Lynn’s Fantasy Pt. 02

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It is probably best to read the first chapter to understand what is going on with the characters; it is ‘Lynn’s Fantasy’ in the Loving Wives section. If you are just here for many hot sex scenes then, please read on. As I mentioned in the first chapter, this story is a result of a reader who shared her fantasies about being with older men. She began to fantasize being with me, so I concocted this raucous story of unbridled sexual adventure.


“George,” Lynn started to ask her older lover who was nibbling lightly on her hard protruding nipples, “have you ever been to the States?”

George looked up, his hand still squeezing Lynn’s large soft tit. “A long time ago when I was a young airman,” he replied. “We were sent to Arizona for six months for training.”

“Arizona? Really?” George’s younger lover responded excitedly. “That’s where my friend Carrie wants us to go for our girl holiday,” she explained as her hand moved down to massage George’s testicles and coax his flaccid cock for another round of fucking. At the age of seventy, George was not quick to recover but when he did he had the stamina for another lengthy session.

Lynn positioned herself so she could orally stimulate George’s growing member while George reminisced. “The hot desert, the scantily clothed girls. It was a young man’s dream. We fancied ourselves as young cowboys in the wild west.”

George was erect now so Lynn straddled him, his cock nestled in her sloppy wet pussy. “Well then I’m going to ride this horse like a cowgirl,” she giggled as she rocked back and forth, her massive breasts flopping in George’s face.

“Oh yea. I’m fucking the cowboy,” she called out as she ground herself to an orgasm.

“Fuck. Cowboy,” she yelled as her pussy tightened around George’s cock and her juices gushed bathing his balls in her sticky cum.

Lynn had the energy to ride George’s cock to three more orgasms before she became a little light-headed from the exertion. She dismounted her older lover and as she laid there trying to catch her breath, George resumed feasting on her remarkably large stiff nipples.

“That was fun George,” Lynn commented when they eventually got out of bed and started to dress. “Do you think I’ll have as much fun on holiday in Arizona?” she quipped.

“I’m sure you will have no trouble finding a cowboy to ride,” the older man laughed.

Lynn kissed George as she left him early in the afternoon to go home, unpack the groceries and make dinner for her husband, Jack. Lynn worked four days a week as a warehouse dispatcher for a clothing company in a small village in the English countryside. She enjoyed her midweek day off, lately spending a few hours with George besides doing her household chores.

Carrie, Lynn’s friend, had suggested that this year they take a girl’s holiday. Jack, Lynn’s husband and Carrie’s occasional lover, was sent to work on a project in Germany and was rarely home except for every other weekend. This led Lynn and Carrie to increasingly enjoy the sexual pleasures of each other, prompting Carrie to plan their holiday together.


By the time Lynn and Carrie went to board the plane in Las Vegas for Tucson, the final leg of a journey that started with a two hour drive to London, a flight to New York and then another to Las Vegas, they were exhausted. Boarding started with Carrie leading the way. The flight to Tucson had originated in Los Angeles so there were already passengers on board. Lynn wasn’t too tired not to notice the man sitting in the window seat about halfway down the aisle near the fuselage.

Lynn tugged on Carrie’s blouse to get her attention when her friend went to sit down in her seat next to the man with the blonde, silver streaked hair and distinguished grey goatee. “Switch with me,” Lynn whispered in Carrie’s ear. Carrie looked at her perplexed, backed out and they traded boarding passes.

Lynn unfastened two more buttons on her blouse before settling in her seat. “I didn’t realize how hot it is here,” she sighed. Her bra containing her huge breasts was clearly visible to the man sitting next to her. The fabric could not hide her large protruding nipples. Lynn turned toward him extending her hand boldly.

“Hello, my name is Lynn,” she introduced herself.

“Brian,” he responded, clearly fixated on Lynn’s chest.

The short, one hour flight got underway and Lynn found her second wind. She was attracted to the older gentleman beside her who appeared to be in his sixties.

“My girlfriend and I are spending a week in Tucson on holiday,” she explained to Brian. “Are you there for business?” she asked noticing the man was professionally dressed.

“No. Actually going home. I was in L.A. for a business conference,” he told the younger woman.

The two had a pleasant conversation during the flight. As they talked about each other, Lynn didn’t let on that she was married so as not to spook him, hoping they might get together during her stay after finding out he was a widower, his pendik escort wife having passed away several years ago. Lynn also gleaned from the conversation that Brian had not dated since his wife’s passing, emerging himself in his work to fill the void.

