Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 01

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Lucille and Bruce (Part 1. Introduction)

This story is total fantasy and has no relationship to real life or experience. There is no underage sex or cruelty.


It is difficult to understand how Lucille and her husband Bruce Ross had ended up being so involved with one of the local lads, Brian and his mother Mrs Alice Miller. The families were such opposites in all ways.

Lucille had always been so bright and talented and beautiful, it was almost inevitable she would eventually marry her childhood friend Bruce. It was a match of talent and beauty. Both of their parents were delighted.

Lucille had been Head Girl at the local Baptist High School before she went to university where she had obtained a First Class Degree before moving onto various positions and ending up as Artistic Director to a prestigious Design Company.

She was such a thoughtful young woman and liked to be kind to everyone. Lucille worked from home and loved her husband very much.

When she had been 19 in university she had developed an overwhelming crush on her 50 year old History Tutor, Mrs Grace.

It had never passed the bottom patting and squeezing over blouses stage although Lucille had hoped for more.

That had stopped when Mrs Grace had explained “What you must remember Lucille that all relationships must depend on the actual circumstances prevailing at the particular time. You are a young woman almost 20 years of age. I am middle aged and there is nothing wrong with that. But what is critical is that I am your Tutor. If anything was found out I would be in terrible trouble and you would be damaged for quite some time.”

Lucille knew her hopes were dashed when Mrs Grace didn’t squeeze her bottom or touch her breasts. Over the years she often thought of Mrs Grace and it invariably sent a flushy exciting feeling through her body. Over the years she had told Bruce everything and he had been understanding as ever.

Bruce hadn’t had any relationship like that but it was a success story nevertheless. He had been Captain of his schools cricket team and President of his University Debating Society before establishing himself in his own business in his mid-twenties. He was a wizard at electronics and surveillance systems and also worked from home from his workshop set in their large garden and all the big companies sought his advice and help.

He and Lucille had known each other since they were children and it had been both parents dearest wish that the talented couple should eventually marry.

They had started to go out with one another before they were 21 and by the time they were 23 had married and lived in an idyllic cottage by a lovely stream. His father had paid for the cottage and her parents had furnished it for them.

There was no real need as both Bruce and Lucille were both earning fabulous salaries in their own right. Everything was absolutely perfect.

For all of Lucille’s Baptist upbringing she had a very healthy sexual appetite and she and Bruce were happy in all respects. Bruce was very clever and athletic and although he wasn’t really a big man he enjoyed his bedtime romps with his wife very much. He did feel a little embarrassed about his small size but Lucille assured him that it was unimportant. She really loved him.

Lucille was very adventurous and loved to experiment and role play and relive all her childhood fantasies. Bruce didn’t have his wife’s tremendous imagination but was completely swept along in the excitement of her fantasies. They gradually became his fantasies as well.

The fantasies were nothing like real life and involved a lot of spanking and mutual masturbation and bisexual suggestions with some pretty dressing up, cuckolding and different age fantasies. They were usually about an older man or older woman with a younger adult. Lucille had told Bruce about Mrs Grace and her subsequent fantasies and could see they excited him. He liked her talking about Mrs Grace.

There was NO under-age element in their fantasies as they both hated the idea of that fetish. It was the same with any idea of pain or hurt. They both deplored that.

Whilst in everyday life none of them ever used bad language, it seemed very natural when in fantasy to talk about the ‘c’ and ‘f’ words. They added to the intensity.

They both liked the intimate family fantasies.

This was where the older man came into the fantasy as the elderly father or uncle with Lucy acting as the young married women who idolised Daddy.

Bruce was particularly aroused when Lucy introduced him to dressing in girl’s clothes and what really excited him was when his wife applied really thick red lipstick on him with sweet smelling perfume.

Actually Bruce had thought about pretty girls clothes all his life but had never actually indulged. It was so erotic.

As he had quite a small frame, she could dress him up in such a way with a nice hairpiece and pretty dress that he looked more than just attractive. It really aroused him. And her.

