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“Leave your apartment key under the doormat before you leave for work in the morning,” Sierra instructed.

“Why?” Isabelle questioned.

“I do believe I gave you your instructions. Are you really questioning me?” Sierra barked.

Realizing her mistake, Isabelle apologized, “No, my lady. I’m so sorry. My key will be under the doormat as instructed. Is there any thing else I can do to please my lady?”

Sierra gave further instruction, “Make sure that you are there by 5:00 p.m. Not a minute earlier and not a minute later. I expect you to be standing at the door when I open it. Oh, and do not knock. Is that clear?”

“Yes, my lady,” said Isabelle, trying not to show her excitement.

With the instructions given the phone went dead. Isabelle didn’t want to forget about the key so she found her spare and carefully placed it under the mat, scanning the area to make sure no one else saw her put it there. Just the thought of what Sierra had in store for her caused a quiver in her loins and an immediate dampness between her legs.

Isabelle always enjoyed her rendezvous with Sierra but she was nervous. She never really knew what Sierra had planned or the things that Sierra would have her do. The intrigue was a good part of the turn on. But that was tomorrow and Isabelle had to get through the next 23 hours. “Thank god some of that was sleep time,” she thought to herself, hoping the night would consume her desires.

Isabelle would have to be extra careful at work tomorrow because she knew she’d have trouble concentrating. Some jobs that wouldn’t be a problem but she worked as a bank teller and they do frown on shortages in the cash drawer.

Every minute that passed after 3:00 p.m. Isabelle watched come and go on the clock. Her anticipation of the evening to come was swimming around in her head. She hoped she didn’t get delayed causing her to be late and disappointing her lady first thing. The bank was slow and her boss, noticing that Isabelle seemed distracted, let her clock out early.

As she was leaving her boss laughed, asking, “Do you have a hot date or something?”

“Oh, I do hope so,” Isabelle shouted as she skipped out the front doors.

In her exuberance for the night’s activities, Isabelle forgot that she was not to be late but was also not to be early. Wanting Sierra to know that she was anxious for the games to begin, Isabelle knocked on the door at 4:50 p.m. to alert Sierra that she was there. She waited but there was no answer. Had something happened and Sierra couldn’t make it? Isabelle checked her cell phone to see if she had received any calls, but there was none. Then she checked under the doormat for the key-no key. All of a sudden Isabelle remembered the instructions given by Sierra, “…not a minute early or a minute late and don’t knock on the door…” “Oh shit!” thought Isabelle, “I’m already in trouble.”

Isabelle stood at the door trying to look nonchalant as other neighbors were coming home from work. She knew they were probably wondering why she was just standing at her own front door.

“Did you lock yourself out?” one neighbor asked.

“I ah, I’m trying to decide on how I want to decorate my door for Christmas,” Isabelle made up.

“Christmas, it’s only July! You must plan way in advance?” the neighbor laughed.

“Yep, yep I do,” Isabelle said.

Sierra was on the other side of the door hearing the entire exchange between Isabelle and the neighbor, snickering to herself. She tried to regain her composure and put a stern look on her face. Opening the door quickly Sierra startled Isabelle, especially when she grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her in.

“I thought I told you not a minute early and not a minute late and do not knock!” Sierra barked, pinning Isabelle against the door, face first. “You don’t listen very well do you?”

“I’m so sorry, my lady. I was just so excited to see you is all,” Isabelle apologized, still reeling from the abrupt shove against the door.

“When I give you a directive I expect it to be followed the first time, every time,” Sierra whispered into Isabelle’s ear, reaching around to undo the button and zipper of Isabelle’s pants. “So now you must learn the hard way.” Sierra pulled down Isabelle’s pants in one quick motion revealing red lace g-string panties.

“Such a nice ass,” Sierra uttered. “It will look even better when your cheeks match the color of your pretty red panties.” Sierra coyly stated.

Before Isabelle knew it the sting of the swat from the wooden brush was upon her. Isabelle flinched and gasped as she prepared herself for what she knew would be more to come.

“Stand still and take it like a proper submissive!” Sierra barked as she continued to strike one ass cheek and then the other.

Regardless of how much she tired to hold back, Isabelle could feel tears begin to well up in her eyes and didn’t know how much more she could take. Then the swats stopped as quickly as they began. She could feel that her cheeks were bright casino şirketleri red and hot.

