Love and Trust Ch. 01

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Mick bent over onto all fours, he braced his hands against the bed and spread his legs as he felt the person move into position behind him. He didn’t recognize the voice, as either male or female, as it whispered to him to bend over a little more, which was a good thing, he didn’t think he’d have been able to go through with it if he had.

He felt the lube drizzle onto his ass, slightly warm instead of the cold he was expecting. He felt the person spread the lube all around his ass-hole, teasing it. Then came the first finger, it’s sudden entrance caught him by surprise even though he told himself to be ready.

It slid in slowly, gently.

It wasn’t as bad as he thought it might be, the person began slowly sliding it in and out, creating a rhythm that he quickly got use to. Then came a second finger, stretching him out as it slipped all the way inside. He sucked in a breath as the person began twisting their fingers as they slid out, then twisted again as they went back in. All the way inside him the fingers began rubbing his insides, touching and probing.

He felt himself pushing back against the fingers, pushing them deeper in his ass. The person found what they were searching for as they began a rhythmic tapping on his prostate, this new sensation causing Mick to jerk from the sensation. The voice whispered for him to calm down, to relax, feel the moment, let it build. And he did, he relaxed and kartal escort bayan felt. The fingers were making him gasp slightly with their dancing, he could feel his dick start to harden as pleasure floated thru his body.

The voice told him to get ready and that if he enjoyed that he’d love what was coming next. The fingers left his ass, he moaned in want of their return, of needing to feel something replace them inside him. The person behind him moved again, more lube was spread on his asshole as he felt what he’d been wanting start pressing against him. The man, for it was a man and not a woman wearing a strap on that he assumed his wife would arrange, pressed his cock-head against his well lubed ass, sliding it along his crack and then it happened, the man forced his cock past the tight outer ring of his asshole, the burning pressure making him gasp. The mans dick was thick, the blunt round head sliding into him, spreading him open. As he slowly slid it further and further into his ass he could feel the thick veins along the length.

The man would pause every so often, letting Mick get use to the invader in his ass. After each pause he’d pull almost completely out before sliding back in just a little farther. After several minutes Mick finally felt the mans balls pressed against his own.

He was in.

All the way.

The feeling was intense, not painful exactly but not escort maltepe pleasurable at this moment either.

Whomever the person was they knew what they were doing, after a few moments with the cock buried deeply, as deeply as anything had ever been, inside him the man started fucking him in long slow strokes. Mick could feel the thick head of the mans cock strain against the ring of his ass hole before being pushed all the way back. Again and again, slowly building up the speed and power of the thrusts the man worked him.

Mick didn’t realize that he was moaning till he heard his wife’s voice tell him that he seemed to be enjoying himself. The truth was, he did enjoy it, he could hear his breath coming out, could hear his own moans of lust as he got fucked. Mick closed his eyes as the pleasure picked up, shock after shock of intensity flooded thru him as the man fucked into him harder and faster. His own dick was throbbing from the sensations, jerking in time to the pounding his ass was receiving. He didn’t know how long it had been since it started but the fact that he had to cum was driving him crazy.

The fucking never slowed in pace, just in and out in a steady rhythm, driving him higher and higher. He felt it start, that rolling in his stomach that spread throughout his body as he came. Hard. He hadn’t even touched his dick but had came the hardest he ever had in his life. He gasped pendik escort and whimpered at the intensity of it, he had to get away from this pleasure, he tried to pull away but the man grabbed his hips and drove into him harder, causing Mick gasp and groan, to mumble randomly asking–begging–for more. Again and again the man fucked into him, the noises seemed to drive him on as he pounded the full length of his cock harder and harder into Mick’s ass. Mick started weakly pleading for the man to stop, to let up, it was too much for him, but he never did. Just as Mick’s eyes rolled back in his head after a second huge orgasm rolled thru him he felt the man slam into him and stop, the warm, nearly hot feeling of cum filled his ass. The cock in his ass seemed to swell hugely as each jet of cum jerked into him.

With a slow, deliberate motion the man pulled out of him. Falling to his stomach, Mick lay there and gasped. The feeling from his ass was incredible, his dick had softened and his balls ached from the orgasms. Mick rolled over and saw the man for the first time.

He was younger than he imagined, probably no more than his early 20’s. His dick, although limp, still hung down like a babies arm. He couldn’t believe that he had taken that. He couldn’t believe that he had gone thru with this one fantasy he never expected to fulfill. He couldn’t believe just how much he enjoyed it and how much he wanted to do it again. After the man left Mick and his wife lay in bed, talking about what had happened. She told him she was happy that she helped him experience this. She told him she loved him for trusting her. And told him that she had other surprises in store for him if he was willing.

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