Living Their Fantasies in Paris Pt. 08

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(Day 26)

Cindy woke up with the damn power cord wrapped around her ankle. Rob must have plugged her in after she fell asleep. She still couldn’t believe that she had to be plugged in like her phone to recharge each night. She twisted around and tried to unplug the connector, but with her limited flexibility and her long nails she just couldn’t seem to reach it properly to disconnect it. She cursed, and woke Rob, even though she didn’t really mean to.

“What’s the matter hon?” he mumbled, still not fully awake.

“I can’t unplug my stupid power cord, and I have to go to the bathroom.” She was frustrated and it showed in her voice. That got Rob moving and in no time, she was on her way.

After emptying her bladder, using her little penis and sitting sideways on the toilet, Cindy came back out so Rob could have a turn and she could get out of her outfit and head back in to perform her morning ritual.

While Cindy was cleaning herself, inside and out, washing her catsuit and putting on her makeup, Rob called downstairs and located a seamstress nearby.

When Cindy came out, he helped her don the white catsuit, under-bust corset and white hoof boots. Soon all were in place, tightly laced and securely locked.

Cindy pulled a red dress over the top and they were ready to go.

She was surprised though, when Rob picked up a big shopping bag that was packed full.

“What’s in the bag?” She asked as they walked out the door.

“The dress you wore to the party and several others. I got the name of a local seamstress from the front desk. We’ll take them to her and have holes installed for your tails. They’ll be just like big button holes.”

Cindy was not pleased. Not only because the dresses would be ruined, but the implication was that she would be wearing them with the tails locked in place on her rump and sticking out for all to see.

They stopped in at one of their favorite cafés for breakfast and during the meal, Cindy began working on Rob. “You know I don’t like the idea of ruining my dresses, so I can wear a silly tail out in public, that I don’t want to do in the first place.”

“We’re not ‘ruining’ these dresses. We’re tailoring them to fit your cute and sexy new tails.”

Cindy was a bit put off by his stern tone. So far, the only time she’d seriously pushed back against something he’d asked of her, he’d forced the issue by controlling her vibrators. She hadn’t liked that one bit, and she didn’t want a repeat performance. She was afraid though, that the time would come when he would want her to do something that would be so over the top that she would have to refuse, and stick to her guns. She didn’t want to play that card now on the stupid tails issue, so she decided to back off and see what happened. Hell, she might even find them fun, like pretty much all of the way-out stuff he’d required of her so far.

Cindy was nervous when they got to the seamstress’s little shop. Luckily there were no other customers present, so she could come to terms with her embarrassment in front of only the one person.

Rob did all of the talking. He explained that they needed 7 cm button holes placed vertically in the back of each of the five dresses he laid out on the counter. He showed the sixth dress that Cindy had worn to the party, and that he had butchered, using it as an example of where the hole should be positioned.

Of course, the seamstress didn’t understand the purpose of the hole. She was also averse to modifying the dresses without measuring and marking them herself, on the wearer.

Rob had anticipated this, so much to Cindy’s chagrin, he pulled the white tail out of the bottom of the bag and asked if they could use the fitting room.

Oh God, no! Cindy thought, but she followed along behind Rob anyway. In the dressing room she stripped off her dress and Rob inserted her tail, locking it in place with the press of a button on his watch.

He then escorted Cindy back out into the store, without her dress. Again, Cindy went along, but she was so humiliated by being on display in her fetish garb, that she was practically crying.

The seamstress maintained her professional attitude and began fussing with Cindy’s behind, Cindy became even more mortified as the woman manipulated her tail, moving it from side to side and up and down. All the while she was whipping her cloth measuring tape all over Cindy’s back, butt and waist.

Finally, the woman declared the measuring complete and Cindy was allowed to go back and put her dress back on. She had to flag down Rob from the doorway to get him to unlock and remove the tail before she could get her unmodified dress all the way on.

As she emerged from the room, the seamstress was telling Rob that the task wouldn’t take too much time and that by paying a rush order fee, they could pick up the dresses tomorrow morning. Rob told her that that would be fine, and they left the shop.

