Lace Club: First Day Ch. 01

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I sat on my bed in just my red silk bathrobe sipping a glass of wine when I heard my laptop ding. An email from my brand new boss.

Good evening, Colette. I’m thrilled to welcome such a promising young woman to the Lace Club team. I want you to dive head first into the lifestyle you will soon be marketing to women everywhere. Please fill out the attached form. A car will pick you up at 10:30am and bring you to our headquarters downtown where you will spend the day preparing for the evening’s event.

Thank you,

Jessica Stern

My face was flush. What exactly would I be doing at this evening’s “event”? I wanted to make a good impression so I began typing away.

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 120lbs

Bra Size: 32DD

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Marketing

At the end I was required to upload a full body photo and a head shot. I smiled to myself and finished off my wine. I was very tipsy and very horny. I had a sultry selfie photo shoot in my full length mirror. My robe was slightly open and you could see my hard nipples pressed against the fabric. I picked one where my back was arched just enough that the robe barely covered my ass. Perfect.

I hit send, dropped my robe, and hopped into bed. I figured I should try to sleep because I knew tomorrow was going to be a long day. But I kept thinking about my boss’s email. My mind raced with possibilities of the event.

I was the new marketing director for the Lace Club which is a company that puts on all girl play parties. Some are mostly about networking and socializing, but some are mostly about fucking. Either way I was bound to be surrounded by beautiful, smart, sexually curious women, wearing little to no clothing.

I felt my pussy start to tingle. I reached for my vibrator. I ran it over my hard nipples. My clit was throbbing, desperate for attention. I flipped over onto my stomach and grinded my hips against the vibe rhythmically. I brought my free hand into my mouth and sucked on my fingers. With my wet fingers I pinched my nipple harder than I intended too. I let a deep moan escape my wet lips and hearing myself made my pussy quiver. I turned my head to face the full length mirror. I saw my tan skin writhing against my white silk sheets. I flipped back over onto my back so I had a better view of my tits in the mirror. I watched as they bounced with every thrust against my vibe. I was about to come. I yanked the vibe away from my pussy. I love to tease myself. After I couldn’t take it anymore I very gently circled my clit and felt my body tense up, my orgasm shook through me. I loved to look at my exhausted, naked body and think: I did this.

The next morning I showered casino şirketleri and dressed casually. I didn’t know the specifics of tonight’s event so I made sure to wear some of my best lingerie. At my previous job I was the assistant to the marketing director of an international, high end, boutique, lingerie brand. I would oversee a lot of photoshoots, so being surrounded by sexy, scantily clad women was nothing new to me. The only problem is what it would do to me. I briefly worked as a model for the aforementioned lingerie brand which explains my… self interest. Self interest meaning being turned on by even my own body. It was so hot, but quite inconvenient. It made showering very difficult.

A driver was outside my door at exactly 10:30. God, how was I still so horny? I got out at the Lace Club office building but I was led to another area of the large building. I opened the door marked “SPA” with a smile. This job wasn’t half bad! An excruciatingly sexy blonde came into the waiting room. She was petite, maybe 5’4″, with incredible tits, a glowing tan, and a perfect, bubble butt. Her outfit wasn’t one of a normal masseuse. She was wearing a thin strap, white, tank top that barely covered her large, perky tits. She was wearing short grey spandex shorts and her hair was in a tight, swingy ponytail. “I’m Victoria” she said to me with a coy smile.

She smiled at me and led me into another room. There was a large table in the middle of the room, about three times as wide as a normal massage table. The lights were dim, and there was music softly playing. Victoria gestured for me to start taking my clothes off and she turned around.

“Lace Club massage and wax?” she asked.

“Um, I guess… this was set up for me by my boss, Jessica Stern.”

She turned around to me as I was slipping my shirt over my tits.

“Wonderful, that is exactly what I was hoping to hear!” she said and walked towards a shelf with towels and oils.

I walked over to the table with just by bra and tiny panties barely covering my tits and pussy.

“Get comfortable, sweetie.” she said. She looked at me softly. She put the towel on the edge of the table and leaned in. I was sitting on the edge of the table with her standing between my spread legs. Her head leaned over my neck and her hands wrapped around my torso as she unhooked my bra. I felt her hot breath on my neck and I shivered. My tits spilled out as she pulled the lacy thing away from me and placed it on a chair.

“Panties too?” I coyly asked.

“Panties too.” she responded, her voice lilting as she smiled.

I slid them off and layed down on the table. I felt her come back towards me. She had the waxing and massage supplies casino firmaları on a small tray that she placed next to me on the side of the table. I wondered how she was going to reach me all the way from the edge? Right then she was kneeling over my ass, one leg on either side of me.

