Living With a Goddess Ch. 01

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Author’s note – this is one of those longer, more drawn out stories – character development and all that jazz. Personally, I find that hotter, but if you’re looking for something short and sweet, this ain’t it. Also, I’m English, so apologies for any transatlantic spelling differences 🙂

And finally, this story contains elements of sci-fi/fantasy. I put it in Group Sex because that’s the focus, be be aware there are some magical undertones.



It was just another evening in July. The light of the day was beginning to leave the sky, leaving behind a pleasant warmth that I welcomed in place of the harsh sun. I walked home from work the same way I always did, my body on autopilot. My legs were beginning to tire, but I preferred walking to taking the bus. For one thing, walking was free.

I wasn’t doing well, truth be told. When I was growing up, my parents and schoolteachers had always said I would go far, that success was just around the corner if I kept working hard. That pressure had instilled in me a drive to do something with my life – a drive which had soon disappeared after I left school. Jobs were scarce, especially for someone my age. I ended up doing admin for a consultancy firm, and it that was how it had been for the last three years. I made a little money, but not much more than what I needed to get by. To cap it all off, I had no girlfriend, and very few real friends at all.

As I approached the underpass that told me my house was only moments away, I contemplated the evening I had planned for myself. The usual: eat, binge watch some more of whatever TV show I was hooked on at that moment, and go to sleep. Oh, and probably masturbate. Definitely masturbate. I sighed to myself. I had begun to accept that nothing was really going to change.

There was a bundle of clothes lying abandoned in the underpass, beneath some obnoxious graffiti. As I gave the bundle a second glance, I saw that it was not a bundle at all, but a person. A homeless woman, face dirtied with grime and body surrounded by the nest of a stinking sleeping bag. I scolded myself internally for feeling so down about my own life. At least I had a roof over my head. At least people spoke to me, instead of passing me by day after day as if I were invisible. MY heart sank as I considered that I had probably passed this woman myself before, without even noticing.

The homeless woman had an empty coffee cup standing in front of her, the glint of a couple of coins coming from the bottom. I reached into my pocket and found a fiver. I pulled it out, shrugging to myself. I would only waste it anyway. I adjusted my walk and came closer to her, dumping the note into the cup. She didn’t respond. Her eyes were closed. For a brief moment I panicked, thinking maybe she was dead, but then a gruff noise told me she was just sleeping. I carried on, feeling just a little better about myself, and soon reached my home.

The evening had passed exactly as I had foreseen – microwaved pizza, a few episodes of Game of Thrones, a quick shower, and now I was sitting in front of my computer, browsing for porn. I was completely naked, as I often was around my house – one of the benefits of living alone was not having to worry about how I presented myself. I found a video that looked promising of a busty brunette being nailed by a criminally large cock, and set to pleasuring myself.

A sound made me stop. It was coming from the bathroom. As I stood up, my semi-erect dick swinging comically in front of me, I heard the sound a little clearer: running water. Had I left the shower on? I was certain I hadn’t. Oh god, I thought, the pipes had broken. Now I would have to call in a plumber, and that would be the last of my savings… My heart sank as I ambled down the hall to the bathroom. Steam was rising from under the door. Maybe I did leave the shower on.

I opened the door, and stood there. My jaw dropped. I blinked a few times, then rubbed my eyes, but what I saw before me didn’t go away. I was dreaming, I had to be. I must have fallen asleep watching that porno. But this felt far too real to be a dream.

There was a woman in my shower. Butt naked, her blond hair plastered to her back, her pert ass pointing at me. She must have heard me, because she looked over her shoulder, and smiled. Her smile was beautiful, with brilliant teeth framed by full lips, and her green eyes seemed to shine through the steamy room like a lighthouse.

“Hey,” she said.

She turned round completely, revealing a perfect body. Her chest was slightly covered by few wet fronds of her hair, but even her flowing locks couldn’t begin to hide her large, round breasts. Droplets of water clung to her pert globes, dripping from her pink nipples. Below those orbs, her flat stomach led down to her bare crotch, the mound of her vulva peeking out from between her legs.

I couldn’t speak. I could barely breathe. What was going on? Who was she? How had she gotten in here?

The woman turned the shower off, cutting out the noise that had led ataşehir escort me to her. She stood there, dripping wet, looking at me.

“Can I use a towel?” she asked.

