Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 11

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After they finished breakfast, the sisters walked over to my dirt-and fresh sweat-soaked nudity, and Helen ordered me to kneel, knees very wide, hands behind my neck, back arched. This was very arousing to me. I was so owned, so utterly owned, so naked, and sweaty and dirty and exposed, while they were so elegantly (though casually) dressed, and I was instantly obeying their very whim, as if I had been a well-trained slave my entire life.

Helen wanted to talk about last night and the new reality we had started together…

“Sassa – just look at our slave property – so obedient. So totally owned by us. Even if she wanted to, there’s nowhere she could go to escape. But she doesn’t want to. She dreamed of this, even begged us for this.”

Sassa pointed at my blushing face, smiling. “She blushes about wanting this, but didn’t blush posing her naked body so shamelessly.”

I blushed more deeply and looked down.

Sassa continued “and she is sweaty and muddy and loving it because she’s probably wet down there again.”

Sassa gestured toward my arched, exposed, submissive, shiny and naked body and pointed to my exposed loins.

Helen disagreed, shaking her head slightly. “Oh, she is still not shameless… she is embarrassed being ordered to pose like this, but she is even more embarrassed knowing that WE know she WANTS this, craves this.”

Helen’s voice lowered to a whisper: “you do CRAVE this, don’t you, slave?”

I found myself a bit angry that Helen would humiliate me so, but I was more aroused than angry. I felt self-pity, so naked, so sweaty, dirty, exposed and owned. My voice therefore shook and I still could not look into their eyes as I nodded and replied, “Yes, my owners, though…”

I gulped and mustered the courage to look up into their eyes. They seemed extremely interested in what I was going to say. This encouraged me.

“…sometimes I felt a little despair…almost like loneliness, but it wasn’t loneliness exactly… I guess I felt sorry for myself sometimes. You know, poor little me, a slave being whipped. But I loved that emotion too, sort of. Does that make sense?”

Helen nodded. “You’re getting into the role… it’s getting real. And it’s not a role, it’s reality. This IS totally real.”

Sassa nodded. “We do actually OWN you, slave. There is a contract.”

Helen nodded. “You are owned. Property.”

I glanced up into Helen’s eyes, smiling a little, because she and I had talked about this moment, when it would be real, and how I dreamed of it.

Then Sassa and I, gazing into one another’s eyes, also exchanged smiles. I’m not totally sure why I smiled at her too, but I believe it was the interpersonal connection and a mutual understanding we each wanted this. And perhaps that we are embarking on this journey together.

Helen then said “even though this is real, that we own you as property, it doesn’t mean I don’t still love you – slave. Even though we are not equal, even though I own you, even though you are my property.”

I smiled enough then for my teeth to show!

Sassa, to my delight, straightforwardly and unhesitatingly revealed that she might be developing a crush on me too. “Or is it just lust? I don’t know, slave.”

Helen looked at Sassa, smiling. I saw no signs of jealousy, only happiness. “Well, sis, I say you should give in to your feelings. This property is both of ours. Follow your bliss. Enjoy her. Let it all out.”

Sassa smiled back at her sister, and then I for the first time, I saw Sassa blush.

I felt a glow inside. I whispered Thank you, my owners. That helps. I love you.”

Helen smiled. “So then, your utter submission, your usage and training and discipline by us, is that much more easy for you to handle. Your fantasy will be totally experienced. I’m doing this for you because I love you… however sick this may SEEM to some. And of course, this whole scene is very hot!”

Sassa added, “We will take you on a real ride, then. Because you not only want it and love it; you also love us. And we can do what we love to do… and right now I want to train you more to obey, totally obey, instantly obey, you sex-crazy slave. You are going to really get what you fantasized about.”

I instinctively bowed my head deeply and instantly said firmly “Yes, mistresses, Yes, my owners. Thank you so much!”

Sassa did not waste time. She grabbed the riding crop and stepped beside me to start whipping my upper back. I gasped and whimpered a little.

Sassa ordered me to lie face down on the dirt and grass and spread my arms and lags out wide to make an X. Soon she was making me twitch and cry out with very hard hits to my derriere. Helen advised her to make a criss-cross pattern. I ventured a glance to confirm that light red welts were forming. I was suffering but also exulted in the attention and seeing my naked, curvy, fit buttocks flex and relax. I loved it that these two lovely ladies were staring at and being aroused by my naked ass.

