Lottery Price Pt. 02

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I wake up alone in bed. I had nothing to put on so I left room naked and went to shower. The smell of coffee was all around when I entered a living room a few minutes later with just underwear on.

Girls had sleeveless shirts on and wet hairs told me that they also took shower. Rosie’s camera was on a table and I took it. It was in view mode already and I scrolled through photos I took past evening. I did not have in mind I took so many of them. Really nice photos but some I don’t remember me took.

Beautiful photos of girls, wet pussies closeups with a dildo or my dick in. A lot of licking and logical a lot of nice naked skin. Nice, some of best photos I took in life.

Jane reached for a coffee pot that was on the top shelf. The shirt went up when she lifted hands and her gorgeous naked ass was revealed. Rosie that stud beside her saw that and put her hand on it. The view was so nice it was logical I just had to take a few photos.

Jane turned to Rosie while kept her hands lifted. Rosie kissed her and gently stroked her absolute perfect butt. I kept taking photos while she moved the hand up and undress Jane’s shirt. She kissed her beautiful back while her hand travel over her body.

The amazing view that I could easy watch forever. I kept pressing shutter button almost all the time. Rosie went on her knees behind Jane and casino şirketleri kissed her back on the way, down to her ass. Rosie’s fingers start to play with Jane’s clit and pussy and Jane raised her leg and put her knee on a kitchen working desk to make pussy easier to reach.

Rosie set on the floor just under Jane’s pussy so she was able to access her pussy. Her finger slowly slides into Jane’s horny flower while she used the other hand to play with herself. Part of me wanted to join them but the other part just wants to sit and watch. Other part won, so I watched and kept taking photos.

Both pussies were so wet that I could see that clearly even from my position. I zoomed in and took some photos of Rosie’s fingers in Janes’s pussy. Wet, gorgeous and horny.

“Uf, sweetie, you lick me so good!” Jane murmured and enjoyed everything Rosie did to her.

“Make me finish sis, make me finish!”

Rosie added another finger and speed up licking and finger fucking Jane’s pussy. Her leg shook with every Rosie’s push, with every her lick. Gentle bites and licking her ass produced, even more, pleasure. Rosie fucked sis until she finally reached the finish and almost fall.

She put down her leg and while still shaking, helped Rosie to stand up.

“Thanks, sis that was excellent!” Jane said and kissed her mouth deeply.

They casino firmaları kept kissing while Rosie lifts herself on a kitchen desk. Her already wet pussy left a wet trace on a desk when she repositioned herself and open her legs. Beautiful view on her ready to be fucked hard pussy.

Jane knew exactly what she wants. She took off her shirt and start to kiss her breasts. As Rosie was already extremely turned on from self-playing before, Jane’s two fingers slide into her pussy with no problem at all.

“Ahhh!” Rosie released sounds when fingers filled her flower and Jane started to move them.

Jane bent in front to be able to lick Rosie and that made me an unforgettable view on her ass. I saw that ass many times but in such a situation that was the first time ever. I kept taking photos so the camera became hot from all that continues photos taking.

“I hope battery and memory will last long enough, ” passed my mind while I moved in better position for photo shooting. My dick was stone hard and I knew I would really enjoy fucking Linda’s pussy or ass in that position but I decided to let them be alone this time. I knew I’ll get my dose of sex later over a day for sure.

Jane was finger fucked and licked Rosie with the same passion she was licked by her before. Her hand was totally wet from Rosie’s pussy flow. She güvenilir casino stopped fucking her like that and took cucumber that was on a desk. She set it on Rosie’s pussy entry and start to push. She fucked her slow as the cucumber was quite big and its surface was rough.

“Ohh, it is so cold! Ahh, that feels good! My god, it fills me completely! Fuck my horny pussy!” Rosie kept talking.

I watched how that “dildo” was disappearing into her pussy and reappeared again when Jane take it out. Jane fucked her long and slow, took it out and reenter, pushed it deep and repeat. I know Jane like to be fucked that way and she did same to sis. And me? I was taking more and more photos.

Jane kept fucking and licking her faster and faster. Cucumber shined all over from Rosie’s wet. Few more pushes, few more licks and…

“Aaaaaaa..little more, faster, faster!” Murmured Rosie and pressed Jane’s head hard against her pussy so she hardly licks it.

She fucked and licked her as fast as she could until Rosie start to scream totally uncontrolled and finished like I never saw her finish before. Jane did not stop fucking her pussy, she continues to move cucumber in and out and that made Rosie’s finish last longer.

Finally, Jane stopped and Rosie set on her legs. They kissed with a passion that can not be seen so often and rest for few moments in a hug. I kept taking photos as that really was so nice and beautiful. They both breath deeply but they were satisfied. For now.

Coffee cools down that time so we drink it fast, eat something, took our things and went to a pool.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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