As they were about to disembark, Lynn asked Brian if he could direct her and her friend to where the resort shuttles were parked.

“Which resort are you staying at?” he inquired.

“Marriott. It says here Starr Pass,” she answered looking at the reservation.

“Well then, why don’t I drop you off?” Brian offered. “I have a house less than a mile from there.”

‘This is going better than I imagined,’ Lynn thought. “Could you? That would be so kind,” she said eagerly.

Lynn caught Carrie’s eye and summoned her over to where she and Brian stood once they were off the plane. Lynn introduced Brian to her friend. Lynn and Brian chatted exclusively all the way to long-term parking, Carrie dragged tiredly along.

Fifteen minutes later, Brian helped Lynn and Carrie with their luggage while the porters were busy with the other guests who were arriving that late Friday afternoon. Lynn and Carrie checked in and Brian continued to help them to get their luggage to their room on the fourth floor of the sprawling resort.

“Can I buy you a drink for all your help,” Lynn propositioned the older man who was twenty years her senior. He nodded accepting the offer.

“I’m going to stay here, take a shower and go to bed,” Carrie told her friend.

Lynn and Brian made their way to the lobby bar where Brian suggested they have a Margarita, a popular refreshing cocktail for the desert. They sat down on the patio with a view of the golf course and the surrounding hills. Brian had a warm feeling, something he wasn’t used to since his wife died, from all the attention he was getting from this big-busted British woman.

“I really need to get some sleep. I’m starting to feel light headed,” Lynn said to him when the travel and jet lag finally hit her hard. “I hope I will be able to see you again?” she asked mustering her last bit of energy to give him a broad smile.

“I would like that,” Brian said to her. “What are your plans for tomorrow? After you sleep in late, that is?” he asked.

“I think there is a tour of a museum, something like the Desert Museum,” she responded looking at the itinerary on her cell phone.

“Why don’t I give you the tour myself,” Brian offered, “instead of being in a large group.”

“That sounds nice,” she smiled again.

“I’ll pick you up around eleven in the morning. Give you a chance to get some sleep,” he said as he walked Lynn to the elevators. The elevator doors opened, Lynn turned to Brian and gave him a light kiss on his lips.

Saturday morning Lynn and Carrie were eating breakfast when Carrie’s curiosity needed to be satisfied.

“So, what’s with this man, Brian?” she asked her friend. “I thought this week was going to be about us and now you are getting all hot and bothered by this guy you met on the plane,” Carrie complained.

“I don’t know,” Lynn replied. “I am really attracted to him. Even more so than George,” she confessed.

“Who the fuck is George?” Carrie asked with a tint of anger.

Lynn realized she inadvertently let the cat out of the bag about her attraction to older men. She decided it was best to let her friend and sometimes lover know.

“I have had this secret desire to have sex with older men,” Lynn confessed. “I met this older man, George, and we started seeing each other,” she explained.

“How can sex be better with an old man?” Carrie confronted her friend. “Can the even get their dicks up?”

“It’s not better,” Lynn explained. “It’s different and satisfying in a whole different way. Like the way you and I have sex. I like when Jack is aggressive and fucks me hard but I like different experiences too.”

“Well, I’m a bit pissed off at you for latching on to this Brian person,” Carrie told Lynn with still a tinge of anger in her voice.

“I’m sorry,” Lynn apologized.

“Don’t be fucking sorry,” Carrie shot back. “If you want to screw this guy, you’re going to have to do it with me. The three of us or not at all,” she laid down the law.

Later that day after Brian had toured the museum with the two English women, he treated them to an early dinner at an authentic Sonoran restaurant. Lynn and Carrie enjoyed the food and the Margaritas went down easily.

“I’m not really used to this kind of heat,” Carrie complained. Late May can see temperatures in the one hundred degree mark. “We should jump in the pool when we get back to the hotel and cool off,” she suggested.

“Didn’t you mention you had a pool at your place?” Lynn directed her question to Brian.

“I do,” he responded. “We can stop by the resort so you can get your swim suits.”

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” Lynn said with a seductive smile. “I’d prefer to go natural if you can handle the sight of two gorgeous naked maltepe escort bodies. What do you think Carrie?”

“Sounds good to me,” Carrie replied.

Brian’s cock was now bulging in his pants from the anticipation of seeing these two younger women playing naked in his pool. Lynn took notice and reached over to him in the driver’s seat, rubbing his crotch. She smacked her lips and Brian almost lost all control.