In escort kartal these games they would both relate to their own families. With Bruce in his pretty clothes, his small physical attributes really helped the fantasy especially when Lucille emphasized to him how well her Daddy was endowed. There was a sort of mild humiliation element which they both found intensely exciting. Lucille noticed that Bruce’s small penis would become quite large when he was embarrassed.

Somehow in the heat of the fantasy, Bruce became Little Brucie and was very excited at the thought of his father in law having a massive cock.

Lucille could see the excitement in her pretty husband cuckold and this drove her on to describe in detail her father’s big knob.

The words would get even more intense as she started to refer to Daddy’s prick and how he would make it big for her. Indeed she could see Brucie getting so excited she would repeat her description about Daddy’s thick prick with its pulsating knob at the top. Brucie would almost pass out in excitement.

It was ecstatic and sometimes their joint fantasies would be so outrageous and involve both their parents and local dignitaries like the headmaster or the priest.

It really was all fantasy and they both knew they would never do these things in real life. They would sometimes giggle together later wondering what their families would think if they ever found out.

When they were in fantasy mode however it was very very serious and definitely no giggling. Lucille could be very strict indeed if need be, and Little Brucie loved being pretty. When in fantasy mode it was very real for him.

They lived their roles and knew what pleasured the other. When he was Little Brucie he always felt very obedient.

As with all marriages these excitements cooled a little after about 15 years and although they still enjoyed their joint fantasies, it had become almost too regular. Now their secret fantasy games had dropped to about once a month.

They missed the excitement but both accepted that this was quite normal in marriage, although they still had their favourite fantasies. Bruce liked the pretty girlie fantasy and Lucille loved the older lesbian ones.

She thought of Mrs Grace when she was alone and sometimes she would excite her husband by telling him what she liked Mrs Grace to do to her.

When they were in their mid-thirties, they were both feeling very pleased with the way their lives had developed. Lucille used a lot of her spare time helping various charities and did in fact visit quite a lot of poorer people in their homes to offer help. Bruce fully supported his wife and donated generously.

It was on one of these visits that Lucille was particularly moved with the plight of one older mother and son who lived a very poor existence.

The woman Mrs Miller had lost her husband many years earlier and went out cleaning various houses for a pittance to support her son and herself. She didn’t have much money to buy nice clothes but she was always spotless and liked to smile.

The boy Brian was about 23 and very withdrawn and had no friends. He didn’t have a job as he wasn’t very bright.

What appalled Lucille the most, was the fact that the people who employed Mrs Miller paid her so poorly. They were really taking advantage of a middle aged woman who just had to accept what she was given. When she told Bruce he sympathised with his wife and asked her what she intended to do about it.

Lucille felt a little on the back foot and asked what he meant. Bruce simply said “Well we are very well placed, and although we have all the modern appliances we could probably do with some more help in the house and we would pay her the correct rate which would make her life better.”

Lucille looked at her husband and realised what a good man he was.

She couldn’t understand why she herself hadn’t thought of that idea. She kissed Bruce on the forehead and then she had an idea. “Could you find anything in your workshop for Brian to do, Love?”

Bruce nodded. He thought for a moment “Well, I know he is 23 but I don’t think he is bright enough to do anything technical, but I think he could clean the shed up for me most days and I could easily spend some time showing him a few things. We can afford to pay him some weekly wage as well.”

After that little chat, they both felt better in themselves. They really were good people.

When Mrs Miller and her son Brian arrived on the Monday it was clear that they were awestruck with the luxury. Lucille was her usual lovely self and introduced them to her husband. Bruce brought them all a nice cup of tea and whilst Lucille chatted to Mrs Miller, he took Brian out to see his work shed. It was much more than a shed as it had large windows, carpets and air conditioning and quite luxurious.

Brian was very slow in understanding things and not very communicative but Bruce was pleased that the young man seemed to be very interested in the TV screens maltepe escort bayan and monitors and showed some enthusiasm.

That evening when Lucille and Bruce had a chat about the day’s events they were both satisfied as how things had turned out. Mrs Miller and her son would officially start the next day.

Lucille found out quite quickly that Mrs Miller was very hard working and pitched in with the washing and scrubbing and cleaning with very little supervision and she was able to devote all her time to her work for the Design Company.