I made a noise that just about sounded like a yes. She beamed at me, taking one of my ratty old towels from the rack, and proceeded to tie her hair up into it. Now her blond locks were out of the way, my view of her glistening, naked body was completely unobscured.

“Who -” I began to say, but I stopped, when I saw her point at something. I looked down, and saw my cock, rock-hard, standing to attention in the empty air. I looked back up at her, embarrassed, but she just regarded it in a matter-of-fact way as she reached up to rub her hair dry with the towel she had wrapped around it. The motion of her arms made her tits jiggle and sway, and I watched, entranced, and silent once again. I had stopped caring who she was or why she was here. Any blood that had been working the logical parts of my brain had travelled south, engorging my cock to the hardest state I had ever known it to be in.

The woman pulled the towel from her hair, much of the moisture gone from it. Now that her hair wasn’t weighed down by so much water, it began to curl, regaining what must be its natural shape. Her body had naturally dripped dry in the air, and though she still glistened all over with water, she no longer dripped steadily onto the floor.

“I feel I owe you an explanation,” she said to me. Her voice was deep and well-spoken. “It doesn’t seem as though you’ve done this before.”

“Done what before?” I asked. Three words! I was surprised I could manage more than a few sounds.

She smiled at me. “You summoned me. You made an offering, first in your own currency, then in mine.” What was she talking about? Was she insane? Was I insane?

The woman took a step closer to me, then another, closing the gap between our naked bodies. Each step sent a ripple of movement through her shapely thighs and the great globes of her tits. When she stopped, she was less than a foot away. If I moved forward, I could have touched her with my painfully erect cock.

“I’ll explain everything. Don’t worry. You’ve been good to me, more than you know, and I’ll take good care of you in return.” Her kind face suddenly lit up into a mischievous grin. “First thing’s first, though,” she said, “I need a little pick-me-up.”

In one swift movement, she knelt down, grabbed my cock with one damp hand, and shoved it into her mouth.

I gasped a lungful of steamy air. The sensation of her touch, her hand gripping my shaft, her lips tight around me, her tongue stroking my cockhead… it was almost too much. I could have cum then and there, filling her mouth with my pent-up spunk, but I held it together – just barely. She looked up at me, those big, green eyes lit up playfully as she smiled around my rock-hard penis.

“I hope you don’t mind”, she said, her voice muffled by my cockhead, her sultry tone suggesting that she knew I didn’t mind at all. Slowly, she began to move her hand up and down my shaft, her tight grip causing me to rock back and forth very slightly on the spot. Simultaneously, she moved her head, taking me deep into her mouth, and then releasing me for just long enough before sucking me back in again. Her mouth was hot and tight, and her tongue lapped wetly at every part of my flesh it could reach. Her eyes kept flicking back and forth, between her electric gaze into my own eyes, and a careful watch over my shaft as it disappeared again and again into her face. Her eyes seemed to fill with joy every time she beheld my cock, and that made my hard-on rage even more.

There was no way I could last against that for long. In little more than a minute, I felt the rush of orgasm, and my cock exploded into her hot mouth, quickly filling it with semen. She slurped noisily and happily on my shaft as it deflated, sucking every drop of cum into her mouth, before shooting me one last mischievous look, and swallowing the lot. She opened her mouth for me, flattening her tongue so I could see it was all gone.

The woman stood up, right in front of me. Her right hand played idly with my cock.

“I suppose I owe you an explanation,” she said.

Ten minutes later, after she had dried herself off, the two of us were sitting on my bed. I had put a t-shirt and jeans on, and she was wearing one of my baggier t-shirts. Her tits stretched the fabric, hiking it up and out of the way so I could see her bare pussy. It took all my concentration not to look.

“Thank you for that,” she began. “It was just what I needed.”

“…D-don’t mention it,” I said. “So, um… what the fuck is going on?”

She turned to me, an apologetic look on her face. “I suppose this must all be a bit of a shock to you.” Yeah, I thought. Just a bit. My eyes kept flicking to those sexy, thick lips, the ones that had been wrapped around my cock just a few minutes earlier.

She cleared her throat. I got a little shiver of excitement when I realised she might kadıköy escort be choking on my semen. “Well, first off…” she continued, “… my name. It’s Asta.”

“John,” I said.

“It’s a pleasure, John. And, since you don’t seem to have realised yet… I’m a goddess.”

I frowned slightly. I was sure I’d misunderstood, or misheard. “You can say that again,” I joked.

