Lori Ch. 01

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Lori pulled into the parking lot and slowly guided her car into an open spot. She looked briefly in the rear-view mirror and brushed her shoulder-length chestnut hair behind her ear. Hopping out of the car, Lori pulled her jacket snug around her shoulders as she made her way into the bookstore. She kept her hands in her pockets as she stomped the snow and slush off of her fur-rimmed boots that came up about mid-calf.

The store was warm, at least compared to the frigid day outside. Lori’s light skin had a reddish glow along her cheeks and the bridge of her nose as she got acclimated to the warmer temperatures inside. Her small silver necklace nestled snugly against her upper chest, terminating just above the cleavage where her breasts meet. She stomped a few more times and blew firmly into her little hands, haunting gray eyes darting about the store.

Lori made her way to the cafe, waiting patiently at the counter for someone to come and help her. She could hear a couple of girls giggling in the back, along with some dishes clanging. “The menu hasn’t changed much,” Lori thought to herself as she found her favorite Tazo Chai Tea. She had to laugh inwardly as she thought how “Chai” and “tea” actually meant the same thing. Her stunning heather-gray eyes were darting toward the current selection of pastries in the display case when she heard one of the employees come around from the back.

“Sorry about the wait there. Can I help you?”

Lori brushed her hair behind her ear and looked up, meeting the eyes of a young brunette, pretty brown eyes smiling back. “Don’t worry about it. Can I get a large chai latte?” She smiled politely at the girl, as she put down her purse, starting to rummage through her wallet for her debit card. “I used to come here more often. I’ve been away at college. You recently start working here?”

The girl smiled back as she punched some keys on the register, her brown eyes concentrating on her work. “That’ll be $3.98.”

Lori handed over her card.

“Actually I started working here last winter. It was only part-time back then, so I was rarely here, but I started working more during the summer, after I graduated from high school.”

She walked back and forth with the various supplies, chatting all the while.

“Well, welcome back.”

“Thank you,” Lori replied, looking toward the door as another unfamiliar face stepped out from the back, wiping her hands on a towel. She was a tall redhead, about 5’10”, with dark framed glasses outlining her green eyes. “You’re new too.” Lori smiled warmly, the corners of her mouth lining her light pink lips.

“Well since the beginning of last summer. Started working with Sammy here I think in…late May?” The taller girl bent over to grab a trash bag from under the counter, and Lori couldn’t help but lean over slightly, heart beating a bit faster, gray eyes training on the girl’s khaki pants wrapping tightly on her ass, outlining her panties. She could see just a hint of the pale blue lacey waistband as the girl continued to rummage around.

Snapping back to attention, Lori turned quickly towards the shorter girl, meeting her gaze directly. Lori looked down quickly, pretending to be looking for something in her purse. She looked back up as the young brunette with the chocolate eyes handed her the drink. Lori smiled awkwardly as she tried to pretend that she wasn’t just caught sneaking a peek. “Well,” the girl paused, “I really, really hope you come back to visit soon!”

Lori looked up and made eye contact again. “Was there something more to that comment?” she thought to herself. She hesitated a second while looking at the girl’s eyes. They were friendly, but seemed to be searching, maybe with dirty secret ulterior motives, maybe undressing Lori. If they were they would’ve seen under her black overcoat, light blue jeans with a few tears here and there, and saw her pink lacey bra and tiny cotton bikini cut panties, pink with red bands and two silver hearts on the butt, barely hugging her body where her hips start to turn inward, and underneath that her 34b breasts with light pink nipples, as well as her suddenly dampening pussy, glistening inner lips protruding out slightly from her glass-smooth labia, topped with a brown triangle of hair, slightly darker than the hair on her head. “Yeah. Yes. Uhh…yeah.”

Both girls laughed, slightly nervously, slightly just wanting to pass the awkward moment. “Yeah, I’ll be back, for sure.” Lori brushed her hair behind her ear and grabbed her drink, glancing back at the girl. “Sammy? Yeah kartal escort Sammy,” she thought as she continued smiling, turning and walking back through the store and out to her car.