I loved the feel of the earth, and even the swish casino şirketleri of the crop through the air. I kept saying “ow!” and it did hurt, but my dream was real. Very much real.

I wondered if my punishment had anything to do with her just saying she had a crush on me. Helen advised her to stop for now, and I instinctively began licking and kissing Sassa’s feet with passion – and love. Her feet even became rather wet as they let me go on licking and kissing, silently watched my display of subservience.

I boldly spoke without permission. Well, it was more moaning than speaking:

“Oh my owners, I am yours.. totally yours… ” Then an “ow!” when Sassa used the riding crop on me with two direct hits to my derriere again.

“Mmmmpphhh… oh yes… totally surrendered… your total slave.. your totally owned property…ohhh yess… totally…”

Helen observed, “the discipline causes an excellent reaction.”

Sassa added “She is really becoming our property.”

I moaned, “Yes, my owners, your property, your slave property… you own me, really do own me.”

“Our training is working,” smiled Helen.

Sassa observed that since the erotic discipline is working so well to train me, getting such wonderful submissive responses, they should discipline often. “Im looking forward to coming up with many different ways to train and dsicipline you, slave.”

I only whimpered and moaned in ecstacy – no objections from me, their slave. I craved the attention, erotic humiliation and total surrender in this fantasy made real.

“Yes my owner, if that is your wish. I am your total and utter slave property, eager to obey and be yours.”

Sassa laughed softly and said to Helen, “I think that means she wants it. Do you, slave?”

I paused, thinking of the pain to come, but also my dream come true, and did not want to hesitate. “My every thought and emotion is for you to know about, my owners. I must not hide my emotions. Your slave property is both excited and wanting all of that discipline, but also afraid. I hope you remember not to permanently scar me. Otherwise, it is perhaps – no, not perhaps, it IS best for you to decide the level of discipline and training to make me the sex slave property you desire. Of course, not only for training but for pleasure. Please squeeze out my emotions and surrender and eroticism. My other thought … is that …I hope you will still respect and love me.”

Helen quickly reassured me that of course she will continue to love me. Sassa added with a twinkle in her voice and eyes (I had started to look up at them) that the more she could play with me, the more she would be obsessed with me.

Helen said “but remember, your delicious ideas for eroticism are welcome, and yes, demanded, slave.”

“Thank you my owners. I place my safety in your hands and wisdom – and give you everything – my body, my mind, my heart. Fully own and use me. No inhibitions, please.”

Helen breathed “wow”. She knelt to stroke my hair and kiss me softly on the lips.

Sassa firmly said that she accepts all of that, and that she will push my boundaries, not only to fulfill my dream, but also her own desires, new desires she had not imagined before. She added that seeing me so naked and so obedient, and the conversation, made her hot. She ordered me to stand with hands behind my back … and proceeded to passionately French-kiss me and squeeze my breasts.

Sassa seemed to apply willpower to be able to step back from me. She looked me up and down with lust in her eyes. I couldn’t help but smile; my eyes must have shone with happiness.

Sassa looked at Helen to tell her “I almost can’t help it – I want to tie her and use the riding crop. And just make her obey me.”

Helen smiles and nodded. “Then you should, sis!”

Sassa smiled at me. I couldn’t help to smile back, despite what Sassa wanted to do to me now.

Helen commented on our smiles, asking me whether it felt like a betrayal, sort of, to be kissed by Sassa but then for Sassa to want to bind and whip me.

I had to think about that because of the mixed feelings…”Yes and no, mistress.”

Helen told me to elaborate while Sassa tied my wrists together behind my back.

“Yes, my owner,” I said to buy time. “Hmmm… yes, it is confusing. I love both. Both are expressions of sex and passion and I hope love. I know what you mean… it is strange but fantastic. I have to admit I love it, but do feel nervious about all the discipline to come. I hope there will be much, and I am nervous. And… this is hard for me to admit: I feel that as you discipline and use and display me and utterly dominate me, you are paying attention to me, and that is what I … I mean your slave property, needs most.”

I stood there with my owners facing me, Sassa closest and holding the riding crop. Sassa nodded in understanding, then began to point at various parts of my so naked and exposed body as the sisters briefly discussed where might be interesting to strike me to test me, and elicit casino firmaları emotional reactions from me that would arouse them, and me. Not only for immediate erotic enjoyment but also training of owners and slave that this is a real situation, that the sisters can and even should use pain and situational “humiliation” as a crucial aspect of the bdsm sex-slave real ownership.

