Lesbian Prostitution Continued

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This is a continuation of a previous story titled “Introduction to Lesbian Prostitution.” Part of it is true. There is a woman I know who runs a matchmaking service for bisexual women and lesbians, I have named her Lynne which is, of course, not her real name. She charges a fee for this service which technically makes it an escort service and frankly, in the eyes of some, it can be called prostitution. For some time now I have had this fantasy of selling my body and my soul to another woman for her to use as she wished. It speaks directly to the submissive inside of me. My current partner, Eden, is in France on business, leaving me alone for most of the summer. So I fill the void writing stories that are not really true but I hope they ring true for my readers.

Some parts of the story are true. Although I have not sold my sole or my body for money, I have in the past engaged in some of the activities that I write about, especially the role playing. The woman in the story, April, is someone from my past, but that is not her real name. She likes to role play and that is what this story is about except it has a fictional twist. She has paid Lynne to make the match with me and I will get a hefty chunk of that fee, turning me into a whore.

For those who have not read the previous story, I am in my late 20s, tall, slender, with long shiny brown hair, a nice bust, and a good pair of legs. I was bisexual at 14 and completely lesbian by 19. Currently I am a successful independent business woman in town and quite well known in the business community. April is in her late 30s and is the same size and shape as myself, except she has shoulder length dark red hair. She lives and works in Omaha and often comes to Lincoln on business. I assume that her husband does not know about her bisexual tendencies, but I do not know that for a fact.


I was running late. A client kept me at the office past 5 pm. I just made it to the bar in the hotel by a little after 6 pm to meet April. I sat down at her table and said “Hi. I’m sorry work held me up but I am here now.” She simply frowned in disapproval.

She was wearing a very conservative grey business suit with a long pencil thin skirt and white silk blouse with nude hose, and grey pumps. Her hair was tied up in a bun. She looked exactly like the stereotypical stern school teacher.

She just looked at me disapprovingly and said, “The pig tails are cute but where is the rest of the school girl outfit?”

“I’m sorry. I was not about to change at work and have my staff see me dressed up as a school girl and I did not think it would be appropriate to dress like one and have dinner in public. My outfit is in a suite case in my truck.”

“So you have a staff. I’m impressed. You must be someone important,” she remarked snidely.

“I am rather successful in business,” I replied.

“So you are a successful business woman yet you whore yourself out to other women. I find that interesting. What kind of business?” she asked with some interest.

“I’d rather not say,” I answered back.

“Fair enough,” she replied reaching into her handbag, taking out the key card to her suite, and handing it to me.

“Fetch your bag, go to the suite, change into your school girl outfit, and join me in the bar,” she ordered.

“But that could be so humiliating. People in this city know me,” I protested.

“That’s the whole point of it Dear, the humiliation,” she stated flatly. “Lynne has a back up girl for me if you are not willing to play and frankly she is much younger than you and her age is much more to my liking.”

Reluctantly, I took the key card, went to my truck, got my bags, and went to her suite. I took off my business suit and hung it in the closet. I was already wearing a plain white cotton bra and panty that I wanted to be part of the outfit. I slipped on a pair of nude thigh highs and then the white cotton blouse with the little capped sleeves and peter pan collar. Next came the green and white plaid and pleated skirt, followed by white lacy anklet socks, black mary janes with a little stacked heel, and a green cardigan sweater. I looked at myself in the mirror. Except for my age, I looked like a school girl. No actually I looked like a street walker trying to look like a school girl. Funny thing. The idea made me wet. I was a fucking whore, playing the role of a school girl, and selling myself to a beautiful mature woman who happened to be rich and dominate.

With butterflies in my stomach I headed back down to the bar hoping like hell that I would not run into anyone I know. I looked around the bar before I entered and did not see anyone that I knew. As I walked over to April’s table I could feel several pairs of eyes looking at me. How humiliating.

I sat down and crossed my legs like a prim and proper good little school girl.

“That’s better Dear. You look quite beautiful and very convincing. You also look so much younger than you did last night. Exactly how old are you?”

“25,” I lied.

“Well you look much younger than that and I like that,” she smiled back at me. “Did casino şirketleri you enjoy yourself last night?”

“Yes April,” I answered. “It was quite enjoyable, but you know you could have been a little more strict and rough with me.”