When they arrived at his house, Brian showed the women to the backyard patio and pool while he informed them he would prepare a Margarita for them. Brian walked onto his patio with a pitcher of of the frozen concoction and three glasses to the sight of two naked women in and embrace, their lips locked, their hands groping each other’s breasts and asses. He placed the pitcher and glasses down and stared. Moments later Lynn noticed him standing there.

“Come on Brian,” she called to him. “Get your clothes off and join us.” Brian couldn’t get undressed fast enough, his cock was throbbing now. Veins were popping out. It was the hardest he has been since his youth.

“That’s pretty nice, Brian” Lynn said as she wrapped her fingers around his erection.

Carrie rubbed the older man’s chest and nibbled at his ear. Brian stood in the shallow end of the pool while the two women went down on their knees and licked his cock and balls. Brian’s body shuddered from the oral pleasure.

“Jesus that feels good,” Brian moaned, never having had the pleasure of two women orally adoring his penis before. After several more minutes the two women stopped and stood up. Lynn looked at Carrie. They stepped up out of the pool with Brian in hand and made their way to the reclining lounge. They laid him down there.

“My pussy has been aching for him since I saw him on the plane,” Lynn exclaimed indicating she was going to have him first. Brian was lying on his back when Lynn straddled him and lowered herself down, impaling herself on his rod. Carrie stood with each leg on either side of the lounge and slowly lowered herself until Brian’s face had access to lick and suck her wet cunt.

“Fuck. Yes.” Lynn screamed as she relentlessly rode Brian’s stiff muscle.

Carrie moaned, her pussy draining into Brian’s mouth as enjoyed a feast he had not tasted in a long while, his hands holding on to Carrie’s soft round butt cheeks his tongue thrusting into her.

“Ohh.. My…” Carrie whined as she gushed all over Brian’s face, her legs becoming wobbly as her orgasm climaxed.

“Disgusting,” came a voice from the other side of the block wall separating the neighbors. “Get in the house George,” a woman yelled.

Lynn’s dogged, unrelenting joggle on Brian’s cock brought him to a point of no return. He exploded upward, spewing several streams of his white sticky cum into her pussy that dripped down in a mixture of sticky satisfaction.

Lynn and Carrie plopped down into patio chairs. Brian pulled himself up to sit upright on the lounge. It took them several minutes to recover enough pour themselves a drink and talk.

“You really know how to eat a pussy,” Carrie remarked. “That was even better than I get from Lynn,” she said winking at her friend.

“You see, Carrie,” Lynn began, “that’s why I like older men. Because they know what they’re doing.”

Brian looked embarrassed not knowing what to say.

“I came four times riding this cowboy,” Lynn added with a grin. “I barely get off when my husband pounds me hard and fast,” she continued.

“I think your husband is pretty good. I like it when he fucks me hard and furious,” Carrie retorted.

Brian didn’t know how, or even if he should join this conversation.

“You’re just a new piece of ass for him,” Lynn told her friend. “And you went so long without a cock, that’s all.”

“Would you girls like another?” Brian said standing up with the pitcher ready to pour them each another glass.

“Absolutely. And another crack at you,” Lynn smiled seductively.

“My turn next,” Carrie said.

The two women laughed. Brian didn’t know what to make of them but he was enjoying this impossible situation with these two beauties.

“What would you like, Brian?” Carrie asked their host.

“How about sucking on these tits?” Lynn offered as she cupped her left breast and pulled it up so she could lick her own nipple.

“Yes I would like that,” Brian responded as he felt the blood flow and start to fill his penis again. “Uh, why don’t we take this to the bedroom,” he suggested. “It will be a lot more comfortable.”

Brian, Lynn and Carrie embraced and kissed each other wildly, getting the temperature up. Brian sucked and handled both of Lynn’s large breasts while Carrie planted her face between Lynn’s thighs. Waves of pleasure rippled through Lynn’s body. She let out soft little cries of enjoyment. Carries fingers lightly played with Brian’s balls, his cock now rigid.

“Fuck her from behind,” Lynn told Brian. “She likes it hard and deep.” Brian went to position himself, coaxing kartal escort Carries butt in the air as he scooted her down the bed so he could stand while pummeling her, giving it as much force as she could handle. Lynn wiggled down the bed so Carrie could continue pleasuring her clit with her tongue.

The sound of flesh slapping hard augmented Lynn’s calls to “Fuck her.” Brian pushed so deep into Carrie he pushed her jaw into Lynn’s swollen cunt. Lynn yelped.

