Lover’s Spat

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Looking back on it, the argument seemed trivial, that was until she’d thrown something in anger. She realized that’d been a tad bit too far. He motions for her to come to him, but in her normal feisty fashion, Linda refuses defiantly. After their talks, she knows what point they were at; she went to dodge past him, but he catches her. Kicking and fighting, she is taken to the couch. Squirming, she’s pulled across his lap; she’s getting more agitated as she feels her shorts tugged down. She’s getting nervous, this is serious now.

The first spank falls and Linda cusses up a storm. That barely even hurt, but it flares her anger. His next smack is harder on her quivering buns. Still, she won’t give him the satisfaction of admitting it. She feels his hand on her panties as she tries to stop him, but they’re pulled down.

Linda feels very exposed now as her panties are right below her butt framing it, making it seem that much more naked. Now his spanks are stinging a bit and falling regularly. The more she fights and cusses, the harder he spanks her butt. It’s starting to really sting and she’s asking him to stop. He points to what she’d broken laying near the both of them and continues to make her butt red. The emotion of the argument and the stinging spanks on her quivering cheeks bring tears to Linda’s eyes. Quietly, they begin to slip down her cheeks. He spanks her for a while longer, then stops. He pulls his beautiful girl up and sits her on his lap arms going around her. She sniffles a bit as he puts his arms around her and hugs her closely too escort kartal him. He strokes her hair as they both relax a bit. Linda becomes a bit more aware of her man’s erection.

She had felt his cock under her during her spanking and could tell it was still their straining against his pants. She wiggles her butt against him and playfully punches him in the chest, teasing him for being a ‘meanie’. He pulls her close and kisses her deeply. It’s a long knowing kiss as his hand teases down between her legs. He says that he’ll make it better and puts her down, leaving the room.

Her man comes back, sitting the lotion down, and kneels in front of her. He smiles up at her as he pulls her shorts and panties all the way off. A quick kiss on her inner thigh, then he’s kneeling between her legs and pulling her top off. As her arms are caught in her top and it’s above her mouth, but still covering her eyes, he kisses his woman passionately. The wetness that began as his hard hand spanked her firm butt is ever increasing. She’s completely naked for him now, so he slowly strips for her as she watches.

He takes her by the hand and eases her back over his lap into her original position. Now, Linda lays there completely naked, pelvis on top of his hard naked cock as she hears him squirting lotion into his hands. Her burning cheeks are soothed as his hands begin smoothing cool lotion over them. His hands glide over her exposed butt in cool lazy circles, massaging the lotion into her flesh. His cock swells further as he looks down at his girl’s maltepe escort bayan beautiful sexy ass and graceful pussy peeking from between her legs. Linda sighs and relaxes as her man’s hands lovingly rub the slick lotion over her behind. She feels him glide over each cheek, then together, then gently dipping down in between them covering her most intimate places in cool lotion.

Linda’s pussy gets a bit wetter as his lotion-coated thumb makes several slow lazy circles over her anus.

His breathing is quickening because she’s so beautiful and sexy lying before him. Needing more contact with her, he eases her pelvis up and slides a hand under her. Linda thrills to his touch as the hand firmly cups her sex. He simply covers it with his hand as the other continues fondling her sexy butt. Her nipples harden as his lotion-covered finger pays more and more attention to her little sensitive asshole. The finger has dipped low between her cheeks and is gently rubbing her in little relaxing circles, his other hand giving her pussy a gentle squeeze of ownership.

She hears him telling her how beautiful she is as she looks back at him. Her breath catches and she blushes a bit as the tip of his slick finger slips the slightest bit into her butt, then eases back out. He slowly repeats this over and over as her blush deepens and her pussy begins to coat his fingers. He gently eases more of his finger into her behind as his other hand’s fingers slowly begin to undulate over the outside of her sex, the fingers alternating pressure on pendik escort bayan her clit and her opening. Linda’s breath is coming quickly as his finger buries itself deep in her tight butt. To make matters worse, he curls two of the fingers cupping her sex, right into her pussy on either side of her swollen clit. He holds his finger still in her beautiful butt giving her time to accept him and concentrates on fingering her pussy, feeling her clit rubbing against his fingers.

Feeling her relax to the hard presence in her bottom, he begins sliding the finger in and slowly out in time to the fingers playing in the wetness between her legs. Linda is breathing rapidly as he begins fucking her ass with his finger while taking her pussy with his other fingers. She feels how hard her man is under her. She can feel that he’s getting wet by what he’s doing to her. He doesn’t give her any chance to recover. He takes both of her womanly places over and over as she gets more and more excited. Linda feels the niggling sensation somewhere deep inside between her pussy and her bottom…the sensation rapidly grows expanding as her orgasm sweeps over her. Her butt squeezes his finger hard and her pussy soaks his fingers as she moans and cums on her man’s lap. He fucks her a bit more with his fingers as she cums, then gently removes his finger from her bottom. He rubs her back as the feeling and emotion courses through her. Pulling her up off his lap, he holds her cuddled on the couch.

She lies there for quite sometime under his arm, head on his chest as he slowly strokes her hair. She listens to his heart beating as he tucks a blanket around them. Feeling her red buns against the couch, she giggles and tells him he was supposed to kiss it and make it better. She feels his lips on her forehead as she hears him say, “The night is young…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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