“You mean I should have used the crop on you?”

“A little. Yes,” I replied.

“When I was talking to Lynne this morning,” she went on. “I asked her if she knew just how far I might go with you. She said she did not know but she mentioned that you spent some time with Astrid.”

“Do you know Astrid?” I blinked.

“Of course Dear. Everyone in the S&M scene in the state knows Astrid. I’m surprised you are in one piece and even still alive. How long were you with her.”

“I spent almost two months with that fucking bitch before I had to leave her. She became too damn dangerous.”

“Watch your mouth young lady. A precious little school girl like you should not be using curse words,” she hissed at me.

The waitress came over and asked me to show her some ID. I had been drinking from April’s bottle since there were two glasses on the table. I showed it to her and she gave me a disgusted look. She probably figured out that something kinky was going on. I stuck my tongue out at her as she walked away. April laughed out loud.

“Oh that is so damn precious,” she proclaimed. Just like a naughty little school girl. Shall we order something to eat?”

“Yeah, but how about from room service?” I responded.

“No Dear. We can eat here in the bar or in the restaurant. I want to keep you on display for a little while longer.”

She motioned the waitress over and ordered “surf and turf” for the two of us.

“Is that okay with you?” she asked with a tone in her voice that said she really didn’t care. April can be a real heartless bitch.

“Of course Mommy,” I cooed like a little girl. “Whatever you say, you are the one who is paying.”

The waitress looked even more disgusted.

When the waitress left, she turned to me and said, “Of course I am the one that is paying. Just keep that in mind. It is your job to satisfy me.”

“Are we role playing yet? Or can I talk frankly?” I asked seriously.

“Okay talk,” she responded in a huff.

“I have certain limits: no piss, shit, children, animals, lasting marks, or intense pain. I also do not want to be in role all weekend. Frankly I find you to be an extremely beautiful, attractive, and desirable woman. I would like to spend some ordinary time enjoying you for who you are as you are, not some role that you are playing.”

‘Oh my,” was her only response but it was given with a harsh look.

I am sexually attracted to this woman but I do not think I like her very much as a person so I simply smiled back.

“How far into the scene are you and is hubby involved?”

“My husband and I have a marriage of convenience he has his whores and I have mine. He is not into the scene. I am but not extensively. There are a couple of private parties in peoples’ homes in Omaha each month. I have been to a few of them but I have not as yet brought anyone with me. Do you know someone by the name of Hellen who lives here in town?”

“Oh you mean Hellen of Hell Night? Yes of course.”

“I understand that she has a fully equipped dungeon in the basement of her mansion outside of town.”

“Yes she does,” I replied. In fact tomorrow is Hell Night at Hellen’s. I can arrange for us to attend.

She looked at me with longing in her eyes. “That would be wonderful but perhaps another time. I am busy tomorrow.”

“She charges a hefty entrance fee and if you wish to use one of her women or girls the fee is even heftier, but if you simply plan on using me the cost should not be too high,” I explained at length.

“Cost is no object. Having the right outfits is another matter. I did not pack much of my latex and leather,” she replied.

“Well there is a new adult emporium in town. They could outfit you with just about anything that tweaks your twat. We could go there tomorrow, but the stuff is expensive.”

“I told you. Money does not mean anything to me,” she replied almost salivating.

Our food arrived so our conversation shut down for a while.

During the meal I said, “If we do go tomorrow night, you could pimp me out to other women and earn back the entrance fee.”

“I told you that money is not an issue, but I get the sense that somehow you like that idea.”

“Well it could be fun,” I smiled back at her feeling a tingle in my nipples and my pussy at the thought of being forced to orally serve several strange women.

“You are such a fucking slut,” she proclaimed.

“Keep saying things like that and you will have orgasms all weekend long.”

She just smiled back at me.

I reached in my bag, got my cell phone, called Hellen, chatted for a while, and hung up.

“Well?” she asked.

“Two grand. One for me and one for you. That includes full use of the facilities and all available equipment if it is not already in use by someone else, food, and drink.”

“For casino firmaları how long?”

“From 8 pm until mid morning on Sunday,” I replied. “Although the fun does not really start jumping until around midnight if you are a voyeur and like to watch people do weird things to each other. Before midnight you can be assured of having access to private rooms and special equipment.

“What type of people will be there?”