Asta laughed a little. “You’re very sweet, John. But it’s true. I’m a goddess.”

She raised a hand, and a glowing golden light appeared above it, illuminating my entire room. Her face glowed beautifully, and her eyes sparkled green and gold.

I shot back across the bed in shock. I must have gone crazy. Then I remembered the blowjob Asta had just given me, before I even knew her name. If this was what being crazy was like, I could get used to it.

“So… you’re a goddess?”

“Yes,” said Asta, waving her hand and making the golden light disappear. “That’s what your people would call me. My kind have existed for millenia, long before you… some say we created you. But in any case… There are hundreds of gods and goddesses, thousands even. And each of us has a Currency.”

“You said something about that before…” I said.

Asta nodded. “Each god or goddess requires energy to live, just like you do. But we don’t eat or drink, we each have a system of obtaining power in different ways. For hundreds of years, humans provided that resource. Death gods received blood sacrifices, time gods received lives spent in meditation. And sex gods, like me, subsided on sexual energy. That’s our Currency.”

“…Sex gods? You’re a sex god?” I stammered.

“Why thank you,” joked Asta, grinning. “But seriously. Sexual energy, it’s like… it’s more than my food and drink. It’s who I am. Your kindness earlier started the ritual, then your masturbation summoned me. Then my fellatio on you sealed our pact.”

“Wait, slow down. What do you mean, my kindness -” then it hit me. “It’s you? You’re the homeless woman from before!”

Asta hung her head, seemingly ashamed. “It’s true. You see, gods and goddesses don’t normally exist on this plane. But when we save up our Currency, we can spend it. Just like your human money. Well… not exactly. It fuels us, keeps us alive, then any excess can be used to perform miracles, grant powers. That’s why gods are so into being worshipped. It’s what makes us godly in the first place.”

“So why were you a random homeless woman just now?”

Asta grimaced. “I spent all my Currency, nearly everything I had, on a manifestation. Bringing myself into physical form. It’s like the biggest, most impressive thing a god can do. Plus, it allows us to interact directly with our worshippers and disciples. But after I spent all my Currency, I didn’t have any left to fuel my powers. I barely had enough to survive.”

She sighed, leaning back against my wall. Enthralled, I schooched closer and sat up next to her. “So no-one believed me,” she said. “All my followers lost interest, or forgot about me. I became a myth, then a forgotten legend. One of the lesser gods who died having accomplished nothing.” She looked at me, right into my eyes. That electric connection was still there. “But then you came along. I’d been barely surviving on subsidiary sexual energy. Couples in the city going at it, teens making out in the underpass. Then you performed the ritual, and now, finally, after all this time, I have a disciple.” She beamed at me. “I’m a goddess again.”

“I’m a disciple now, then. What, um… what is that, exactly?”

“You’re my conduit to the world, you help me fuel my powers. I can reap the sexual energy you generate and become a true, powerful goddess once more.”

“Erm, Asta… I know you don’t know me that well. But let’s just say I’m not generating a lot of sexual energy these days.”

“Don’t worry, John,” she said. “I can use my Currency to grant you gifts, powers which will aid you in your work. Besides, I don’t need much to get by. I got enough energy to teleport here from your little self-pleasure session earlier…” (I felt myself blushing) “…and our fun in the bathroom juiced me up a little too. But it’s not too efficient to generate sexual energy with me all the time. I can absorb the energy you generate, but I can’t create any myself. You’ll have to have sex with other people if we want to really stock up on my Currency.”

I looked at Asta’s beautiful face, lit by the soft electric lamp in my room. Something was stirring inside me. Yeah, it might be a ridiculous, unbelievable situation, and I didn’t see how me getting laid regularly was ever going to happen, but I had a purpose now. Something drive me. Someone to help.

“Asta,” I said, “you can count on me.”

Asta grinned at me, and threw her arms around me. Startled, I leant back, then realised she was hugging me and hugged her right back. As i squeezed her against me, her soft, round boobs pressed against me for the first time, our skin separated only by a couple of t-shirts. All too bostancı escort bayan soon, she released me.

“OK, John,” Asta said seriously, “we’ve got work to do. Think you’ve got another in you before we go to bed?”

“Erm…” My mind raced. Another one… I wasn’t sure, but as I stared at Asta my cock began rising to attention yet again. “Wait,” I said, “are you… living here now?”