The fierce wind bit sharply as she avoided the snowy puddles, stepping gingerly so as to not fall but maintain her grace like a lady. Lori plopped down in the front seat of her Honda and put her tea in a cup holder. She adjusted the rear view mirror habitually and backed out, navigating her car through the parking lot and out on the main road. “What a cutie!” she said aloud as she adjusted the heat.

Lori relaxed as she began her drive. Her body gave the first spasm of needing to pee, and she could feel the sudden shift of weight deep in her tummy that signaled her eminent need to release a load. Her tiny rosebud tightened instinctively as she smiled, relaxing, savoring the feelings brewing down below. She jumped slightly as her phone vibrated unexpectedly. She pressed the hands-free button. “Hello daddy!”

Her father chuckled lightly. “Hey there Sweets. I hear a rumor that you’re back in town.”

Lori slowed at a stoplight, turning on her signal. She laughed as she responded. “I think you may have heard correct. I actually stopped to get some tea – ” Her bladder tightened, sending a small spasm of butterflies up through her belly. “I can’t wait to get home,” she though to herself.

“Quite surprised.”

“Shutup,” she laughed. “Yeah, so I stopped to get some tea and now I’m on way back home. I take it you’re back from Phoenix?” Lori reached between her legs and squeezed her crotch, holding in the sharp sting of needing to pee.

“Yup got back this morning. You know how I always love leaving that awful mid seventies weather with ugly clear skies to return back to this beautiful snow and delightful cold.” Lori paused at another stop light, clenching between her legs again, clasping her knees open and shut rapidly, applying pressure to stem her internal pressures.

“Haha. Well it’s worth it coming home to Mom and especially when you get to see me!”

“Well I can’t really argue with that, so I won’t. But speaking of travel and your mother dearest, will you be around during mid-July?”

“Probably. What’s up?” Lori bit her lower lip and squeezed hard with her bladder muscles, trying hard to hold her ever increasing golden flood deep inside. She lifted her butt slightly off of the seat as she felt the weight inside of her shift again, moving further down her colon and towards her tiny, smooth asshole. She clenched again, tighter. “Hold it Lori, hold it hold it hold it!” she thought to herself.

“Your mom and I have that camping trip we always do with the Biels. She needs someone to watch Dieter. She claims that last time we put him in a kennel for a week that he was a wreck. Sadly, that dog really can’t live without family for more than an hour. She’s totally right.”

Lori laughed, her bladder issuing another tight spasm, “Yeah I can do that. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Alrighty, well we’ll talk more when I get home from the office. Just had to stop in and catch up a bit.”

“Sounds good daddy. Love you.”

“Love you too Sweets.”

Lori rounded the last curve and slowly crawled to a stop in the driveway. “Hold it Lori! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!” She hopped out of the car and clenched her thighs tight together, pausing right outside of the open door. Biting her lip hard, Lori closed her eyes, bearing down with all of her might to hold in her piss. She half scampered, half waddled, half danced, half ran, half fell to the front door, fumbling with her key in the lock as she felt a phantom spurt, her pussy contracting slightly in anticipation of opening the floodgates.

Shouldering the front door open, Lori stumbled in and tore her jacket off, hanging it on the coat rack as she kicked the door shut behind her. She brushed her hair behind her ear as she quickly ran up the stairs, her bladder aching, a burning soreness running up through her pussy, along her urethra, deep inside of her.

Down the hall, tearing open her bedroom door, Lori clenched her thighs tight together again as she pulled her shirt up over her head, tossing it on the floor. She put her hands between her legs again, squatting, bending over at the waist and the knees, biting her lip hard as she watched herself in front of her full-length mirror. Her gray eyes watched back intently, focusing on her lips, her tiny ears, her cute little cleft in her chin, her firm young breasts maltepe escort bayan pushed up into tight cleavage by her pink bra.

