Last Night, First Time

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How you met her and became good friends is a long story. But still, it all happened very quickly. It is difficult to believe you had only known her for about four months. But then again, when you meet someone and everything “clicks”, time is not the issue. And there was something very different about this friendship. There has been an underlying tension…a sexual tension…. which for once you knew was reciprocated. You would catch her looking at you with that look in her eyes. And if she saw that she was caught, she always blushed and that adorable, “cat that ate the canary” smile would fill her face.

Up until tonight, the two of you had not really talked about sexual experiences. You chatted of home, children, spouses, and sometimes sex, more in general terms rather than personal preferences. Tonight, you agreed to meet her for a drink, just to get out for awhile. As you have a drink, then a second, the friendly talk flows, the hours fade away. Both of your husbands are out of town so there was no need to rush home. But as the evening progresses, you both grow tired of the loud lounge and she cordially invites you to her home. You are having a wonderful time and accepts the invitation.

Her home is very comfortable. And the two of you resume your conversation, sipping fresh drinks and lounging on her overstuffed couch. At times you feel almost silly, giggling like young girls, talking about anything and everything. And you catch her occasionally looking at you…your face…the opening in your blouse…your jean covered legs. You feel excited…anxious…you do not know where this evening is going….if it is going anywhere.

Then it happens. In a fit of laughter and an over exaggerated hand gesture, her drink, loosely grasped in her feminine hand, splashes out of her the glass, landing on your blouse. She apologizes profusely and you both giggle as you jump up and she runs to the kitchen to grab a soft towel. You are still standing as she re-enters the room and she begins to blot the alcoholic drink from the front of your blouse, continuing her apologies. You feel her pressing the damp material against your skin and it feels cold…but good. Almost imperceptibly, her blotting evolves into a pressure…and a stroking. You look up from her hand holding the towel and realize she is standing very close now, her face inching closer. Her eyes are glassed over with feelings and you know what is about to happen.

“Can I kiss you?” she whispers, her eyes glancing from your lips, then to your eyes.

Unable to speak, you nod an apprehensive “yes”.

You feel her lips as her kiss is soft…softer than you have ever felt. And you sense her arms as they wrap around you, moving your bodies together. Everything is so soft, gentle, feminine, even as her kiss grows hungrier….as her tongue touches yours….and together they do a sweet dance. She breaks the kiss and somewhere within you, you long for more. You look at her sexy face….smiling at you….pleased that you did not turn away her advancement.

“You kiss just as I dreamt,” she sighs, as she pulls her body tighter to yours. Her body feels so different against you….the way her breasts rests against yours…her hips pressing against you, yet not into you as a man’s body would. And as she continues to kiss you in that wonderful way, you feel her hands…no…her fingertips run an invisible path up and down your back…grazing the soft skin of your neck…down your spine….sketching unseen circles on your jean covered ass. Her touch causes involuntary shivers to run through your body.

Without thought, your own hands have began to explore this new body, as you unconsciously mimic her moves…tracing her neck and shoulders…skeetering up and down her back….touching her ass. Her body feels so….so…different. It’s curves…and softness….while not a tiny woman, she stills has a delicate feeling about her compared to your husband’s body.

You are so lost in the moment and the feelings, time passes without notice as the two of you stand in her living room, kissing, touching, holding each other, the passion continuing to build. Slowly, she pulls away and smiling, takes your hand, leading you down the hallway to the master bedroom. Once in the room dominated by the large king-sized bed, she turns and embraces you for another kiss. You feel so good…and you are so glad she is willing to lead. But again she backs away, motioning for you to sit on the bed, and says, “After the drinks and before we go much further, I need to go in there”, nodding towards the bathroom. She squeezes your hand and slips into the darkness, closing the door behind her. You sit realizing you are not feeling as anxious, but still….unsure…uncertain…this güvenilir bahis is all so new…so different. Where exactly is this going? What will we do? Will I be able to do things to her that she wants…that she may do to me? What if….

Before you can torture yourself any further, the bathroom door opens and she moves towards you. No longer wearing the blouse and jeans she had on earlier, she is now wearing a long, fluffy white robe. She looks cute, beautiful, sexy as she stops right in front of you. With a persistent gentleness, she presses your thighs open with her legs until she is positioned between them. You must look up to gaze into her face and when you do, she bends to deeply kiss you.

As your kiss ends, and with deliberate slowness, she sinks to her knees between your thighs. She reaches up and begins to work the buttons of your blouse open, bending to touch your newly uncovered skin with just the tip of her tongue. You both giggle as she has to wrestle the blouse from the waist band of your jeans, but finally it is free. Sliding your blouse off your shoulders and down your arms, she begins to plant soft, passionate kisses on your skin….covering your neck and each shoulder…painting your exposed chest with her feminine tongue….until you feel her hand grazing the underside of your breast. Her touch is soft, gentle, knowing.

