Lucy and John Pt. 03

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This is the third episode in the “Lucy and John” series. It is recommended that you read the previous episodes for context.


Lucy called John. “Hi John! Lunch? At noon?” she inquired after he had answered.

Lunch time was by far the ‘safest’ time for them to get together, John thought to himself. Their spouses, Anita and Mark, were both at work, and it gave them plenty of time together.

“Sure! Anita’s out,” said John, happily not hiding his enthusiasm. He was going to suggest another afternoon of passion soon with Lucy, but she had beat him to it. “Full bladder required?”

“Uh huh!” agreed Lucy. She felt such abandon when she thought of John and herself having their fetish filled sex. Last time had been very intense, and she had masturbated herself to orgasm many times since then while reliving it in her mind.

“OK, see you in an hour or so.”

“I’m counting the minutes…”


John knocked on Lucy’s door. In a few seconds she answered and opened the door. ‘Right on time,’ she thought to herself.

“Hi,” she said somewhat shyly.

That threw John a little, because after the angst-filled beginning to their relationship, Lucy had been nothing but pure animal. But he thought the shyness was cute. What he wasn’t expecting was clothes. Lucy was wearing a beautiful loose fitting summer dress, that made her look even more stunning that usual.

“You’re not naked!”

“Neither are you, Einstein,” she said dryly, but clearly joking.

John laughed. “But…”

“I thought I’d change things up a bit,” Lucy said furtively. She gave him a wink, twisted her head as an unspoken invitation to go inside.

John raised his eyebrows but said nothing as he followed Lucy, with Lucy pushing the door shut behind them. He kicked off his sandals. The two now safely out of sight, John grabbed Lucy’s arm, and pulled her towards him. Lucy gave in under his firm but gentle invitation. Their faces met, and they kissed passionately for a full minute. John’s cock predictably became hard, and Lucy noticed it pushing against her. She felt her own desire rise but knew that she had to wrest control again.

Breaking their lip lock, Lucy said, “Come on,” and led him to the open plan area where the kitchen, living and dining room all sat.

To his further surprise, John realised that Lucy had set the table, and there was a casserole dish in the centre with steam rising from it.

“You cooked!” exclaimed John.

“Well, I can, you know?” teased Lucy playfully.

“But…” John started again.

“I did say lunch, right? Come on! I love our piss and fuck fest stuff that we do, but I’ve been dying to just spend some time with you. Alone.”

The reality of that development dawned on John. He didn’t want to voice his thoughts, but Lucy’s behaviour implied deeper feelings than just pure lust. He had already admitted to himself that he was reciprocating feelings of that nature. But it made him worry – again – that his ‘situation’ with Lucy could get complicated. Well, at least that explained the shy “Hi” from Lucy before, he thought to himself.

“Tuna and pasta casserole OK?” Lucy asked.

“Yum! Sure.”

They sat down, and Lucy served them each some food.

Despite the nature of their new relationship, Lucy was determined to be a good hostess. “Water? Wine? Beer?”

John thought for a bit. “You know, I drank a fair bit of water in preparation, and I’m kinda bursting. I know you’ve gone to so much trouble, but I’m hoping we can eat quickly and then I need some release… and fun of course! I was expecting…”

Lucy laughed, her beautiful smile lighting up the room as usual. “It probably wasn’t fair of me. I should have warned you,” she said apologetically. “I probably over-did the water too.” But then she tilted her head slightly, looking up in thought. “How about we give each other a little advanced treat, and relieve the pressure a bit?”

John nodded enthusiastically. He was aching to taste Lucy’s pee, and also to watch her swallow his. “Ladies first!”

Lucy smiled, hiking up her dress to reveal her pantiless crotch. She dutifully widened her stance. “Have at it!” she laughed.

John dropped to his knees in front of her, and leant back as far as he could, planting his hands on the floor behind him.

Lucy ambled forward until her perfect shaved pussy ataşehir escort was directly above John’s face. She bent her knees slightly until her pussy lips, wet with arousal already, met John’s mouth with a gentle touch.

Immediately John breathed in the scent of Lucy that he had desired since their last meeting. He expertly wrapped his lips in an air-tight seal around Lucy’s urethra opening and clit.

Lucy knew that she didn’t have to give John instructions not to let any spill onto the floor. He’d already proven himself most worthy of her trust on that point.

“I’m only going to give you a few mouthfuls. Appetiser,” she said seductively, still smiling. “I’m saving the rest for main course.”

John, unable to speak lest he lose his perfect seal, wondered what lay in store. It seemed that Lucy had something extremely specific planned.

Lucy relaxed her muscles, and a strong stream of her pee shot directly into John’s mouth. She really was in need of reducing the pressure from her bladder.

Immediately John registered the familiar salty and slightly bitter taste of Lucy’s piss, mixed with the sweetness of the desire streaming from her pussy. He swallowed fast, but Lucy’s stream was a torrent! He closed his eyes to concentrate on the act – both the mechanics of swallowing, and the delectable collision of everything his senses were experiencing.