It took Cindy several blocks before she finally got over bostancı escort her resentment.

They spent the rest of the day touring the churches, museums and shops of the 10th Arrondissement.

When they got back to the room, they felt too tired to go out again, so they ordered room service and relaxed on the bed.

Cindy remembered that they had agreed to get together with Cat and Alex when they had said their farewells at the kinky sex community party.

Cindy had enjoyed their time together and their common experiences with the CP appliances. She wanted to discuss that topic some more, and was also interested in seeing their home in the country. It sounded charming and would be a nice change of pace from the big city.

She sat down, resting her tired feet and legs, and gave Cat a call.

They spoke about this and that for around ten minutes before they finally got to talking about a visit.

It turned out that Alex and Cindy were booked for the next three days, but that the fourth day out would be perfect. Cindy got detailed directions, and was told to plan on spending the whole day relaxing in the quiet of their home and the little village nearby. Cat said that it would give Cindy and Rob a chance to see the real France. Not the massive, tourist filled big city.

Cindy was intrigued, as was Rob who had been listening in on the conversation as best he could.

As they started to say their goodbyes, Cat jumped in with one more comment. She said that She and Alex had a surprise that she was sure Rob and Cindy would find interesting.

After they closed the call, it took Cindy only a couple of minutes to conclude that Alex and Cat had probably gone through with their installation of the additional Chasti appliances.

She explained her supposition to Rob and guessed that Cat now had Chasti covers over her breasts, and Alex had a Chasti vibrating plug in his ass.

The thought really excited Rob. Of course, he wasn’t very interested in Alex’s plug, but the thought of Cat with permanent nipple shields, and larger breasts was of major interest. He got hard dreaming of Cindy with Chasti shields mounted on her big breasts. He had to scold himself, though for even thinking about it. He knew that he had pushed Cindy about as far as she was willing to go with all that they had done this past month. He didn’t want to break her.

But, Oh what a feeling…

After dinner, they settled back in bed and read until their eyes were as tired as their bodies and they turned off the lights and went to sleep. Rob in his underwear and Cindy, of course, still locked into her outfit. She was used to it by now, and actually enjoyed it. Go figure…

(Day 27)

Come morning, they followed their normal routines. Rob helped strip Cindy of her outfit, and she headed into the bathroom. While in the shower, Cindy realized that she was feeling particularly horny that morning, and she attributed it to their lack of sex, last night. She’d become so used to enjoying multiple orgasms each night before sleep, that her pussy was now complaining.

About an hour after she went in, she came out clean, fully made-up and looking gorgeous.

Rob helped her dress in her black latex catsuit, her under-breast corset and her tall pony boots. She slipped a short grey dress on over the top.

They then headed out to swing by the dress shop, before continuing with the touristy quests, that Cindy loved so much.

Cindy’s boots made their normal clip, clop sound as they walked along, it was still a little too early for the heavy traffic so in some places her steps echoed off the walls and made even more noise than normal. But now, though the sound was just part of their normal sex filled lives. They simply ignored the looks that came their way because of it.

Rob carried the same bag with him as they left the hotel. Cindy assumed that it was to be used to carry her modified, or was it mutilated she thought wryly, dresses back from the seamstress’s.

They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then walked over to the shop.

Her dresses were ready, but the woman insisted that Cindy try them on to make sure that they would fit as required. Cindy didn’t know what to say, but Rob pulled the black tail out of his bag and escorted her to the changing room where he again locked it in place at her rear. He helped her don one of the modified dresses, slipping it over her head and the tail through its slot before pulling the skirt all the way down and into proper position. Looking in the mirror in the dressing room, craning her neck and twisting as much as her corset would allow, Cindy could barely make out that the tail stuck out as it was meant to be and by feel, Cindy could tell that the dress didn’t pull or pucker around the appendage. They then walked out to show the seamstress.

This time Cindy was not so lucky as there was an older woman in the shop talking to the proprietress at the counter when they walked ümraniye escort bayan up.