“Given that it is a Saturday, it will be a mixed crowd. Mostly straights, some lezzies, and some fags. If you were here on Wednesday it would be women only. Wednesdays get really freaky.”

“What about drugs?” she asked.

“Whatever you want, but you will have to pay extra unless someone wants to give you some.”

“Well I’m not into drugs,” she replied. “Unless you count expensive wines.”

“If you put on a public scene with me, Hellen will refund some of the fee, particularly if it is popular with the audience,” I went on to explain.

“So you like to be watched?” she smiled at me.

After the waitress cleared our table and brought us two snifters of brandy, I paused and looked at her seriously.

“April. Hellen keeps a stable of very young girls. They are very expensive.”

“Oh my,” she replied. “Now that sounds very interesting.”

“Let me warn you. All of them are addicts and most carry STDs. So I would stay away from direct contact with any of them unless I was wearing protection,” I replied.

“Protection?” she asked in disbelief.

“Yeah like rubber gloves and tongue condoms,” I answered.

She paused and looked at me in fascination. “You must be a lot more experienced than I had originally thought.”

“Oh I have had a lot of experience,” I replied with a smirk. “It’s just that I have never been paid for my experienced services before.”

“Unfortunately I have to be back in Omaha tomorrow,” she said sounding very disappointed.

“Well you can always call Lynne and ask for a “match” on a Wednesday night and it would just be women,” I responded.

She looked thoughtful for a moment and then smiled.

“Are you ready to begin the role play?” she asked as she signed the check while the waitress clearly heard us speaking.

“Not quite yet,” I answered. “I’ve brought some toys for us to play with and I would like to show them to you first. You may wish to use them during our little sex games.” The waitress also heard that and blushed bright red.

“Okay then let’s go upstairs,” she implored me.

Following April on the way out, I grabbed the arm of the waitress and because she was young, cute, and sexy, I said, “11 B. If you would like to join us after your shift.”

She just stared at me. I’m not sure why I did that except the waitress was cute and one never knows when someone my actually be interested unless you ask.

When we got into her suite she pulled me close to her and kissed me deeply then quickly broke it off.

“Where are those toys?” she asked curiously.

“In the suitcase on the bench in the bedroom,” I replied.

I followed her into the bedroom as she began rummaging around in the case.

“Oh my,” she said. “Look at all of these goodies: wrist and ankle cuffs, chain, ropes, a collar, nipple clamps, labia clamps, a ball gag, a rubber mask, and oh my a rubber paddle. You are a naughty girl. And what is this?”

“It’s a strapless dildo,” I replied. “The girly end vibrates.”

“Does it stay in?” she asked in wonderment.

“Yes if you do not get too wild with it,” I answered back.

“I think this and the paddle will get some use tonight,” she grinned.

She looked back into the suitcase and said, “What the hell is this?”

She lifted the rubber high wasted, long line, panty girdle out and inspected it.

“It’s my punishment panty. Astrid use to make me wear if all day on Friday at work. It locks in the back so I could not remove it.”

“What happens if you have to pee or shit?” she asked in disbelief.

“Well it does not leak,” I explained.

“So you sit in your own filth all say with a butt plug in your ass and a dildo in your vagina?” asked incredulously.


“Oh God. How disgusting. I would never go so far as to force someone to put up with that,” she said in disgust.

“Do you want to start the role play?” I asked wanting to change the subject.

“Yes of course,” she replied. “Give me your panties and then go into the bathroom and splash some water on the front of your blouse so that it looks like it has been stained. Then come in here and stand in front of the desk.”

“What should I call you?” I asked taking off my panties and handing them to her.

“Hummm. Ms. Jones will work fine,” she replied. “My your panties are already a little wet. Now go and let the play begin.”

I went into the bathroom and splashed some water on my blouse then I returned to the living room. Ms. Jones was sitting at the desk reading something. I walked up to the edge of the desk and said, “I understand that you want to see güvenilir casino me Ms. Jones.”

“Yes Julia I do,” she replied. “You were seen leaving the janitor’s closet a little while ago. What were you doing in there?”

“Oh nothing,” I replied.

“What were you doing in there young lady!” she growled.

“Well I was just talking to Mr. Brown,” I confessed.

“And what in the world would a proper young lady like yourself have to say to a low life creature like Mr. Brown?” she hissed.

