Kim’s First Lesbian Experience Ch. 02

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At first Kim just stood there, looking at them in shock and excitement.

Jen had three fingers buried in Lisa’s hot, dripping wet pussie and she was sucking real hard on her hot, hard clit. Lisa’s moans increased in frequency and she began begging Jen to finish her off and let her flood her face with her sweet, hot love nectar.

Kim stood there watching and next thing she knew, her hand was back between her legs rubbing her ever increasing wet pussie. Just then Kim heard Lisa cry out in pure ecstasy as she came hard allllllll over Jen and her sleeping bag, soaking both of them with her sexual release. In fact she moaned so loud that Kim thought her parents would wake up, but they didn’t.

As Lisa fell back onto the sleeping bag exhausted and satisfied from Jen’s tongue and finger thrashing, Jen looked up and saw Kim standing near the doorway, playing with herself through her soaked panties.

Jen just smiled at her friend as she was close to brining herself to another monster orgasm. Kim smiled back and then fell to the floor as her knees gave out from underneath her. Kim then pulled her panties aside and plunged three thick and long fingers into her throbbing hole. Her moans also now began to get louder and more regular. Knowing that Jen was watching her get off and the pictures in her head of what she had just witnessed made her even hotter as she took her other hand and began to rub, casino şirketleri pull and pinch her red hot, hard clit.

Now Jen was also enjoying what she was seeing her friend do and between the show being put on in front of her and tasting and feeling Lisa’s hot love juices on her lips and face, she also began to play with herself.

Jen pulled her t-shirt off and then reached down and grabbed one of her bountiful C-cup breasts and proceeded to take her hard nipple into her mouth and suck on it. Just as she began sucking herself, she heard Kim let out a long moan and begin to say “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Yes, Yes, that feels soooooooo damn good” She watched as Kim continued to pound her three fingers into her hot, soaking wet pussie and rub her sensitive clit. Kim was flooding her fingers with her love nectar and Jen liked this picture a lot. Kim then collapsed with the feeling of fulfillment and exhaustion.

Jen stopped sucking on her hard nipples and instead used her hand to play and rub her breasts and nipples. She then took her other hand and began rubbing herself through her soaked panties. This was not enough so she proceeded to take her soaked panties off and begin to rub her red hot clit. As she had seen Kim do, she started to pound herself with three of her long, thick fingers. The feeling of these three fingers felt great, but was not enough for Jen’s needs. So she got up and went to Kim’s casino firmaları brother’s desk looking for something to pound into her soaking wet love box. She opened the drawer and found just what she needed; a nice thick, long, ridged screw-driver.

She went and laid back down on her sleeping bag. Lisa and Kim were now both in a deep sleep. Jen put her knees up and spread her legs nice and wide, exposing her soaking wet hole to the air. She took the screw driver and rubbed her hot pussie with the handle end. Electric shocks of pleasure surged through her body as she rubbed her soaked pussie with the hard screw-driver. After a bit more time of rubbing that hard handle up and down her sensitive, wet pussie; she lined up the tip of the handle with her waiting love tunnel. She slowly began to slide the handle into her wet, hot pussie. As she felt it go in she let out a gasp from both the pain and the pleasure that she felt. Her pussie was very wet, but also very tight. She had never put anything this large into her honey box. She slid the handle as far and deep as it would go. She slowly began to slide the whole length of the hard, thick, long, ridged screw-driver handle in and out of her dripping love center. The pain that she had been feeling was now turning into the best feelings of pleasure that she had ever felt. The screw-driver handle felt soooooooooooo very good buried deep in her pussie. Electric güvenilir casino shocks and chills writhed her body as the handle went in and out of her. She then took her other hand and started to rub her hard, red hot love trigger. She rubbed it for all that it was worth. She rubbed it up and down, left and right, she pulled on it, she pinched it and then she knew that she could not take the pounding of the screw-driver handle and her playful fingers on her sensitive clit much longer.

Her body tensed and her soaking wet pussie grabbed a hold of that screw-driver handle and her back arched as she came so hard that her moans woke her friends. She pounded and pounded that screw-driver handle into herself some more as the last bits of her wet release came pouring out of her wet pussie. Her body shook with the electric shocks and sensations that her pounding and rubbing had achieved for her. She then laid on her now soaking wet sleeping bag and just basked in the glow of her hard cumming session.

Kim and Lisa watched as Jen finished off her earth-shattering orgasm. Of course this turned both of them on tremendously. Both of them were rubbing their hard, sensitive clits by the time Jen came back down to earth. Now watching each other, they both removed their t-shirts and Kim moved closer to Lisa. They held each other as their hot lips met and they kissed passionately; their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. Still both playing with their own hot triggers, Kim broke the kiss and began kissing her friend Lisa on the neck and nibbling on her ear lobes. Kim’s free hand went to Lisa’s hard nipple and began rubbing it. To be continued…

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