Walking into her attached bathroom, Lori stepped over the edge of the tub and stood in the shower, grabbing her hair with both hands and lifting it up, fingers clutched around her locks as she closed her eyes. A spasm. “Lori, Lori, Lori.” A spasm. A sharp pinch in her bladder. She held her breath. “Lori, Lori, Lori, oh Lori…”

A small spurt of pale yellow piss. She could feel the hot wetness crawl slightly along the edge of her panties, absorbing into the fabric of her jeans. Another spurt. Another spurt. Scalding liquid crawled along the bottom of her heart-shaped cheeks, spreading and darkening her jeans more.

“Lori you fucking filthy fucking slut.” She let out her breath as she said these words aloud, pushing hard with her bladder muscles as the spurts turned into a steaming hiss, piss quickly turning her inner thighs a dark blue. The piss poured down her legs, so hot, so wet, so warm, the fabric clinging tightly. She let down her hair as she pressed on her lower stomach, pushing on her bladder to help the piss pour through her tight fabric. “Lori you are so fucking bad. So unbelievably bad. You fucking slut. You fucking filthy girl.” Her boots were filling with piss, soaking her little pink socks, pooling in between her little toes.

She felt another tight push on her backside. “You want to shit your panties too, don’t you Lori, you fucking dirty slut?” Pushing with one last effort, Lori could feel her piss beginning to slow to a trickle. Her body relaxed, tingling with release, but only for a moment as she began to feel the overwhelming sensation of pleasure, of extreme perversion that made her cum harder than any guy or girl ever has. A final spurt.

Lori unsnapped her pants and guided down the zipper. She pushed down with both hands, feeling the wet material peel off of her thighs. Stopping with her jeans halfway, Lori turned so she could see her butt in the mirror, feeling and hearing her socks and feet squishing in her saturated boots. She bent over slightly, squeezing a bit, feeling her asshole open slightly. Lori clenched tightly.

“You fucking dirty, filthy, filthy girl. You are so bad. So, so, so bad.” She pushed again, clenching tightly as she felt her load slide inches closer. She pushed a little harder. Lori gasped suddenly as she felt her asshole expand, slowly, then more rapidly. A soft popping and crackling slowly made its way to her ears. Lori’s panties expanded, the piss-wet material growing, bulging outward with soft lumps. She paused. Reaching behind, Lori patted her load slightly as she breathed in and out deeply, her heart beating rapidly. She pushed hard again and the bulge almost instantaneously doubled, sagging her panties and tugging at her waistband, exposing the top of her ass crack. The second wave was softer, smoother, so hot and clinging between her smooth milky cheeks.

“Ohhhh Lori what have you fucking down? You fucking, dirty, dirty girl. Fucking slut shitting your panties like that. Unbelievable! She stared at her load, reaching behind again with her right hand, cupping it lightly and then pressing more firmly. She could hear it squelch, feel it stick further and then slowly peel off as she released pressure. The light brown was begging to show through the dark material as she pushed a little more, a little harder. Her left hand crept over her bra, resting slightly on her tits, squeezing softly, tracing down her stomach, lightly circling her navel. She teased the waistband of her panties as she cupped her load a little harder. Sliding one finger under her waistband, two, then three, half of her hand, fingertips running through her soft pubic hair, resting right above the slit of her wet, wet pussy.

Lori stopped and stood up sharply. “Not yet, you fucking whore.” She grabbed her jeans and pulled them up sharply, squeezing with her tiny arm muscles as best as she could. Her load spread out, still warm, soft and creeping up her crack and down her inner thighs slightly. Lori squatted down quickly, hearing soft slurping noises in her jeans, like boots sticking in mud. She put her hands on her knees, moving her butt back and forth, slowly shaking. “You dirty fucking whore. Fuck you Lori, you are so disgusting.”

Her boots squished again as she stepped over the edge of the bathtub, her right hand clutching the waist of her jeans, holding her supple load tight against her soft body. Lori waddled over to the toilet, escort pendik turning around and bending slightly, slowly, slowly, lowering herself onto the toilet seat. She felt the pressure first against her creamy load of shit, feeling it push through and up against her sensitive little asshole. Her pussy lips almost instantaneously spread open, sweet juices trickling out and down into the fabric of her already wet panties. Slowly, almost all the way, almost there. Finally her butt cheeks spread out against the ceramic seat lid, her load climbing further up into her now pink and brown panties. Her pussy sent another spasm of pleasure through her body, up through her stomach, along her breasts, her pale rose nipples, along her neck, sending a flush of red to her cheeks and bridge of her nose.

