Locked in rubber

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Locked in rubber
The evening was finally there. Today i will join a good latex-friend of mine going to a latex party. A new suit arrived and i had this fantasy a long time.

I started the evening with taking a good shower and shaving the important parts of my body. After i got really clean, also inside me, i oiled myself up so my body was slippery enough for the special suit i was going to wear tonight.

My friend was waiting in my living room because i was going to need his help as soon as i locked myself in my suit.

At first i slipped into skin tight latex leggings (with attached feet, anal zipper and a codpiece in front). The waistband reached a little higher than normal because the combination i was going to wear needed a little extra.

On top of the leggings i slipped into my Sub-Suit. It was a Suit with a back zipper, short legs but attached hands and hood with pin prick eyes but open mouth. Ass and crotch were free, so codpiece and anal zipper of the leggings were still usefull. It was a combination in which the leggings could be considered underwear but covered parts the suit would have left open. But i wanted full coverage.

Wearing the combination, it looked like i wore a complete suit. But since the sub suit had a lockable zipper and attached hood etc, i was completely encased. Hands and hood were also made to measure. I was a perfect, locked rubber gimp.

I immediatly felt helpless and subjected. Seeing was difficult and if anything it was minimal. My friend came over and locked my back zipper. He put my cock cage on and most importantly he plugged me with my favorite plug. It allways feels too big at first but you get used to it after few minutes and then it feels amazing.

Locked in Rubber, totally helpless, not recognizable, plugged and in chastity. bahis siteleri That was what i wanted and it immediatly drove me crazy and made me insanely horny. To complete my outfit i got some wristbands and a choker arround my neck.

I wanted a rubber-belt around my waist and tucked a breathplay hood in it and attached a little bag with all the keys for the locks on my suit on it.

There i was. Shined myself up again and on we went.

My friend helped me to his car and we drove to the event. I noticed several guys starring at me but since noone would recognize me i enjoyed it.

The main attraction was i wanted my friend to sexually drive me crazy. He enjoyed torturing me with horniness and edging me. So he had a battery charged magic wand with him. During the night he wanted to come to me and hold it on my cage or even on my butt plug to make me even more desperate. And he did. But he stopped just before i enjoyed it too much. That drove me crazy and made me horny af. Notice that i had myself abstinent for 1 week to increase my sexual sensitivity.

He told me that he was going to look out for two friends of him who where clean and wanted to join him edging me.

After some drinks and dancing on the dancefloor my friend suddenly got lost and i was alone, due to my limited view disoriented. Two guys touched me and surrounded me, moving to the beat of the song. I quickly got that i was at their mercy.

„Can we play with you? You look like someone else’s sub.“ they asked me politely and i felt comfortable at this party so i responded with a yes. All in all i was asking for it since i wore a choker round my neck.

One started kissing me deeply while dancing close to me. My Body was still all lubed and shiny, so the latex was squeeking as it rubbed on bahis şirketleri his. The other one took my hands to the back and locked the wristbands. As soon as he‘d done that he started to massage my ass and butt plug, as he found it. I got so turned on that my kissing got more intense.

I was extremely overwhelmed by the situation and enjoyed every second of it.

After several minutes of making out and enjoying their hands on my body, they took me to a seperate room. We talked a little and i felt like their sextoy, yet respected and not in danger. Because they tried to check out how far they could go.

I quickly went down on my knees and started to suck one of their cocks luxuriously. I asked for my hands to get freed, they declined. But i accepted a huge hit of poppers which drove my arousal and cocklust to it‘s climax.

Sucking for 10 minutes i reached a point of sexual desperation that i asked the other one to reach inside my little bag and unlock me. I didn‘t know that this was the worst „mistake“ of the evening.

He took the bag an threw it in the bin – „honey, we will not unlock you. You will endure every second with all sexual tension“ he dominantly stated, „but i am going to use your hood“.

Desperately i continued sucking the one sitting on the bed in front of me, starring in his eyes, while the other one unzipped my ass and unplugged me. I had a bunch of silicone lube up my ass which slowly dripped out of it. But it didn‘t take long, as i had a dick balls deep inside my butt.

Sliding it slowly back and forth at first but quickly banging me to heaven. He forced me on my feet and pressed me on the wall, still slamming it into me while my caged cock swinged with each thrust. I don‘t know what got into him but he didn‘t stop. It felt so amazing illegal bahis and i felt so submitted – still high on the poppers rush.

My heartrate went up and i just enjoyed the moment. Right as he slid the breathplay hood over my head. One experienced approach with his two hands and he pulled it over my head. I was so suprised that i inhaled too deep and paniced but came back really quick. I felt that this prolonged the poppers rush intesively.

I was so turned on that a huge prostate orgasm started building up from getting slammed by that guy. Between catching breath and moaning like a bitch i stammered „I‘m… I‘m about to cum. Please don‘t stop. Please!“. He didn‘t. He touched the tip of my caged cock once and then closed the little hole in my breathplay hood by sticking his finger through it, and inside my mouth.

I tasted probably a little of my precum but soon only his latex finger which i circled with my tongue.

My hands still bound on my back, my face pressed to the wall and only breathing the air which was left inside my mask i realized how helpless i was. I wasn’t sure if i would pass out because i had not much air and struggled some time to catch breath.

My body only reacting to the pounding, the orgasm hit me. Prostate orgasms usually start slow and build up in intensity. It usually takes a long time of abstinence and PC-muscle training. And for me: Total overstrain.

This situation was such an overload and the orgasm was one of the most intense i ever had lasting longer than a normal one. My whole body tingled and i was happy. Our bodies melted together and my hips moved in circles to increase my orgasm even more. Loads of cum simply dripping out of my caged cock.

Finally he removed my mask and i reached back for him to kiss him deeply. Just as i wanted to thank him for this intense orgasm.

I went down my knees, got rid of his condom and sucked him off. His friend filmed the scene and after i sucked him off as well. We had a great evening. And we became a regular thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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