Then Sassa looked me in the eyes, her own eyes sparkling, to order me to keep standing there however much it hurt and however much I might want to bend away or run.

Though I loved this, being so naked, sweaty and muddy, wrists bound together behind, while they were fully clothed, and the idea of my being erotically tortured and my slave-discipline tested, my eyes welled up a tiny bit thinking that Sassa could seem so untroubled about using the crop on me.

Yet Sassa’s sparkling eyes and clear happiness about enjoying her sex slave in this cruel way also aroused me to no end. Sassa’s readiness and willingness to cause erotic pain gave me hope that my erotic dreams would indeed be fully realized.

So, I could not help but smile slightly, and my face even communicated gratitude, even as my eyes watered with self-pity and a little shock over Sassa’s unconflicted joy over using the riding crop on my vulnerable nudity.

When Sassa suddenly thwacked my left breast, Helen seemed to flinch almost as much I. I involuntarily yelped and twisted to the right, but held my naked legs and feet firmly in position and quickly faced Sassa directly again, but I first glanced down at my breast, which to my surprise showed no redness yet. When I looked into Sassa’s eyes again, I felt a moment of surprise when I saw only happiness in them. She seemed to show no remorse for what she had just done! But as I stared back at her, I suddenly shared in her joy.

Sassa took her sweet time using the ride crop on me as I stood as gracefully and with as bold a posture as I could: back slightly arched, chest thrust out, feet apart, legs straight. Helen complimented me on this posture.

Though I certainly felt the sharp heat of pain at every landing of the crop, I also felt unusually extra aware of my open loins… I had stood with feet separated enough that my shaved, smooth loins were somewhat open. I was moist with arousal there, and could sort of feel the heat emanating from them. I loved it whenever Sassa or Helen glanced at my exposed nether region. It was a if a burst of sexual arousal energy were lit every time my open loins got their attention.

Sassa also began to compliment and tell me what a good sex slave I was being as I did my best to not break position. I whimpered and yelped several more times, flinching my whole body and facial expression almost every time because the pain was often quite sharp.

Sassa whispered to Helen, as if I weren’t there, that she loved the emotions I was showing on my face when I winced. I realized with dual arousal and foreboding this meant Sassa would certainly be erotically torturing me a lot.

Sassa admired the reddish welts and spots that started to appear. Then she suddenly ended the session with a flurry of hits on my derriere. During this barrage on my buttocks I kept grunting and saying “ah”.

Then Sassa ordered me onto my knees to say “thank you, my owner,” which I grovingly and emotionally did, meaning it, and of my own volition began licking her shins and perfect knees. This was very subservient after such treatment and because it was difficult to maintain balance with my hands behind me.

Sassa grabbed my upper arm and pulled me stumbling to an area of ground that was moist and therefore soft and muddy. I felt humiliated being handled so, stumbling to keep up. She let me go and when I was on my knees in the mud ordered me to fall forward. I apprehensively let myself fall face forward onto the moist dirt, and landed softly, feeling the cooler earth. It actually felt good in this tropical sun.

Sassa ordered me to wiggle on the ground to get more dirt and mud all over me. She helped me turn onto my back to cover more of my skin.

Helen said she’ll be right back with some other restraints to add to my “humiliation, subservience and feeling of being utterly owned.” I actually smiled at her for this!

When Helen was on her way to the house, Sassa smiled and told me she had noticed my little smile about Helen’s idea.

“You are a humiliation slut, aren’t you?”.

Though I don’t like the word “slut,” it did make me feel even more humiliated and uninhibited. So I nodded and whispered “Yes, my owner.”

Sassa grinned and knelt by my shoulder. I was in bliss when she leaned forward to passionately French kiss me, sucking my lips and tongue into her mouth.

Sassa came up for air and breathed, “You are such a hot little slut slave,” and Frenched me more while kneading my breasts, which were thrust upward due to my arched back, caused in turn by my wrists being bound behind me.

She started sucking my ears and breathing into them, causing güvenilir casino me to moan “ohhhhmm ohh.” Sassa then sucked more gently on my nipples, licking between them.