Lori’s hips gyrated, moving in slow oval patterns along the seat, squish, squelch, so warm, so soft and so filthy. She bounced up and down a few times, each time a little harder with a wet plop, a wet slap. “You’ve been so fucking bad Lori, you know that right? But you know that’s how you like it.” Lori stood up and slid her jeans down her legs. She turned to the mirror and saw the huge brown streak in her panties, the soft brown mud creeping out of the top of her ass crack and the leg bands of her panties. She could see them sagging, pulling off of her perfectly jiggly ass.

Grabbing her electric toothbrush off of the counter, Lori sank to the floor, lying on her back with her legs spread as far as she could, her jeans still around her calves, midway up where her winter boots stopped. She slapped her pussy through her wet panties lightly with her right hand. “Fucking slut.” She slapped her pussy harder. Again and again. Soft wet slaps, a little sting of pleasure on her lips and clit. “You fucking slut. Make yourself cum. Cum in your shitty and pissy panties. Do it Lori.” She turned on her toothbrush and put the handle on the outside of her pussy, right where the folds of her lips meet, right against her hard clit.

Her wolf gray eyes snapped open as she bucked her hips upward. “FUCK ME YES!” Lori bit her lip hard again and moaned inwardly. “Fuck yes I am a slut. Fuck yes. Fuck yes!” Moving the vibrating toothbrush up and down, gently in little circles. Her left hand squeezed her breasts, pulling on them, squeezing harder and harder, softer then, and harder again. Lori took in shuddered small breaths, whimpering almost, body rigid, goosebumps, hairs standing on end. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she nearly cried. Her vision tunneled, black and purple creeping in from her side as her ribcage heaved up and down. Her chest was beet red, blood flushing to her engorged clit and all of her sensitive areas. Sweat beaded for what seemed like an eternity as she exploded.

Lori screamed. A bloodcurdling, primal scream, clenching her thighs, slapping them together like the jaws of a bear trap. Her back arched high off of the ceramic tile. Lori’s pussy poured open, liquid streaming out in soft geysers, adding a creamy stickiness to her panties. Her fingers stiffened, unable even to hold the toothbrush, dropping it as it vibrated slowly in circles on the floor. Her left hand clutched hard at her thin silver necklace, feeling it strain against the back of her neck. She panted like a dog in heat, hyperventilating, chest heaving, heart nearly moving like the wings of a humming bird. Her body was sore, every muscle having clenched harder than it ever has. Lori’s vision slowly reappeared as she laughed. Slow at first. A deep laugh that escaped her lips. Louder and louder she laughed as she fell backward, breathing hard, moaning and laughing, an incredible pressure and relief disappearing. “Fuck me. Fuck me.” She panted, a little softer, breaths coming back, stars fading from her eyes, tingling slowly replacing the ache. “Fuck me. Fuck I missed that in college.” Lori laughed again, her gray eyes staring at the spinning ceiling of her bathroom.

After a shower in which she couldn’t keep her fingers out of her pussy, dinner with her family, watching the Blackhawks game, and another shower in which she couldn’t keep her fingers out of her pussy or her ass, Lori climbed into bed, reaching into her bedside table drawer and pulling out a string of beads, increasing in size and a large, thick black vibrator. She laughed aloud to herself again as her body began to shudder, began to tingle and tickle and feel as though she was rolling in a field of cool grass. Her pale gray eyes slowly closed as her light pink lips parted in a smile. She ran the smallest bead over her hot skin, feeling the cool hard material travel along her goose bumped flesh. Her nipples stiffened, her lips began to glisten. As Lori began to relax, her mind wandered. “What was the name of that cutie at the cafe? Sarah? Sammy? Yeah, Sammy…that was it.”

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