She began slowly rubbing my ass cheeks. Then higher up my back. I could feel her hot pussy on my back. I could feel myself getting wet.

“Flip over.” she said.

I obeyed and suddenly she was kneeling above me, her pussy right above mine. She dripped warm oil on my nipples and slowly circled them with her fingers until my pussy was throbbing. I was breathing very heavy and my tits were moving up and down with each breath. She teased my by holding her hand out just above where my nipples would hit on a deep inhale. She was so fucking hot. What the fuck was going on?

She began the Brazilian wax. I’ll spare you the details, but somehow it was an incredible combo of pain and pleasure. She had her thumb gently massaging my pussy lips, then my ass, and then finally her delicate finger was playing with my asshole the. whole. time.

I was so close to coming and then finally she was finished… the waxing that is. She began cleaning up her supplies and I lie there, my pussy practically humming I’m about to orgasm, and i grabbed her hand.

“Please. You’re so fucking hot.”

She dropped the supplies and mounted me once again. Grinding her wet little pussy against mine I was on the edge. She stopped, turned around, and began pouring the warm oil right over my clit. I felt the warm oil mix with my hot nectar and drip through my folds right over my asshole and I felt my pussy clench as I started to come. And then I looked up at her right as she slipped two fingers inside me. We made intense eye contact as she fingered me. I felt my pussy tighten around her fingers as the orgasm quaked my body. I threw my head to the side as chills were running over my skin when I laid eyes on a mirror, perfectly displaying this, hot fucking moment. Right as I caught that reflection I felt come pouring out of me. I saw her face and her tits swinging so close to mine. In one to the last surges of the orgasm I lifted my head up and wrapped my wet lips around one of her hard little nipples through her tank top.

She lied on top of me as I caught my breath. She was gently grinding her pussy against my leg, I could feel the wetness through her spandex and I felt her hard nipples press up against me as she giggled.

I flipped her over and straddled her, holding her wrists above her head. She giggled, “Jessica keeps sending me some troublemakers!”

I was distracted and didn’t process this comment. I was looking güvenilir casino at her tight body writhing between my legs. Her large, perky tits were bouncing with every wiggle. I held her wrists tight. She giggled and bounced so hard that one of her tits had spilled out of her shirt. Her perfectly pink nipple was standing erect. I was ravenous.

My tan body, slick with oil, writhed against her. I gently grabbed her exposed nipple with my teeth. She shrieked with pleasure and let out a deep moan. I kissed her deeply. Her wet lips parted. My fingers parted her pussy lips and entered the hot, wet, tight, little thing. She let out another moan into my mouth and her tongue darted around with mine. I angled my fingers so I would hit her G-spot. I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers.

“Holy fuck” she said with a smile.

I leaned in for a kiss and bit her bottom lip hard. Her hips bucked and she made a little squeaking giggle sound. Fuck, she was one of the hottest women I’d been with in a while. And my masseuse? That somehow made it so much hotter. She had a look of pure lust in her eyes.

I adjusted my body and spread her legs. I needed to taste her. I put my teeth on those soaked spandex shorts and pulled. She giggled and said, “keep them on… it’s policy.”

Reluctantly I let go of the shorts and dragged my tongue over the shorts. I felt where the fabric had gotten soaked with her juices. I felt the slit of her pussy and I dragged my tongue along it. She squirmed with pleasure. I circled her clit with my tongue.

“Turn around.” she said, urgently.

I excitedly obeyed. I felt her wet lips kiss my pussy. Her tongue explored my lips and discovered my clit. I gasped with pleasure. I felt her finger on my asshole again and I let out a deep moan that vibrated against her soaking, quivering pussy. I furiously massaged her hard clit and she did the same to me. I felt like we were perfectly in unison. I felt the orgasm coming and I licked faster, harder, urging her to do the same for me. My whole body was shaking, I was so lightheaded, and then I felt such a release. I heard her moans and felt her orgasm shake through her petite body. I sat back up and lied beside her. As I grinded my still tingling pussy, gently against her leg, I noticed the come I had squirted all over her face. She was licking her lips.

She smiled and got up. She adjusted her shirt so both tits were covered (barely). She looked in the mirror at her grey shorts with a large, very obvious, wet spot.

“Looks like you have to take them off…” I said, seductively. Now I was practically posing on the massage table, making sure my tits were fully visible to try and entice her.

“Don’t get any ideas! Jessica makes us wear these, so she can see how you did.” She said.

I lied on the massage table, completely naked, covered in oil and another woman’s come… I think I found the company for me. And this was only my first day!

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