“That’s beautiful. Now you’re color coordinated with your lingerie,” Sierra said, smiling, being well pleased with herself. “Come see for your self,” grabbing Isabelle by the hand and marching her into the bedroom and displaying Isabelle in front of the full length mirror.

“Yes, my lady, you did a beautiful job,” Isabelle softly spoke.

Sarcastically Sierra replied, “Well, I’m so glad you approve. But, I don’t need your approval nor did I ask for it.”

Isabelle felt the sharp sting even stronger as Sierra’s hand smacked her ass.

“You just don’t know how to behave do you?” Sierra asked.

Sighing resignedly, Isabelle said, “I guess not, my lady.”

“You guess not?” and with that Sierra smacked Isabelle’s ass again.

“I’m so sorry my lady, please no more!” Isabelle pleaded.

Sarcastically Sierra said, “Oh has my naughty girl reached her tolerance level?”

“Yes, my lady, I will do better. I promise,” Isabelle replied.

Pulling Isabelle close to her and speaking low in her ear Sierra said, “I do hope so because you know, punishing you hurts me more than it hurts you.” Isabelle wondered how that could really be possible but didn’t dare let that thought cross her face.

“Turn on some music and dance for me while you remove the rest of your clothes,” instructed Sierra.

Isabelle asked, “What kind of music would you like, my lady?”

“Choose whatever is your favorite,” replied Sierra.

Isabelle stated, “I don’t want to displease you in any way, my lady. What can I play for you?”

Sierra smirked at the question, knowing she had almost broken her submissive. “Choose your favorite and it will be fine.”

Isabelle searched her collection and knew immediately when she had found the right music to accompany her striptease. She put her soundtrack from the movie 9 ½ Weeks in and picked You Can Leave Your Hat On. With music now playing her body began to sway and gyrate. Sierra sat in a chair across the room and enjoyed the show being played out just for her. The buttons were undone, one by one, revealing the small but plump breasts wrapped in a red lace bra that matched her pretty little panties. Sauntering toward Sierra, Isabelle dropped her blouse on the floor, turned her still hot, red ass toward Sierra and tucked a finger into each side of her panties and pulled it down, slowly bending over. She held that position for a moment and wagged her heart shaped ass so that Sierra got a good look at her already wet pussy. She stepped out of her panties and knelt down and placed her knees wide apart, displaying herself in a very vulnerable position hoping to find favor with Sierra. She remained in that position, awaiting further instruction.

“Very nice, my pet, you did good. You shall be rewarded. You may kiss me now, but your hands must remain at your sides. Do you understand?” Sierra questioned.

“Yes, my lady, thank you.” Isabelle crawled on her knees to between Sierra’s legs and leaned forward to kiss her lips. Sierra purposely did not lean into the kiss so that Isabelle might have to use her arms to support herself. Isabelle traced her tongue over Sierra’s lips in a gentle tease, hoping to regain some semblance of control. She leaned in to kiss Sierra deeply when her hand automatically reached up and caressed Sierra’s face.

Stopping Isabelle’s hand with one hand and grabbing a handful of hair at the back of her head with the other, pulling it abruptly, Sierra angrily said, “And again you disobey!” Isabelle was briskly marched to the wall. Sierra forced the top of Isabelle’s head against the wall putting her into an awkward bent-over position.

“Do not even think of moving!” Sierra demanded.

Isabelle was trying to brace herself for more swats on the ass, but Sierra left the room. She waited and waited for what seemed like fifteen minutes when Sierra finally reappeared. Again, bracing herself, Isabelle was surprised by the feeling of silky material suddenly covering her eyes and being tied behind her head. Sierra grabbed her by the neck and marched her all around the apartment, purposely disorienting her. Then Isabelle heard the sound of clicks. “What was that?” Isabell thought to herself. She quickly found out when her hands were cuffed to what seemed like a towel bar. Now there was no escaping even if she wanted to. Trying to get her bearings she could feel that there was tile under her feet so she knew she was either in the bathroom or the kitchen. Even with her blindfold on she felt like the room was more spacious then the bathroom.

Sierra left the room again but returned quickly this time and said, “On your knees, my pet, and turn around.”

Isabelle knew she had to figure out how to do this with her hands cuffed to the bar. She carefully turned her arms above her head and got down on her knees. The tile was cold against her skin. She thought for a moment to sit her ass cheeks down on casino firmaları the tile, hoping it would take out some of the heat and sting. However, she rethought that idea and knew that Sierra would catch on to her plan.

“Do you like chocolate?” asked Sierra.

“Yes, my lady, very much,” replied Isabelle.

