I tell Kim I am sorry and will go now. Before I could get up Kim grabs me by the face and returns the kiss.

I have no clue how long we kissed but when I was able to break the kiss I look into her eyes and see a passion I have never seen from her. I tell her if I do not stop now there will be no stopping where this is going. So, I ask her if she wants me to stop. She looks back at me and asked what about D. I tell not to worry that D will be ok with this as long as this is what we both want. I tell her that I want her, but understand if she wants to stop. She tells me she has not been wanted in a very long time and wants me too, but says she has never done anything like this before. I kiss her again and tell her this is a first for me also, with that I lay her back on the bed.

I lay down beside her and start kissing her again, I slowly move over to her neck where I start giving her butterfly kisses and she starts to moan. My hands start to roam over her chest and I find a nipple and give it a pinch. I stop the kissing and crawl off the bed and hold out my hand for her she takes my hand and I help her up. As she stands before me I look into her eyes while I start unbuttoning her blouse. Once I get her blouse opened I slid it off her shoulders, and for the first time look away from the hunger in her eyes and look at her breast. With Kim being almost a foot taller than me her breast is almost at eye level; I reach around her and unsnap her bra which quickly joins her blouse on the floor. I just stare at her breast for a minute, her breast is smaller than my own but look so much firmer than mine. I cannot resist any longer and reach out and touch another woman’s breast and nipples for the first time, and I really enjoy the feel of them. They are so much firmer than mine and I just have to taste them, casino firmaları I lean forward and start to kiss around her areole avoiding her nipples. She moans and begs me to quite teasing her and suck on her nipple. I do as she asks and take one of her nipples into my mouth and worship it, after all who am I to deny this goddess before me, then I move to the other nipple. I have sucked D’s nipples and I can make him moan, but this is completely different that anything before. Her breast may be small than mine but her nipples are larger and more prominent than my own. While I suck her nipples, I hear her start to moan even louder and start to squirm. She reaches up and grabs me by the hair and I am afraid she is going to push me away, but I was so wrong, she pulls my head to her start to flow, I never imagined Kim as the type of person to enjoy pain. I take the nipple between my teeth and gently bite down, and this sends Kim over the edge she starts to shake and collapses onto the edge of the bed dragging me with her.

Kim drags me up onto the bed to sit with her. She has this amazed look on her face and I can tell she is trying to collect her thoughts. When she finally finds the words, she thanks me and admits she never know she could climax simply from having her nipples sucked and bite. She tells that when her and her ex had sex she normally never reached a climax and never anything like that. She reaches for my dress and tries to slip it off my shoulders, but I reach up and take her hand in mine and hold it. She looks at me with a wounded look on her face, and asks why I am stopping her, and is worried that I do not want more. I calm her fears by telling her there will be time for her to explore me later, that right now I want to do things to her and explore more of her. I ask her to slide up on the bed, which she quickly does. I unzip her skirt and she raises her hips so I can slide it down her body when I get it to her feet I throw it onto the floor and look at my beautiful friend laying on the bed in just her panties. She raises her hips again and starts to slide her panties down, and I stop her telling her not yet. I caress the inside of her legs running my hands from her ankles to just before I reach her panties. I am amazed at how soft her skin is to the touch. I next bend down and start kissing up her the inside of her legs, her skin taste just as good as her skin feels. It takes all the strength I have not to rip off her panties and dive straight into her pussy, but I control myself, I want to enjoy myself and make sure my friend does too, after all I do not know if I will ever get to do this again.

I resume the kissing on her legs as I move closer to her panties, I am so close now that I can smell her arousal and see that she has a wet spot in her panties. I have never been this close to a pussy before and find that I really enjoy the smell. I start to wonder if Kim smells this good how good is she going to taste. I can no longer wait; I have to find out for myself. I gently pull her panties to the side and run my finger up the length of her slit. She cries out in shock and tells me how good this feels. I notice that I have some of her cum from her earlier climax on my finger. I call her name so she will look up at me as I place the finger coated with her cum in my mouth and suck on it. I purr and tell her she tastes very good and that I am going to enjoy getting more of her cum with my tongue. She raises up and helps me get her wet panties off, I then tell her to lay back and just enjoy what I am going to do to her.

With güvenilir casino that said I spread her legs so I can crawl between them. I take my tongue and run it the length of her slit, not opening her lips or allowing my tongue to make contact with her clit. I do this several times and each time I hear a moan from Kim. Her lips have started to really swell and are starting to spread on their own, I can tell my friend is starting to get very excited. I can see her juices start to leak out of her pussy, and I try to catch it on my tongue, but try as I may I cannot catch all of the juices in the angle I am in. So, I slide off the end of the bed and ask Kim to scoot down closer, which she gladly does. I grab her legs and spread them again and have her place her feet on my shoulders. This gives me the perfect angle to devourer her pussy, which I do. As I lap up the juices freely flowing from her pussy I marvel at the taste. The taste is more intoxicating than any wine I have ever drank, I find that the more I drink the hornier I get and the more I want. With one hand, I reach up and spread her pussy lips, while the other hand goes down to my own pussy and starts to rub it. This simple actions gets a moan from the both of us. I notice how swollen and red the inside of her lips where. I have seen pussies in porn but none of them compare with the real thing. I slide the tip of my tongue inside her pussy and truly taste my first pussy, and I like it. I have become a woman possessed as I just loose myself in bringing Kim pleasure. I lick up her juices and slide my tongue as deep as I can go and start to fuck her with it.

My jaw starts to hurt from this action so I withdraw my tongue and look at her pussy, it is then that I see that magical bundle of nerves at the top of her pussy. Her clit is so large that I cannot believe I did not notice it earlier, but I plan to fix that right now. I take my tongue and flick her clit which make her jump and tell me how sensitive her clit is. I inform that if her clit was sensitive before then she is going to really enjoy this. I quickly latch onto her clit and start sucking before she could prepare herself, and I got what I was hoping for when she started cumming. I continued to suck until I felt she was coming down from her climax then I gently bite her clit and this sent her rocketing back into another climax. While I was nibbling on her clit I slipped a finger into her pussy and mine, and I started fucking us both. I knew I would not last long as I was so horny, but I wanted Kim to have one giant orgasm at the same time as me. With that sole goal in mind I curled my finger and started searching for her g spot. I did not know what to expect if and when I found it so I just kept fucking her with my finger and rubbing the inside of her pussy. I was starting to get frantic as I know I was about to come, but I had not given her the massive orgasm I was hoping for. Just before I gave up she started screaming to keep rubbing her there as she was going to cum again. That was all it took for me, I latched back onto her clit and rubbed where she wanted me to, the whole time I was finger fucking my own pussy. I do not know if we both came at the same time or not, but it was darn close, we both started shaking and proclaiming our orgasms at the top of our lungs. I was very grateful there was nobody else here. I stopped sucking on her clit and rubbing her pussy, but I could not stop licking up all of her cum as it leaked out of her pussy. She pushed me away with her legs and told me I had to stop. I landed on my butt and just sat there looking at my friend. She weakly raised up and told me to come lay with her.

This ends part one if you would like to hear the rest of the story let me know, and I will tell you what she did to me and where things went from here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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