After a few seconds Lucy was reasonably sure that John wouldn’t be able to keep up and stopped her flow. She allowed John to catch up, realising that he had recovered when he reopened his eyes. Thankfully, her immediately need to pee was lessened a little.

“Mmmmm?” John mumbled, his lips still glued tightly to her delectable cunt. ‘More?’ is what he was trying to say. He playfully licked her clit and pussy opening.

“Naughty!” Lucy yelled in mock outrage, wagging a finger at him. “Take that!”

Another gush rewarded John’s ‘naughtiness’ and he swallowed quickly. Lucy was amazed at how much he could take before he was overwhelmed.

And then the flow of her warm pee stopped. “That’s enough for now. I don’t want you to drink me dry.”

John feigned a look of disappointment. He was far from upset. “God, I love the taste of you. All of you!” he declared after releasing his lip-lock on her pussy.

Lucy backed away, let the hem of her dress go, and dropped to her knees on the floor facing John. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth widely. Part of her felt dirty – in a very arousing way – that she was submissively offering her mouth for him to piss into. But another part of her saw it as a completely natural thing to share with John. The mental conflict only seemed to add to the experience.

John stood and unzipped his fly. He fished his cock out from his briefs. It was only a little turgid now, but covered with pre-cum.

In a couple of seconds, John was peeing directly into Lucy’s mouth.

“I love watching your mouth fill with my piss,” he said. He continued until her mouth was completely full.

Lucy savoured the taste that she had longed for as his pee sat, caught in her mouth. When John’s stream stopped, she closed her eyes, and allowed it all to slide down her throat. She registered more flavour as it went past the back of her tongue, enjoying every second. When she had swallowed the whole mouthful, she opened her eyes, gave a little smile, and said, “More please!”

Again, John began his stream. It occurred to him that other than the sight and sound of filling her mouth with his piss, the thing that excited him the most was her eagerness to insist that he do it again.

Again, Lucy happily swallowed the contents of her mouth after John had filled it completely.

After one more time, Lucy asked, “OK, are you relieved a bit?”

“Yeah, that’s much better! And so fucking hot to watch you do that!”

“I loved it! We have to save the rest of yours too. Let’s eat now.”

“OK,” agreed John, still wondering about her plan.

They ate together, chatting about this and that. It was in stark contrast to their previous obsession with talking about sex at any opportunity. They had become a couple, of sorts.

After they had finished their meal, Lucy got up from the table, and took John’s hand. He yielded under her guidance and stood up. She led him to the living room area, where she seemed to have moved kadıköy escort bayan furniture a little to create more space.

Folded neatly on the floor was a plastic sheet, and a large beach towel. John hadn’t even noticed any of this before, but he admitted to himself that he had been very distracted.

Lucy unfolded the plastic sheet and flicked it up into the air to have it spread out completely. She guided it down into place on the floor so that it was a large area covered by the plastic sheet. Then she spread out the beach towel on top in the centre.

“The towel’s just for comfort,” she explained.

Lucy tenderly pulled John’s t-shirt over his head, kissed his neck with a light caress of her lips, and then moved to his nipples. She continued down his body until she was kneeling, and her head was level with his crotch. She unfastened John’s jeans and slid both layers of pants down to his ankles. After John stepped out of his pants, she carefully threw all his clothes a distance away. She quickly slipped off her dress – her only piece of clothing – and threw it also.

She hungrily took his cock into her mouth, at first able to take it all in, until John was fully hard and there was no way that she could go to his base without gagging. She could feel her pussy dripping with wetness.

“Ohh, Lucy!” John moaned, as she continued to bob up and down on his cock.

Lucy looked up into John’s eyes and saw that he was ready. “Lay down on your back,” she instructed.

John obeyed in a flash, happy to be under her control… for now.

With little warning, Lucy straddled John and roughly forced her slippery cunt down onto his cock. “You make me so wet!” she yelled.

She rode his cock up and down quickly a few times, just because she had to scratch that itch of desire that had plagued her mind since last time.

But then she did something curious to John.

Lucy slowed down her movements, appearing to concentrate on something, while simultaneously pressing both her palms down on John’s abdomen.

John wriggled uncomfortably for a bit. “Umm, sorry Lucy. My bladder’s still really full, and when you do that…”

John stopped mid-sentence as he felt a gush of Lucy’s piss hit his body. It was a beautiful warm sensation, and coupled with the fact that his cock was sliding in and out of her cunt, it elevated his senses beyond anything he thought possible. Her piss rolled over his lower torso, down between his legs and to his ass crack, and soaking the towel beneath them. The need for the plastic sheet was now clear.

“You’re piss-fucking me?” he said – already knowing the answer.

“Uh huh! Return the favour!” Lucy insisted as she pressed down slightly harder with her palms.

John didn’t need convincing – well, his brain didn’t. He willed his pee to escape even as he was hard and inside her. The pressure that Lucy was adding to his bladder did the job, and his cock started first leaking pee, and then gushing into her cunt.

“Yes! That’s what I’ve wanted!” she declared loudly. Lucy’s animalistic look in her eyes returned with full force.