Bruce quickly established that Brian was quite industrious and although he was very withdrawn and difficult to talk to, he had a great interest in the surveillance systems and was intrigued how Bruce had wired up the various room with CCTV.

Brian did ask “But Mr Ross doesn’t that mean you could see everything all the time?”

Bruce thought that was quite a sensible question and said so, and then explained “Every room is also equipped with a ‘Switch Off’ button so if my wife or myself didn’t want to be observed in any room, then all she has to do is flick a switch and the particular room she was in is taken out of the system.”

Brian thought it was incredibly clever and for some reason Bruce really enjoyed the lad’s admiration.

Over the next 3 months things settled down amazingly well. Although Lucille was quite busy she found herself coming out of her own workroom and enjoying a cup of tea and a chat with the older woman.

Mrs Miller was quite serious but she was so very interesting and told her about her duties in her local church and she also read extensively. She was a devout Roman Catholic and spoke very highly of her priest Father Flynn for whom she frequently stood in as a sort of unofficial Curate. She also looked after the flowers for the alter dressing on Sundays.

She also confided in her problems with Brian in that he was so self-conscious and shy he was afraid of girls of his own age and although he wasn’t very clever he was a sensitive lad and tried to show his love in other ways and she helped him. Lucille was intrigued with the comment but decided not to probe.

They also found out that both Mrs Miller and her son were very kind people. Mrs Miller clearly did a lot of work for her church but it was surprising that young Brian spent a lot of time in the local animal sanctuary helping care for abandoned pets of all kinds. Lucille found herself enthralled with the older woman and even started to confide her own problems.

Bruce was impressed with the lad’s work ethic, and told his wife that Brian was really earning his money, and he had in fact increased it to show his appreciation. Bruce worked very hard in trying to get the lad to talk more with a fair amount of success.

Bruce teased him about girls and Brian coloured up and said he didn’t like girls as he thought they were silly. At least he was talking, and Bruce would keep up the gentle banter as a way to get him talking.

Bruce had some naughty magazines in his shed and a few times he caught Brian looking at them. He didn’t embarrass the boy but just joked that the women were especially glamorous and very desirable.

He was surprised when Brian said very emphatically “They are not as pretty as Mrs Ross.” Bruce just nodded in agreement without commenting.

He did however jokingly tell his wife that she had a secret admirer in the house. Lucille laughed but like any woman enjoyed the thought.

When the spicy mags were left on the desk, Brian would tend to look at them very intently and Bruce was surprised that the lad seemed more interested in looking at pictures of women more in their thirties or forties in their underwear than the younger more glamorous girlies.

Bruce and his wife had very few secrets and he had no worries about telling Lucille who giggled. She knew the magazines very well as she and Bruce often used them in their fantasies.

Bruce showed her the picture of a woman who looked a bit thirtyish reading something but sitting in a way which carelessly showed her panties. Brian had seemed fascinated by it earlier. Bruce smiled when his wife giggled “She is no teenager.”

Bruce laughed “No Lucille, she looks about your age. I think young Brian had you on his mind” Lucille giggled again and felt flushed. She noticed that Bruce seemed to enjoy telling her these things.

As time passed, Lucille confided more and more in Mrs Miller and strangely felt more settled. She even told her that she had always been a little guilty over the fantasies which she and Bruce shared. Again the answer was so nice and positive “All you have to worry about Mrs Ross is whether you are hurting anyone.”

Lucille felt better in herself as the answer was plainly ‘No’. She nodded but persisted “But what about our Family Fantasies, Mrs Miller. You are a woman of the church. Surely these fantasies are a sin?”

Mrs Miller smiled “The same rules apply whatever the situations. You have fantasies about pendik escort bayan naughty things with your mother and father. Mr Ross likes the ‘Being Pretty’ fantasies and probably enjoys being embarrassed. But ask yourself Mrs Ross ‘are they hurting your mother or father?’ And does Mr Ross’s girly or cuckold fantasies hurt anyone. No one knows about them, so don’t worry.”

Lucille felt so much better especially when the older woman added “And don’t forget we all have outrageous fantasies and especially people who go to church and we all look at dirty pictures.”