“Oh nothing important,” I replied meekly. “He just happens to be a nice man.”

“He is far from being a nice man,” she replied. “He is on parole for auto theft and he refuses to pay his child support payments.”

“Oh,” was all I said.

“I went into his closet after he left and found these,” she said holding up my panties. “Could they be yours?”

“Oh no Ma’am,” I quickly replied. “They are not mine.”

“What is with the stain on your blouse?” she demanded.

“Oh nothing something spilled on it,” I lied.

“Julia. Lift your skirt,” she ordered.

“What Ma’am?” I asked in disbelief.

“I said lift your skirt or you will be severely punished,” she insisted.

With trembling hands I lifted the hem of my skirt to expose my bare pussy.

“Were you having sex with that man?” she demanded.

“No not really Ms. Jones,” I answered meekly. “I’m still a virgin.”

“Then why am I holding your wet panties in my hand?” she demanded.

“I don’t know,” I whimpered. “They are not mine Ms. Jones.”

“Do you frequently come to school not wearing proper panties?” she asked.

“Sometimes, Ma’am if I do not have any clean ones,” I lied in response.

“Open the front of your blouse,” she ordered.

“But why Ms. Jones?” I cried.

“I want to see if your bra matches your panties,” she replied. “Now do it.”

“Yes Ms. Jones,” I muttered unbuttoning my blouse.

“Your panties certainly seem to match your bra,” she proclaimed. “They seem to have the same lace trim. Take your bra off an hand it to me.”

“But why Ms. Jones?”

“So I can check the label,” she explained.

I slowly removed my blouse and put it on the desk. Then I unhooked my bra and handed it to her. Then I covered my breasts with my hands.

“Just what I thought,” she said. “Matching labels and your panties are soaked. Were you having sex with Mr. Brown.”

“Oh no Ms. Jones,” I cried. “I am still a virgin.”

She picked up my blouse and looked at it carefully.

“Are those semen stains on your blouse?” she demanded to know.

I started to cry and blubbered, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Were you performing oral sex on him?”

I looked down at the floor and nodded my head.

“Did he lick your sex?” she asked in a disgusted tone.

I simply nodded again.

“Have you done this with him before?”

“Yes,” I squeaked.

“How many times?”

“Several,” I whined.

“Has he tried to put his penis in your vagina?” she hissed.

“Yes Ma’am,” I answered truthfully. “But I have not let him.”

“Child. You are going to be severely punished for what you just told me you did. This is a school for young ladies, not for harlots.”

She reached into the desk and pulled out the paddle.

“Oh please Ms. Jones. Not the paddle,” I pleaded. “You used it on Mary Beth last month and she had to stand up in class for two days before she could sit down.”

“And all she did was fake being sick so she could skip gym class,” she replied with an evil look on her face. “Your sin is much greater. You will not be able to sit for a week.”

“Oh God no,” I started blubbering.

“I was going to give you 20 whacks,” she hissed as she got up from the desk and walked around it to stand behind me. “But since you took the lord’s name in vain, I will add 10 more.”

“Oh please no,” I cried as she pushed my chest flat on the table and kicked my legs open.

She lifted my skirt up over my waist to expose my bare ass. Her hand rubbed my ass gently, lingering there long enough for me to know that she was enjoying the feel of it, but I did not let on that I knew. It would spoil the game.

The all of a sudden out of the blue, I got the first whack and boy did it hurt. It made my ass jump off of the desk. Then came another one, and then another one, and then a third. By then I started to scream so she stuffed my panties into my mouth to keep the noise down.

Two more whacks and I was crying and I realized that I had not established a safe word or motion to end things if they got out of hand which I think was going to be soon. I was also keenly aware of the fact that I was in an extremely intense state of sexual arousal and juices had started flowing down my inner thighs.

She noticed it too, because she touched me there.

“I may have to stop,” she said. “You seem to be enjoying this too much.”

She took the panties out of my mouth and asked, “Does he put his fingers inside of you like this?”

Two fingers slipped inside of me.

“And does that excite you?”

“Yes Ma’am it does,” a gasped.

“Well that’s only a natural reaction Dear,” she went on. “Most women get sexually aroused when someone plays with their genitals. If they did not, there would be fewer babies born each year.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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