Rivers of his piss were now escaping to join hers with every movement of her body, as John’s cock acted like a piss plunger for her cunt.

The seal broken for them both, Lucy picked up the pace and rode John hard and fast. A constant stream of piss poured from Lucy’s pussy, splattering everywhere. There was now a huge piss puddle around them on the plastic sheet.

As Lucy felt her bladder nearing empty, she felt the delicious wave of an orgasm start in her toes, travelling fast up the inside of her legs to her groin. It was a big one. She knew it would be. When it reached her cunt she cried out, “Oh FUCK!” and began bucking in uncontrollable convulsions. Her crazy movements emptied her pussy of all of John’s pee.

Her contractions squeezed John’s cock tightly. He had also exhausted his piss, and her orgasm had its usual effect on him. But he willed himself not to cum. Not yet.

As Lucy’s orgasm subsided, John regained control of his need to have his own. Lucy collapsed onto his body, and they kissed passionately. They were surrounded by a private lake of their own pee and lost within each other.

John broke the moment and motioned for Lucy to dismount. “Kneel! Doggy style!” he commanded.

Lucy loved this bit – where they escort maltepe could switch who was in charge so easily. She dutifully assumed the position, separating her knees enough so that her cunt was now his for whatever use he wanted. Her entire body glistened – their pee seeming to have splattered in every possible direction.

John kneeled behind her and plunged his aching cock into her cunt.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me hard, John!”

John didn’t hold back. He grabbed Lucy’s hips with his hands and pulled her back hard onto his cock. He thrust with his pelvis back and forth as his hands forced Lucy’s hips to make every entry a hard one.

“Oh, fuck yes! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Lucy yelled.

Lucy bent her head down so that her mouth was on the lake of piss surrounding their rutting. John’s pounding movements made it hard, but she sucked at the lake and drew some of their pee into her mouth.

As soon as John saw Lucy do this, he lost his control. “Arrrghh!” he bellowed and pushed into Lucy even harder as he felt an orgasm quickly approaching.

Lucy felt the familiar twitch of his cock inside her, and it flipped her own switches. Another orgasm rose inside to match John’s. Savouring the taste of their pee, she swallowed it immediately because she knew when she came, she couldn’t possibly keep it in her mouth.

John felt the point of no return and relaxed to savour all of the senses as he let the orgasm wash over his entire body and mind. And then, “FAAARRK!” as his cock started pumping stream after stream of cum into Lucy’s cunt. He again grabbed her hips hard and pushed his cock as deeply inside her as he could.

Lucy, registered the first few contractions of John’s cock, and then felt her own orgasm rip through her being. She screamed again, and her cunt squeezed John’s cock again as she bucked as much as John’s firm grip allowed.

John’s cock eventually stopped pumping, and he released his tight hold on Lucy’s hips. They both stayed for a moment, gently rocking his deflating cock in and out her saturated pussy.

Exhausted, John plonked himself down unceremoniously onto his back in the puddle of piss right next to the towel where Lucy was still in doggy position.

They smiled at each other, and Lucy said, “Can I tempt you for dessert?”

John took her meaning. “You know I always love it!”

Lucy crawled over John, dripping some of his cum along the way from her pussy, and kneeled so that her creamy lips were directly over his mouth. “Bon appetit!” she said and lowered herself to his waiting tongue.

John greedily licked the cum covered lips of her pussy. Lucy thought she’d help and squeezed her pussy muscles. Immediately a large glob of John’s cum squirted from her cunt into his mouth.

“Save it all! And then we kiss,” Lucy said. She continued to squeeze, and John’s tongue pushed as deeply inside her to extract even more cum. He was careful not to swallow any.

Eventually satisfied that he had most of it, Lucy repositioned so that she was beside John, both soaking in the captured pee. She scooped a handful of pee from nearby.

“Open up!” Her devilish grin had returned.

John opened his mouth, a large amount of cum clearly visible to Lucy. She tilted her cupped hand over his mouth and let the collected pee spill into his mouth.

John’s mouth still open, she lowered her own open mouth to his, and they kissed passionately. Their tongues caressed each other and they both registered the taste of their combined piss and cum. After a long while, and when Lucy was confident that she had enough of the mixture in her own mouth, broke their kiss, and swallowed. John looked into Lucy’s eyes, and also swallowed.

They both smiled and then began kissing again. After a while, they got up, showered, and got dressed. John had offered to help clean up, but Lucy wouldn’t have a bar of it.

They sat again at the table, somewhat exhausted after their energetic bout of sex.

John recalled the conversation from their last encounter that got put on hold. “You mentioned that you had an idea? About making our relationship less… I don’t know… wrong?” he asked.


John had mentioned that the secrecy of their affair was weighing on his mind. He also knew that Anita and Mark would eventually find out. He had no idea how Lucy could possibly ‘fix’ that.

Lucy proceeded to tell John her plan. He raised his eyebrows at several points in the conversation, but in the end thought that it was worth a shot. He had become quite excited at some of the aspects of Lucy’s plan.

In a short time, their arousal caused their activities to begin anew.

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