“Oh god.. Yes…” Carrie screamed as orgasm after orgasm swelled in her from the rigorous thrusts of Brian’s cock driving deep into her. Carrie’s face was now buried into the mattress. Her vaginal muscles tightened around Brian’s cock as he sprayed the inside of her with his spunk.

Brian collapsed on the bed next to Carrie. When they appeared to have settled their heart rate down, Lynn rolled Carrie onto her back and spread her legs open to access the cum dripping out if her pussy. Lynn licked her clean. Exhausted, Brian & Carrie quickly dozed off while Lynn also took care of the sticky mixture of cum on Brian’s deflated cock.

It was nearing nine o’clock in the evening by the time Brian and Carrie woke from their sex induced slumber. Lynn had already showered and dressed; she was anxious to get back to the resort for dancing in the nightclub. Lynn ordered Carrie to get dressed; she could shower and get ready back in their room while Brian got himself ready.

Back at the resort, Lynn put on her sexiest outfit, a tight fitting red dress which accented her large breasts, dark thigh-high nylons and stilettos. She decided to go bra-less and pantiless. Carrie was not so bold wearing a short skirt and a loose fitting blouse, both allowing glimpses of her red lace panties and bra. Brian watched the two get ready with a raging hard cock bulging his pants.

Lynn and Carries both ordered gin and tonics, their favorite drink, while Brian continued to down Margaritas. Brian danced a few songs with Lynn and Carrie, the three bodies brushing up against each other often causing Brian’s arousal to sustain the bulge in his pants.

Brian sat down at a table and watched his newly found friends continue to dance and grind against each other. He didn’t notice when a co-worker approached his table from the side.

“Brian,” Dale said as he placed a hand on Brian’s shoulder, “it’s good to see you out enjoying yourself.”

“Hello Dale,” Brian responded slightly startled as he had been intently watching Lynn and Carrie, still in a state of wonder how he got mixed up with the two British beauties.

“Can we join you?” Dale asked. “This is my wife Cindy,” he introduced the tall slender woman.

“Certainly,” Brian said gesturing them to have a seat.

“So, what brings you out tonight?” inquired Dale. “Those two beautiful ladies we saw you with on the dance floor?”

“Yes,” Brian said, “I sort of got involved with them. I met the blonde woman on the plane flying back from the conference.”

“They are both hot ladies,” Cindy remarked with a smile not shy about her attraction to women.

“Why don’t you go dance with them?” Dale offered his wife. Cindy stood up and made her way onto the dance floor. Cindy wasn’t bashful getting close and making eye contact with Lynn and Carrie.

The DJ put on a slow song and at that moment Lynn looked at Cindy. Carrie understood that this tall slender woman was hitting on Lynn so she quietly walked to the table where Brian was sitting with his co-worker friend.

“Hi. My name is Cindy,” she whispered in Lynn’s ear as their bodies pressed against each other, Lynn’s large protruding nipples rubbing the underside of the taller woman’s smaller breasts. Cindy reached down to grab Lynn’s butt cheek and dragged her dress up slightly exposing her pantiless ass to onlookers. Lynn could feel her thighs getting damp as the women’s bodies grated, heightening the sexual tension between them.

“I need to use the Ladies’ Room,” Cindy said to Lynn when the song ended. “Come with me,” she said.

Lynn walked with Cindy side by side holding hands as they made their way to the Ladies’ Room. Cindy led Lynn to the farthest stall where she ushered Lynn to join her. Quickly she removed her damp panties and leaned into Lynn for a kiss. The two women’s lips met, their tongues dancing with each other’s, their fingers exploring each other’s pussies.

“We shouldn’t be gone too long or our dates will become suspicious,” Lynn said to Cindy when they broke their passionate kissing.

Lynn and Cindy made their way to the table where Brian was sitting. Along the way they noticed that Dale was dancing with Carrie. Lynn sat close to Cindy with Brian on the other side of the cushion. They engaged in a discussion.

“Dale and I are very open about our sexuality,” Cindy explained to Brian and Lynn. “There isn’t a real swingers club here but occasionally a couple will host a house party where we can meet other couples.”

“My late wife and I talked about sex with others,” Brian told the women. “We just never had the courage to really give it a try.”

“I had to trick my husband to have sex with Carrie,” Lynn offered. “She’s so hot he couldn’t resist for long,” she laughed. “That’s as far as we have gone. Just the three of us.”

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