The other customer greeted them politely and resumed her conversation with the seamstress. Only when her business was complete did she turn and take another look at Cindy who had just turned to face Rob. It was then that the woman noticed Cindy’s black latex tail. She was so surprised by the sight that she let out a curse, in French, of course, and then in rapid-fire French that they couldn’t understand began berating them, apparently grossly unimpressed by Cindy’s exotic fashion statement.

At first Cindy was mortified, but as the proprietress tried to calm the old woman, Rob started laughing uproariously, and Cindy with a change of heart, joined in his infectious laughter. She even managed to grab her tail and wave it playfully at the woman as she stomped out the door.

Even the seamstress laughed at that move.

After they had calmed, they got down to business. The seamstress examined the fit and declared it perfect. To completely satisfy her, Cindy had to try on each dress, in turn to allow her to verify the consistency of her work. It took them a half-hour to complete the process.

When they had examined the last one, Cindy started back to the dressing room, but was stopped by Rob. “Cindy, wait. Just keep that one on, you can wear it the rest of the day.”

“Oh, Rob” she started to protest, but he cut her off.

“No, come on, this nice lady just put a lot of effort into that dress, she deserves to see you wear it out into the street. I’ve already given her another nine of your dresses to work on, and the one you wore in. makes ten more for her to modify. I have your other adjusted ones in the bag.”

Cindy knew that there was no sense arguing with him. She had known that sooner or later he would make her walk around in public with her tail wagging behind her. She just hadn’t expected it to be today.

Rob held the door for her as they walked out, making sure that her tail didn’t get caught in the closing door.

For the first hour, as they walked and shopped, Cindy was on edge, waiting for someone to make a scene like the old lady in the seamstress’s shop had. But nothing happened. People were either too busy with their own errands, or too busy admiring Cindy’s shape and latex outfit to take much notice of the tail that stuck out, behind her.

She assumed that people who were walking behind them noticed, but it was easy to ignore anything they might say or do.

It was only when they went inside a store that people got a better look and Cindy could observe their reactions. Some were surprised and confused. Most were simply curious. But a few either laughed or made a comment, in French, that she didn’t understand but was obviously rude or tasteless. Those she ignored as best she could.

At one point, as they stood window shopping a child ran up and tugged on Cindy’s tail, and then said something to his horrified mother who had been trying to chase him down. She apologized profusely before leading him away.

Rob chuckled. “The mom was more embarrassed than you were.”

His comment brought a smile to Cindy’s face, and lightened her mood. The incident helped her realize that, at least here in Paris, most people just believed in live and let live.

They stopped in yet another café for lunch. Rob commented that as much time as they were spending in Paris, by the time they finally do leave, they will have sampled every café in the city.

As they sat down at an out of the way table Cindy found that her tail did as expected prevent her from sitting comfortably in the chair. She was stuck with either perching on the front edge with her tail poking into the seatback behind her, or sitting at an angle to the seatback, so her tail cleared it off to the side.

She chose the latter option and was dismayed to realize that this would always be an issue as long as she wore a tail. And she expected Rob to have her always wearing a tail, from now on.

She started to tear up as she contemplated her new life as not just a fetish slut but also a freak with a tail.

Rob hadn’t really noticed her issue with the chair, he was busy ordering wine, which when delivered, helped Cindy calm herself down. She finished off her glass in near record time.

After lunch, they continued with their wanderings. Cindy was more relaxed from the wine, and from her experience with the publics’ lack of concern with her tail.

Eventually they had had enough, and called it a day.

When they got back to the room, Rob noticed he had an email from Simone DeGare. She said that she would be visiting Amour Fétiche the next day and would love to take them to lunch. She suggested a ‘wonderful’ Italian restaurant that was not too far from their hotel as a meeting place, around 1300.

Rob mentioned it to Cindy and they decided it would be fun, so Rob replied, accepting the invitation.

After resting in the kartal escort room for an hour, reading and chatting, they decided to go out for a quick bite to eat before turning in.