“Good. Then clean my cock of the hot fudge.”

Confused, Isabelle found her mind imagining something when she felt a dildo at her lips and could smell the sweetness of the hot fudge. She was a bit relieved, but also knew that Sierra would not overstep the boundaries that they had set when they began to play these games. Opening her mouth to accept her treat, she found her mouth suddenly full. Her tongue wrapped around the head of the cock and she sucked it clean of its chocolaty flavor.

“What a good girl. You look like you’ve sucked cock before. Now stand up, turn around, and spread your feet shoulders width apart. Oh, and hang on,” ordered Sierra.

Isabelle knew what was about to happen and her pussy began to quiver and get wetter with the anticipation. She did as she was told. Suddenly she felt the bulbous head of the cock begin to slide around her wetness and then she felt a rush as the cock began to consume her slick deep cavern. It felt so good that Isabelle was struggling to continue to stand. Sierra pounded Isabelle relentlessly causing gasps and moans of pleasure to escape from Isabelle’s throat. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, Sierra withdrew. Isabelle’s pussy throbbed from the workout it just received and her legs were barely holding her up.

With Isabelle as her captive, Sierra knew she wanted to take Isabelle to the next level of submission. Reaching between Isabelle’s legs, Sierra lubed her fingers with Isabelle’s wetness and then slowly began to slide one finger and then two into Isabelle’s tight little ass. Isabelle’s eyes flew open, however they were still blindfolded, at the sensations she was feeling. Not wanting to give her feelings of shock away, Isabelle resisted but her own body betrayed her anyway. A very distant gasp came from her mouth causing Sierra to be well pleased.

“Just relax and breathe and let it happen, submissive. There is no part of you that I will not use up. Are we clear?” Sierra said.

“Yes, my lady, no part of me you won’t use up,” Isabelle said acknowledged.

Continuing to probe and stretch Isabelle’s backside, Sierra began to lube the dildo that she had fucked Isabelle with. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, she placed the head of the cock at Isabelle’s backdoor and slowly began to push it inside. At first the cock seemed too much for her tight bud to take and then the pain turned to pleasure. As Sierra was thrusting Isabelle’s ass full she also reached around and fingered Isabelle’s very erect clit. But Sierra knew the signs of Isabelle’s impending orgasm and stopped just short of sending her over the edge. Isabelle moved her body around searching for Sierra’s touch to finish what Sierra started, but to no avail.

Isabelle felt Sierra remove the handcuffs when she realized she was just being freed from the bar she’d been attached to. Isabelle’s hands were quickly cuffed again behind her back.

“On your knees,” demanded Sierra, who then walked out of the room.

Isabelle did as she was told, feeling that her ass had been used like never before. She wondered what Sierra had planned for her next.

Hearing Sierra beckon from another room, Isabelle listened to her next instructions, “Remaining on your knees, come to me.” Isabelle crawled across the floor trying not to fall over since she didn’t have her hands to catch her if she fell.

“Ouch!” Isabelle exclaimed, running into a wall. She wasn’t sure what room Sierra was in and tried to listen for her to make a noise to direct her. She strained to hear as she turned her head back and forth. She thought she heard Sierra breathing in the room to her right. She slowly began to make her way to that room, hoping she would find her lady. When she entered what she determined was the dining room she was sure she had found the right room. The breathing got louder as she approached.

“Very good Isabelle, now use that tongue of yours and pleasure my body,” insisted Sierra.

Isabelle was excited that she’d finally be able to taste Sierra. She had longed to have her in her mouth since she met her but Sierra had wouldn’t allow it the last time they played together. She found Sierra’s foot and bent over to kiss it. She slowly made her way up Sierra’s calves and thighs. She was glad to know that Sierra was naked so she could have unimpeded access. She could smell the musky scent of Sierra’s obviously aroused pussy. She just breathed her warm breath over Sierra’s pussy and then began to kiss her way up her stomach. She found one breast and nuzzled it, taking the nipple into her mouth. Her tongue circled Sierra’s nipple and then took it between her teeth, now darting her tongue at it. Isabelle could sense Sierra’s growing güvenilir casino excitement, feeling the pace of her breathing becoming more erratic. She gave the same treatment to Sierra’s other breast when all of a sudden Sierra grabbed Isabelle’s head and brought it down to her wanting flooded pussy. Isabelle kissed the outside of Sierra’s wet lips and then dipped her tongue into the slit. Just the flavor of Sierra’s pussy almost caused Isabelle to cum. Before Sierra could stop it a guttural moan escaped from her, pleasing Isabelle. She continued to slide her tongue from one end of her slit to the next, savoring Sierra’s nectar. She reached down and spread her pussy open so Isabell had total access. This caused Isabelle to come unhinged. She began to consume Sierra and fucked her with her tongue, plunging as far as it could reach. Sierra’s breathing became quick and shallow as she felt her pleasure begin to reach its peak. Sierra began to shudder as she pulled Isabelle’s face into her squirming pussy until she couldn’t take any more.