She finds the clasp fastening your bra and the sudden lessening of the tension binding your breasts lets you know she had no trouble with it. As with the blouse, she quickly removes your bra and then takes a moment to admire your round globes. She begins to stroke the slope of one breast, her fingers titillating your cleavage, while her other hand loosens the belt holding her robe close. Successfully opening her robe, she takes one of your hands and brings it up, laying it on her breast. Her skin is soft and very warm to your touch. Tentatively, you again begin to mirror your movement to hers. As she tenderly squeezes your breasts, you find yourself softly molding her breasts…feeling her hardening nipple rub against your palm. While your breasts are more rounded with smaller, light colored nipples, her breasts are tear-drop shape with large nipples and dark areolas. You delicately lift her breasts, supporting it in your hand, somewhat amazed at it’s weight.

Your thumb comes to rest on her erect nipple and with a childlike curiosity, your begin playing with the reddened nub. Swirling your digit around the nipple causes a moan to escape from her lips. Her head falls back as your thumb is joined by a finger and you tweak her nipple, rolling the sensitive skin between them. You can feel the heat coming from her body, now only protected by her open robe. She shutters under your touch, suddenly pulling back from you. A moment of uncertainty on your part is replaced by your own moan as she leans forward to kiss and suck your nipple into her hot wet mouth. She seems to know how to tease your hard nipple…kissing softly…tonguing it to a wet sheen, sucking delightfully but not too rough…then beginning over….sending waves of pleasure through you. She seems to take great satisfaction in teasing you, spending much time, first taking and giving her pleasure to one and the other breast. You feel so good and every time you move the slightest, you are aware of the wetness saturating your panties.

She also seemed to know when to linger and when to move on to something new. With your breasts swollen from her skillful playing, and wet from her oral adoration, she stops and stands up, still between your thighs. She drops her robe to the floor, her naked breasts inches now from your face. You glance up into her eyes and she smiles, nods and gently guides your mouth to one of her breasts. You kiss the soft smooth skin and it feels nice against your lips. Slowly you work your way down to her nipple. Cautiously, you kiss her nipple and again she moans, more loudly than before. Her hand strokes the back of your head, and presses you forward. You open your mouth and she feeds you her nipple. You remember what she did to you and what you enjoy your husband doing, and kiss, suckle and lick her large nipple. Suddenly you realize you are again lost in what you are doing. You are not thinking about how to suck this other woman’s breast, but rather, nature has stepped in and you know how to bring her the pleasure she seeks. First one breast, then the other. Then back to the first. You suckle her nipples, feeling them harden even more. It seems her breasts are swollen, the skin tight and smooth, yet still feminine and soft. Her moans are deep and passionate. Your hands have worked their way around her hips and you are playing with the globes of türkçe bahis her ass and the back of her thighs. She still feels so different…smooth…womanly.

Without much thought, your hand slides around and reaches for the area where you would have normally grasped a hard cock. But instead, your hand slides between her thighs and discovers her wetness. You hesitate…that fear and anxiety raising it’s head for a brief moment. Oh so tentatively, your fingers begin to touch her….to feel her course hair covering her mound…to feel the dampness coating the inside of her thighs…and the heat radiating from this precious junction. As you touch her, she responds by moaning and grasping your shoulders for support. She bends her knees slightly, parting her thighs, which in turn allows you access to her moist slit. You are amazed at how wet she is as one of your fingers slips between her intimate lips, instantly being immersed in her hot juices. Her hips begin rocking forward and back, side to side, forcing your finger to open her up further. Slowing her movements, she arches her back in such a way that your finger is position directly on her clit.

With half opened, lust-filled eyes, she looks down at you and pleads, “Don’t tease me, please. You know what to do. Please…..oh….” Her sentence is cut short as you press on her clit, making small circles around and around the little nub. You are not convinced that you do know what to do, but you are doing something right from her reactions. You are afraid of pressing too hard…being too rough on her sensitive clit, but she is actually controlling the pressure, grinding her wetness against your finger and hand. Her hips are moving constantly now, undulating inches from your face. You can feel the heat…the wetness…and now the scent…the scent of another woman climbing her way to orgasm. It is still all so new…so different…so exciting. On an impulse, you bring your other hand up between her thighs and using your fingertips, you find her opening. Her movement slows and she spreads her legs further as you gently push upwards, feeling you finger sink into her until she is almost sitting on your palm.

“Ohhhh….” she whimpers, as her hips resume their dance on your fingers. Now both of your hands are busy, one stroking her clit; the other moving one, then two fingers in and out of her womanhood. Her movements are becoming more purposeful…more driven…as she bounces up and down on the fingers of one hand while never allowing her clit to lose contact with the fingers of your other hand. You watch in amazement as her skin becomes flush…her fingers gripping your shoulders as if for dear life….her breasts swollen and bouncing on her chest.

And as her moans builds to a crescendo, her entire body begins to quiver as every muscles tightens and strains. Her moans fill the room as she stands perched on tip toes, body taunt and stretched towards the ceiling. You feel the muscles of her womanhood convulsing around your fingers. She seems to reach a peak, only to have her trembling increase and you can tell another wave of orgasmic pleasure overwhelms her being. Wave after wave crashes through her body until, with a very loud shriek, she collapse onto you, forcing you to lay back on the bed with her on top.