Pushing up with her arms, her blonde hair hung, framing her face as she looked my body over and the. into my eyes.

She whispered, “You hot hot hot thing… “

I almost couldn’t believe this dream coming true.. a young beautiful woman I admired and lusted was in lust with me.

“Yes, my owner, and all yours to do with as you please. You own me, actually own me!”

Sassa moaned and almost yelled “Yes!” and dropped onto me to French and lick passionately.

With not much of an idea of how much time had passed, we did not notice Helen watching for while. I eventually saw her standing there. She seemed surprised but also slightly smiling.

“My fiendish plan is working,” she laughed softly and playfully. “Sassa is no longer risking getting herself pregnant…” Sassa stood up. Helen continued, “Sassa’s powerful sex drive is being used on … our sex slave!”

Sassa seemed embarrassed but smiled, “Yes, the plan is working out wonderfully.”. Sassa stood.

Helen observed that Sassa’s clothes were now dirty. Sassa laughed, Our slave here will do the washing. Sassa then had me suck and lick the little bit of dirt on the palms of her hands. This act was somehow bery subservient and humiliating and therefore arousing for me.

Helen changed the subject, lifting some restraints for us to see. Soon my ankles were chained together, and I felt the sexual humiliating rush of trying to walk fast in them with Sassa using the riding crop, until I stumbled and fell.

Then they worked together to buckle the face harness on.

Sassa kissed my nose and ordered me to stick my tongue out (ball gag not on), and ordered me again to stick it out even further. She sucked my tongue for a while, causing more wetness below… and then she stopped and started pulling my tongue out far with her fingers. This was very domineering and humiliating! I saw Helen looking, so my humiliation and therefore my sexual arousal soared. Oh how utterly degraded and owned I felt! I whimpered and must have appeared in distress, but how I loved this… ohhh!

Sassa turned me around to walk (crawl?) on my knees but with torso upright, since I could not use my hands and arms. Therefore, I had to humiliatingly knee-walk back into the area of moist earth, making it more muddy with my actions. When I forgot to keep my tongue out, Sassa hit my upper arms and back hard with the crop. When I extended my tongue back out, Sassa sternly ordered me to push it out even further. The effort of pushing my tongue out so far, and the humiliation of this and my onedience, made me want to hump anything I could, or masturbate, but I couldn’t. O I simply became impossibly aroused, lust-crazed.

Sassa grabbed some mud and rubbed it onto my chest and thighs. She occasionally grabbed the head harness to help me keep my balance, and while holding it would sometimes pull or push my head forwards, backwards and sideways, but then pulling and keeping me upright as I would begin to tip over.

This rough treatment was in a way more difficult emotionally than being whipped. It was even more humiliating than anything I had experienced so far, and I was in distress, keeping my tongue out and trying hard to keep from falling.

Sassa turned me around again and had me knee-walk through the mud again… this time, when we arrived in the muddiest part, she slowly pushed me forward but then slowed my fall until I was face down in the mud again. My eyes filled with tears and I whimpered when she ordered me to plant my face in the mud while keeping my tongue out and hard. There were no hard objects that might have caused a cut, but I wondered whether Sassa had thought to look for that possibility.

Somehow I thought this even more cruel than whipping! I was living my dream, but that moment was harder than others.

Sassa then pulled my face up by the back-of-head harness strap to admire the results. She praised me for keeping my tongue out continuously. She pulled me back up onto my knees. My vision blurred from my tearing up, and I felt so strangely differently and more deeply personally humiliated when I noticed Helen looking at me.

When we all talked about it later, I realized I was still in training, that I wasn’t yet “submissively sex slave” enough, and the feeling of such rough handling whilr bound was something disconcerting and difficult to imagine beforehand without experiencing in reality.

Sassa seemed to thoroughly enjoy my humiliation as she pointed at then played with and pulled my tongue with her fingers. She raised her fingers to show Helen and me the dirt that she had pulled off my tongue.

I was permitted then to spit out what other dirt I could. Helen softly observed that this was indeed humiliation and I had asked for exactly that. I glanced at her and nodded, rather miserably but then there was that sexual arousal again. Ohhh yesssss… It was sooo humiliating and degrading and a clear sign that I was truly a lowly owned slave, a piece of property. I was hooked on this, what would seem depravity to most, but was simply another way to live out the fantasy that stirred me so powerfully.

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