“Heal submissive, heal,” Sierra uttered in a shaky voice.

Isabelle pulled herself from between Sierra’s quivering legs and sat back on her haunches. She could tell that her own pussy was now dripping with anticipation. She was hoping that her orgasm was next.

Sierra finished composing herself, stood up and grabbed Isabelle by the arm, pulling her up.

“Come, submissive, if you’d like your reward,” Sierra demanded.

Sierra led Isabelle to the bed and sat her down on the edge, saying, “Open your mouth.”

Isabelle did as she was told and felt a strange sensation run across her tongue. It was hard but a little rough, and sort of roundish she discovered, as her tongue explored the mystery in her mouth.

“Bite,” Sierra instructed.

It was then that Isabell realized that she had a strawberry in her mouth, and then another, and then another. The taste was so sweet and the smell was delectable. She hadn’t had anything since lunch time and was quite famished, so this was a delightful treat.

“Thank you, my lady, that was a wonderful surprise,” Isabelle said.

“I wouldn’t want you to lose your strength, you know.” Sierra sarcastically uttered.

Sierra grabbed Isabelle’s hands and undid a handcuff, pulled Isabelle’s hands in front of her and cuffed them again. Pushing her down onto the bed, Sierra said, “Hands above your head.”

Isabelle complied and found her hands clasped to something again. She was a little disappointed because she thought for a moment that she had her freedom back and her ability to touch Sierra as she made love to her, but again she was vulnerable, immobile. She heard something snap near her body and she startled, tensing in anticipation of another kind of swat. “But what did I do wrong?” she thought to herself. Just then she felt what she believed to be a feather stroking her body, teasing it a little. Then she felt the warm softness of Sierra’s hands caressing her arms, her legs. Sierra cupped Isabelle’s breast in her hand, licking the nipple ever so slightly and blowing on it to harden the nipple even more. Sierra took her nipple between her teeth, bit down and flicked her tongue over the top. This sensation sent lightening strikes throughout Isabelle’s body. As her want increased, her body began to arch and writhe. Sierra was well pleased with Isabelle’s readiness and continued to taunt her with her hot breath and busy, warm tongue.

“Spread your legs Isabelle,” Sierra said in a soft tone. This was the first time all night Sierra had been anything but dominating and demanding. Isabelle opened her legs and pulled her knees to her chest to give Sierra full access and a complete view of her very drenched, pretty pink pussy.

‘Mmmm,” Sierra admired as she licked her lips in anticipation of the beautiful dessert in front of her. She spread Isabelle’s lips open with her fingers, exposing her very erect clit and delicate pink folds. Sierra blew her hot breath over Isabelle’s pussy, causing her to strain to reach Sierra’s mouth, but without success. Sierra’s tongue gently touched Isabelle’s wetness, taking each lip into her mouth, and suckling. Her tongue found Isabelle’s deep wet cavern and Sierra worked her tongue in and out with fervor.

“Oh my god that feels so incredible!” Isabelle squirmed, moaning in absolute pleasure never wanting Sierra to stop.

Sierra found Isabelle’s little hard nub and tantalized it with her tongue. She sucked it into her mouth, still quickly moving her tongue back and forth, up and down. In no time Isabelle’s orgasm was upon her.

“Oh, oh, aw, aw, aughhhhhhhhhhhh!” Isabelle shouted as her body began to spasm, writhing in total ecstasy, cumming time and time again. Sierra worked Isabelle’s pussy until she couldn’t move. Sierra kissed her way up Isabelle’s belly, chest, neck and then to her lips, mingling Isabelle’s flavor with her own. Their tongues danced together in gentle passion. Sierra took Isabelle’s blind fold off, kissed her eyes and removed the handcuffs that had kept Isabelle captive for most of the evening.

Sierra wrapped Isabelle in her arms and softly said, “You did good. Next time I will bring along a new officiate whom you will teach the lessons you have learned.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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