Lucille was gobsmacked “Do you fantasize Mrs Miller?”

“Of course I do Mrs Ross and they are every bit as naughty as yours. So does Brian. Everyone does.” She added “And shared fantasies are the best of all.”

Later on Lucille couldn’t wait to tell her husband about her chat with Mrs Miller. Bruce was amazed. He got his wife to repeat several times all the conversation especially the ‘girly fantasies’ and the dirty pictures.

He was as intrigued as Lucille about Mrs Miller’s reference to shared fantasies “Do you think she shares them with Brian?”

Lucille shrugged her shoulders “I don’t know. The only other person she mentions is Father Flynn and she respects him so much it hardly seems likely.”

Brian was really improving all the time and Bruce found he could leave him at the Work Bench alone more often. He did notice that his magazine collection was disturbed more often now and he was really curious as to how the young man felt about Lucille.

He decided to experiment by leaving some pictures of women about Lucille’s age out on the bench so that Brian could hardly miss them.

He was right. When he returned Brian was almost transfixed looking at one picture of a woman about 35 reading a paper with her legs open showing her underwear.

Bruce made a joke of things saying “I thought she looked like my Lucille.”

Brian was still staring and muttered “I would like to fuck her.”

The expression startled Bruce and he was unsure whether the young lad was talking about the woman in the picture or his wife.

He decided that he shouldn’t make a fuss then as he had contributed to the scenario himself. Later on he did confide in Lucille who was equally curious about the lad’s thoughts. Secretly she was pleased and had an idea that her husband wasn’t as upset as he made out.

Her own conversations with Mrs Miller were getting longer as she enjoyed the quiet wisdom and the older woman’s common sense about so many subjects. Whenever she had any problems with work she started to sound out Mrs Miller’s thoughts and always they were so sound and sensible. In a way she found talking to Mrs Miller was like talking to Mrs Grace.

On a few isolated occasions she even called her Mrs Grace. Mrs Miller had simply smiled at her. Lucille felt flushed for some strange reason.

She was still intrigued with the idea of the fantasies and Mrs Miller’s devout association with her church. Lucille herself was a churchgoer but she knew it wasn’t as intense as the way Mrs Miller spoke about her devotions. Her Baptist background wasn’t as rigid as the Catholic beliefs.

She remembered that Mrs Miller had told her that just about everyone had naughty fantasies and implied that she liked dirty pictures. They had also spoken of the guilt that Lucille felt over some of the really dirty fantasies involving family. Although Mrs Miller had said that they were nothing to worry about she had acknowledged that they were sinful albeit not serious sins.

Lucille knew that Mrs Miller being such a devout Catholic went to Holy Confession every Saturday Evening to Father Flynn. Lucille couldn’t get to grips with the thought of telling a man all these personal faults, especially when she held the man in such esteem and had day to day dealings with him. Lucille thought it would be incredibly difficult.

One afternoon she tentatively asked her Cleaning Lady if she had any problems telling her fantasies to Father Flynn. Alice smiled at the young woman’s curiosity.

As always, she didn’t dismiss the query or refuse to answer. Instead she sat down and explained “These things are only difficult Mrs Ross if you allow them to be difficult. When I confess any dirty things to Father Flynn, I feel absolutely free from all guilt. He listens quietly and gives me three Hail Marys as a penance and sometimes some extra things and I no longer have any worries or guilt.”

This seemed a wonderful solution to Lucille put as simply as that. But she knew it wasn’t really that simple and said “But you read in the newspapers about bad priests who take advantage of women and ending up doing really awful things.”

Mrs Miller nodded and spoke seriously “You are right Mrs Ross, but the number of bad priests in the overall picture are really minute. The vast majority are like Father Flynn and are really good men and are so helpful and holy.”

She added with a smile “Actually Mrs Ross, the fantasy of being taken by a priest who is also an old man can be exciting in itself.”

Lucille understood what her Cleaner was saying and had a mental image of herself in the Church House after Mass, just lying on the carpet for the old man’s pleasure. As Mrs Miller had said the fantasy was exciting.

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