Her body is damp with sweat and you can feel her trembling as an occasional spasm ripples through her. Her breathing is slowing, but she still is panting too hard to talk. So you wrap your arms around her and carefully hold her allowing her to calm.

Once her breathing slows, a peaceful, serenity seems to fill her. She moves her face to yours and kisses you with a new softness. As the kiss ends, she leans on her elbows so she can look into your eyes. A smile beams across her face.

“That was….perfect”, she purrs.

She rolls to one side of you and one of her hands nonchalantly begins to lightly touch your breasts. Shivers are sent through your body from her gentle, teasing touch. She bends and kisses your nipple, any sense of urgency being replaced with a playfulness. Grazing your sensitive mounds with her fingers, she again smiles as a moan escapes from your lips.

“I want you to feel as good as you just made me feel,” she whispers, “But for that, we need to take these off,” she says, tugging at the snap on your jeans. She climbs down until she is again between your legs. With little difficulty, she slides your jeans and panties down together until they are pooled on the floor. She urges you to move further up the bed until you rest your head on one of the pillows. Once she is satisfied that you are comfortable, she glides her hands up and down your legs, silently spreading them apart until there is enough room güvenilir bahis siteleri for her to position herself between them. She brushes the tender inside of your thighs with her fingernails sending pleasurable sensations through you. With each upward stroke, her touch moves closer to your womanhood. You know she can see how wet you are for you are now open for her peering eyes. Her hands come together to cover your mound and you can feel the bed shift as she bends forward. Everything seems to stop, including your breathing. Then you feel her pressing her lips into your wetness and you know she is inhaling her scent and tasting you for the first time.

A soft groan of desire is heard from her as she nestles her nose against your clit. With a slow deliberateness, she kisses your swollen lips…first on one side, then the other. You can feel her soft tongue as it dips into your wetness….patiently working it’s way up your slit. Using her thumbs, she ever so gently separates your folds, baring your now very sensitive clit. She hesitates a moment before touching your excited nerves with just the tip of her soft, wet tongue. You jump for the intensity of the sudden sensation was unexpected. A moan of playful delight is heard emanating from between your legs as your lover is very pleased with the reactions she is producing. At a teasingly slow pace, she licks your clit, sending sexual jolts into your being. Over and over she carefully strokes you with her tongue, until you can feel the need starting to build deep inside you. She too senses your movement towards release and increases the pressure against your tender nub, swirling her tongue around and around. Her skillful manipulations has you wanting…needing…desiring…more! More of this powerfully, absorbing pleasure. Your hips press downward, firmly against her mouth, adding to the delight her tongue is bringing.

You feel the shifting of the bed again as she quickly spins around, placing a thigh on either side of your head. The soft feel of her breasts crushing against your abdomen is a short-lived distraction from the sight before you. Directly above your face is her very hot, excited sex. The spread lips are engorged with blood, reddening them as you have never seen before. Her juices produce a glossy sheen to all it covers, including the eager little clit extending from it’s protective hood. And her scent…her scent is an intoxicating aroma which immediately floods your senses. Reluctant but a moment, lust and curiosity causes you to raise your head and you kiss another’s womanhood for the first time.

“Ummmm” she groans as you press your lips to her womanhood a second and a third time. Without thought, your tongue reaches out and you taste her wetness. Her taste is sweet! And your tongue dips into her for more of her nectar. She allows herself to slide further down, pressing her spread pussy against your tongue. You enjoy the reaction each touch of your tongue produces in her. Wrapping your arms around her, you urge her to lower herself further until you can comfortably pay her the attention you desire. Now your breasts are crushed between your bodies, with each wriggle, each movement rolling your nipples against her soft skin.

She resumes her oral ministrations, licking your wetness as you reciprocate. A mixture of soft moans and the smell of womanly arousal fills the air as each of you give and take pleasure. You are pleased that she seems to be enjoying your first attempts at satisfying another woman. Her hips are now grinding down…her wetness covering your face as she slides against your lips and tongue over and over. Her moans are becoming constant and her body is letting you know she is approaching another climax. You increase your licking, stroking her clit…swirling it with your tongue. Her hips are rocking…her body wriggling….until suddenly she tenses and you hear and feel one long muffled moan as her release sweeps through her body.

Expecting her attention to you to be slowed by her orgasm, you are lustily surprised when suddenly, she attacks you with a renewed fervor. She is relentless as she sucks your clit into her hot, wet mouth…swabbing it over and over again and again. You can feel your orgasm approaching quickly as she moans into your sex, the vibrations adding to the almost overwhelming sensations already teaming through your body. And just as you feel your climax about to release, she pushes two fingers deep inside you with one motion and begins to rifle them in and out of your womanhood. You body stiffens, raising your hips off the bed and lifting her with them. But she does not slow. And immediately an orgasmic explosion rips through your body. Wave after wave course through you as all consciousness is pushed aside by cresting pleasures. Your body trembles as orgasmic spasms rack through you. Over and over, overpowering pleasure consumes you. Until with one last burst, you collapse…exhausted…satisfied…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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