Loving in Italy Ch. 03

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“So, how was Tessa?”

I should have known Jim would suspect something had happened . . . but I didn’t know if I should tell him. I closed my eyes to think but opened them again when I felt Jim’s hand softly caress my cheek. He looked directly at me and said, “Whatever happened honey, it’s okay.”

And just like that I knew it was. This was Jim . . . . my lover and my friend. The man who loved me and accepted me, the man who encouraged every sexual thought and fantasy that I’d ever had, the man who shared his fantasies with me.

So with him sitting next to me on the bed, still naked, wet and warm from his shower, I told him. I told him about Tessa sitting behind me in the locker room, rubbing lotion onto my back. I told him how relaxed I was when her hands moved to my sides . . . and how excited I felt when she first touched just the sides of my breasts. I told him about the heat of Tessa’s hands on my cool skin . . . . and how my pussy clenched when she touched my nipples.

I told Jim how startled I had been when someone entered the locker room and interrupted Tessa’s touching me, how I was both embarrassed and frustrated. I told him how we’d ridden home in silence . . . and how Tessa had kissed me just before I came into the house.

My words tapered off and I watched Jim’s face for his reaction. He was quiet for a moment and then . . . . then came his encouraging, sexy smile. I watched his lips part as he lowered his face to mine, stopping with his mouth just a breath away from mine. And then I felt his tongue, reaching out, tasting my lips. It was almost as if he was searching for Tessa’s taste . . . .

My hands clenched on the bed covering and I felt my nipples harden. Jim lifted his head and said, “I love that you liked Tessa’s touch. I love that she touched your breasts and felt your nipples harden. I love that you didn’t casino şirketleri want her to stop.”

I must have looked surprised, because Jim took my hand and guided it to his lap. My fingers brushed against his cock and I turned my head to see. His cock was standing up, hard, hard, hard. I curled my fingers around him, feeling the incredible strength of his erection and then watched as a drop of pre-cum emerged from its tip.

Jim gently removed my hand from him and then started to unbutton my shirt. I sat up to help him and then stood to take off the rest of my clothes. Jim sat back a little on the bed and when I was naked, he pulled me down to sit facing away from him between his legs.

He started to gently rub my back and it was only a moment before I realized he was re-enacting my experience with Tessa. His hands stroked my back and then moved to my sides. My nipples were tingling when his fingers lightly brushed the sides of my breasts. He didn’t linger but quickly moved his hands so that his palms were lightly brushing over my nipples.

“Is this how Tessa touched you?” Jim asked. I guess my moan was all he needed because he continued and I felt my nipples get impossibly harder. I was relaxing back into him, when he followed Tessa’s lead and firmly pinched my nipples. I jerked forward a little and before I knew it, Jim had turned us both and I was now on my back on the bed, with him leaning over me kneeling between my legs.

He smiled and said, “Did you want Tessa to keep touching you?” I nodded and tried to sit up closer to him.

Jim pushed me back and said, “Close your eyes and feel her touching you.” I hesitated, but then closed my eyes and thought back to Tessa’s touch in the locker room. My right hand drifted up to my breast and my fingers began to lightly circle my nipple.

“Feel her fingers touching your hard casino firmaları nipples . . . .” I felt Jim’s hand reach up to my other breast and his movements matched mine. I moaned and then used my thumb and forefinger to squeeze my hard nipple. Jim’s fingers copied mine. We continued to squeeze hard and release, until my hips started to move.

“Show me what you want Tessa to do next,” Jim said. I kept my eyes closed as I pictured Tessa’s slender fingers and where I wanted to feel them. With my left hand, I reached up and held Jim’s hand to my breast and my other hand started caressing downward over my stomach.

Jim realized what I wanted and continued to squeeze and release my nipple while he watched my hand slide down and between my legs. My legs spread in anticipation, and my hand pressed firmly over my whole mound. Still pressing, my hips moved up and down in time to Jim’s squeezing of my nipple.

With my eyes closed, I could feel Tessa’s hands touching me and suddenly I knew I wanted her mouth on me. I reached up with my free hand and pulled Jim’s head down to my breast. He took my hard, sensitive nipple into his mouth and sucked firmly before pulling back a little and lightly licking all around it.

My hips continued to move, and with one finger, I parted my slippery, wet lips. My clit was hard and felt huge as I ran my finger back and forth over it. I felt Jim move and then his breath between my legs. He was kneeling between my knees, watching my finger caressing my throbbing clit.

“Tessa’s finger is touching your clit,” Jim said as he replaced my finger with his. Some part of my brain registered that it couldn’t be true — Jim’s finger was so much bigger and rougher than I imagined Tessa’s would be — but I wanted it to be hers, so it was.

The touch on my clit was causing my thighs and pussy to clench and my breathing güvenilir casino to come hard and fast. I could feel Tessa’s finger reaching into my wetness and drawing it up and around my clit . . . . over and over.

“Tell Tessa how it feels, honey. Tell her how much you like her to touch your clit,” Jim whispered.

I heard his words from far away and released a moan, “Ahhhhhhhhh.”

“Tell her honey . . . . tell her what you want.”

“Ohhh Tessa . . . . that feels so good . . . . you’re making my clit so hard . . . . . I want . . . . . I want . . . .”

“What honey . . . . what do you want Tessa to do?”

My hips were writhing on the edge of the bed, my clit was throbbing, and I wanted, oh how I wanted! “Please Tessa . . . . please . . . . touch me . . . touch me . . . . suck it . . . please suck it . . . . suck it, suck it, suck it!”

And Jim lowered his head and did — he took my clit fully into his mouth, firmly tucking it between his tongue and the roof of his mouth . . . and then sucked. Hard and rhythmically . . . . suck . . . . release . . . . suck . . . release . . . . suck . . . .

My hips jerked up and he held on this time and sucked and sucked and sucked.

“Ahhhhhh, Tessa, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh,” I moaned as I came and came and came! My whole body shook and shuddered and just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, I felt Jim’s mouth release me and with a quick hard thrust, his cock was in me and I was coming again!

It felt like I was hurtling off a cliff, but I could feel Jim pounding against me and his groans as I fell. Everything went black for a moment . . . . and then I felt myself floating back up with Jim’s warm, cum spreading into me. I felt his shudders but couldn’t find the energy to lift my arms to hold him or open my eyes to watch. I laid beneath him, drained, and felt his body melt over mine.

We stayed that way for a few minutes and then I felt Jim roll over to the side. I opened my eyes a little and watched his face as his breathing slowed. He grinned that sexy grin again and said, “So when are you seeing Tessa again?”

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