“Well, it’s that or kick me back out onto the street,” Asta said, sticking her tongue out ad standing up. Now, I should have just enough Currency left to do… this.” There was a golden glow, and a circle appeared on the floor. It looked like gold flames, peacefully flickering and casting shadows around the room.

“What’s that?”

Asta stared into the circle. “I was quite the goddess before my manifestation. I had a palace, an army of loyal followers… and my three handmaidens.” Asta looked longingly into the fire. Gold light reflected off a slight wetness in her eyes. “I loved them like sisters. But I couldn’t bring them with me when i came here.” She looked at me, and her solemn face broke into a smile. “But with your help, I might have enough Currency for a temporary link.”

A golden light began taking shape in the middle of the circle, like a ball of energy. It stretched and elongated as Asta moved her hands.

“She won’t really come across. But our minds will all link, and she’ll be here in spirit form. She’ll help us generate some more Currency.”

“Whose ‘she’?” I asked.

Asta smiled longingly into the light ball, which was now as big as her. “One of my three handmaidens. Her name is Violet.”

The light ball and the fiery circle both suddenly disappeared, and were replaced by a person.

Violet lay there, hunched over on my bedroom floor, butt naked.

“Mistress?” she said, looking up at Asta. Violet was as beautiful as Asta, in a whole other way. Her skin was pale white, and her hair a gorgeous, burning red. Her face, I saw when she looked up, was pretty and delicate, with a light dusting of freckles above her nose. Her body, from what I could see, was slender, graceful and feminine.

“Stand, Violet,” said Asta. The nude woman stood, looking like a classical painting standing in front of me. Her breasts were small and pert, and her pubic hair trimmed into a neat, crimson triangle. Like Asta, she showed no shame in her nakedness.

“How… mistress, are you well? It’s been so long…”

“Hush, Violet,” said Asta, soothingly, stepping over to her. “This is just a temporary link. Your spirit is here with us on the physical plane. This is John,” she said, gesturing to me. Violet seemed to notice me for the first time. She stared at the floor. “He is my new disciple.”

Violet looked back up at me, wide eyed. “A disciple? Could he bring me to you, mistress? Could he generate enough Currency to bring us all to you?”

Asta looked at me, an odd expression on her face. “I think so, Violet. I have faith in him.”

“Am I to generate the Currency with my new master, mistress Asta?” Violet asked, looking at me with her blue doe eyes.

“Yes, my dear. You know it is not as efficient with me and my disciples. You must do this for me.”

“Gladly, mistress,” said Violet, walking over to where i sat on the bed and climbing on beside me. “I will gladly serve…” she propped herself up on all fours on the the bed, her face suddenly inches from mine. “… My master.”

I sat there, stunned. Asta looked at me, smiling.

“Well, John? Let’s get going on generating some Currency.”

“The Currency being… sexual energy?” I said.

“That’s the one,” Asta grinned. “Go on, John.” She dropped her voice to a low whisper. “Fuck her.”

I stood up, ripping off my clothes as quickly as I could. Asta giggled at my sudden burst of energy. I looked down at Violet, on all fours on my bed. To think, a few hours ago I couldn’t even dream of getting laid, and now, after a blowjob from a goddess, I was going to be fucking this beautiful woman? My eyes ran over Violet’s pale, flawless skin, her crimson hair, her pretty features looking longingly up at the cock I was stroking to hardness.

“So, um…” I said to Violet. “Hi.”

She just looked up at me, her big, blue eyes flicking between my own eyes and my prick, just as Asta had done before.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and then the soft flesh of Asta’s tits, encased in my flimsy old t-shirt, pressed against my naked back. Asta’s breath was hot on my cheek as she began whispering in my ear in her low, husky voice. “She’s mine, John. That makes her yours. Do what you want with her. Tell her what to do to you.” Gently, Asta took my earlobe between her teeth, then released it with a warm sigh. “Anything you want.”

She stepped back. My cock was now as rigid as it had been in the bathroom earlier. Violet still lay, propped up on all fours, on my bed, her pale, pretty face looking up at me.

“Hey, Violet,” I said, somewhat awkwardly. “Could you, maybe… talk to me? It’s a bit weird with you just sitting there.”

“Oh!” said Violet. “Have I displeased you, my master? Please, master, forgive me. I will speak to you from now on.” Her face was a mask of wide-eyed shame, but I was certain I caught the flash of a sly smile across her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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