Cindy first used the bathroom emptying her bladder using her penis, sitting sideways, again to keep her tail out of the way. She then did some work on her make-up and hair before joining Rob and leaving their room.

They headed off to a restaurant they had seen before but never visited. It had caught their attention because it advertised live music and dancing, things Cindy loved.

They found the entrance crowded and had to wait off to the side for a table. Of course, Cindy drew a lot of attention. The drunks were a particularly painful group to have to deal with. They all seemed to assume from her looks and outfit that she wanted to be groped and insulted. Rob did his best to shield her, and almost got into a couple of fights. The hostess and one of the waiters had to intervene several times. Finally, probably to avoid more trouble the hostess ushered them to a quiet table, off to the side.

They were then able to settle in and enjoy a decent meal and a nice bottle of wine. Cindy was able to position her chair so that she was right next to Rob, and by sitting at a diagonal, her tail draped over his lap. He enjoyed playing with it as they ate and listened to the music. Cindy was able to sit comfortably for a change by leaning back on Rob’s shoulder while she watched the band and dancers.

Cindy was really enjoying herself and with sufficient wine in her system forgot her outfit and tail, and began begging Rob to dance with her.

He resisted as long as he could and then, realizing that it could be an entertaining experience, agreed to join Cindy on the crowded dance floor.

As they worked their way through the other tables, Rob following Cindy, he was able to see the reactions of several diners as they passed them by. He had to laugh at some of the double-takes and open-mouth stares that he observed.

When they found a small open space on the floor, and Cindy started moving to the music, the reaction was considerable. Her boots made a lot of noise on the wooden floor, and her tail swayed and swung seductively behind her. She was oblivious, but a lot of the other dancers sure noticed. She eventually became the center of attention, although she was too intent on her dancing to realize it, as the other dancers moved away to give her more room, and to be able to get a better look at her.

Rob, for his part tried to keep up with his sexy wife, while both ignoring the attention and enjoying it, at the same time. He was, after all very proud of his very erotic wife. Deep down, he felt that he had created her in his own, fantasy-driven image, and he was very pleased with the result.

Unfortunately, after a couple of songs, the set came to an end and the band paused for their break.

Cindy came down off of her dancer’s trance and realized that she had drawn a crowd. People had even been taking cell-phone pictures and videos of her. She was shocked and humiliated by the lecherous looks on many of their faces, and the disparaging smiles on others. And, she certainly didn’t want photos of her in her kinky attire floating around the Internet.

She reacted by blushing furiously, grabbed Rob by the hand and practically running off in the direction of their table.

Several of the dancers actually applauded as she left the floor.

Back to their table Cindy sat down heavily and when Rob joined her, he could see tears in her eyes. She was absolutely mortified.

He immediately flagged down a passing waiter, and with surprising speed was able to get and pay their bill.

He grabbed Cindy, who had been sitting, head bowed and sniffling since she sat down, and helped her navigate out the restaurant’s door.

They took off at a faster than normal pace back to their hotel.

When they got back to the room, all Cindy wanted to do is go to sleep. It had been a long trying day and she was just plain worn out, physically and emotionally.

Rob understood. He helped her strip off her dress and she headed for the bathroom, without bothering to close the door. He heard her empty her bladder and give herself an enema. She then cleaned her face of all the makeup and brushed her teeth. When she came out, she accepted a kiss from Rob and crawled into bed.

Well, Rob thought, no sex tonight.

He settled into a chair and read a novel for a while before he too visited the bathroom and then slipped into bed.

(Day 28)

When Rob woke up, Cindy was still sleeping peacefully, lying on her side facing him. Her tail draped off the side of the bed, and onto the floor. She looked beautiful, but it was the knowledge that she was dressed as a fetish slut that really got his cock hard.

Rather than disturb her and take her right then and there, he calmed himself and went into the bathroom.

When he came out, Cindy was awake, but hadn’t gotten out of bed yet. She looked relaxed, and even gave him a smile as he approached. He was relieved that there seemed to be no ill effects from last night’s dance floor embarrassments. Even though Cindy had been upset, he had thoroughly enjoyed the show.

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